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Found 27 results

  1. A few years ago I decided that, when FIM finally draws closer to the final Ep, that I would make a tribute consisting of moments from the show and a couple cons. Basically a tribute to show what all the show had done, the 1 in a million fan base, the many different conventions and celebrate the legacy. But what moments from the show should go into this video, and likewise the conventions? Please share your thoughts and ideas!
  2. Went through depression then to argument, from that point, everything went down. After finished this PMV, I felt a lot better and really inspired me to keep continue on, no matter what. Don't give up because you never know what's up ahead! Strive for another victory! Dedicated to special somepony and my best friend :'3
  3. Hello, this time in my Blog i just wanted to show you guys, my most well known Videos for my old youtubechannel, before i lost the password...there not amazing, but...dont know, maybe the one or another finds them interesting of some sort. I start the first part with my two most clicked videos..the reason why i dont put more on it, is simply because, only two Videos shows direct in the post while the other links just stay normal links Kid vs Kat Tribute - JQ Wake Up ( this was requested by a youtube user, and at this time, my english wasnt that good, so i didnt understood, what this song was about...i guess its not a so harmless song...but either way, the Video became my most popular Video Ever ) And second my Kid vs Kat Cartoon, which i made because i was a huge fan of the show Kid vs Kat, so i made a short cartoon, with my original KVK Characters and Litli, an oval smiley which was my first self created character ever ! ( beware, terrible german voice acting ahead ) For the english people on this forum...well...dont know, maybe you find the voices funny But since i cant go back to my old channel, im unable to upload an english version, sry ) This time ive used one of my own drawings as an entry image, since this post is somehow promoting my stuff...even though the old channel is dead
  4. It's been 5 years for this community and I wanted to make a tribute video on how much y'all have made an impact on my life. Thank you for all that you guys have done! We're not just a fandom anymore, we're family! So, with that said, here's to another amazing year of ponies!
  5. Two years...1 movement to go. Ladies and is with honor that I present to you...the first two movements of my most highly anticipated works... The Lunar Symphony: A Tribute to Princess Luna Critique is greatly appreciated.
  6. With Christopher Lees most recent death, it's time to pay tribute to one of the greatest actors ever. But which one his greatest and most iconic role? I would say that Dracula is his greatest role. Some would say that Bela Lugosi is the better Dracula and he is certainly great. But he just dosen't sound as menacing and seductive then Christopher Lee does. His voice is really getting to good use here, making him really sound like he is the lord of darkness himself. There is some nostalgia BS with it, since this is one of the first Horror movies i watched, but even if that's the case, you can't ignore this great performance. So, what is your favorite performance?
  7. Anyone want to join the guild Ponies kill Titans on the Attack on Titan Tribute Game? Also this guild is open to everyone and anyone
  8. Hello everypony! I wanted to share with you some of my tribute videos that I've made in the past of MLP:FiM. I hope you all enjoy. My very first tribute video: Sunset Shimmer Disclaimer: All images in my tributes videos are courtesy of and their respective artists & the characters of MLP:FiM belong to Hasbro, The Hub Network, and Lauren Faust
  9. Song: Get Off My Back Artist: Bryan Adams From Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron Motion Picture Soundtrack
  10. The song "Can't Take Me" is by Bryan Adams and from the movie Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron Motion Picture Soundtrack.
  11. Hello everyone, New year, new challenges. I must approach them with confidence. I signed up with a professional simracing team to attend in the Formula Simracing league for the 3rd time in a row. I needed a new helmet design, and I wasn't able to improve my old design, so I thought, why not create a completely new design? Then I asked myself, "how would a Vinyl Scratch helmet look like?" This was my answer: At first I planned to use some dark colors instead of red, but then I thought the red would represent the base color of Finland's coat of arms, so I used that instead. I also creatively added a strap for her goggles as if they were snowboarding goggles, a reference to my winter hobby. The strap also serves as a stripe as a reference on the Finnish flag. This took me the whole yesterday to make, and the idea of the design popped into my head the other night. I will add a picture of the 3D render on this topic when it's done.
  12. It was hard to find those dubs, I just wanted to make something special to them. I would like if someone could do another dub of those cartoons in another language...
