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Found 49 results

  1. According to Andrew Griffith, comic artist at IDW, the long dream of a Transformers and horses was considered at one point, it was cancelled
  2. WIth the surprise reviews of the new Bumblebee Movie(Currently standing at 97% on Rotten Tomatoes), I actually thought about a Princess Celestia Live Action movie focused on the Princess of the Sun. But unlike the source material, this is less saccharine and more serious. The movie title will be called Celestia. The characters are.... Princess Celestia(Ideal actor: Nicole Oliver) Princess Luna(Ideal Actor: Tabitha St Germain) Queen Chrysalis(Ideal Actor: Kathleen Barr) Thorax(Ideal Actor: Kyle Rideout) Pharynx(Ideal Actor: Bill Newton) Megan Williams(No idea on who should play her) Jack Williams(Ideal Actor: Hugh Jackman) Optimus Prime(Ideal Actor: Peter Cullen) The story starts out in Equestria. Princess Celestia is running away from a Changeling invasion by the request of her sister Princess Luna. She is badly injured from the attacks by the Changeling Hive. Deep within the forest, Celestia discovers a cavern that contains a mysterious portal. Without a second thought, she jumps on in, hoping to evade her pursuers. She appears on Planet Earth, still as the Alicorn she started out as. But her injuries have left her tired. She struggles to get forward and decides to rest for a bit, hoping to heal up her wounds. As she did, she met a human girl named Megan Williams. Megan realized that Celestia was sentient like her, but was also badly hurt. She helped Celestia get up and took her to her home, allowing her to rest in a nearby barn. Her father is Jack Williams, a veterinarian who also owns an Animal Sanctuary, looking after those who need it. He barely talks with his daughter, and sometimes snaps at her in anger. Despite his problems, he is not a bad man, nor does he even drink booze. One day, Jack discovers Megan tending to Celestia. At first, Jack was upset over Megan hiding this from him. But his concern was more towards Celestia's well-being than to scolding his daughter. With a little help, Jack was able to patch up Celestia and allow her to rest in his barn. Though he criticized his daughter for not telling him about Celestia's presence, he began to understand why she kept her from him. For a month, Jack and Megan looked after Celestia in hopes of nursing the Princess in exile back to full health. It is discovered that long ago, Jack once had a wife named Amanda Williams(Who would be played by Nicole Oliver). Months ago, Jack lost his wife to cancer, and despite making a promise to look after Megan, the loss of Amanda left Jack a broken man. Through helping take care of Celestia for Megan, Jack admits that Celestia reminds him of his late wife. BAck in Equestria, Queen Chrysalis has managed to take over the kingdom. But she is upset that she doesn't have Princess Celestia or Princess Luna as her captive. When Thorax makes a suggestion to Chrysalis, the Changeling Queen grabs him by the tail and tosses him aside. Later on, Thorax and his brother Pharynx discover a portal in the same area that Celestia disappeared into. Thorax reported the findings to Chrysalis, only for the queen to instead commend his brother for the action and to simply ignore Thorax. Back on Earth, Jack and Megan show Celestia the Animal Sanctuary that they and the late Amanda built. Its purpose was to allow animals who were harmed by man's own devices to have a place to call home. It is there that Jack looks after them with help from Megan. He also admits that some humans eat meat in addition to vegetables that equines like Celestia eats. But Jack and Megan are vegetarians. They invite Celestia inside and allow them to have a meal together. It looked like Celestia was finding a new lease on life. But one night, Celestia had a nightmare of seeing her people being tormented by Chrysalis. So the next morning, Celestia told Jack and Megan that she had to do a little soul searching and took off. Jack wished her the best of luck before going back to look after the animals with Megan. Celestia found a spot nearby to reflect on the events that transpired. As she did, she would meet up with another strange from another world: Optimus Prime, Leader of the Autobots. The two would share a chat together on their own conflicts. Celestia has to deal with the confrontation of saving her people from Chrysalis, while Optimus still has to help protect his Autobots from the Decepticons. The two realize they may have more in common than they realize. At Jack's house, Jack and Megan are confronted by agents of Sector 7, demanding the whereabouts of a rogue horse