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  1. Greetings, Ponies of the MLP Forums! This is a topic in which, you are allowed to ask questions to me and any of my five amazing friends. Sup? Hello, Darlings. Howdy! Hiya! Um...Hello? I show up, too sometimes. "The Great and Powerful" Trixie has decided to grace this thread with her presence as well. Before we begin, I would like to thank our friends @Totally Lyra & Lyra Heartstrings for giving us this idea. Rules: Please keep your questions clean/No cussing. No shipping questions.
  2. Dark Qiviut

    S08:E19 - Road to Friendship

    Note: Please keep all content and discussion not officially published by Hasbro under the "spoiler" tag, and don't link to or paste leaked assets. The episode was first announced on Zap2It. More to come as September approaches. Title: Road to Friendship (aka, On the Road to Friendship) Airtimes: Disc. Family/U.S.: September 1, 11:30am EST Boomerang/AU: August 17, 6:30pm EST Writer(s): Josh Haber Synopsis: When Trixie is invited to bring her magic show to the far off land of Saddle Arabia, she can think of nopony better to bring along than her great and powerful assistant, Starlight. But not all friends are meant to travel together. How about an animatic? Episode link: SendVid (SD):
  3. Hub Welcome to the fan club of The Great and Powerful Trixie! Trixie is a born performer. Although she isn't seen much in the television show, her personality came off so strongly that many fan protrations of her seem acurate. Unsure where she is from the only solid facts we know about her is that she is a travaling performer, earning money for a good show. She boasts, brags and acts tougher then she is. Yet this is why people are attracted to her, cause she is amusing. That must be why she was in buisness for so long! Rules of this thread -No spamming post to become biggest fans -This is a children’s show, and believe it or not there are younger people who go on these forums, please limit content to suggestive only. For example you may post a picture of two ponies kissing, but they cannot be doing anything inappropriate, or showing things inappropriate.. -Do not post a picture of Applejack in the Rainbow Dash forum, because Applejack belongs in the Applejack forum. -Do not hate on another fan club, for example posting in the Fluttershy forum "Twilight is better!" -I have the ability to decide whether you are doing something inappropriate or not, if I deem you are doing something unnecessary and I ask you to stop, please stop. Common Sense my little ponies. -All of MLP Forums rules still apply. Fan Art This is the Trixie thread, please only post her. If you have recomendations for another pony club, go to the hub (linked at the top of the screen). Trophy Case
  4. Call it a full-on a ship or a close friendship between two ponies with less than stellar pasts; it's apparent that these two share a connection and do care for one another. As such let us celebrate with a club for these two. <3 All forum rules apply; keep that in mind.
  5. Title: To Change a ChangelingAir Date: September 2, 2017Written By: TBASynopsis: Starlight Glimmer and Trixie try to get Thorax's brother Pharynx to accept the new way by sharing love and transforming so he doesn't undermine Thorax's leadership, and that the hive will ultimately accept him. Great and Powerful Promo Episode Deleted Scenes! Hype from the Great and Powerful community
  6. Mysterycat

    Is Trixie good or bad?

