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Found 4 results

  1. Mine would be the wonka banana pops you peel. *Drools* So yummy!
  2. Are you the tricker, someone who tricks and scares people every opportunity they get on Halloween. Or are you the treater, someone who collects as many treats as they can. You can even be both or neither. Happy Halloween or Nightmare Night! Whichever suits you.
  3. So I haven't found a thread about this sooo Whats everyponies favorite sugary snack? For me it has to be Paydays! hmmmm sooo good.
  4. Hey there! So on every forum that I am apart of, there are a couple of post about Halloween or Trick or Treat etc. But I saw none on this one! *Le gasp!* So I've decided to make one. So the rules are simple. If you want to participate, post here with your favorite candy. And then when Oct. 27th comes around other players can respond to you and say "Trick or Friendship!". They will then give you a trick or a pony The Tricks: *A Halloween themed fic about the user. But! Here's the catch. The fanfiction must be set in Equestria and the user must be a pony, griffon, dragon etc. The fics don't have to be very long they can be a like five sentences. As long as you can finish a story in five sentences. *You can chooses to TP or Egg the user. (Only once No need to be mean!) *Or you can just spring some MLP trivia on them! The Treats: *A pony drawn or generated just for them. *A sweet little fic where nothing horrible happens to them. *A brohoof. *A piece of candy. (Not a real one of course!) So guys, how about it? DO YOU LOVE IT, PONIES?