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Found 40 results

  1. Title: Hurricane Fluttershy Air Date: March 24, 2012 Synopsis: Fluttershy struggles to overcome her fear of public humiliation so she can help Rainbow Dash and the other pegasi create a Tornado powerful enough to lift the water required for Rainy Season up into the cloud-producing city of Cloudsdale. Yay for more Fluttershy!
  2. So I was getting bored here, and noticed how on the new banner, there are trees behind Lightning Dust. I was thinking of trees for a second, and starting a new topic at that time, and I was wondering... What type of tree would you be if you were a tree. I do believe that I would be a Maple tree, for the matter that they would be reliable, and they are used a lot in yards and in anonymous places. (For example: forests/woods) Also, I would love to be a tree.
  3. I used the search function and there didn't seem to be any topics dedicated to HTF at all. I was just thinking about this the other day and would like to know if Happy tree friends is popular with the Brony fandom. Personally, I used to like happy tree friends but I stopped watching it after "see ya later elevator" due to the long waiting periods between episodes and ever since the tv series, I think too many episodes focus on Lumpy.
  4. Back in Season 7, episode A Health of Information introduced us to one of the most ominous pieces of lore in the show's history: a spotted lily pad: Vector link. Its ability is to poof out toxic fumes that infects ponies with Swamp Fever, a dangerous, highly contagious disease that eventually transforms ponies into the tree that blooms these flowers. In short, these trees are all victims of Swamp Fever. No name's given to either the tree or lily, so I have an idea. Why don't we brainstorm ideas to name them? Come up with possible suggestions below. In 2017, I referred to this flower as a "sneezing lotus," and a "lotus" is a water flower. "Sneezing lily" is another idea. Another one is "whooping lily" and "whooping willow." The tree that grows these lilies resembles the weeping willow, but instead of it weeping, it spreads a very contagious disease, and whooping cough itself is also dangerous and highly contagious.
  5. So the Tree of Harmony is just sitting in the Everfree Forest, completely unprotected and open for anypony to just mess with it? I would've assumed there would be some level of protection with it, at least when they were elements Celestia had them locked away. I understand that the Everfree Forest gives some protection but any ole Pegasus can just fly above it (except Fluttershy, for some reason). Dont you guys believe the Tree of Harmony should have some sort of security/protection and, if so, what kind/type?
  6. Occasionally, I liked to compare some members of the Mane Six to flower trees or dryads because of their beautiful manes. For example, Pinkie Pie or Fluttershy would be imagined as a walking cherry tree, Rarity (or Twilight) as a jacaranda tree, and Applejack would obviously be an apple tree. What kinds of flowering trees would you imagine each member to he?
  7. Considering that some Equestria Girls characters look somewhat like trees from their hair colours -- green hair looks like leaves, while pink, purple, and blue hair look like flowers. Sometimes I also like to imagine Wallflower Blush and Lemon Zest as sapient trees because of their green hair, or the entire EqG humanoid race as a race of plant aliens as a result. If it were up to you to decide which Equestria Girl or Equestria Boy would you "dendrify" and decorate for a Christmas holiday, who would you choose? (Art by dm29. Compare Fluttershy's flowery colours with that of a jacaranda tree:)
  8. Hey everyone! I just finished decorating my Chistmas tree! I came on to share it with everyone, but then I thought I'd turn it into a thread. I'd love to see what everyone else's Christmas/Holiday decorations look like. And if you haven't got them up yet, no problem, just take a picture whenever to do! So here's my tree's progress shots! Now share yours! X3
  9. I saw earlier today the "Tanks for the memories" episode, and BOY the liquid pride was real. It has become one of my favourite episodes of the series, and my favourite Rainbow Dash episode overall. It's not one of my favourite ponys, but this episode changes everything I thought about her. You have all my love and appreciation, RD. I know how it feels thinking you'll lose your best friend, and even losing it. The hibernation thing is a beautiful and clever metaphor of death. I like a lot when kids cartoons take these morals and portrait them on an understandable and touching story. Alongside, the real strength of the series is actually this; taking cute characters and then giving us all, kids and adults, a good moral that can be applied in real life. Tanks to the memories and Flutter Brutter are two of my favourites just because that. I surely hope that the incoming season 7 will be at least close to be memorable as these two episodes. Twitter! deviantArt!