with wings. Jack tried to deny any wrong doings. But he realized that these aren't Sector 7 agents. They're changelings, and Queen Chrysalis is leading the group. Chrysalis orders her hive to tie up the father/daughter duo and use them for bait to lure out Celestia. At the same time, Celestia began to detect Chrysalis' presence and knew the Williams were in trouble. Optimus encouraged Celestia to go rescue them, and mentions that this is her fight. Celestia thanks Optimus and takes off for the Williams home. Back at the home, Chrysalis berates Thorax again, tossing him at Jack Williams and mentions how worthless he is regardless of his loyalty. This makes Pharynx question his loyalty to Chrysalis. But as the Changeling Queen mentions that no one will be able to save Jack or Megan, Celestia shows up just in time. She uses her magic to free Jack and Megan from their bonds. Chrysalis fights Celestia, hoping to use her as a means of causing all of Equestria to submit to her. Jack and Megan fend off the Changeling swarm. But to their surprise, Thorax and Pharynx takes sides with them and turn against their own brothers and sisters. Phyarynx cares more about his brother Thorax than his Queen. Thorax, burnt out by Queen Chrysalis' ultimate disapproval of him, decided to join his brother. The fight is taken outside where Celestia, Jack, Megan, Thorax and Pharynx battle Chrysalis and her hive. But during the fight, Chrysalis creates a cloud of black smoke to surround everyone, and target Jack Williams. Disguised as Jack's late wife Amanda, Chrysalis attempts to seduce Jack and take advantage of him missing his wife. Jack was tempted at first. But the choice of words by Chrysalis allowed Jack to snap out of it and finally put his past behind him. Chrysalis changes back and attacks Jack, only to be countered by Celestia. The Princess of the Sun held nothing back in fighting Chrysalis, with the rest of the hive knocked out of comission. Jack, Megan, Thorax and Pharynx would also help Celestia beat back Chrysalis. As Chrysalis was on the verge of losing and began to resort to dirty tricks, Princess Luna shows up out of nowhere, having followed Chrysalis to Earth. Chrysalis recognizes Luna and begins to attack, only for the Princess of the Night to transform into Nightmare Moon She uses a Nightmare attack to break Chrysalis' spirit and leave her in complete fear, thus ending her rule in Equestria. Celestia was glad to reunite with her own sister Luna. Luna admits that had something bad happened to her big sister, she would have went mad, and no force in Equestria or Earth would be able to stop. The two would share a bond together with Jack sharing a bond with Megan, and Thorax with Pharynx. Later that day, Jack and Megan said good-bye to Celestia and Luna as they departed with the captured Chrysalis and her Changeling hive. Celestia promises that Jack and Megan will be welcomed in Equestria. But despite getting a pardon from Celestia, Thorax and Pharynx chose to stay behind, fearing that no pony in Equestria would appreciate a Changeling in their midst. Jack and Megan hired them to help out with the Animal Sanctuary. They even take up human forms to fit in. Celestia and Luna return home to Equestria, hailed as heroes for stopping Chrysalis. Though Celestia admits....she does miss her time on Earth, and hopes to return there again one day. The story ends with Optimus Prime narrating the new lease on life that Jack and Megan are now going through, and wishes them a bright future.
  3. If the Mane 6 had Autobot partners, who would they be?
  4. In case there can't be any Transformers in the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Universe, here are my ideas for two existing Decepticons Starscream(Voice: ether Michael Dobson or Steve Blum) Slipstream(Voice: Tara Strong) Starscream and Slipstream are Hippogryphs, formerly from Mt. Aris and Seaquestria. Once they served Queen Novo. But when the Storm King invaded and sent the Hippogryphs to Seaquestria, Starscream and Slipstream saw a glimmer of high power within the Storm King, as they were disappointed in Queen Novo's desire to become strong. WIthout a second thought, they took sides with the Storm King, to the shock of their brothers and sisters. But what shocked Queen Novo and the Hippogryphs, is that Starscream and Slipstream tried to betray the Storm King for their own gain. The duo were ousted from the army of the Storm King and were left wandering the planet, desiring power for themselves. As of that event, STarscream and Slipstream are no longer welcomed on Mt. Aris or Seaquestria, not just because they took sides with the Storm King, but their willingness to betray him just for power.