  13. I've finally made a tribute again after over a year of not making them! I thought I was done with them, but low and behold, here I am at it again! Most people's tributes are the following; A video with a song in the background with a bunch of arbitrary pictures... I think that's pointless, so my style is to tell a story through the pictures and the song. I tried the whole arbitrary thing with my Twilight tribute, and it just felt incomplete. So... check it out, and share your thoughts on it. The story of this tribute is that Rainbow Dash is pissed off at Pinkie Pie. Thus, she just abandons their friendship, and Pinkie Pie is just torn apart about this. She desperately tries to reason with Rainbow Dash, but she doesn't listen. However, Rainbow reflects on the past together, and thinks that maybe the unknown incident wasn't so bad, and isn't sure what to do. Meanwhile, Pinkie makes one last desperate attempt to apologize. At the sight of Pinkie's sorrow and endless tears, Rainbow Dash accepts her apology. I hope you enjoy; P.S. The song is Friendship by Aviators
  14. "Some of what I will tell you relates to events in the future. Not only on this planet but also on others whose existence you don't even know of. But my knowledge is scientific fact. Now, Davros has created a machine creature, a monster which will terrorise and destroy millions and millions of lives and lands throughout all eternity. He has given this machine a name, a Dalek. It is a word new to you, but for a thousand generations it is a name that will bring fear and terror." - The Fourth Doctor Interesting little tidbit: Doctor Who was originally meant to be an educational show of sorts, with each serial presenting a new period of history for the characters to explore. The Doctor himself wasn't even created to be the main character, just the means as to how the real protagonists traveled through time. Thus, the original producers were trying to steer clear of the normal tomfoolery you'd see in sci-fi shows in the 50's and 60's. This was to be a classy affair, you see, and the number one rule was that there were to be no robots or bug-eyed monsters. An admirable effort, to be sure, but to be frank, it was one that would have severely limited the lifespan of the show. There's only so many times you can do "people get captured by ancient civilization" before the show gets stale, and while the initial, totally bizarre concept of a police box actually being a gigantic time machine on the inside was enough to peek people's interest, most people back then probably wouldn't hold interest in the show long after that. Yes, as utterly unique a concept it is, the adventures of the Doctor and his companions would have faded into oblivion after a couple of seasons if this original plan had gone unchanged. Fate decided otherwise. The production of the first serial, involving the Doctor's introduction and a couple of angry cavemen, was drawing to a close and the producers were stuck without a story to move ahead with into the next story. Looking for anything to produce, the crew were stuck with a script written by then 33 year old Terry Nation. Unlike the type of stories that the producers intended for the show, this one was most definitely a sci-fi tale, and one that even had antagonists that was both robots and a bug-eyed monsters. But these beings weren't just guys in suits. Nation had something else in mind. Having grown up in WWII, he wrote these new foes to be allegories for the Nazis; faceless, oppressive, and ruthless conquerors who sought total domination of the universe through the destruction of anything that did not meet their ideals. As designed by Raymond Cusick, they were made to look more like tanks than living things, hinting at the lack of humanity that now defined the creatures forced to lived inside these exoskeletons after years of their hate-fueled war on others left them mutated beyond recognition. They never spoke but instead shouted, always angry and always ready not just to kill, but to exterminate, as if everything else was merely vermin that needed to be wiped out. It didn't fit the original idea behind the show at all, but hey, when you have lemons, produce them because no other scripts are available. And thus, the serial was made, and on December 21st, 1963, the world caught their first glimpse of Terry Nation and Raymond Cusick's weird, scary, and all-around fantastic aliens, the Daleks... ...and the rest is history. It's a known fact that if it wasn't for the Daleks, Doctor Who wouldn't be around today. The overnight popularity of the creatures secured the show firmly in the public's eyes and kept it from fading away. The design of the Daleks, intentionally or not, were ready made for mass marketing, and the BBC took full advantage of that. "Dalek-Mania" became a thing, and any new episode featuring them became the thing everyone had to watch that week. Entire generations in the U.K. shared the experience of "hiding behind the sofa" in fear of the Daleks, who became as iconic as the Doctor himself, if not more sure. The show was able to ride that success to the point that when they more or less went on hiatus during all of the Second Doctor's run and half of the Third Doctor's, Doctor Who was able to survive. It kicked the door wide open for the creative process behind the show too. The reason this show has been able to stick around for fifty years is that its able to constantly reinvent itself do pretty much whatever it wanted to. Having the characters escape a prehistoric fight for survival and then have them encountering alien warriors on a post-apocalyptic planet in the next story demonstrated the limitless possibilities. The Dalek's inception is almost as important as the idea that the protagonist would constantly regenerate into a completely new character in defining this show as one that would never easily be defined. It seems the Daleks growing stronger in opposition to the Oncoming Storm is a two-way street. So yeah, I know we already celebrated the Doctor's 50th anniversary, but certainly some of the greatest villains of all of science fiction and fantasy deserve some love, too. So here's to 50 years to the Daleks, the reasons we still care about the Doctor after all this time. For although the Daleks will create havoc and destruction for millions of years, I know also that out of their evil must come something good. Plus explosions. This pleases me. Have some awesome bad guy music. What's your favorite Dalek story/moment? Sound off in the comments OR YOU WILL BE EXTERMINATED. EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINAAAAAAAAAA--
  15. A little thing I put together for the most underrated VA on the show. Seriously. However much you think you like her, believe me, it is not enough. Cheers, mates. EDIT: Major linkage, brah.
