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Found 44 results

  1. Hello, everyone! I was debating whether I should do this topic, and decided I should. So I was just wondering, are there any countries you want to visit? I have quite a few of them, and they are the following: The Philippines (based on everything I've read about the country, as well as the pictures of it I've seen, it seems like a beautiful country, and I'd love to visit many of its landmarks and try a lot of the food there. I also have lots of friends from the country) Thailand (I actually went to Thailand when I was younger, kinda wanted to visit again for some reason) Japan (I'll admit it is mainly because of Japanese pop culture, but I do also want to visit some of its many landmarks, and learn more about the country) South Korea (pretty much the same reasons as Japan) United Kingdom (not sure why, I kinda just do!) Sweden (again, I'm not really sure) Poland (For some reason, I've started being interested in Poland) The Netherlands (my dad's side of the family is from there) New Zealand (my mum's side of the family is from there) United States (mainly for the pop culture, as well as some landmarks) Canada (again, not really sure why, I kinda just do) Mexico (forgot to mention this one, but, I'd love to try more Mexican foods, besides the usual tacos, burritos, etc...) China (it does seem like an interesting country, and considering the kind of influence it seems to be gaining in the world, I'd like to visit it)
  2. powerpuff-tsubasa

    where will you travel in the future?

    i wish i'd travel to europe. canada. japan and s. korea. share your thoughts
  3. So me, my little sister, and my mom are planning to go to Portland Oregon this week! I think on thursday. I'm really excited! We haven't decided whether we want to take a plane, train, or drive there. I personally want to take a train. X3 I started wondering, do any of you all have plans for vacation like I do? If so, where are you going and how are you going to get there? I would love to know!
  4. Wonderbolt Slipstream

    Time Travel

    If you could travel through time, when would you go and why? Rules: You can only time travel once (if you go to year 3000, then you are stuck in year 3000) You are still yourself (you won't turn into 5 year old you if you were 5 at that time period, there would just be 2 you's) You still age (if you are 17 in year 3000, then you turn 18 in year 3001) You don't have to use it immediately (you can save it for later in life if you wish to) You are in a parallel timeline, but anything different that happens to younger/ older you will not affect how you are at that moment (you can't get younger you to win the lottery and suddenly be rich)
  5. This isn't really a matter of where you've been, but rather how far you have been. The question is how far you've traveled from home going in all four cardinal directions; North, South, East, and West. You can include intermediate directions like Northwest if you feel like. Also include where you live if you don't mind (you can write the continent if you really don't want to tell us! :comeatus: ). You can include where you've visited (spent a decent amount of time at) and include where you've been (i.e., an airport for your connecting flight). For myself, living in Austin, Texas: North: Frankfurt (airport), Germany; Prague, Czech Republic (to be replaced by Aarhus, Denmark!) South: Acapulco, Mexico East: Budapest, Hungary West: Phoenix, Arizona Disclaimer: aside from Acapulco, I've been to these places all within the last 4 years (I haven't traveled much). I've traveled very little within the US. Also, if you have traveled far enough West that you passed your farthest East point by a small bit (unlikely but possible), you can say you've traveled along every single longitude line, or just indicate up to what point you stopped traveling in that direction. You can use this map as a reference (you may want another map if you need to zoom in or need a more specific map):
  6. Hey all, it's my first time at EFNW and I could use some veterans' advice on the best way to get from the Seattle airport to the convention center and back. Is there a public transit system I should use? Uber/Lyft? Any advice, no matter how last-minute, is appreciated!
  7. If it where me I would move to some small town in British Columbia for the amazing mountain ranges and lakes. I live in Canada already but not in a mountainous area
  8. BrawnyCharger

    Airports you have been through.