    Trixie was bad when she first appeared but does she turn good or is she a bad guy? I'm asking this because some people think she's good and some people think she's bad.
  7. Having Starlight and Trixie together in the movie means it has to take pace after "No Second Prances" sense that's the first time they met. Not having the Royal Guard would explain why Celestia had Flash Magnus be the new drill sargent after season 7. Having it take place then would also explain why the changelings and the Pillers of Equestria were not in the movie but I'm not sure about the yaks but if the movie takes place after "No Second Prances" the mane 6 haven't been to Yakyakistan yet, unless you count Pinkie kinda. But griffins probably wouldn't want to help, and sense Ember just became Dragon Lord she probably needs to impose her rule, and that I don't think the ponies would trust all the dragons yet to listen to Ember. As for the map expanding, remember the map was broken after "The Cutie Re-Mark", which would also explain why it took so long and that Mount Aris needed to be repaired and the new train station there. As for Twilight saying "This happened while we were gone?" could be when they went after the Pony of Shadows instead of the Storm King. Why Sandbar mentioned The Storm King but not Queen Chrysalis nor the Pony of Shadows is that no pony would probably know that Chrysalis replaced the mane 6, the princesses, etc and that the Pony of Shadows never appeared in public, and why Apple Bloom was recapping the movie in "surf and/or Turf" was because The Storm King was what directly affected the hippogriffs. This I the best I can do saying it takes place between season 6 episodes 6-7 and explaining how. But there is one thing that contradicts all of this unless you can help me, the new throne room, it is possible they were working on a new throne room for a while and was finished in the movie in a different part of the castle and was going to turn the old throne room into something else but for what happened to the new one in the movie they had to go back to the old one while that was being repaired, but the whole of Canterlot got repaired when they retuned all the magic at the end of the movie? Write below if you can think of any reason why Celestia and Luna would still be using the old throne room until season 8.
  8. Based on the amount of feedback I've gotten on my last thread, I've decided to reduce the number of pictures I'm showing per thread back down to one. That said, I've been wanting to do something involving both Blender and Inkscape at the same time, and this is what I came up with. (My usual hidden symbol wasn't integrated into this pic, something I only realised just now.) I highly appreciate any feedback on this; I'm finding it hard to keep drawing right now due to self-doubt and just not having time to draw anything right now.
  9. Arima

    Team Starlight?

    This is just an educated guess as to where Starlight’s character development is going and to what her group of friends should be called.
  10. Emerald Flame

    Favorite villain/antagonist so far?

