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Found 20 results

  1. Have you ever thought about being an Animal? Let's find out what type of Animal we would like to be. Me, it's probably pretty Obvious. I always wanted to be a snake. They're probably the most underrated and unlikely predators you can find.
  2. Hi everypony, I was just going over my DA favorites dragon art folder and wondered: are there some good (good meaning well-written and popular) fanfics featuring humans transforming into dragons? (They can be MLP or non-MLP. Cuss-filled fanfics are fine, just no NSFW stuff. ) I've seen a few on DA and Fanfiction but there are so many out there in the wide wide internet it's hard to find a good one. I'm looking into this because I want to write a human-dragon transformation novel (non-MLP) myself. Thanks for taking your time to read this and I look forward to your replies.
  3. Heya everypony I run GearHeart, a hypnosis org, and one of the types of files we’ve been making is pony transformation hypno (every variant linked here is SFW). If you want your body to feel like it’s a pony from the show, this’ll do the job pretty well. Y’all may have heard about HypnoPonies (now Equestrian Souls) back in the day; they made files that have you perceive yourself as a character from the show in both body and mind. GearHeart’s pony hypno the same genre of stuff, but without the personality elements-- replacing people’s identities with characters from the show has been and continues to cause serious psychology problems in some users, so we’re erring away from it for safety reasons. No flak towards Equestrian Souls; personality files are their niche of content, and they do their best to make it safe. Anyways, GearHeart pony transformation files. Before I list them, fair warning-- feeling like a cute pone can make you not want to change back. So, some find not just pony transformation files, but imagining oneself as a pony, pleasurable and addictive. A very large amount of pony hypno users end up going the otherkin route and identify fully with being a pony after seeing and feeling their body as one for a while. Because a majority of users choose to be female pones, you also see a gradual shift in the userbase’s gender identity over the years. Right now, over half the pony hypno population is MtF. Which is fine. I’m a trans woman too. Just, don’t listen to these files unless you’re fine with your gender and species identity changing, potentially permanently. The files also give you the ability to feel roleplay text commands. Links to a playlist where you can select between a pegasus, unicorn, alicorn, earth pony, or bat pony: SFW Male to Stallion SFW Male to Female to Mare I recently made a cure file for species dysphoria that acts like a psychological reset and undoes species dysphoria and the effects of transformation hypno. If you want the psychological reset to reinforce a pony identity, here’s a version for that. GearHeart also has tulpa hypno and guided meditations, in addition to a thriving Discord community dedicated to hypno safety and creation. Thanks everypony <3
  4. Quick short story on the first time one of Pixel's friend found out he was part BatPony. Please say if you can think of a better prefix/tag for this. Characters: Pixel Dusk - My OC (more on my profile) Pegasus Friend - I havn't completely designed or decided on who this is but all that is really needed to be known is she has been Pixel's friend for 2-3 years and Pixel trusts her. For the purpose of this story, I'll temporarily name her Crystal Quill (because it's the 1st name that came to my head ). Setting: Pixel's Bedroom durin a sleepover (before anyone asks... they are just friends) "AAAAAHH!" Crystal screamed, backing away to the wall. "AAAAH!" Pixel screamed, flying out of bed, head hitting the ceiling, "Ouch! Whats going on?" "V-v-v-vampire!" stuttered Crystal, edging toward the door. "What!? Where?" Pixel asked, "Aaahh!" Crystal screamed again, trying to open the door with her back hoof. It wouldnt budge. "Wait a second..." Pixel said, "Vampires aren't real! What did you try to scare me for?" "Get away from me!" said Crystal, fear in her eyes. She picked up a nearby hoof-mirror to protect herself. "Ooh... I get it..." said Pixel, seeing his slit eyes in the mirror, "Ok, I can explain." "I wont listen to anything you say! Vampire!" shouted Crystal Confidently. "I'm not a vampire!" yelled Pixel loudly, Crystal stanfing on her back hooves in order to try and get further away. "Right, fine." said Pixel, putting a hoof to his face, "I'll just turn back a sec..." Pixel closed his eyes, "Nrrgh!" nothing happened, "Come one! Nrrgh!" Nothing happened. "Oh, nevermind." said