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Found 16 results

  1. Are you the tricker, someone who tricks and scares people every opportunity they get on Halloween. Or are you the treater, someone who collects as many treats as they can. You can even be both or neither. Happy Halloween or Nightmare Night! Whichever suits you.
  2. So I had this odd idea in my head I wanted to share with everyone, I thought there is google, but then there are people who know things. Those little tips and odd tricks to doing things that are helpful and so on online. I wanted to start this thread with the idea that you (Yeah you reading!) know any odd thing about internet use or a PC (Mac too) trick you've learned you can share it here. I will link guides or the tips, etc here on the first post as they are listed and people can go on to contribute more as they learn. Think of this as a resource topic. Guides: Here is my contribution. How to take screen shots of specific sections of your screen. (This guide is for windows 10)
  3. Hello every body I am Creative Prop and I am hear to help you with any cosplay or prop questions you have so ask away. I can help you with anything from smaller builds like pony ears, or slightly more harder things like a deadmau5 head, or extreme builds like a halo spartan suit.
  4. Good day, I was inspired to write this after seeing a post questing whether it was the action in an action scene that mattered more or the motives and characters behind the action. I think it’s an interesting topic that has changed over the past few hundred years. There are two secrets to writing at work here. First, people like it when their brains are active, it's an evolutionary trait, and different people generate more brain stimulation from different things. Some people like action more and some people like the metaphorical fights. A good visual example is the Luke/Vader fight in The Empire Strikes Back vs. any light saber fight in the prequel movies. In Empire there is a lot of emotion, motivations, circumstances, there is a personal relationship between the characters and the very basic fighting, with the occasional cool special effect, enhances all that. On the other hand in the prequels everything is excessively choreographed which is visually pleasing but the conflict is usually summed up with me good you bad stahhhhp being bad, I kill you, goodnight Tatooine may the force be with you. The choreography is also counter to potential character growth such as when Qui Gon died and Obi Wan becomes angry and attacks Darth Maul only to suddenly have his rage induced charge turned into a perfectly choreographed dance and he doesn't really face falling to the dark side, there are zero consequences because of how the action was choreographed. How does this translate into writing? Well before I get to that there is one more little secret that works its way into this dilemma. What would the audience like to see? This is actually a deeper question because in the history of writing this has changed. It use to be that people looked to books for things they couldn't get anywhere else; fantastical alien worlds, armies the size of cities, impressive and imaginative fight scenes. These were all things that books gave affordably that nothing else really did. But now we have movies, TV, the internet, video games, and people can get masterful paintings reprinted for an hour or two of work. Not only that but movies, TV, and video game all do action better to the point where what would have been enjoyable before isn't as good anymore simply because, by comparison, the action scenes are less action packed. So when it comes down to it, writing on its own can go either way when comparing action to characterization and plot. But with the modern media available to us that action becomes extremely hard to make worthwhile on its own because people won't respond as strongly to it as it's rather dull by comparison sometimes. On the other hand decent characterization and plot are still as strong as ever and can activate a lot of the brain. Add to that the things that other media does for characterization and plot often pale in comparison to a book equivalent, thus elevating the medium of writing by association which makes it stronger. Now good media can do this as well, it's just rarer. Of course, the one consistent exception to this is for action scenes that aren't portrayed well in the media. The Dresden Files has an amazing magic system. But, it doesn't carry over to visual mediums as well because it's more about outsmarting and putting two and two together than flashy visual displays. It also has a lot of character to it and is first person which also doesn't translate over to visual mediums as well. So if you are trying to decide to focus on action or the motives/characterization in an action scene I say go characterization except when the action is more unique and thought provoking than you would normally see in other mediums. Do be careful about reader fatigue when writing action, however, because it can get to the point where the reader doesn’t care and can’t keep track of it in their heads. Have a good day. If you found this informative, and think others might as well, please share it. -Piquo P.S. If you found this helpful, follow me on FIMFiction.
