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Found 26 results

  1. So I don't know if anyone saw this, but a 19 year old named Adam Smith from the UK killed himself due to bullying because he watches MLP and has a learning disability. I don't know about you all, but I for one am disgusted by people that bully others and push them to the point of depression and suicide. May Adam RIP and I pray for his family and friends. Pass along that bullying needs to stop!!
  2. Exactly what it says on the tin. I should clarify though, what I mean by trolling: I am not referring to harassers and cyberbullies, I'm referring to people who waste your time and act like a **** on the internet just because they can. Personally, I love trolling. It's like the internet's natural selection; it either pushes away the noobs or makes them smarter. Also, it's funny as hell.
  3. Greetings minions! It is I, your benevolent trollness, come to grace you with my presence! OK, I lied, I really can't stand any of you ; the truth is, now that the "Twilight Princess hath cometh," I've got even less to do around Canterlot than I did before. Little Ms. Hotshot-Princess thinks she's so special, and is constantly on the lookout for something new to do, but never any trolling! Honestly, how can she pass up the opportunity to screw with anypony you desire to your heart's content when you have unlimited power and can't be prosecuted by the law?!?! Just blows my mind I tell ya! Blows my royal mind! -_- Anyways, things are boring around the castle, and I'm having a bit of a hard time coming up with new and unique ways to troll my subjects at the moment, so feel free to ask me any questions you desire, and maybe, just maybe, I will graciously respond! Whatever you do though, don't be like that troll-student of mine; turd always sends me the same bucking picture of her and her friends every week!!! Anypony thinks of pulling any funny business, and some filly's gonna get her flank sent to the moon, ya understand?!?! So ask away my faithful subjects! I won't bite... much.
  4. This has to be the most hilarious troll job I have seen in a long time.
  6. I am about to say something so serious to me, I thought it belonged in the Debate Pit for things I may say if you go against what this video states within the review, but decided that it might not be controversial enough to need to be there. Before I saw this video, I thought trolls were not nearly as bad as cyber-bullying, that tolls were just something you could easily ignore. I have never felt so wrong in my entire life... This video opened my eyes to alot of things, to alot of feelings I thought I had locked up inside so far I would never see them again. I ask, no, I beg of you, keep talking about this video. Give your own analysis on the video being reviewed. Do ANYTHING to keep this thread on top of the front page. This, to me, is a serious issue that has left me feeling so alone and so afraid as a person who spends his whole life on the internet.
  7. I didn't know if anyone else knew this, but you can quote something some one said, delete whatever they typed, write whatever you want, and it'll still show them as the ones saying it! While in the past I have only used this exploit for minor hijinks, I can see someone not as good natured as I using this feature to do serious harm to others around the site. Although the original post will be the same, most people don't have the time to go looking through potentially thousands of posts to see the original post, and they'll be tricked into believing the false post. Don't believe me? As proof I'll misquote anything anyone says in this topic. You have been warned.
  8. As usual whit nothing to do i get these results enjoy.... Studying for Celestia: Flutter time: Derpy Visits the doctor to much:
  9. Sure, yes. There's some Bronies that act like a weak, loser Keyboard Warrior version of a Nazi SS Officer, whom attacks anyone who isn't Brony on the Internet. But I do think there's non Bronies Trolls, who do this too. They just go around posting Pony rule 34 on non Pony sites (where it's not allowed) and harass anyone on the site who isn't a Brony. While at the same time trolling even people who are Bronies. Like it nor not, this would be good enough tactic to have people's jimmies rustled. So, maybe it isn't all our fault we're hated a lot? What your thoughts?
  10. First off I'd like to apologize for my participation in the drama in the Clop Survey thread. It's becoming clear to me that trying to talk people into stepping away in the heat of the conflict is just ineffective if not counter-productive. But now for the meat of the topic. Alright so MLP Forums started off small like any other forum community, grew progressively and has possibly seen size fluctuations over the past two years. What I'd like to know are the things that happened when this community had been large or small and possibly compare. The validity of the data may be questionable but it might raise some interesting questions. So, when MLP Forums had a smaller active user base, can any recall what the occurrence and frequency of drama or flame wars were? The question that's being posed is does having a larger active user base make us easier to troll? Better yet, was it harder for flame wars to lite up back when MLP Forums used to be smaller or have flame wars become more frequent as it grew, in other words?