  5. It's not Beast Wars, but I still found it to be a good follow up. Beast Machines was way ahead of it's time with some of the darker themes it dealt with. I still have a ton of nostalgia for this series, and the Unicron Trilogy. After dealing with Bayformers for more years than necessary, I think it's time for Beast Machines to get the love it deserves.
  6. If you could become, or identify with any cybertronian from any Transformers continuity, which would it be, and why? I'll go first: I would most identify with Ultra Magnus from either the G1 series, though often I feel more like Grimlock.
  7. For those of you who don't follow Hasbro's other well-known IP the Transformers, it's a show about heroic Autobots battling against the evil Decepticons. They possess the ability to transform into vehicles, weapons and beasts. In this series, Starscream usually serve as Megatron's second-in-command, only to plot to overthrow his master and become the Leader of the Decepticons(This usually results in him getting the tables turned on by Megatron). However, during my day, I though "What if Starscream existed in the Equestria Girls universe not as Megatron's second-in-command, but as a student of Canterlot High? Description: Starscream is a male human with Black shaggy hair and grey skin with a small goatee on the bottom of his chin.. His clothes includes a Red Jacket with White Sleeves, a Black and Yellow Shirt, Blue Pants and Black Boots. During Sunset Shimmer's days as the number one bully of Canterlot High, Starscream served as her second-in-command. But one day, Starscream tried to overthrow her and become Canterlot High's number one bully. IT backfired when Snips and Snails caught him off guard and he was ejected from the group. Since then, he vowed revenge against Sunset Shimmer, only to have it taken away by the Twilight Sparkle of Equestria. During the events of Rainbow Rocks, Starscream was jealous of Sunset's rejection by the other students of Canterlot High, accusing her of claiming all the glory for herself. Sunset wrote off Starscream as delusional as did the rest of her new friends. After Sunset Shimmer help defeat the Dazzlings and regained the trust of the school, Starscream took it upon himself to start building himself up as the number one bully of Canterlot High, though he came close to losing it due to the events of Forgotten Friendship. As he rose to power as the number one bully of Canterlot High, Starscream intimidated most students with fear even more so than what Sunset once did. Many students are too afraid to report Starscream to Principal Celestia or Vice Principal Luna. The seeker's spread of doubt across the students has given him a power even more so than Sunset Shimmer. He now focuses his goal on humiliating Sunset Shimmer for revenge, and going as far as to take over all of Canterlot high. The two that Starscream enjoys intimidating are Snips and Snails. IT is also revealed that Starscream has a rivalry in sports with Rainbow Dash. The seeker always enjoys a good physical challenge and does whatever he takes to annoy the young Wondercolt. Usually, this results in a heated contest between the two. Sometimes Rainbow Dash prevails, and sometimes Starscream wins out. An ideal voice actor for this character would obviously go to Steve Blum, who previously voiced Starscream on Transformers Prime and Transfomers: Robots in Disguise.
