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Found 1 result

  1. Hey everyone! Akaraah here... I was thinking we could have an official thread either lamenting, reminiscing, and essentially just telling about whatever crazy situations we have or had become involved in in the past. Or, if not crazy, it can be a true tale in your life or situations with a lot of discomforting, even trippy moments for you, or your friends. I'll start... When I was in middle school quite a few years ago me and my brother got lost at Carowinds (a popular amusement park in South Carolina) during a field-trip. What made the situation worse was that it started to pour down raining, so you can imagine how much other students hated me afterward for the delay(and they did not hesitate to confront a 14-year old me during those times, I already felt guilty). Another one would be my time visiting my dad during 2007 in Southgate, Michigan, where during a walk, me and my brothers were being followed by some racist guy with a crow bar (he eventually vanished , thankfully because a friend of his stood in the way). It does not have to be lengthy, or comical, any story you feel is appropriate to share and maybe even how it was resolved. Use an alias if you think it is necessary for whatever story you choose to share! No extremely-explicit details please! So long as you're comfortable, then everything should be good. P.S. Maybe like in MLP: FiM, you can even tell a lesson you have learned.