  16. Dedicated to all bronies and brony musicians and new musicians towards the future we go fighting everyday with our hopes and music,i love you all so much you are my Golden harvest of admiration If you enjoyed please subscribe it helps alot thanks bros and sisters :3 heres my soundcloud :
  17. Okay, I'm about to make a statement that some of you may find a bit overreaching, as well as setting me up to oversell this movie to those who haven't seen the movie I'm about to gush over. But it's a statement I'm confident in, based on all the knowledge I have accrued while obsessing over this film, the statements and speculation of what we would call experts in the field, and pure fanboyism. So, basically, and I'm trying to say this with the smallest amount of hyperbole possible, if it wasn't for Akira, anime would not be as popular in American geek culture as it is. Sounds legit. Back in the late eighties/early nineties, when anime was just starting to jump the Pacific and get some attention in the U.S., it was Katsuhiro Otomo's animated adaptation of his popular manga that broke the mold and amazed (and sometimes traumatized) the geeks who heard about it from a friend's friend and watched it on VHS or in arthouse theaters (if you were lucky enough). Between its strange and dark ideas and themes, its ultra-violence, and its main cast of rebellious youth on the streets of a cyberpunk dystopia, it was a story designed to tap right into the minds of teenagers. You felt like you were an adult while watching it out of sight of your parents, and it was this edginess and all around "dafuq-did-I-just-watch" appeal that made for a perfect introduction to the medium. At least the more mature, less kid friendly stuff that went beyond Speed Racer or Robotech. It was a hit in its native country that went on to influence many of the anime producers after it, but some would say its most important legacy is the effect it had on the geek underground culture here in America, where it quickly earned its status as a cult classic, paving the way for the future cult success of Neon Genesis Evangelion and Ghost in the Shell (which was directly influenced by Akira), which led to everything else. And people who aren't even particularly fans of anime have a reason to thank this movie. Everyone, from Christopher Nolan to the Wachowskis (they're openly huge nerds for the anime and manga) to James Cameron to Pixar owe many ideas and visuals to this landmark movie, with some movies, like last year's incredibly awesome Chronicle, playing like straight up homages to Akira and its now ubiquitous ideas. It often places near the top of Best Animated Films of All Time lists, and currently sits on Empire's list of 500 Greatest Movies Ever Made. So yeah, it's kind of a big deal, and if you haven't seen it yet, do so immediately. Now. Stop reading this and through whatever means necessary watch it or plan to watch it as soon as possible. Still need convincing? Read on... So what is this movie even about? Neo-Tokyo: making Detroit look like Ponyville since 1988. On July 16th, 1988, a powerful explosion of unknown origin destroys Tokyo in a matter of seconds, setting of a devastating World War III. By 2019, the mega-city Neo-Tokyo has risen out of Tokyo Bay. At first, the city was a beacon of hope and progress for Japan, but years of anti-government protest, gang violence, and a general decay of humanity have turned the metropolis into a neon nightmare. Trying to survive all this is The Capsules, a gang of juvenile delinquent biker thugs led by the headlong Shōtarō Kaneda. Unable to care less about the sociopolitical shitstorm enveloping the city or the crummy school district they've been stuck in, they spend their nights riding their motorcycles with reckless abandon, abusing capsules, the city's most popular street drugs (no, I don't know why they named themselves after the drug they're using), and battling their rivals, The Clowns. But this carefree life of debauchery comes to an end when Capsule biker Tetsuo Shima is injured when his bike explodes upon impact with a strange child with otherworldly abilities. He is soon taken into custody by the local military and vanishes without a trace, much to the confusion and anger of his fellow bikers. Looking to rescue his childhood friend, Kaneda soon comes upon a much deeper conspiracy: the mutant who caused Tetsuo to crash was a test subject that escaped a government project that's been going on since before the war. Its continuing goal is to unlock the next step in humanity's evolution, which, what else, means psychic powers. The scientists in charge of the project believe that Tetsuo's encounter unlocked some sort of innate power within him, and he is kept in a secret government facility for further