  8. This is just a "Just for the heck of it" post. I'm pitting 5 MLP villains and 5 non-MLP villains against each other. Queen Chrysalis: Leader of the changelings. Antagonist of A Canterlot Wedding AND To Where and Back Again. Shapeshifter. Possess powerful magic Lord Tirek: Villain of Twilight's Kingdom based on his Rescue at Midnight Castle form. Also possess powerful magic, but can also drain anyone of their magic The Dazzlings: Adaigo Dazzle, Sonata Dusk and Aria Blaze. Their song can turn anyone against each other, and they drain their hate to power themselves up. Villains of Rainbow Rocks Starlight Glimmer: A Powerful Unicorn. Can take Cutie Marks away. Can also alter the fabric of time. Villain of The Cutie Map and the Cutie Remark Midnight Sparkle: An altered form of Earth's Twilight Sparkle. Can create portals. Came close to destroying her own planet. Final villain of Friendship Games Megatron: Basically, ether his G1, Devastation, Prime, War for Cybertron or Titans Return form. Leader of the Decepticons from the Transformers. A powerful Warrior and a brilliant tactician. His transformations include a Gun, a Tank and even a Jet. The Shredder: Sworn enemy of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Leader of the Foot Clan. One variation of him can transform into a powerful Tengu, capable of tearing his enemies apart. He can also become a Super Shredder when exposed to mutagen. Ommadon: The Red Wizard from Flight of Dragons. Utilizes a variety of dark magics, and has a dragon to call his own: Bryagh. Cruel, violent and sadistic, Ommadon will go through any means to achieve his goals Smaug the Dragon: A massive, powerful dragon from the Hobbit, who stole the gold of the dwarves and slayed anyone who dare opposed him. His armor is like Shields. His teeth like sword. Claws like spears. The shock of his tail a thunderbolt. His wings are like hurricanes. And his breath.......DEATH! Kylo Ren: Son of Han Solo and Leia Organa from Star Wars. Corrupted by the Dark Side. His use of the Force is beyond even Darth Vader. He's even capable of freezing a blaster bolt in its place. But he often has temper tantrums. So who would win in a 10 way fight? Choose away.
  9. So, I looked around a bit, and didn't find a great thread with this subject so... I ask of you, one Hasbro franchise to another, which is your favorite transformer? Personally, I like a lot of them, but when I have to choose a favorite... I really like Starscream. I appreciate how in G1, he's always trying to accomplish his evil goals, despite near constant failure. That said, I like how in later Gens he can also be a nuanced character with his own quirks and ambitions beyond just usurping control of the Decepticons (it was neat to see him be really manipulative and scheming in Prime). Also, wow I love his color scheme in G1, and think it should have been kept for later gen installments. XD So who's your favorite transformer?
  10. There's a lot of celebrity voices that have been hired or are in talks to be in the 2017 My Little Pony movie (why my phone hasn't been ringing I'm not sure.). I'll give you a name that is striking fear in my soul, and that is the name of a celebrity that many of you youngsters may not have heard of....his Don Johnson. ? In 1987, there came forth the G.I. Joe movie, starring Don Johnson. The year before, in 1986, there came The Transformers movie, starring Leonard Nemoy. The reason these celebrities scare me is: in both of the movies you had the real cast of the successful cartoon series pushed aside for larger characters voiced by the celebrities. The villain of Megatron was changed to have the voice of Leonard Nemoy rather than the amazing Frank Welker. A rag tag group of new Transformers, including Rodimus Prime took over the reigns from Optimus Prime, who was merced early on. In GI Joe, we had to deal with whiney Don Johnson and his scrub friends trained by WWF's Sgt. Slaughter. Meanwhile Cobra Commander (who was once a man!) was pushed aside by Mickey from Rocky/The Penguin as the main villain. The regular Joes were doing...something. Duke died was in a coma. So, light of the celebrity casting..... Will Hasbro pull out their tricks from the 80's and push aside our beloved Mane 6 for a unwanted group of celebrity voices as the real stars of the movie, with the best voice casting on television, in my opinion, being relegated to supporting role status? Or am I being paranoid....because why change what made them such a success? Discuss!