pixel falling to the floor in a slump. "Crystal, just listen to me for a sec... I'm not a vampire, those don't excist. I'm just part BatPony. "Yeah right!" said Crystal, dropping back onto all four hooves, "BatPonies are just a myth!" "So you believe in vampires but not BatPonies?" asked Pixel. Crystal breathed in, putting her hoof up to defend herself. She breaths a sign of defeat, putting her hoof back down and lying on the floor. "Fine." she said, "But how do you explain the door being locked!" "Because it opens inwards?" Pixel said, demonstrating by opening and closing the door. "Yeah? well... How come you were a Pegasus yesterday!" Asked Crystal defendently. "Like I said, I'm PART BatPony. My other part is Pegasus." Crystal looked at him confused. "Alright," Pixel said, "Basicly my grand... my GREAT grandmother was apparently a BatPony, The rest of my family being Pegasi. I... I was hoping to explain under better circumsances, but I guess the cats out of the bag now..." "What do you mean?" asked Crystal, "I, I mean I DO trust you but... ok fine, what I know is mostly speculation and research but as I said, my great grandmother, my Mom's Dad's Mom was a BatPony, My Grandad was mostly pegasus, just with slightly better night vision that most ponies, plus his mom died when he was quite young so he didn't really see much of her. By the time my mom was born, there was basicly no obvious traits suggesting she wasnt pure Pegasus so she was never told about it, but for some reason, I was probably born, like, 50% Pegasus and 50% BatPony or something, because for the last year or so, I've been able to switch forms between the Pagasus you know, and this BatPony form which I... yeah..." "Wow... If your mom didnt know, how did you find out all this?" asked Crystal, "Well," continued Pixel, "When I first transformed, it was a pretty similar situation to this one, though I had never even heard of BatPonies before so... I guess you can guess my reaction" Pixel said with a smirk. Crystal giggled. "Wow, that must have been a fright!" "I knwo right!" said Pixel, "Back then, I thought I was a vampire too!, I was all like, Oooh noOOoo! get awaAAY from me!" laughed Pixel, "My mom may not have known what was going on, but she HAD HEARD of BatPonies so was able to explain that much to me... though she was still a little wary for a while incase I WAS a vampire, but after a little research, I found I had alot more incommon with a BatPony than a vampire, so I started to read up on some old myths and found out my great grandmother was once suspected of being one, as she was hardly seen in public and moslty wore a cloak to hide herself... I guess she wasn't too sure how regular ponies would react to a BatPony." "Yeah..." said Crystal, "I can imagine!" "I was worried too..." confessed Pixel, "But you seem alight with it..." "To be honest," said Crystal, "I'm really not sure where I stand in this, but if you say its fine, and you are the same pony I know, then sure!" "Well... Apart from the obvious bat wings and slit pupils" joked Pixel" "Oh yeah..." said Crystal, "How do you change for anyway?" "I don't really know." said Pixel, "I just kinda try to relax and visual myself in the other form and..." A thin black shadow flowed over Pixel, transforming him back into his Pegasus form. "YES!" whooped Pixel, "I did it!" Pixel looked down at Crystal, looking up at him in awe, "Umm... sorry for getting you caught up in all this... But can you not tell anypony? I'm still kinda nervous about letting the general populous know about my... Heritage..." "Oh, sure!" agreed Crystal "No need to be sorry though! I, for one, think it's kinda cool to be two types of ponies!" "Yeah! I guess it is!"
  5. Finally made a transformation sequence of Pixel Dusk becoming his BatPony form! I also made a smaller (both image size & amount of data) version... might make this my profile pic... What do you guys think? Any tips or criticism? Hope Everypony Enjoys! More information about my OC on my proflle!
  6. Imagine this. You've made it to Equestria through some portal that leaves you human. You find Discord and ask him to turn you into a pony. He folds his "arms", turns his head away, and asks, "Why should I?" What do you say in response? Personally, I'd let him transform me into whatever he wanted for a set period of time, after which he'd have to turn me into a pony. I think he'd go for that.
  7. Hey there fellow ponies! So, to get my boredom away, i've posted a status update to see if someone wants their oc's to be transformed into a batpony, and @@Venomous and @ wanted it, so I've made their oc's with bat wings and fangs, and the cat eye thing c: If i do more, I shall post here.