  5. So, I recently got FL Studio (just the trial for practice) and I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips or tricks on what to do in it. I'm trying to mainly do electronic/dubstep, so help would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Don't freak out, I'm not gonna use numerology here, just science I'm a Unicorn, and mathemagic is my favorite branch of Magic. But I use to see that most humans tend to hate it. To change its bad reputation in your world a little bit, I decided to play Trixie and show you some cool mathemagical spell I learned recently when studying some old books by Starswirl the Bearded. OK, so here's the deal: Tell me your... favorite number (or your lucky number if you wish), and your... birth date (in a YYYY-MM-DD format, unless you prefer it written differently), and in return I'll tell you some Magic NumberTM. Then, when you raise your favorite/lucky number to the power of that Magic Number, the result will start from your birth date (when you put down its decimal digits). Here's an example of what I mean: My favorite number is 7. My birth date is 1982-12-03. The Magic Number is then 1316831, because 71316831 = 19821203202357042996...2076482743 . The actual number has 1112852 decimal digits (over a million!) so I didn't put down the entire number here, just the relevant part, contracting the humongous rest into the "..." in the middle. Now it's your turn to experience the Magic Do you want to know your own personal Magic Number? Then just post your birth date and your lucky number here in this thread, and once a couple of posts I'll post your Magic Numbers here. Or, if you don't want to disclose your birth date in public, you can send me a PM as well, and I'll send you your Magic Number back. (I just hope I won't get flooded with PMs, and there will be at least a bunch of people who will post their birth dates here for the sake of public performance of Magic ) Of course you don't need to believe me on my words. Please feel free to verify that what I'm telling is true. You can do it with Wolfram Alpha by typing in: 20 digits YourLuckyNumber^YourMagicNumberreplacing the camel-cased words with the numbers I provided you, of course. This way you can check the first 20 decimal digits of that power of your lucky number. See? Told ya mathemagic could be fun Who would guess that your entire birth date can be found in a power of your lucky number
  7. Okay, so this just came into my mind. You know how some people can do cool tricks with their mind? Well, I happen to be one of those people. So get this...I have a "jukebox" inside my head. This means, I'm conscious of what song plays in my head and I could change it wherever, whenever. "Smile Song" is now playing in my head but...I just changed it to "This Day Aria". Cool huh? Any mind tricks you can do?
  8. Here's how this game works: I will start off by saying a wish. The person below me will be the Genie and will find a loophole and turn the wish into something bad or unwanted (For example: Let's say I wish for a trillion dollars, the Genie could give me a trillion Monopoly money!). Then that person will say their own wish and the person below will be the new Genie then give their own wish, and so on. FIRST WISH: I wish I could breathe underwater
  9. Hey y'all, for a while now I've been thinking about buying a keyboard if you don't know. I want to learn a little piano maybe and a keyboard works the same more or less, so I figured i'd try and get one. However I'm a bit cheap on what I spend, and don't have a whole lot to spend anyways, so I'd like to know if y'all have any info on what I should get? All I plan on using is it as a piano really, so I don't need all kinds of other instruments for it. That being said any things I should look for? Is there a certain amount of keys I should atleast try for? Or some type of feature over the other? I don't really know anything about this, but i'd like to be educated before I buy one whenever I do. so I guess any tips you have about buying them work, thanks in advance! Later y'all .
  10. hey im looking for some fellow bronies on 360 to trickshot with me because none of my friends do lol and a brony trickshotting team would be awesome as if your keen add me on xbox : Loyaltty
  11. We all have very different styles on how we do our art, and each of us may use a different medium to make our art. So I want you guys to share those little secrets you do to making your art great! My trick is saving the opacity of layers... My Movie.wmv Click control on the layer you want the shape of the mask, navigate to the new layer, add mask and paint on the original of the layer... So what do you guys do to save time?