  11. I was thinking to make this thread while watching Battleship. It's self explanatory; what movies do you like yet most other people hate or just find to be lame/stupid/uninteresting/anything negative? For me it's...... -Battleship: I love this movie, and it's mah 4th favorite movie of all time, yet most people found it stupid, mainly because of the "Based off the board game" gimmick (Which, IMO, wasn't the smartest choice to advertise), since it involves aliens, and the fact that Rihanna was in the movie. Plus, acting isn't really that good and ackward dialogue at times doesn't help. It's visuals, sound effects, lighting (Strangely enough) action scenes, alien ship design (Especially the peg-shaped mortars), and somewhat epic with feel with the destroyers and battleships are the reasons why I like it so much -Any Transformers movie: I'm mostly talking about the 3rd one, since I can barely remember the 2nd one, and most people found TS1 to be decent or good. I like the 3rd one a lot, even though it is one long ass movie -I guess G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra: The reason why I put this was because the critics didn't like it at all. Only around 30-35% of them did, same rating as Battleship. I'm not exactly sure why though. I don't find acting to be all that bad, and visuals aren't as corny as some of the critics made it out to be. Maybe I'm just blind to all it's problems the critics found. I'm not sure how fans or regular movie-goers reacted, though....... So what are YOUR movies you like yet most other people don't?
  12. Who is everyponies favorite cybertronian? Why? Just curious. My all-time favorite is Optimus Prime (cliche, I know, but hey.) Definitely my role model, though I feel more like Grimlock most days.
  13. As you know, I'm a huge fan of PPg and Transformers. So much so that I want to create my own versions of it. Not fan fiction or fan animation. I want to do the Lauren Faust way and make a different version based on each franchise I love. Don't get me wrong, I have tons of original ideas of my own. But in order for me to get a job in the animation industry, I want to put all my passion in all my works. I want to create Sugar, Spice, Nice. A continuation of the original PPG but of course this isn't form a fan animation. I wish for it to be on Cartoon Netowrk some day. Maybe after the reboot coming soon has ended? In my series, the Ppg are teenagers and reunite after being apart for 5 years due to life problems and teenage issues. Now They fight crime and protect Townsville and it's supposed to be darker and more dramatic than the original and I have loads of stories processed. Same goes for Trnasformers, it's been my childhood dream to create a animated series on the Transformers franchise because I loved t shows I grew up with and I have tons of ideas to show about the universe and how I have changed the typical Trnasformers formula and introduce new characters that can change everyone's view on Trnasformers. It's where the Trnasformers need to find the Divine Spark, the power source of Cybertron and the whole universe and it turns out to be inside a teenage autistic girl named Aura and they have to find another way to restore Cubertron and stop the Decepticons from obtaining the Divine Spark, because if Aura dies, the universe will be unstable (I have got more details but we'll be here all day) here, I want to make it more accepting to all genders and age. I want to make a show both men and women can enjoy. But I don't know where to start. Should I make webcomics or should I do my original works first THEN do the others when I pitch them to Cartoon Network? Should I be ashamed that I'm using copyrighted characters and making a remake series based on both PPg and Trnasformers because I have put so much passion and creativity? Will I get blacklisted and cease and desist like JanAniamtioms?! I do have my own ideas and I put as much passion into those as I have for the remake I have planned. But I loved these shows and I want to expand and show these sources material from a new perspective. I want to show how good i can be at creating stories and ideas But I'm scared of getting copyright, I'm worried studios will go cease and desist on me and I fear that all my hard work and effort will go to waste. I don't want to be banned and sued just because I wanted to do unique twists on certain shows I love?! What should I do?!
  14. I had a silly idea, so I figured, why not let others share some as well? My personal silly idea is a Nerf Crossover, not in that the guns are used or anything, but rather the guns are characterised into ponies in the show. For instance, the Nerf Centurion is widely reguarded as cool looking, cool sounding, but comes with poor preformance, as such I could see the character being a super showy pegasus, that can't live up to snuff in a race. That's just a silly idea of mine, what're some of yours?
  15. Hey I have this cool idea of a turn based strategy video game starring MLP, GI Joe, and Transformers. Any thoughts on how this could work?