  8. What if the main six suddenly changed races? Do you think Pinkie would be more fun as pegasus or a unicorn? Imagine Applejack suddenly grew wings. This question is also based on Twilight still being a unicorn and not a alicorn
  9. I'm fairly certain somewhere on this site there is a topic like this, but neither the search function nor Google got me any further, so here we are. The one thing about Rainbow Rocks that still bugs me to this day is the fact that the Humane 5 transform when they play music. Now, out-of-universe, this decision was obviously mandated by Hasbro because they wanted a battle of the bands, and that's why, in the movie, this plot hole is lampshaded and then promptly ignored. The writers are saying "we don't know why this happens either, but we had to put it in anyway". I get that, fine. But a fandom wouldn't be a fandom without needlessly overanalyzing everything in this harmless children's movie, and this is the one part of the movies I haven't been able to cram into my headcanon somehow, and it's so vital to the plot of the movie I think it really should be answered. So, why do the Humane 5 transform when they play music? My first thought was that playing in a band is a sign of harmony, and that causes them to transform. That's all well and good, but the transformation also occurs when they're playing alone. Now, it seems to happen when they really lose themselves in the music, but what is the significance of that? Going back to the first movie, they promoted harmony within the school with their song in the cafetaria. Was that perhaps the moment the magic and music got intertwined? It's a shaky premise, granted, but it's all I have to go on. Sure, they didn't have their magic yet at that moment, but the Elements of Harmony were within them at that point, they simply had not been triggered yet. But still, how does this explain that they transform when they play alone, and lose themselves in the music? I don't really have a satisfactory explanation for that. The only thing I can think of is that music acts like a sort of substitute trigger for the magic of the Elements and that causes them to transform, but that's a very far-fetched explanation, I think. Well, that's my theory, such as it is...I'd really like to know what everyone else thinks about this.
  10. Ok everypony I give you my banner 3 Halloween art enjoy ! here's banner 3 better size enjoy
  11. Dolls. Common foal's toys, taking on whatever role is decreed by the filly or colt holding it. There exists one plush doll that has much more to it than meets the eye. This plushie is sick of being tossed around and disregarded like any old plaything. It has gained a mysterious power to drag poor souls down to its level. Rules of the Cursed Plushie If you come into physical contact with the cursed plushie, then you instantly transform into a plushie yourself, based off your physical appearance. (Think a 4DE plushie) In plushie form, you retain all senses of consciousness, sight and hearing. However, you cannot move or speak, or feel pain. For example, if a heavy weight was left on top of you, you would feel the pressure, but not the pain. As a plushie, a label is attached to your right hind leg. It features your name and a description of your personality. The cursed plushie knows and sees the whereabouts of all ponies currently under its curse. You revert back into your true form when the cursed plushie decides that you have had enough treatment, for example, being played with. If your plushie body is damaged to the point where you would die if restored, then you are stuck that way. For example: While in plushie form, your head is torn off. You are still alive and can feel both your head and your body, but since a severed head would without a doubt kill a pony of flesh and blood, you are currently trapped as a plushie. However, a pony finds you and stitches you back together, making you indeed eligible to return to your pony self. When everyone is gone, the cursed plushie vanishes and teleports to a different spot, allowing it to find more unfortunate souls. If you try to destroy it, it will simply rematerialise in another place. If you write a story featuring the cursed plushie, I will link to it here.