  10. Insert Description here
  11. Hey hey everypony, just asking what's your favourite type of My Little Pony character E.G. Earth pony My favourite type is probably Tree
  12. Here's more stuff I did in my metal sculpture class. It's a sculpture of a tree, and it was hard to get a good angle on it because it was big.
  13. With Christmas just around the corner. I thought it would be a cool idea. For anyone who are celebrating the holiday, to share there Christmas trees. Post your tree below. Here's a picture of my tree. Happy Holidays!
  14. So here is some seasons greetings with AJ and making a tree and looking all cute like! Kept it simple and anyone can use this just like the others!
  15. So I thought for the season to make some MLP themed Holiday cards that you are all free to use to send Holiday greetings and wishes to family and friends! My Goal is to least give you folks five to use in this being one of five! Happy Holidays All!
  16. So google recently had a contest for people to do a google drawing fitting the theme what makes and this is my entry. Voting will be in february, so you should all vote for me.
  17. So I know the tree of harmony birthed a crystal tree from the "seed" and this is all very logical and all, but am I the only one that is confused about the ACTUAL tree that lives INSIDE the new crystal castle? I am referring to this one: is this an upside down tree? Are these roots? And if so does this simply function as some bizarre chandelier, or is there MORE of this tree if you go farther up in the castle? Because last I checked trees don't grow upside down. So this makes it seem more logical these are roots. I want to see the rest of the tree.
  18. Re-watching a few older episodes, I got to Princess Twilight Sparkle's two-parter, and there were a few things that hit me that kinda makes me worry about the future. 1: Are alicorns evil? Are Zebra's the true masterminds? I ask this because, quite frankly- Zecora. She came onto the scene with that potion that could only respond to alicorn magic. Not to mention, that potion bottle looked straight up evil, with the figures with the red eyes and all on the rim. WHY did she have such a thing in the first place? And did anyone notice that Twilight used DARK MAGIC to activate the potion? Zecora straight up said that what was needed is Alicorn magic. So if Twilight used Dark magic, then that has to mean that Alicorn magic IS evil. And Zecora knew exactly what the potion did because she explained it to Twilight. So that would mean that Zecora made the potion herself, to know exactly the effects it'd have, AND was using dark magic- alicorn magic- to temper with it, as well. As scary as the thought is that Zebras can have the means to have the “all powerful” alicorn race wrapped around their hooves and in actuality, be the ones secretly in control; or that the Zebra's have a questionably sketchy agenda, messing with alicorn (dark) magic in the first place, it's actually an interesting prospect. 2: Celestia acting in opposition with the Tree of Harmony? Gotta question this, because I don't think anyone else has. The Tree of Harmony has only 3 cutie mark symbols on it; sun moon, and Twilight's star. This means that she tree intended for there to be 3 alicorn princesses. But yet, there are 4. Cadance. (and likely 5, eventually, if Sunset Shimmer becomes one) It was Celestia who took Cadance in as her niece, and set her up to be a princess, knowing full well that Cadance's mark wasn't on the Tree of Harmony. Is sunbutt going against the Tree of Harmony's harmonic agenda? I mean, she has to, right? Why else wouldn't Cadance's butt mark be on the tree? 3: Sunset Shimmer's lack of cutie mark on the Tree implies that she won't (or shouldn't) become an alicorn princess? Not unless sunbutt decides she should, I guess. I can just see sunbutt justifying this and doing graffiti of Sunny & Cadance's marks on the Tree. Alicorns can get away with anything, because “goddess”! 4: Now that the physical elements are back in the tree, this means that somepony else can take hold of them. While most likely that somepony else will have to be 6 who embody said elements, just as the main 6 do, it's still a very real possibility that such a situation could happen, while the Mane 6 are on the scene. And seeing as how we've been witness to magic that just plain deactivates the elements entirely, I don't even think that 6 ponies who embody their powers would be required. Some bad guy with enough magic to use the EoH for evil can just waltz up, snatch them, and use them against the mane 6. (personally, I'd like to see this happen as well, with the M6 going up against the elements that drew them together) 5: Discord is in possession of Zecora's potion. Again....this scares me. Really. The last person seen with the 'alicorn magic' potion that we saw Zecora hand off to Twilight, was Discord, near the end of the 2 parter. And the bottle still containing leftover potion. Guys. GUYS. A not-so reformed draconequuis chaos spirit has a dangerous dark magic “alicorn” potion. We. Should. Be. Wetting. Ourselves.