study. Kaneda, who characteristically doesn't care about any of that, just wants to bust out his friend, even if that means teaming up with Kei, a teenager associated with the terrorist movement to overthrow Neo-Tokyo's government. But everything takes a turn for the worst when Kaneda sets out to rescue Tetsuo and realizes that he may be too far gone. You see, after years of being pushed around by his peers, disrespected by every authority figure in his life, stuck in a dystopian hellhole that offers no ray of hope for a less sucky life, and having to always rely on his much stronger and liked friend Kaneda, Tetsuo has developed... ...issues. And now with the seeming power of a god (one character describes it as giving an amoeba the world-alerting power of a human) , Tetsuo is able to wreak vengeance on anyone who didn't do his breathtaking inferiority complex favors. Unfortunately, that's pretty much all of humanity. And thus, what began as Kaneda's mission to rescue his friend becomes one to kill him before he starts not only the chaos that has threatened to tear Neo-Tokyo apart, but a possibly cataclysmic event that could spell doom for humanity. And at the center of it all lies a secret that's been buried for decades, a horrifying, incomprehensible power that controls the course of human evolution, and one that will lead both to our salvation and our utter annihilation. A power known only as Akira. Okay, so what's so awesome about it? "What isn't awesome about it" would be the easier answer, mate. Your mind is that dude's face, and the movie is the foot. Well first off, there's the story I just masterfully described. It's jam packed to the brim with ideas and themes that by themselves could sustain an entire sci-fi story. Chaos and anarchy's role in humanity's development, the corruption of absolute power, the System driving the urban-poor into criminality, brothers becoming bitter enemies, technology and science accelerating to a point that we are not prepared to face the consequences of, mental insanity, religion, and the unending and cathartic cycle of creation, evolution, and destruction throughout history are all present, and while some of these themes get more screentime then others, they all have enough of a presence in the story to make you think. Katsuhiro Otomo wrote the story as a portrait of a country struggling to regain its humanity and honor after suffering a devastating event (much like Japan after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki), but it's also works as a universal, surprisingly human story despite its abstract leanings. The main villain, Tetsuo, isn't just some power-hungry dictator, at least at first. For the first half of the movie, he's just a lonely, confused kid, and you sympathize with his frustration at not being able to change his situation and his growing mental instability as the government pokes and prods his mind. That awkward moment when you're targeted by a space laser while giving your big villain rant. So when he finally goes mad with power, it's a lot more interesting to see this psychic god flinging helicopters and tanks across the city after you had just gotten to know him as a weak teenager taking crap from everybody. And his relationship with Kaneda is what makes the climax (you know, besides the explosions and mentally scarring body horror). You can really feel his anger both when he realizes that he now has to fight and probably end the closest thing he ever had to a family and at himself for not being able to save his friend from becoming a monster. For him, it isn't about saving the world or anything; it's about being responsible for taking out his friend. One of the other more interesting characters is the colonel in charge of the military research project that unleashes Tetsuo's powers. At first, the movie appears to be setting him up as the generic, stoic military bad guy who the teenagers have to defeat with rebellion and attitude, but he's revealed to be an honorable solider who's sometimes morally ambiguous actions are all attempts to save the people of the city from the "hedonistic fools" who run it. Also, he has an awesome haircut. Bringing a gun to a psychic head-exploding fight... On a side not, while she doesn't get nearly as much material as in the manga (more on that later), Kei, the young terrorist that ends up helping Kaneda, is still pretty cool. I greatly appreciate the fact that the movie doesn't overtly have her and Kaneda end up together. It's hinted at in the end, but otherwise, they never share any romantic moments outside of a developing friendship, which is probably for the best, seeing as how they're busy enough as it is with averting the apocalypse and everything. They're kinda busy with some other stuff right