    I don't travel to many different places. When I do it's within driving distance. I'd usually prefer to fly. Often times when one visits a certain city or town by flight, it's sometimes for a connecting flight. So I was wondering which particular airports you have been to, like, dislike or have any experiences in. I've been through: Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport San Francisco International Airport Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport Chicago O. Hare International Airport Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport Albuquerque International Sunport Pittsburgh International Airport Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Houston - George Bush Intercontinental Airport Madison - Dane County Regional Airport Milwaukee - General Mitchell International Airport.
  9. IC Three mares, each hardworking and dedicated to their role, are sent on a vacation by friends and family. Rarity and Applejack from Ponyville are set off by Twilight Sparkle and the Apple family under the reasoning that they have been working too hard and need a break while Princess Celestia is told to join by her sister Luna and her student. What adventures await from the three in Los Pegasus, to the city of Applewood, where some of the greatest performances and productions can be found, as to fame and fortune for all who seek it in this capital of Equestrian entertainment. What connection does Applewood have to the Family family, and what will be found while there? This is a role-play between myself, @@Red Cedar, @@Taialin with the characters Princess Celestia, Applejack, and Rarity.
  10. I was recently looking at a map and trying to work out how many countries I've been to. While I thought 16 was a lot, in the grand scheme of things it's really not. There are so many countries I still want to visit, which brings me onto the second part of my question: what countries would you like to visit? I've been to: Botswana Lesotho South Africa Swaziland Zambia Australia Fiji China Singapore France Germany Ireland Spain Switzerland UK United Arab Emirates But I'd still like to visit nearly twice as many as I already have with the main ones being: New Zealand Russia Japan Sweden Canada USA Jordan
  11. zerox

    General Your travels?

    so where have you travelled to and which places did you find quite interesting? me: UK (england), USA (california, arizona, nevada, utah), Croatia, Austria, Italy and Hungary. I really liked the universal studios in LA and the british natural history museum in London.
  12. So yesterday I flew out of California and into Nashville Tennessee for our family vacation. Gonna spend 3 days in Tennessee, then one day in Louisville Kentucky, then spending the remainder in Sandusky and Cleveland Ohio. I will not include pictures until I get back home in California. So remember that
  13. Captain Whirlwind

    My Little Coaster reviews: El Toro

    This is something I'm gonna do on another blog I made, But for now, lets review! So last month marked 4 years since I last rode my favorite roller coaster. And if don't know by now it's El Toro at Six Flags great Adventure. Ride Summary I remember the experience of this coaster like it was yesterday. This is an outstanding roller coaster alone. Hands down the Best wooden roller coaster ever. When I rode it, I was 14. And my expectations where not high because I knew I was in for a special treat On my first ride, I was simply blown away! The sheer speed, the INSANE airtime, or the mind bending banked turns made me think of three words "one more time". So I got chances to ride it again. Two times in the front, and once in the back. But my only question is why Intamin AG has only manufactured 4 examples of the prefabricated wooden coaster? Six Flags may have an answer to build more coasters like these (RMC hybrid) but for an authentic wooden coaster, this remains the king of them all! Other review stats Ride Experience: 10/10 landscaping: 6/10 Station 7/10 Times ridden: 5 Best seat: 1,1 (front seat) Best part of ride: All Discomfort: Low Airtime: Extreme Positive G's: high Intensity: High
  14. SolyWack

    Roads in Manehatten

    I've been thinking, and Manehatten is a confusing place. They didn't stop for a princess first of all. And they try to make it seem like you can't go on the "road", with crosswalks and all, even though the only thing on the road is horse-drawn carriages. But at the end of "Made in Manehatten", there are ponies just walking casually on the street while carriages pass them by! Then they even just sit down in the street to watch a play. What is going on here?
  15. internet pone

    Wanna cros 'Murrica.