  19. a marshmallow. And at least once I saw that Rainbow Dash is skittles. And Sweetie Belle is a dictionary. Well, how much farther can we go with this meme? If we get enough of these weird comparisons, maybe we can have a quiz where you match the pony up with what they are. In a similar theme, I saw a funny video where it is revealed that ALL the ponies are 90% food. You have Skittles and Marshmallows already. Pinkie Pie is cotton candy and Applejack is cereal. I can only assume Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle are lemon and grape-flavored something or other.
  20. Hi, Does anypony know what set these Series 3 mystery foil puzzle cards come from? And where can I buy them? They seem to be very rare on eBay, sometimes going for $30+. I would love to get this puzzle set sometime, but don't want to pay that much money so soon. I am hoping I could get it at Hot Topic or somewhere else. Does it come as a "Binder Set" or does it come by chance, like 1 card per 30 packs? 'Cause if it comes in the latter, I would just rather buy them on eBay for more. (If it is any help, I live just outside of Portland, Oregon.) These are the cards I'm looking for (images from eBay): Thanks everypony! /) I really want to get these! -Edit:- P.S. Also, does the "Rainbow Power" foil puzzle set come in a binder or individually? This here:
  21. I was working on something else and I was having a ton of problems and ended up getting frustrated and I think I will need to restart it which sucks. So instead I made this apple tree, I need to work on background stuff anyway so I guess that's good.
  22. So I've been wanting to make wallpapers in this style for a bit and took a hoof at trying it! Spent two weeks mostly in lay outs and seeing how each looked and effects but I kept things simple as I could and feel happy about things! Used gimp 2.8 but made the Luna graphic myself a bit in showing the outline and such! Some how the stars in white also felt right in a playful feeling of the layout!
  23. So today I got hella bored in pre cal so I doodled twi, spike and the owl on the back of this colored card. I might do the rest of the mane six later. Also have a tree painting I'm almost done with. It was inspired by mlp, the whole rainbow power thing and the tree of harmony. Background is fingerpainted
  24. When do you guys get your Christmas tree? How many days/weeks before Christmas? Maybe even right after Thanksgiving, when i usually get mine.
  25. Ok, so one thing that has kinda confused me since the end of the premier to an extent is simply this. Why is it that the EOH can't be taken from the Tree of harmony? I understand they were put into the tree to stop the everfree from taking over and restoring its magic, but why can't they take the elements back out after that? Shouldn't the tree have its magic back now and be ok? Discords plants aren't even there to threaten it or Equestria anymore. So how come the Elements must still remain there? Why can't Twilight and her friends take the elements from it just as Celestia and Luna did roughly 1000 years ago? I just can't understand why exactly, it seemed like it'd be possible if they needed. Even if they didn't take them now, whats to say they couldn't take them back later? The only thing i can think of is maybe the TOH needs to recharge or something, and even then the mane 6 could technically just go there and take them for a small amount of time and stop whoever they need to stop then return them. Sure its not right on hand, but still they are usable right? I just feel like I didn't quite get why the Elements are now unusable, don't get me wrong i liked the premier, (I like all the MLP episodes essentially, but thats another topic ;p.). I just don't get why the Elements can't be taken from the Tree of harmony now. So anypony have a good theory or explanation?