  11. At risk of accusation of being a concern troll and causing some kind of dramatic discussion, I'm going to bring this up, as it disturbed me quite a bit. In a separate forum from our own, someone pleaded for donations for a friend who suffered a stroke. The stroke victim is Pounce, a gamer brony and voice actor. In response, Tara Strong tweeted for donations, but with a prize attached to it. As it happened, her promised "sexy voices" were merely a joke, as seen in these vines. Now, I know, I know, Tara Strong loves to do the troll schtick. Any other context, this would've been hilarious. However, it was built on someone else's pain and tears. Even with positive intentions, to use it as an opportunity to troll feels in extreme bad taste. Is this the image we want to portray? Rather than simply asking fans to donate out of kindness, to help a fellow member of the fandom, she pandered for charity through trolling and the bait of sexualizing a children's character. Again, it was all in jest, but this kind of joke is so unbelievably inappropriate. I'm afraid it has eschewed my view of Tara. Perhaps she should apologize to Pounce and friends? Should we denounce this as inappropriate and not a fair representation of bronies? Or am I overreacting? Anyhoo, I don't want to be a complete Debbie Downer. If want to donate to help the poor guy, feel free to do so. Any amount is worth its wait in gold.
  12. Okay guys lets play a game! What you basically do is say any random phrase (It can be anything) and end it off with the words "For kids." Example: "Ancient torture devices...For kids!" Lets see who can come up with the funniest, weirdest, or most disturbing phrase. I shall start this off with... "Witchcraft spell books...For kids!"
  13. It would seem to me these days that people don't have much respect for each other anymore. The internet is no exception to this. On the contrary, the internet seems to be the place where people have the least respect for each other. For example, I'm sure everyone know about the trolls. They exist for one reason and one reason only to get a rise out of people. I don't understand how pissing other people off or bringing others down could make anyone feel better about their pathetic existence. It just makes me want to vomit when I see a string of comments that only serve to bring someone down. Another thing that really, and I mean really makes me angry about people on the internet, particularly youtube, are the self promoters. If you don't know what self promoters are they basically find a very popular video on youtube and post in the comments section begging for subscribers. The funny thing is that every single one of these comments always starts along the lines of, I know nobody likes these but this is the only way to get views. Imagine you are the creator of the video that they are promoting themselves on. How would you feel? it's like if you were putting on some sort of show for your fans and I suddenly show up at the front door begging people to leave and come to my show after you had worked really hard to put on this show. What do you guys think? What are your experiences with trolls and respect or lack thereof on the internet? Do you hate the self promoters as much as I do? Let me know and as always keep it respectful. Cheers.
  14. Disclaimer: (This story is completely untrue and just a random conspiracy theory I came up with after pulling an all-nighter. I doubt either Tara or Lauren are planning this sort of thing, after all, why would they?... if they are, please don't silence me or kill me I have a wife and kids... and a goat to feed!) Do you ever wonder why we are bronies? Why do we as men seem to enjoy My Little Pony so much? A show meant for Little Girls yet adored by many grownups in their late teens to their thirties. It is because we are being brainwashed. Nopony watches the show for the plot nor because they adore the ponies. You see there are subliminal messages throughout My Little Pony: Obey, Tara is our Queen, Faust is our goddess. In each episode we are constantly being bombarded with orders to obey the wishes and commands of the duo. Soon we will be ordered to overthrow the governments of our respective nations. See it from this point of view: Every brony and pegasister is in reality a ticking time bomb. We are all now sleeper agents for the two (Faust and Strong), soon we will be given the final order: Taking out our leaders of our countries will cripple the governments of the world allowing the two to take over the world. This has been their plan all along. To create a show where the vast majority of the viewers are adults and teens (as a well known revolutionary once said that to evoke the power of the youth is to invoke the power of revolution). Soon as each nation falls the power of Faust and Strong will grow until the entire human race now bows before their ladies, their goddesses, their masters. Years will go by as more and more monuments are built to their name. But like Celestia and Luna, there shall be a rift between the two. Once best friends, Faust will come to view Tara with suspicion, and grow paranoid of her. Tara will see Faust the same, and begin to undermine her authority. Eventually a civil war will break out between them. Tara will use her reputation as "Queen of the bronies, and Twilight Sparkle" to rally her followers known as the Tarastrongtites, or followers of Twilight (that's a cult, but I won't dwell on that).. The other group the Faustians, will rally behind the goddess, Faust, and take the tactical and strategical prowess of their wise master into the heart of the Tarastrongtites' defenses. Soon a final battle shall occur between the two. Back the right leader, and paradise is promised. Back the wrong leader and damnation is forever. VIVA LA FAUST! (I'm aware this is not at all true. But I got the idea from a conversation with a friend who basically said that if they wanted to, I'm sure that if Tara wanted to they could march on the capital and take over the country.)