    Who was your favorite villain so far from the MLP:FiM Franchise? What makes them your favorite? Mine is Discord, because he has amazing power, yet he only uses it to amuse himself. Reality doesn't apply to him at all, he just does what he wants.
  11. The title is self explanatory. Who would win if Alicorn Amulet Trixie and Inspiration Manifestation Rarity fight? Just by their own without any interruption or help by others. If one of them gets unconscious or surrenders, she loses. You have to give an answer with reasons based on the canon TV show.
  12. until
    Edit and this is why you don't set calendar events five minutes from going to work. I'm sorry everyone, I thought I set the event for this Friday Don't call it a comeback... After a small delay, what with food poisoning and throat infection, I'm back to read at you, you poor masochistic souls. This week we're continuing the tale of Trixie and Her Amazing Pet Changeling, a tale of the aforementioned two characters teaming up in order to save Equestria against certain doom. Just kidding, they're just out to make some money. The compressed story so far:
  13. LOL, I've finally made something that I thought was worth posting. Well, This is what I thought of I saw that the upcoming MLP episode was called What Lies Beneath. It seemed fitting considering how some of the some of the past episodes of them together have gone. It turned out better than I thought it would too. All I had access to at the moment was a laptop with a touch pad. I haven't seen the episode, so I don't know what it's really about. Here's what the real movie cover looks like.
  14. Every episode with these two together just makes my heart melt, and it's always so adorable to see Starlight and Trixie smile so happily together!
  15. until
    Edit: I'm sorry, everyone, but it seems like I picked up some sort of throat bug and won't be able to do the reading today. I'll reschedule whenever I don't sound like Darth Vader and HAL's lovechild. A story about Trixie and an unnamed changeling hooking up as partners in... scam? I started reading on a whim and which seems pretty fun so far. The catch is, I haven't read ahead on it, so I have no idea what will be happening either! A handy-dandy countdown! The Poniverse Discord, in the Storytime channel Type in ?rank Listener to join the listeners once you're there - that way you can get pinged by readers when readings are about to start. See you there!
  16. until
    After a self-inflicted baked bads hiatus, I return to continue the reading of Trixie and her Amazing Pet Changeling, a story about Trixie and an unnamed changeling hooking up as partners in... scam? I started reading on a whim and which seems pretty fun so far. The catch is, I haven't read ahead on it, so I have no idea what will be happening either! A handy-dandy countdown:;p0=1440 The Poniverse Discord: Type in ?rank Listener to join the listeners once you're there - that way you can get pinged by readers when readings are about to start. See you there!
  17. Why does Trixie get stepped on after she lived through years of humiliation, why does glimmer get everything she never had on a silver platter. Why is Trixie treated with such disrespect by the writers, why did they flandeize her and take away the little bit of courage she had. Specialmuffin glimmer had to restrain her with magic because of how hysterical and stupid they made Trixie, and they didn't even give her one magic spell to her name. let’s go over Trixie's appearances and mentions: She’s a magician whose white lie during a show turns on her thanks to some idiot kids, loses her only possessions and runs out of town humiliated. Is humiliated in the local tabloid Comes back with a mind-affecting talisman, reveals her property was vandalized, she was humiliated wherever she went, worked hard labour to make ends meet, and is ultimately proven to be a powerless fool without the talisman Comes back, makes a friend, her animosity towards Twilight gets the better of her, and then tries to kill herself Goes on an adventure with her new friend, is constantly taunted as being useless, and ultimately is only useful as a diversion, getting captured Is shown, again, to be inept at "real magic", and completely useless without Starlight around Is shown to be inept at stage magic, so is now in canon utterly useless Is shown to have a father just as inept as her that doesn’t even know he has a daughter, implying her childhood was crap as well Her every appearance in the show is to use her to make other character’s look better. I guess that wouldn’t be a problem in most shows, except she’s one of the very few characters in this show that at points is actually relatable as a "real person that could actually exist". For anyone that’s a fan of her for such reasons, that may even identify with her for any number of reasons, and not just waifu-ism nonsense, it’s kinda crap that her every new appearance just makes her look worse or makes her reality more depressing. It really is at the point where it’d be better for her to just be a background character with no lines; as soon as she’s treated as a character that exists, she’s just the buttmonkey. Also, it’d take some real skill to turn "Ha ha, she’s the bastard daughter of a complete loser!" into something that’s somehow her fault. I’m not arguing boast busters again, I’ll just paste this here. "The episode was a mess. One of the earlier interviews with Thiesen on EqD, and I believe a reddit AMA, had him say that the original script / layout had to be hacked down and it stuck with him over how much overtime they had to do to make the episode make sense. In the end, they still messed up; they accelerated the initial reason for "conflict" so fast/poorly that they made 3 of the M6 look like petty hecklers and gave valid reasons