  12. (An interesting conversation on Questioner's status drove me to write this, if you're wondering.) It was a peaceful day in Ponyville. The town's librarian, Twilight Sparkle, was studiously reading a book, when suddenly... the door swung open as Pinkie Pie came bouncing in. Twilight was unfazed at Pinkie's usual antics. "Oh, hello there, Pinkie. Can I help you?" she asked. "Yes, please! You see..." Pinkie dropped a broken clown puppet onto the floor. "I was doing a kid's party, and things got quite out of hoof, so this puppet, as you can see, is in rather bad shape," she explained. "And I was wondering if you had a spell to fix it!" Twilight walked over to a nearby bookshelf. "Well, I'm pretty sure this book here is all about repairing and restoration..." She set the book down, and found the page about "fixing broken toys and ornaments". She focused on the puppet, her horn started glowing, and the puppet's strings began moving about. Just then, they quickly moved over to Pinkie. The two mares got the fright of their lives when somehow... the strings started fusing to Pinkie's body! On her shoulders, her thighs... "Uh... Twilight? What's going on? Is this supposed to happen?" asked Pinkie, with a small hint of fear in her voice. "I don't think so! I've never used this spell before! And I can't make it stop!" cried Twilight, frantically flipping through the book. Pinkie suddenly felt a strange feeling in her leg. She held it up to see that it was hardening. "Is this... wo-" she began, before her voice abruptly cut off, as she had, for some reason, lost her ability to speak. Twilight's eyes welled up with tears. "I'm sorry, Pinkie!" she wailed. She did the thing anypony would have done in a situation like that. "SOMEPONY HELP!" Tune in for the next chapter... if it happens.
  13. “Hey, Concert, wanna come round to my place after school?” Orchid Petal asked Blue Concert during a rather uninteresting spelling test. “Uh, sorry, I have a piano rehearsal then,” replied Blue Concert. Petal sighed. “How about you, Frosty?” she asked the filly on her other side. “I’m supposed to be helping my grandfather at his shop,” replied Frosted Sprinkles. Petal was just about to ask the colt in front of her, when the bell rang to end the final class of the day. “Remember to study, because we’re continuing this tomorrow!” called the teacher, as the students ran out of the classroom and through the halls. While the other students chatted and giggled, Petal was staring sullenly at the ground. Recently, her friends had been shunning her. As if it wasn’t bad enough that her father had to be away at work most of the time. It had gotten so lonely, she had begun talking to her stuffed toys. She was so solemnly focused on the bleak pathway, that she hadn’t even been looking where she was going, and ended up tripping over a stone that had gotten stuck in the path when it had been paved. She rubbed her snout, and carried on home – carefully this time. “Hello, dear. How was your day?” asked her mother, as soon as Petal entered the apartment. “Not good… Nopony wanted to talk to me,” replied Petal, slumping onto the couch. “Except for the teacher, so that she could tell me off for trying to speak to the other kids.” “That’s a shame,” replied her mother. “But I know what’ll make you happy… your dad wants to speak to you!” she added, patting Petal’s cyan mane and holding up the telephone. Petal gasped in delight, and grabbed the phone. “Hey there, Dad!” greeted Petal excitedly. On the other end of the line, her father chuckled. “How’s my little cutie-pie been?” he asked. "Uh... good!" replied Petal hesitantly. "Anyway, I can't wait until you come back today!" "Yeah... about that..." replied her father. "My boss asked me to stay two more days." "What? But Dad, you promised we were going to play soccer..." "Sorry, darling, I don't make the rules," answered her father, with a hint of remorse. "But it'll just be two more days. Okay?" "Okay..." said Petal. "Goodbye..." "See you in two days, my little pony," replied her father, and Petal sadly ended the call, before trudging over to her bedroom. "Honey, is everything okay?" asked her mother. "Oh, yeah, fine..." answered Petal, though she certainly didn't sound like it. She went into her room and closed the door. "It's just not fair!" she cried, lying next to her stuffed animals. "Why do none of my friends speak to me? Why is Daddy always away at work?" She then grabbed her stuffed tiger, and bobbed its head about as she put on a different voice. "But other ponies have responsibilities too!" She put the tiger back, and went back to using her normal voice. "Well, yes, Mr. Growl, but shouldn't they at least make some time for those that they care about?" She then grabbed her elephant toy, moved its head around as she had done with the tiger, and said in a high-pitched voice, "Why don't you ask Mommy if you can do stuff with her?" She returned to her normal voice again, and said, "Because, Miss Trunk, she's usually reading the newspaper, and that's not very fun. The writing is so tiny, you practically have to press your face against the page to read, it's filled with words I've never even heard of, and it's just... well, boring." She sighed, and held onto Sir Chimp. "It's good to know that you guys won't abandon me..." She then heard her mother calling her. "Oh, Petal, could you come and help me with something?" When Petal arrived, her mother pointed to a cupboard. "Can you help me move these