  12. Wandering around Octavia's Hall, one can see the proud works of artists, writers, and musicians. But few and far between are the PMVs. Is it because people don't find it as interesting? Or they never really thought about making them? Or because they don't know where to get started? Well, this thread can't help with the first one, but it can certainly help with the latter two. If you have a question, ask it! If you have some tips, share them. Perhaps the After Effects-using-bronies amongst us can provide tips for doing crazy stunts with the program. Anything. If you have any interest in PMVs at all, go forth and post! Even animators could take a tip or two from stuff like timing and lip sync. Admittedly, I'm only on my 5th video so far with less than 1000 views on Youtube, but I'm in the "tips" mood more than the "questions" one today, so here's what I've found: Start with the finest caliber material. Use the best quality sound source that you can find, and for your video, look for watermark free sources in HD quality (and remember that itunes now has 1080p episodes). It makes all of your hard work that much nicer to see and hear! Check that your video editing program is in 16:9 aspect ratio mode if you are using HD footage. This prevents any black bars from showing up. When you start and end a clip or otherwise come across an important part in timing, work in frames. This lets you make that one clip last for just that teeny bit longer, or cut a clip short to avoid mouths moving when you don't want them to. You'll probably only find a small handful of transitions to be useful for most purposes, but the ones that you do use frequently will be very useful indeed. Dissolves in particular (where one image just fades into the other smoothly) are great for handling abrupt changes or switching scenes. It's the most simple type of transition, but highly effective. Post your own tips or ask questions. I know that I'm not the only one around here who is interested in PMV making! EDIT: Hmm, no replies yet (come on guys!), but I found out something useful that expands on that comment about lip syncing I made earlier: Manipulating the scene a bit helps a lot with lip syncing: 1. If a character's mouth is closed and you want them to be speaking, trim off all but one or two frames of their "mouth closed position". As long as there aren't any big changes in their body position or the background, it will look just like they were continuously speaking. 2. Characters talking when you want them to not talk is more difficult. Sometimes you can cut out parts where their mouth is moving between parts where it isn't, but oftentimes it makes an awkward jump. 3. If you end up with an awkward jump, separate out the part that you don't want to be there and speed it up slightly. If you overdo it, it'll look funny, but if it works, it looks just like it was intended that way. Similarly, if the problem is that they are moving too slowly, speed it up slightly. Using these tips, one apparently continuous scene in a video can actually look like this in the editing:
  13. Hai everypony, I have started this topic because I need some help. I am a huge fan of Drum 'n Bass and I really want to be able to create my own because my head is exploding with ideas. Here's the problem; I have absolutely no clue where to start... I know of some software other producers like TheLivingTombstone, Alex S. etc. use, but I don't know the details. A friend and I are thinking of some sort of rock/metal mixed with some nice heavy bassline DnB. He knows how to play guitar, but I know nothing of making electronic music whatsoever. Could you please give me some tips as to where I could start? Here, have a cider for any stuff you guys can come up with
  14. Hey there! So on every forum that I am apart of, there are a couple of post about Halloween or Trick or Treat etc. But I saw none on this one! *Le gasp!* So I've decided to make one. So the rules are simple. If you want to participate, post here with your favorite candy. And then when Oct. 27th comes around other players can respond to you and say "Trick or Friendship!". They will then give you a trick or a pony The Tricks: *A Halloween themed fic about the user. But! Here's the catch. The fanfiction must be set in Equestria and the user must be a pony, griffon, dragon etc. The fics don't have to be very long they can be a like five sentences. As long as you can finish a story in five sentences. *You can chooses to TP or Egg the user. (Only once No need to be mean!) *Or you can just spring some MLP trivia on them! The Treats: *A pony drawn or generated just for them. *A sweet little fic where nothing horrible happens to them. *A brohoof. *A piece of candy. (Not a real one of course!) So guys, how about it? DO YOU LOVE IT, PONIES?