now. But as awesome as the storytelling is, the visuals alone are worth it. Akira was the most expensive anime at the time, and it shows: its visual complexity and detail remain the gold standard by which other animes are judged. The amount of effort put into making each hand-painted second as layered and well crafted as humanly possible is ridiculous, with even the shortest shots working as individual, specially crafted pieces of art. And it's all in service to one of the coolest looking cyberpunk stories ever. More effort was put into making this image then most people will probably ever put into their whole life. Speaking of amazing design, I can't believe I've gone this long without mentioning Kaneda's bike, the most iconic element of the entire film. I mean...just look at it. LOOK AT IT!!! Ahem. Anyway, the whole deal looks even better in motion, hence why I'm trying to use as many gifs as possible. Back when most animes were made as cheaply and quickly as possibly, Akira was one of the few that went above and beyond and featured animation that gave Disney a run for its money. Everything from the dust kicked up by the motorcycles to clothing and bandages blowing in the wind to the blood spurting out of some poor shmuck's head as it explodes comes to life with the same amount of detail put into rendering the images. There's also a lot of great emotion infused into the characters, from Tetsuo's emotional, teary breakdown to a character's visible horror at having to shoot someone for the first time. Also, lip-synching! Basically, the whole thing is eye candy crack. Here's a video that explains it better than I ever could. Also, it has a crap ton of action scenes if you're into that kind of stuff. It begins with a break-neck, 100 mph gang battle on the streets of the city, and that sense of kinetic energy carries throughout the entire movie, all the way to the third act that consists of super-duper space lasers, showdowns between a lone psychic wunderkind and the army, and of the biggest WTF endings ever. Seriously, that frigging ending. You're going to poop yourself. Guaranteed. You should have seen the other guy. Wait, no, this is much worst. Aw man, am I not doing this movie justice. I haven't even mentioned the Oscar-caliber sound design, the totally unique musical score, or the great performances by the japanese voice cast and the English dub (the newer one, not the old one where everyone sounds like a forty year old from Brooklyn)There's just so much awesome-ness here that it's hard to create fully-formed sentences that properly describe why Akira is so good. But it's not perfect, mind you. This movie is based on a 2,000 page comic book that wasn't even completed when it went into production. Even with all the second half of the story jettisoned (minus some of the weirder elements that made it into the movie), there's not nearly enough time to give every plot line and character their due. In fact, many characters in the movie who seem minor or secondary end up being much more important in the manga. And while the movie takes the proper amount of time to let important character moments to sink in, it does fell somewhat rushed at times, particularly in the third act. And it's not all gonna make sense on the first viewing. In fact, some of it may seem nonsensical and weird to the point of self-parody. But much like 2001: A Space Odyssey, it's a movie that you have to engage in and think about, maybe watch once or twice more to fully "get it". But unlike 2001, this one has explosions to keep you company in the meantime. And I'm not exaggerating when I say that this might be the most destructive movie ever made, animated or otherwise. That space laser I mentioned levels buildings in a burst of flame before crashing down through the atmosphere, entire battalions are crushed by psychic energy, there's at least one explosion of every variety somewhere in this movie, and an entire city is disintegrated within the opening minute of the film. So yeah, there's a lot of that. In conclusion... Like I said, I've done a terrible job doing this movie justice, but if you take one thing from all of this, it's that you should totally watch this movie, not just because of its importance to pop culture and the art of animation worldwide, but because it's just a damn good movie. Anime fan or not, you owe it to yourself to find out why everyone (me included) won't shut up about Akira. As of this writing, today marks the 25th anniversary of this (literally) groundbreaking movie. To be able to stand the test of time for this long is an achievement in and of itself. It's a beloved masterpiece now, and will continue to be so in the far future. Here's to Akira, arguably the greatest anime ever made. Kaneda sends his regards.