    My dear equines. I'm bored as hell in my town. So I want to travel States from coast to coast. Yes, on da bus or train, not on da pony. With breaks in most notable cities. What's better, train or bus? Who has similar experience? Any advice? Any troubles? How expensive could it be? To let you know, I'm alien from Planet Russia. So if there's things obvious for you they still could be interesting for me.
  16. Just a quick pencil drawing of filly Applejack! This is the scene when she decides to start a new life in Manehatten with her aunt and uncle Orange. I like how it turned out, it's pretty cute! Freckles and all :3 I know her right eye is dodgy but it was only the black pen that made it stick out a bit
  17. I found this video on youtube and i thought it might interest some people, that might want to visit my country. Fun Fact: Bremen is in 8:26.
  18. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? The top places in my head are definitely Paris, Venice, Rome, Frankfurt Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Tokyo, China etc. But if there's one place abroad I feel I could possibly even live in, it's this gorgeous city's absolutely breathtaking and I wish I could be there myself and have my own little house where I could wake up every morning to a gorgeous sunrise overlooking the multitude of vineyards, and get to see the fiery sunset every evening over the rolling green hills So what about you guys? Where would you visit?
  19. orphaned account

    How Much Is Too Much? At BronyCon?

    Is spending $2,174 at BronyCon too much? Or is it just average? Why is my amount so much? I'm taking a train, not a car or airplane. (And I'm coming from Indy) Train (Amtrak - 50 Cardinal) - $174.00 ($87.00 + $87.00) for round-way. Checked Bags - Free, I'm only taking 3 bags, 2 are carry-on, it'll be 4 on the way back. Registration - Silver: $500 Money for Vendors/Food (only 2 meals a day) - $1,500 Hotel - I plan on sharing with somepony else. Should I bring more for vendors and food? Advice and stories of previous experience is greatly appreciated.
  20. K.K. Slider

    Everfree Backpackers Unite!

    Edit: Apparently I'm one of the very, very few backpackers on this forum! If you have an interest in traveling, feel free to PM me, I'd love to discuss your plans/experiences!
  21. Hi, this is my first post. Wondering your opinions on time travel? Like if it might be possible, a good idea, etc. Personally, I think it's a bad idea, and couldn't be possible since we have no proof of visitors from the future. So what do you think?
  22. Have any of you ponies visited a city where you felt "This is a dump. I wanna leave" or "There's nothing here, I'm bored". If so, list them and your reasons. In my opinion, Downtown Oakland because it looks like a dump and it gets unsafe at night, plus from what I've seen, lots of people riot there a lot. Also Hayward because it looks like a dump and mini version of Downtown Oakland and Daly City because it gets so foggy, it's depressing and there isn't much to do over there.
  23. If you can travel to equestria but you woudn't be the creature that you want to be. Let's say: You want to be a pegasus, but if you travel to Equestria you will be a donkey. Would you still do it? I DO! IT'S 10 MORE BETTER THAN THIS WORLD! THERE IS MAGIC EVERYWERE!! NOTE: YOU DON'T JUST TURN INTO A DONKEY. IT'S JUST AN EXAPLE. YOU MAY BECOME WHAT EVER THING IN EQUESTRIA (Any living creature. Not plants or rocks)
  24. I've done a topic about the best and worst transportation system. Now I'm doing one about shopping malls. Here's my best and worst so far. Best: - Westfield Valley Fair, San Jose: This was a hard one to pick but I went with this one. Why? Because the atmosphere is good and it's big. - Lloyd Center, Portland: Same as above except it has an ice rink. - Westfield San Francisco Centre: Good location; in the downtown area. Worst: - Hilltop Mall, Richmond: This mall is a dump. Not many good stores and I don't really feel safe in it. I know this happens in every mall, but this was the only mall I've witnessed a fight in it.
  25. Out of all the places in the world if you were given the option where would you like to live? For me I would really like to live in Charleston, SC I and I went there for my senior trip had a blast as well. As for out of the country I'd definitely move to Puerto Rico but given its crime its sad how the island has come to be in recent years. Such a beautiful place ruined by crime sadly. I'd eventually love to visit Australia too its another place that I'd like to stay at for a time. So is there any places any of you would like to live at or visit?