for Trixie to act out on them. They were front row audience of a free show and were making a fuss about it from second zero, before any callouts; nobody that isn’t a jerkass does something like, but the M6 were made to act that way so Trixie would start her challenges. At that point they’re hecklers, and as anyone that’s seen standup comedy knows, hecklers get humiliated and used to entertain the rest of the audience; of course, making the M6 feel bad is a mortal sin for most of the fandom, as we all know from the way people flipped over Gilda making Fluttershy cry. The merit of how she treated the challenges is contestable, but as far as I’m concerned was fair given the circumstances; AJ made a point of being so much better and used some rope tricks, Trixie used rope tricks on her and put her down a peg; RD got aggressive and used her flight to control the weather, Trixie used magic to control the weather and give her a shock (the same terrible shock, mind you, that Dash uses to "terrorize" innocent bystanders in Nightmare Night, so hush you with any claims she was assaulted); RY called out her style and looks and trashed Trixie’s stage to make herself look better with magic, Trixie user her magic to trash Rarity’s mane to have her look worse. She was challenged with shows of rope use, weather control, and object transformation, and she proved she was better at those things, put some hecklers in their place, and got cheers from the public. If this had been a M6 character putting on the show in front of a hostile audience, we’d be expected to cheer for them; but it’s not, the show’s always had a clear double standard when dealing with what the M6 can do and what other characters can do. Trixie messed up by lying about a fantastical event only idiot children or yokels would take seriously in the one town populated by idiot children and yokels that lied on the border of The Forbidden Forest; but the aesop didn’t deal with lies or boasting. RD, AJ, and RY messed up by heckling a performer during their act and having as big of an as her; but the aesop didn’t deal with not harassing artists or biting down your tongue over pride. The wonderdolts and Spike messed up by taking the show too seriously, putting their idols on mile-high pedestals, and fighting over them; but the aesop wasn’t about the dangers of fanboyism. In the end the aesop as about how you should feel OK to prove you’re good at something if you think you’re good at something; it was all about Twilight. And the aftermath was Trixie losing her home, her possesions, her job, and her pride, the wonderdolts getting prized with moustaches, Twilight becoming the town hero and Best Pony That Ever Lived, again, and some random pony having to retile their roof. Oh, and showing that Dash was more than willing to physically beat up Trixie. But let’s just ignore that part lest we spark a debate on all of Dash’s deep faults and how we’re expected to see them as charming character traits…" Trixie is a parody of what she used to be. She’s a loud, brash idiot who never learns from her mistakes. She’s not like when she first appeared. When her confident, overbearing attitude was just a front to hide her vulnerability. Like take a look at most of the episodes she’s in with Glimmer. Even the ones where she learns her lesson so to speak (the episode where she shoots herself out of a cannon and the one with Starlight’s bottled up anger) she still acts like an immature brat. It annoys me to no end how little respect they have for her as a character. She’s essentially a walking punchline in FiM Trixie had her magic and her magic show and that was it, they took that away and smashed her pride because lol Twilight is a million times more magical lol look at how special she is. Episode lesson: Its okay to show off talent when appropriate, even though thats exactly what Trixie did. It took this long in the shows life before she gets one friend, and its constantly belittled and made fun of, they put her with a unicorn a million times better than her on top of everything. Then they have the audacity to say Trixie can't do real magic and her stuff was all fake illusions when every spell she did was real, and she can do multiple spells the episode spells out Trixie was talented with magic and built her career with it Instead of cranking out an even bigger mary sue, why not write Twilight and Trixie as magical rivals on the opposite end, Twilight focusing on the strengths of friendship, while Trixie is focused on herself. All of this crap could have been avoided had they done this. No princess destiny crap, no absurd magic that breaks everything, no Glimmer or that Ronald McDonald looking character. The biggest problems with the show would be gone and we could have ended up with a friendly rivalry that meant something instead of a pink mary sue copy that goes against everything the show is meant to be. Twilight has no lasting consequences for her actions. She never had to live through hardships from her mistakes, she always had support from day one. Glimmer and Twilight are forgiven and supported for their flaws, Trixie gets dragged through crap for hers. Twilight has magic so absurdly powerful that it not only renders Trixie's magic useless along her special talent, when every character has something that makes them special, all of the characters are useless. The story needs some contrived way to get rid of her supermagic because it seems like every writer that has worked on this show is creatively bankrupt. Trixie went from a talented magical mare to being ripped from her pride and tormented for her mistake, then turned into the shows new butt monkey with her used as a prop to make the new specialmuffin twilight, who has everything she never had on a silver platter, look even better.
  18. Wonderbolt Slipstream

