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Found 3 results

  1. So I love reading interesting scientific & technological journals and actually find a lot of interesting stuff often times. I came across this a couple of days ago and decided I would drop a link and get some opinions and thoughts on the following if for no other reason it is as much morbid as it is fascinating. Also, I felt this was more of normal discussion material and not intense debate material so I placed it here. If mods and admins feel it would be better in the debate pit or if the thread goes in some direction I am not expecting, please feel free to relocate it there. Thanks. Human head transplants So the worlds first possible human head transplant. Possibly the beginning for a new age in modern medicine. If you consider, there are so many things that could be solved here if this not only goes through, but is successful... it is rather intriguing to think about. People suffering from permanent injuries, amputations and paralysis, physical disabilities and deformities and possibly even different types of diseases and malignancies could all become treatable in the right circumstances. And this opens the door for more advanced methods in transplant technology which will both further our knowledge in the field of human medicine, and allow us to improve upon it leading to more lives saved and transformed. Of course it does open up the question about ethics and morality.... but I think as long as people know what they are getting into, and the proper donor paperwork is filled out and the donors wishes are being taken care of, this is not really as much an issue as I have seen some say. Of course it does bring up where suitable headless bodies will be acquired from and if successful exactly who the person will be now. After all it would be two different people on record, becoming one person.... how will they be identified going forward? What do you think? Is this too much of playing with God and delving into the realm of Frankenstein? Or is it the future of medicine and surgery and just another hurdle to face in our desire to repair the human body? Would you be willing to donate your body to such a procedure if something unthinkable happened to you, or have your head placed upon a new body if something caused your old body to be of no use to you anymore?
  2. It seems like a conception that has been only object of sci-fi is close to be put to the test. During December 2017, an ambitious procedure with the objective of transfering a human head to another body will take place for the very first time in the medical records of mankind. This on itself is baffling, apalling even. Because in the hypothetical case of a medical success many questions may arise. Has science gone too far? How will religions react when faced to such an unbelievable event? Are we truly playing God with each step we take? And what is truly a human individual? Are we a complete being with a body and mind, or nothing more but a encephalon that could be connected with any organism and still be considered like said individual? Any opinions on the matter, it being the surgery on itself or what could transpire afterwards a supposed 'success'? Source:
  3. I thought of this game while playing another word game on this forum It's called "Sentence transplant" The rules are simple.. Pick one word in that last users sentence, and make a sentence using that word.. 4 Words is the minimum for any sentence.. Emoticons don't count as words Please, no swearing or dirty words.. this is a game, let's keep it fun EDIT: things in parentheses (like this) don't count as words you can use.. they're to allow commenting on other posts.. To make it even more fun, try replying to the last post by making your own sentence in response (But you don't have to..) Try to keep some variation going to keep it interesting.. Example: User 1: This is the first example thingy, Yay! User 2: Awww, I wanted to be first.. (lol, I was only 2 minutes behind? xD) User 3: Be grateful you had some good words to choose from User 2: Choose a pony, ANY pony.. User 4: I can pick ANY pony? I'd have to choose Pinkie User 1: Pinkie? I'd pick Fluttershy, 'cause she's so cute (Pinkie is my second favorite though) (You don't have to bold the words you pick, this is just to illustrate the example better, you can if you want though..) I'll start off: Ok everypony, let's have some fun with this one..