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Found 3 results

  1. What would be good names for tribes in a post-apocalyptic setting? Let's say the world has been hit by an abnormal series of natural disasters, causing civilization to collapse, and the survivors have formed tribes.
  2. Rainbow Dash, the powerful mare bearing the Element of Harmony, through an unfortunate and unknown turn of events, finds herself in an entirely different world. But it's not a different world, only...a different time. She finds herself over a thousand years in the past, thrust into a prophecy unknown to her, into a war with the demons of Tartarus, and the weight of a world lays quivering weakly in her hooves.
  3. tl;dr warning Tribes Ascend http-~~-// Is an online first person shooter that breaks the cookie-cutter mold of your standard every day Call of Duty style first person shooter. Movement is fast as hell thanks to the game's jetpacks and unique skiing mechanic, and combat requires a bit of extra skill due to the fact that your bread-n-butter weapons are a far cry from the hitscan spray-and-pray common to so many modern shooters; instead, weapons fire projectiles that have travel time, and velocity inheritance. http-~~-// Gameplay is team-based, with three modes currently available: Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch, and Rabbit; wherein there is one flag on the map, and the goal is to kill whoever has it, take it, and stay alive for as long as possible while holding it. Taking a hint from Team Fortress 2, Tribes Ascend is free to play; while payment options do exist, the only purpose they serve is to allow you to unlock additional classes and such with greater speed than what would otherwise be possible... and to be completely honest, my favorite class is one of the two that comes unlocked from the start. But... yeah, I've been a Tribes fan for close to ten years now, and while I didn't care much for Ascend when I played it earlier this year at PAX, it has since more than won me over, and has become the first new PC game in a while to keep my interest for any appreciable amount of time. Highly recommended to any shooter fans that want a change of pace! As of a few days ago, the game is now out of beta and officially launched! MLP Forums players/usernames: (in hindsight, this list is a little bit silly due to the fact that nearly everyone is using the same name they use on the forum) Zoop: Zoop Flare: Flare03 Jonke: Jonke Klopp: Klopp Lady Rarity Pony: LadyRarityPony NewCalamity: NewCalamity Nico: NicolaiB92 RariShy Sparkle: Roompa The Broken Toast: TheBrokenToast Vex3D: Vex3D LowfatEnvelope: LowfatEnvelope Kaborer: Kaborer WiponCat: WiponCat Lobstaarr: Lobstaarr AceCord: MrL0LZGamer Lumen: Nakkila Lord Sprixx: Sprixx Sealion: Sealion ArcanePony: ArcaneCarrot