  16. So if anyone is familiar with me , you may know that I'm a big transformers fan and a lot of that is thanks to Beast Wars back when I was a little kid. There have been a ton of MLP/Transformers crossovers, though most of them are G1 Transformers crossovers and the very few Beast Wars fanfics there are remain incomplete. So I thought I would make a Transformers Crossover myself and see how well it goes. As you can tell, I picked Beast Wars since it's the best incarnation to use with FiM since there are very few vehicles in Equestria but there are a ton of beasts to choose from. Here's the premise, The Maximals are in pursuit of the Predacons and, as in the show's pilot, they severely damage their ships and have to crash land. Instead of prehistoric Earth, they crash land in Equestria, which, unknown to the ponies is rich with Energon. The Maximals will be taking the forms of the more intelligent and civilized creatures in Equestria such as Ponies, Minotaurs, Griffons and Diamond Dogs. The Predicons on the other hand will have Beast Modes based on the more powerful creatures in Equestria such as Dragons, Hydras, Changelings, Timberwolves, Manticores, etc I do have ideas for the Transmetals and Fuzors but we'll come to that bridge later. I'm looking for a co-writer for this story who is also a fan of both shows and is preferably around my age. No experience necessary since I am not very experienced in writing fanfics, myself. If you do have experience writing stories though, that would be a plus.
  17. Recently I found out that both My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and Transformers Robots in Disguise have been getting showing signs of getting screwed over by both Discovery Family and Cartoon Network respectively so I thought I'd pitch in my two cents on the matter. It looks like the recent change from the Hub to Discovery Family has not been to kind to My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. While it hasn't been completely screwed over yet, it's been showing warning signs that the network has been messing with it since the fifth season aired. First off the show has very rarely been getting any advertisement on the channel and as I've been noticing that when a new episode airs it doesn't get any advertisement. Instead we've been getting advertisements of the season premier which aired weeks ago and it has been getting passed off as a new episode. This has been happening during every break of the new episode and fans haven't been very amused. Luckily though, the show's ratings have been very healthy so I don't think we have to worry about it getting cancelled. After all, Equestria Girls 3, Season 6 and the big 2017 movie has been announced so I think the show is safe for a while. Meanwhile my biggest concern is with Transformers: Robots in Disguise. Now, as a lot of you know I am a big Transformers fan so when this show aired I, of course, gave it a watch and of course I enjoyed it. I loved the new ideas the show brought us. Instead of a the usual war between Autobots and Decepticons being led by Optimus Prime and Megatron respectively, (of course as this is a sequel to Transformers Prime we're going to get something different) we get Bumblebee leading his own squad of Autobots hunting down Decepticon fugitives with one of them, Steeljaw, wanting to change Earth into a paradise for rogue Decepticons. Unfortunately it's getting screwed over by Cartoon Network by getting no advertisement and getting put into what's known as the Saturday Morning Death Slot which would be 6:30 AM EST or 5:30 for those suckers who live in the CST time zone, a time where nobody that isn't an insomniac would be awake to watch it. And the real kicker in all this is that I saw this coming, months before the show even aired. As soon as I read in an article that Robots in Disguise was going to air on Cartoon Network I quite disappointed because I know how Cartoon Network treats its action-based shows. As soon as I read it I knew that the show would be cancelled somewhere down the road because I knew how Cartoon Network treated one of its predecessors Transformers Animated, which was pretty much screwed over in the same fashion. Other than its premier episodes Transformers Animated barely ever saw any advertising on the network and was also shoved onto the Saturday Morning Death Slot. Fortunately the show did get three seasons but any hopes for the planned fourth season was crushed as it cancelled during a conflict between Hasbro and Walmart over the toylines, which is one of the reasons why I detest how Western Animation is handled in North America. Luckily afterwards it did seem that Hasbro smartened up as after Animated we got Transformers: Prime, one of the best entries in the franchise, and it along with several of Hasbro's other IPs were put on the Hub, where it enjoyed three full seasons and a movie that ended the show on a high note. So, when