    Trixie and the Alicorn Amulet

    What would've happened if Twilight never won against Trixie under the Alicorn Amulet? Would Trixie eventually become so powerful and evil that everypony just becomes a slave, or immortal slave.
  19. As we have seen in the Break Up Break Down, the Big Macintosh/Sugar Belle ship went through a violent storm, but was victorious for she has a mighty fine crew. Now if there's anything Big Mac has that Applejack doesn't, it's an established canon romance. Which brings me to the point of this thread. What goes through the minds of the Mane 6 as well as Starlight Glimmer and The Great and Powerful Trixie, when it comes to Hearts and Hooves Day? I bring up both Starlight and Trixie because by this point I consider them main characters in the series. We've seen fully established canon relationships throughout Hearts and Hooves day. Lyra and Bon Bon, Cranky and Matilda, and Maud and Mudbriar. Suppose any of the Mane 6 were to walk through Ponyville and notice all the romance going on. What would be going through their minds. How sad and lonely do they feel about not having a "Special Somepony" on this day. Same goes with Starlight and/or Trixie. Let's stick with canon and avoid fanships.
  20. I was just thinking could it be possible that Trixie could be a descendent of Starswirl? I know there's no evidence of this but it could be possible, right? I don't know why I started thinking about this it just kinda popped into my head and I thought it would be interested. What do you guys think? Could it be possible or am I just crazy? IMO this would be interesting to see in the show. I would like to see what Twilight thinks about it. I also think it would make for a good lesson that I think is kind of important. "Just because someone is related to an important pony it dosen't mean you should treat them differently then your other friends." I don't know maybe I'm over thinking this.
  21. The Twilight Sparkle we've all come to know now has indeed evolved a lot over the course of 3 seasons of Friendship is Magic. And how as the title itself says! She not only made new friends, she learned far more than books could teach and she had to make decisions big and small with far reaching consequences. But let us consider for a moment. What if Twilight Sparkle was bad. Or perhaps she became bad, whether by choice or otherwise. We already saw 2 distinct characters that in many ways mirror Twilight: Sunset Shimmer and of course The Great and Powerful err Trixie Lulamoon. Both, aside from being unicorns and skilled magic users, are in many regards the mirror opposites of what Twilight is. Both are obsessed with power and fame. Shimmer seeks power to exploit it for her own selfish gains as opposed to using it responsibly to h lookielp others like Twilight. Trixie flaunts herself and her skills alienating others and seeking attention, while Twilight seeks to befriend others and is rather humble about her own abilities. This is further evidenced in the Crystal Heart book where Twilight is tempted and tricked by Trixie and Gilda as to how to rule as a princess. So the question here is what would Twilight have been like had she been bad? Or perhaps if she somewhere down the lines fell from grace. We know that Sunset Shimmer, although not canon in FIM, was another former student of Celestia as well. Seeing as how Twilight will be in a position of power and wielding power greater than she ever has before in season 4, this will be a concept worth exploring.
  22. Story Description: When Trixie makes a lewd remark to Starlight Glimmer during their 'medal of honor' celebration, Starlight blasts the showmare into the next room in an effort to shut her up. Sadly, her efforts send not only Trixie to the next dimension but also Princess Luna. While Starlight is panicking back in Equestria, Trixie and Luna discover that they did not turn into humans upon passing through the mirror portal. Instead, they are now fillies. Saturdays suck. ===== This was a fun one to do, I must say. EDIT: I seem to have lost track of the 'embed' button for youtube videos here on these forums... where did it go?
  23. PonyWaifu

    Valentine 2018

    Did not get a chance to post this for Valentines day here. I hope you like it! More importantly, I hope you all had a wonderful time with your significant other, if nothing else, at least a large bowl of ice cream Thanks for your support! DA Link:
  24. Recently, something popped into my head in terms of a "What if MLP G4 came back years later?" The idea that I had focused more on two of its characters: Starlight Glimmer and Trixie. The concept puts them more as a comedy duo like Laurel and Hardy, Abbott and Costello, Pinky and the Brain, Cuphead and Mugman, or even Bulk and Skull of Power Rangers. The focus is more on the adventures of the unicorn duo and the dangers they would have to put up with, featuring all new villains, plus familiar foes like... The Flim Flam Brothers Garble the Dragon Iron Will Svengallop Spoiled Rich/Milk Gladmane Maybe bring in the Pony counterpart of Abacus Cinch. The musical themes would be a nod to Jazz music of the 30s and 40s. Even more so, the voice cast would reprise their respective roles(Ex: Kelly Sheridan for Starlight, Kathleen Barr as Trixie, and Iris Quinn for Abacus Cinch) What do you all think of this idea as a spin-off of MLP:FiM?
  25. SaburoDaimando

    Little Trixie's Pizza Pizza

    Just a random image I did of Trixie Lulamoon with a small Pizzabox. It's obvious what she's trying to parody.