boxes into the cupboard?" She picked up a box and laid it on a shelf in the cupboard. Petal took a lighter box and did the same. Within a few minutes, all of the boxes had been moved from the living room into the cupboard. "Thanks, darling! Dinner will be ready in ten minutes," her mother told her, and trotted away. Petal began to walk away, but then returned when she realised she had seen something. It appeared to be a stuffed toy made to look like a pony. It was a dark shade of grey, and had dimly-coloured patches stitched onto it. And it was very dirty, too. Just then, much to Petal's terror, a rat emerged from a hole. It sniffed the plushie, and moved closer to it... BZZZT! There had been a blinding flash of light. Petal cautiously opened an eye, and looked to see that the rat had seemingly disappeared. Lying in its place was a plushie made to look like a rat. Petal just stood there, gaping in awe at what had just occured. She could think of only one explanation for the rat disappearing and there suddenly being a rat plushie in its place. The plushie itself was the rat. A doll that turned things into other dolls? It just seemed so unbelievable. It sounded like a Poison Joke affliction. She picked the rat doll up by the tail and took it to her room. She then came back for the other doll with mysterious plushification powers, and was about to take it... but she then jumped back in realization. She looked around until she found some gloves, and put them on, so that she could touch the doll without falling victim to its powers. She took it to her room, and placed it amongst her other toys. I hope Mom doesn't come across this if she decides to clean my room... she thought to herself. It was then that she had an idea, and a grin spread across her face. One of her friends was going to spend a lot more time with her. And her stuffed toys were going to receive a new playmate. ... "Sweetie?" said Petal's mother the next day. "Yeah, Mom?" replied Petal. "I'm going out shopping for an hour. Will you be okay on your own in the meantime?" "Uh, sure Mom!" "Okay. See you later!" replied her mother, and gave her daughter a hug, then left. Petal rubbed her hooves in anticipation. This was the moment she had been waiting for. The single most perfect time for her plan to go into action. She picked up the telephone and dialled for Blue Concert. "Hey there, Concert, it's me, Petal! I was wondering, would you like to come over and play?" asked Petal. "Sure, I guess. I've finished today's practice for the recital," replied Concert. "Wonderful!" exclaimed Petal, a little more enthusiastically than you'd expect. "See you later!" "Later," replied Concert, and placed the phone down. "Mom, can I go round to Petal's?" she asked her mother. "Okay, honey, but don't be back too late," replied her mother. So Concert left, and made her way to Petal's home... unaware of what she was resigning herself to. Ten minutes later, Petal heard the doorbell ring. She opened the door to see Concert. "Hey there, Concert! Do come in," Petal told her eagerly. "So, what are we going to do?" asked Concert. "Um..." said Petal, before she put the gloves back on, and rushed into her room, coming out with the cursed plushie from the day before. "Let's play 'get the doll'!" Before Concert could comment on how she had "never played that game before", Petal threw the toy into an open cupboard. Concert shrugged, and ran into the cupboard. But no sooner was she in the small space than she heard the door slam shut behind her. "Petal?" she asked, nervously, and tried to open the door, only to discover it was locked. "A-am I supposed to find the doll to get out? Because it's here," she added, picking up the plushie... before she got a bright flash of light to the face. "What... was that?" she murmured, placing a hoof to her head. She then realised her hoof felt softer. The feeling then spread further up her leg. Much to her shock, she discovered she was able to bend it any way she wanted, and it would revert back to its straight position. What was even more horrifying was that the action caused no pain. She held a hoof to her pink mane to discover that it seemed to be fusing together. It felt to be made of the same stuff that her legs were becoming, followed by her torso. She felt a strange feeling in her flank. It felt as if her cutie mark was raising into its own shape. Funnily enough... that was exactly what was happening. There was a piece of fabric made to look like piano keys attached to her. "Petal, what's going on?! This isn't funny!" Concert wailed, and pounded on the door... well, rather, what would be considered pounding, if her hooves weren't soft and squishy. It was then that she felt her insides becoming softer. Like fluff, somehow. It felt somewhat pleasurable, but that didn't help Concert's terror at what was happening. She then noticed that the door in front of her seemed to be growing taller. Along with the rest of the room. It was at that moment that she realised that rather than her surroundings growing, she was shrinking. The adrenaline of all these changes rushed to her head, and she passed out... Concert awoke a few minutes later. She was still in the cupboard, lying down on her side, it seemed. She noticed that the door seemed to be as tall as the school building. She then remembered the previous events. Her body going through lots of changes, and one of those changes being shrinking. She made a rough estimate that she was just seven