  15. Hello Everypony! We all know that the people who design the plastic pony figurines always mess the manes up. I have some tips on how to fix that. All mane styles start out with a dip in boiling water. Then, to make the ponies look like they do in the cartoon, follow one or more of these steps. -To curl: Wrap the mane around a pen. (Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie) -To straighten: Fold a napkin in half over mane, press down. (Applejack, Twilight) -To crimp: Put a series of bobby pins down mane, try to keep it straight. (Looks great for Rainbow Dash) Let all mane styles dry (preferably overnight) and use a tiny bit of hairspray. Trim as needed. The hair style should stay for a long time.
  16. Introduction In this guide, I would like to share some relatively basic tips and tricks that will increase your ability to find things using Google. If you walk through this guide from the beginning to the end, then you will know enough about Google searching to call yourself a beginner-level Searchbox Ninja. Note, If you are an advanced user, then you may want to skip the Basic Techniques section and move down to the Advanced Techniques. This guide was inspired by Ezynell's post yesterday where he noted that Google can be very useful for finding things on this site. After reading his post, I decided that maybe I could help out a bit by sharing some of the things that I have learned about Googling. This guide was typed in a bit of a caffeine rush, so there will probably be many errors throughout. If you spot any errors while reading through, then feel free to let me know and I will fix them. If you have any other questions or comments then please feel free to post in this thread, and I will answer them as quickly as I possibly can. Finally, I hope that some will find this guide useful. I learned basically everything here when I was trying to hunt down sources for academic papers. If you ever need to hunt down sources online, then try to keep some of these tricks in mind. When you need them, you will be very happy that you know them. Some Definitions Before we continue, I would like to provide some basic definition for a couple of things just to make sure that we are all on the same page: URL - the URL of a page is just "address". Domain - the domain of a page is just all of the stuff before the first "/" in a URL Query - your query is just whatever it is that you type in Google's search box Operators - special symbols and phrases that you can use to control your search query Please keep in mind that these definitions are not supposed to be technical. They are only provided so that *everyone* can find this guide useful regardless of their technical background. Don't Take the Numbers Too Seriously At several points in this guide, I will mention the number of search results that appear for a specific query. Remember that these numbers are extremely rough estimates and they should never be used to come to any exact conclusions. Another thing to keep in mind is that Google is constantly combing through this site on a daily basis. This means that the pages and the number of results may not always be up to date. Basic Techniques In this section, I will be covering some basic techniques. If you are already familiar with these techniques, then you should skip to the advanced techniques section further down. Searching a Specific Domain Synonym Searching Searching for Phrases Searching By Subtracting Words You Don't Want Advanced Techniques In this section, I will be covering a few of the more advanced techniques. While some of you may already be familiar with quite a few of these, I hope that even advanced users will find something of interest within this guide. Searching for a Range of Numbers Requiring Words to Be in A URL: The Specific Way Caution: This is a looong section. Requiring Words to Be in A URL: The General Way Requiring Words to Be in A Title Conclusion And that was how Equestria was made. Actually.. No it wasn't, but I just felt like saying that. Seriously though, I hope that this guide has been helpful to some of you out there. I do not actually think that you need to know all of this to search for things in MLP Forums. However, if you really want to use Google to its full potential, then these are the absolute minimum things that you must know. If you read through all of this, then, congratulations. You are now a Searchbox Ninja. For More Information In this guide, I have tried to focus on the information that I have found to be the most useful and intuitive. Because of my focus, I left quite a bit of information completely untouched. If you would like to explore more on this topic, then click here to visit the Google Guide. This site is a reference guide that includes information on basically all of the Google operators and everything that you would ever want to know about Google's search engine. Usage Rights & Stuff Like That If you repost this guide either online or offline, then you should probably cite this thread on this forum as its origin. I don't particularly care, but I think that this is only fair (rhyming is unintentional). Assuming that proper citation is included as per the previous paragraph, you are free to use and modify this post as you see fit.