after the treatment of Animated and the success of Prime, when I saw that Hasbro once again let Cartoon Network handle Transformers I couldn't help but say to myself "What the hell are they thinking?" because I knew that the show was going to get this type of treatment. As much as I enjoy the show, I'll be surprised if it gets past its second season. I despise Cartoon Network not just because of its treatment of Transformers, but its treatment of its action shows as a whole. This is the same network that cancelled Young Justice because women were watching it. It cancelled Sym-bionic Titan for not selling enough toys, never mind the fact that there weren't any toys made for the show to begin with. Green Lantern along with Young Justice were dealt with frequent hiatuses, had their entire block pulled on the very same day their new episodes were supposed to air and then got cancelled after they finally got back on the air. The worst example I have seen by far was their treatment of Beware the Batman. Not even halfway through its first season, it was pulled and replaced to give the abysmal Teen Titans Go another time slot. The show-runner had to go through hoops in order to get it to finish airing, eventually having to resort to putting the episodes on Amazon's UK streaming service in order to do so. This opened my eyes to something, unless your cartoon is a silly comedy, Cartoon Network will treat it like crap and will come up with the most insane excuses in order to cancel it. I think it's safe to say at this point Cartoon Network is comparable to Fox. Yes, the same Fox that's infamous for cancelling shows that aren't an immediate hit. The same network that screwed over Firefly, Doctor Who and The Crow under bullshit circumstances. The same network that won't give shows the time of the day unless they're either, the Simpsons or a Seth MacFarlane animated show, a sports program, a presidential speech or even their far right-wing corporatist propaganda station thinly veiled as "news". Yes, Cartoon Network has gotten that bad. Now according to Paul Dini and Kevin Smith in this article here: the reason for some of these cancellations as I mentioned earlier with Young Justice is that this network holds on to this primitive belief that girls should not enjoy action shows, only boys can. Their excuse is that women don't buy toys, never mind that they could sell them something else. They have also insulted the intelligence of both genders by saying that "women should never portrayed as smarter than the guys, they should always be a step behind" and that they should always have that "goofy boy humor" once again proving Gene Roddenberry right, as he has been before during his struggles with the Network over Star Trek, that network executives are complete idiots who are out of touch with their audience, have no clue what the audience likes and think themselves superior.
  18. Hasbro has put out many female Transformers in the past: Elita-1, Chromie, Flareup, Firestar, Arcee, Blackarachnia, Airrazor, Airachnid, Slipstream and Strongarm to name a few. But now it seems 2015 will be the year we get a flood of Female Transformers(Most likely in Autobot and Decepticon variety) Source: Bout time Hasbro added in some girl power to the Robots in Disguise(Despite the fact that I am male). We're one step closer to the My Little Pony/Transformers Crossover I've been dreaming about(Imagines the Mane 6 as Transformers toys.)
  19. Hello, Everypony Good news Hasbro is bringing you fans of Transformers! Straight out of a 80's cartoon generation fans had to get the best robot toys on the block called Gesaults aka... <Combiners> raging from beast to vehicles then a rainbooming derpy Hooves excited super robot titan ! Here's the photos enjoy!!!
  20. Optimus back from the Dead again. Only now as Orion Pax. Works Cited:
  21. Ask me your questions now you puny life forms, and make sure they are worth my time.
  22. Hello, everypony I'M back with more pony loving artwork enjoy yes MLP FIM ponies as Autobots and Decepticons there will be full of surprises hope you like them with rainboom smiles for everypony to see later !
  23. For those of you who are curious about this term, Vacuum Metalization is a process where plastic surfaces are covered with a thin and shiny metal coating inside a vacuum chamber. The Beast Wars era of Transformers utilized figures that have Vacuum Metalized parts(Transmetal and Transmetal II). Recently, Vacuum Metalization has made a comeback with the new Age of Extinction line up(As a matter of fact, I just picked up the AoE set with Silver Knight Optimus Prime and Fall of Cybertron Grimlock, both with Vacuum Metalized parts.) If possible, would you purchase any My Little Pony toys that have been Vacuum Metalized(Perhaps variations of the Mane 6, or other characters like the Cutie Mark Crusaders, the Wonderbolts, DJ Pon-3, the Alicorn Princesses and even Derpy Hooves.)?