inches tall now. She tried to get up from the floor, but she couldn't move for some reason. Her limbs were still there, she could still feel them... but regardless of how hard she tried, she couldn't move. The door suddenly opened, and Petal walked in, who seemed like a giantess. Concert tried to ask what in Equestria was going on, but she couldn't speak. Petal effortlessly picked Concert up with one hoof, and took her out of the cupboard and into the bathroom, where Petal propped Concert onto a shelf under a mirror. "How do you like it? You even got to keep your cutie mark!" said Petal. In the mirror, Concert was looking at a plush doll that was made to look like a blue unicorn filly with a pink mane and tail. It had hazel eyes, and a cutie mark of piano keys. Coincidentally, that was a spot-on description of Concert's usual physical appearance. Concert was a plushie. She was in utter shock and confusion. How could this be happening? Why would her own friend cause this? To anypony else, she just looked like an ordinary doll, but she was screaming in her head. As Petal reached out to pick her up, Concert wanted to scream and cry out, "I'M NOT A STUFFED TOY!", but she still couldn't speak or move. She was just helpless to do anything as Petal carried the new plushie to her bedroom. Concert was placed in front of Petal's stuffed toys. "Now, everyone, I'd like you to meet Blue Concert!" she told them. She picked up Concert and looked at her. "Don't take this too hard," she said. "I just wanted to spend some time with you." Concert then realised. She had been neglecting her friendship. Ever since she had received her cutie mark, she had been obsessing over playing the piano. She hadn't even made an effort to speak with Petal for weeks. "Now be good and I'll change you back," said Petal. How do I reverse this? Petal thought to herself. Oh, I'll figure that out. Now's the time for fun. She then held Concert in one hoof and two of her other stuffed toys in the other. "Now, everyone, shall we play?"
  14. First Equestria Girls, now this. MLP has totally become a magical girl show. Do you like this change? Are you looking forward to more transformations in the future? (So Hasbro can sell more toys of course.)
  15. Well it may not be a masterpiece but it still a fic i would like to show. I only have like 2 fics at the moment. this one i'm kind of still working on (been slow going though due to life) Type: Adventure, HIE(well human to dragon but i assume it still counts) Link: Also if you want to see a quick one shot with pinkie pie here a link to my short pinkie pie comedy link:
  16. So, I am really curious after the end of Season 3. If an Earth Pony or Pegasus were qualified, would they be able to become an alicorn at all? If so, why? If not, why not? Does that make unicorns, implicitly, a superior race?
  17. I.D. - That Indestructible Something is shaping up to be quite an interesting transformation adventure story. The author has written many stories where humans turn to ponies, but this time, the premise is somewhat different. Acknowledgements for this story are numerous and range from Franz Kafka to philosopher Nick Bostrom. The author says her goal is "to blow minds".
  18. This was a wonderful collaboration that Freewave invited me to sing on! (He was such a great musician to work with. He did the music, and I did the vocals, (writing the spoken word parts and the harmonies to Princess Celestia's original melody too). It's very much how I feel about Twilight's growing-up. <3 (I tried to match Celestia's speaking voice from "Magical Mystery Cure," hope I did okay! : ) ------------ [Celestia - spoken] I'm so very proud of you, Twilight Sparkle, You are a princess now! You may not understand, But this is the path to which you were born. It was always within you, And your choices have earned you the right To live into this next part of your life's destiny. Can you remember back to the day your cutie-mark appeared? I accepted you as my personal student Not only for the potential your power displayed, But for what your cutie-mark showed to be your destiny. One star, representing you, Twilight, Who embodies the key element of magic and leadership; Surrounded by five sparkles, Representing the remaining Elements of Harmony – Elements that would be embodied By the friends you were destined to find, And to whom you would be inextricably bound. Together, you six have earned sole control Over the most powerful magic in all Equestria; Just as my sister and I did, More than a thousand years ago. [Celestia & Dreamsong - sung] You've come such a long, long way. And I've watched you from that very first day. To see how you might grow, To see what you might do, To see what you've been through And all the ways you've made me proud of you. It's time now for a new change to come, You've grown up and your new life has begun To go where you will go, To see what you will see, To find what you will find For it's time for you to fulfill your destiny! [Celestia - spoken] Destiny is not easy, It is not a foregone conclusion. Every step along your path will be yours and your friends' To choose to live up to, or to turn away from. You have grown up, Twilight Sparkle, But your learning has only just begun. Whether through the many years and trials that await you, You gain the wisdom and compassion That will make you worthy of ruling, has yet to be seen. But it will be my honor, Princess Twilight, To walk by your side as your friend.