  18. I also did a tribute to the top Wonderbolts Spitfire and Soarin, Spits who became my instant favorite after her appearance in the Gala episode. Rainbow Dash makes a cameo and the track used is "War Against Destiny", the end track to Capcom's Shooter 19XX: The War Against Destiny, which served in part as my inspiration for my fic Mechponies. Enjoy.
  19. I always found her cute more than sexy, but I do admit she has a pretty face, probably even more than Rarity's. Hope you like my tribute to Canterlot's top Unicorn model.
  20. xremeidiot

    Sporified Spike

    I have made Spike in Spore! Without the creepy and cute pack. It turned out better than I expected it would, but I don't know if that's saying much. Some tags include MLP, small, cuddly, purple, and dragon.
  21. Here's a song I've been working on for a friend here on the forums It is both a request and a tribute to Rainbow Dash. It also comes with lyrics. Lyrics Why do I doubt myself? Is it that I’m not strong enough? I was made for so much more I was made to soar and fly, oh I’ll keep going ‘til the end Voices keep on taunting me Saying I’m not good enough But I’ll prove that I am brave I will try with all my might! I will keep on going ‘til the end I’ll be strong oh I’ll be brave I’m the element of loyalty! When I fall I’ll Get back up! And never leave you behind! NO! We’ll get though this together! Just have faith and you’ll survive! We will soar on wings like eagles We’ll reach for the skies And never stop ‘til the end! Yeah! And never stop ‘til the end!
  22. My first attempt at a PMV, it took me all night to do this... Enjoy! Song: Endless Possibilities Oh yeah, Rainbow Dash is best pony.
  23. For those of you who don't know, my incredibly talented younger sister has an animation series she is currently working on called "Alcatraz" and this is just a little video tribute I put together for her.. partially because I was bored, partially because I like the animation, and partially because I need practice with sony vegas.
  24. So ever since Summer BronyCon 2012, I've been getting an appreciation for the writers of the show. Particularly Meghan McCarthy. I mean cmon, The Canterlot Wedding? Party of One? Lesson Zero? She has my appreciation! I know this isn't exactly "ponyfiying" but I believe this woman deserves a song! (I mean, I REALLY like her mane!) Now I wrote this song in the Summer and it's just been sitting in my files for awhile. This is when I saw that the writers were rather unappreciated (at the time). I'd like to cover it, but I've never had anyone else look at it. Meaning I have no idea if my lyrics look appropriate for a tribute. So, I'd like some help! Do the lyrics seem to be over-praising? Does it flow ok? Does it seem over dramatic? I'm an amateur at song writing, so please bear with me. The original song/lyrics are: "Mrs. Robinson" By Simon and Garfunkel. Ms. McCarthy And here’s to you, Ms. McCar-ar-thy Bronies loves you more than you will know (Wo, wo, wo) Stay gold and bright, Miss McCar-ar-thy Don’t you lose that pony flair today (Hey, hey, hey...hey, hey, hey) We'd like to show our gratitude to our leading writer We think it’s our turn to help you smile Look around you and you’ll see excitement in our eyes Cause’ we’re waiting for your magic to arrive And here’s to you, Ms. McCar-ar-thy Bronies loves you more than you will know (Wo, wo, wo) Stay gold and bright, Ms. McCar-ar-thy Don’t you lose that pony flair today (Hey, hey, hey...hey, hey, hey) Twily seemed to snap a bit when she missed her report. Cutiemark Crusaders mess with romance Pinkie kinda lost it, with no parties and no friends Come to Canterlot and see that Love’s In Bloom Scoot Scoot-aloo, Ms. McCar-ar-thy Bronies loves you more than you will know (Wo, wo, wo) Stay gold and bright, Miss McCar-ar-thy Don’t you lose that pony flair today (Hey, hey, hey...hey, hey, hey) Writing new adventures to come every ponies way Working on a deadline, can’t be late Make ‘em crazy, make ‘em sad Don’t matter what you do Everypony’s rootin’ out for you Another long, season’s come and gone The fandom holds it’s memory so true (Woo, woo, woo) We wait for you, Ms. McCar-ar-thy Jolt us all and take our breath away (Hey, hey, hey...hey, hey, hey)
  25. Well, I made this awhile back, Never finished it until now! So if you guys actually want to see it, Here you go. BRO-HOOFS FOR EVERYPONY! Also created a poll