  19. I swore to myself that if one more topic about Twilight's speculated Alicorn Transformation appears, I will make my own topic. A topic which is not a rant about my opinion on the matter, and a topic which it's purpose is not to discuss the matter. A new topic has appeared. One which I will not reveal the name of to keep the original poster's identity sacred, but an unnecessary topic nonetheless. The point of my topic, is an announcement to everyone with an interest in keeping a bit of their sanity (if you dislike insanity, don't worry, this topic can also help you keep from becoming to sane). First of all, if you're like me, we know that there's almost to much evidence surrounding the fact that Twilight's Alicorn transformation will not happen. So you don't need to worry about a thing. But if you're not like me, this thread is for you. So sit back, relax, and read this topic. And hopefully you'll have a much better outlook on the dilemma at hand. And as I said, I promise that there will be no explanation of the absurd dilemma. So by now you're probably thinking, "Mod, why are you talking in such weird language? Why are you making your paragraphs so small? Why are you talking in italics? AND WHY AREN'T YOU TAKING SIDES ON THE ALICORN TWILIGHT HOAX!? The answer? Because I don't worry about it. I do care about the show, I truly do, but I don't worry about it. And you shouldn't either. Why? I'll tell you why. Because there's nothing we can do about it. We, as fans, can't mold the episodes how we want them to come out. We can try, but it would be futile. If I've learned anything from my fourteen years of being alive, one simple lesson stand out. You can't change other people, you can only change yourself. You can try to change others, but not only will it bring about immense stress and anxiety, it's an uphill battle, and by uphill, I really mean a ninety-degree slope. It's not impossible, but it's pretty close, and is it really worth it for a show, which frankly, has brought us pleasant surprises in the past? I admit, that last part was a bit unnecessary, as I believe no one here in their right mind would even think of doing that, but it just goes to show you how much it's out of our control. And for me, I find I have a much more happier life not stressing about things which are out of my control. My own well-being, and my decisions are in my control, so I occasionally stress about that, but things such as the well-being of others, I don't stress about, because they're ultimately not in my control. "But Mod, you talk so much about how many things you can con't control, but I want to control some things that have to do with the dilemma at hand!" As I said, you can't change others, but you can change yourself. Change your outlook on Twilight's speculated Alicorn transformation. Now, I'm not saying that for those of you who think that it's a bad idea, should change your opinion, I'm saying to act calmer about the whole thought. What I've seen is outbursts of new topics spontaneously started by people who take this on a a whole new level of seriousness, and who are so affected by it. That doesn't seem like a very calm reaction to change. In a nutshell, change your outlook to a less stressful one. We can't force the hub to do what we want them, and even if we did, it's not going to work. It's out of our control. So whatever happens to the show, don't worry, and be happy. You can be angry, melancholy, happy, or even leave the fandom, but that's good, because you're accepting change for what it is, instead of starting pointless discussions about it. The first discussion was good, but the rest weren't, only because they were rants about people taking this to a more personal level. And keep this in mind, whatever happens, we're stayin' alive. Thank you for those of you who soldiered on and read this entire thread. I know how tiring it can be to read these long threads, but I sincerely hope that this will prevent more pointless and repeat speculations about the show. And one last thing. I foresee many saying that I'm a hypocrite for saying I can't change others, and this topics point is just that, but at an individual level, I can teach some lessons to others, which have no guarantee will work. Sure, I hope some people will have a better outlook after reading this thread, but I can't make them, it's out of my control.