  15. Whenever I go out with my friends, one of them always trolls me. This friend that trolls me also trolls with me on Xbox Live. The way he trolls me is simple yet really annoying. I have sensitive spots on my body; one spot is my sides, below my armpits. There is a term for what he does, but it eludes me as of now. Whenever I am browsing a store or looking at toys he pokes me on the sides causing me to jump up and yelp. It's funny for the first two times but after awhile it gets annoying. So annoying that i have to cover my sides and watch him closely. My friends laugh whenever i get "paranoid that he'll poke me". Half way through our hangout session we go to eat, usually in the malls food court or once in a while a taqueria. This hangout session, we decided to go to Ihop. I had a Chicken Quesadilla and a burger. My friends had pancakes with some sort of white sauce. My friends don't know this, but good Mexican food gives me bad gas. Thats when my dastardly plan to counter-troll my friend, who was driving, came into fruition. As we paid for our meal we made our way into his car. I, like the evil genius I am, called "shotgun". I knew when to release my 'troll': as soon as he was on the highway. That way he couldn't roll down the windows, cause who would roll their windows down on the highway on a cold night? We were talking about College Humour's Batman skits when i cracked "the most creepiest smile." I had just laid a personal favorite of mine: the Silent, yet Deadly. It had been resonating in the car. A few seconds later my friend took in a deep breath through his nose and asked, "Did you freaking fart?!" I replied with maniacal laughter. He rolled down the windows and groaned as he described my toot. After some laughter and the singing of the 'troll song', we dropped off one of our friends. We went back on the freeway (we live close to each other) and this time i let a loud one rip. He called me names and coughed as he again described my toot. After all was said and done, we parted ways and met up online to troll. Moral of the story: Never let me in your car.
  16. Hey hey script ponies and welcome the the 6th episode of Random Ramblings of a Ponified Wing. Today, after three days of plotting, conniving, and general sneakiness, I finally was able to troll Dawn Rider (in the nicest way possible) for epic lols. You see, on Saturday, I forced him to sing a duet with Marco of You're the Inspiration by Chicago. Suffice it to say, he didn't take it too well --- although they both did a stand up job to which I give infinite props. And then, Wingy started thinking, Hmm, that event really needs to be memorialized in the annals of MLPForums history, but how? Thankfully, at this time, the great and powerful kenniks opened commissions for the first time, and I had it. I'd give my buddy his first commission to epicly troll my Aussie buddy for singing a love ballad during a live stream. Do you see what I did there? Kenniks - the Layer Whore and Glorious Knight in the Trolling Crusade - spent days moving through the stages: sketch, shade, color, deliver. All the while I was thinking, how the buck do I deliver this in such a way that leaves Mr. Dawn Rider totally f'n speechless. Originally, I tried to get Key Gear in on it. Could you imagine if he had just dropped the image in suddenly to one of his RPs. LOLz, but alas, Key Gear hasn't been on to check his inbox - and I'm an impatient bastard. So... when the image was finally done, I did the next best thing. I went to the post that announced Dawn Rider becoming a staff member, and posted this little gem. For those who are too lazy to link... image attached. Then it was time to sit back and gauge the reactions... (shit... NC and Key Gear haven't even realized they're in this yet. The laughter cascade to come....) lol Here's my skype chat with Dawn: [5/7/2013 8:46:13 AM] Wing T.F. McCallister: Hi Dawn Rider, you're the inspiration X3 [2:22:14 AM] Wing T.F. McCallister: hehehehe [2:23:05 AM] Dawn Rider: wat? [2:23:27 AM] Wing T.F. McCallister: oh you'll see [2:23:54 AM] Dawn Rider: O_O [2:24:23 AM] Wing T.F. McCallister: hehe yeah... [2:24:39 AM] Wing T.F. McCallister: that's the reaction you should prep [2:24:51 AM] Dawn Rider: ._. [2:24:57 AM] Dawn Rider: I need a drink for this [2:25:01 AM] Dawn Rider: brb one sec [2:27:05 AM] Dawn Rider: back [2:27:14 AM] Wing T.F. McCallister: wb [2:27:47 AM] Wing T.F. McCallister: so.. lol how're you doing today? [2:28:45 AM] Dawn Rider: Well... I over slept [2:28:49 AM] Dawn Rider: I ate food [2:28:54 AM | Edited 2:29:23 AM] Dawn Rider: I played Dead island Riptide [2:28:56 AM] Dawn Rider: so [2:29:00 AM] Dawn Rider: I guess im good [2:31:08 AM] Wing T.F. McCallister: alright.. let's see if this works [2:31:21 AM] Dawn Rider: ... [2:34:21 AM] Wing T.F. McCallister: and there we go [2:34:27 AM] Wing T.F. McCallister: *whistles* [2:34:30 AM] Dawn Rider: ? [2:35:27 AM] Dawn Rider: .... [2:35:29 AM] Dawn Rider: >: ( [2:35:32 AM] Dawn Rider: I love the image [2:35:33 AM] Dawn Rider: but.... [2:35:36 AM] Dawn Rider: Dawn Rider slaps you [2:35:37 AM] Dawn Rider: >: ( [2:37:57 AM] Wing T.F. McCallister: hehehe [2:38:30 AM] Dawn Rider: ty though, I love how it looks xD [2:38:37 AM] Dawn Rider: I laughed when I saw it [2:38:37 AM] Dawn Rider: xD [2:40:00 AM] Wing T.F. McCallister: I couldn't wait any longer [2:40:06 AM] Wing T.F. McCallister: I really wanted to get Key Gear in on it [2:40:14 AM] Wing T.F. McCallister: but it was sitting there [2:40:15 AM] Wing T.F. McCallister: tempting me [2:40:17 AM] Wing T.F. McCallister: cruely [2:40:21 AM] Dawn Rider: Key will laugh so hard he will cry [2:40:24 AM] Dawn Rider: ... [2:40:54 AM | Edited 2:40:55 AM] Wing T.F. McCallister: hehehe... totally worth it [2:42:12 AM] Dawn Rider: I wanna kill you and hug you at the same time xD [2:42:24 AM] Wing T.F. McCallister: lol [2:42:37 AM] Wing T.F. McCallister: then I have ascended to the next level of troll [2:42:47 AM] Dawn Rider: Yes...yes you have [2:45:31 AM] Wing T.F. McCallister: ahh.. what a glorious move [2:45:49 AM] Dawn Rider: You're such a lovable troll [2:45:50 AM] Dawn Rider: I reiterate... totally worth it. Way to take it like a champ, Dawny. Shit, I almost forgot. Get the hell off my text file, you Celestia-blessed hippies.
  17. Dolan Duck is a web comics series parody of Donald Duck and various other Duck/Mouse characters from Disney and various other comic book characters. Dolan originates from a finnish message board. It's my favorite internet meme, I've read hundreds of those comics (though many of them are NSFW!). Dolan, Gooby, Micku, Daisi, Hupu, Tupu, Lupu, Spoderman, Bogs, Dafty etc. Dolan Duck himself is a mad mentally instable psychotic wanting to harm others in any way. You can post other comics you find or make, but only SFW pls. greetings, Tahirih
  18. So i came home today playing a song by Simgretina(brony musician) on my iphone. My mom heard it and i told her about how apparently people are hard for the stallion named Braeburn who was a cousin to Apple Jack. BIG MISTAKE! This is what went down: Mom: That music your playing sounds like something that would play at a gaybar. Me: I think you might be right, there are people who like Braeburn ,Appl Jacks cousin. *proceed to show her a picture of him* Mom: Oh so we are going into the brokeback mountain stuff huh? Me: What? No. I go to my room where i start fiddling with some tools. Me: COME ON! The stupid thing fits why do i have to force it in?! Fine i will get the lube you stupid sh*t! *mom runs in* Mom: Oh so now you have to switch sides? The mane 6 wasn't good enough for you? Me: SHUT UP! im fiddling with something! Mom: Are you fiddling with Braeburns big juicy.. I throw an allen wrench in her direction Me: F*CK OFF! *grandma walks in* GMom: whats all the commotion!? Mom: Our little man likes to stick it in Stallions you know what while servicing their unit. *grandma gets a look of shock on face and walks away.* Me: You know some parent's kids kill their moms over minor things. i could do the same you know. Mom: yeah but your too busy servicing Braeburn, just make sure you clean up that stuff when you two are done. Me: First off it'sa cartoon pony, secondly he would be too fit back here lastly- Mom: oh so you let him have a turn at your back door too? she then runs off while i load my pellet gun.
  19. My friends already know I'm an avid mlp fan so they decided to poke fun of me. I was wearing a mlp harem shirt and they asked what my favorite pony was. Semi-joking around i said "hey! Ponies are alot like humans so you say who is my favorite pony not what....they aren't objects." My friends and i bursted out laughing. I then told them Rainbow Dash was my favorite due to her tomboyish nature. Big mistake. My friend then said "but don't you like to treat Rainbow Dash as an object of your love in bed?" Unaware of the other people around my i yelled out "Hey! I do not buck cartoon ponies!" people looked at me like i was a creep. My friends couldn't stop laughing. they now make neighing sounds around me all the time.
  20. So today was a meet up with my friends. We call ourselves the Wolf pack. I know its cliched but hey, what are you going to do. So i like to dress unique. I had on cowboy boots, black jeans,a MLP shirt, an overcoat that was littered with studs, and a beanie that doubles as a ski mask. The ski mask had the Jason Vorhees hockey mask graphic on it. It was cold so i wore the ski mask. I approached a small family owned store to meet p with my friends. The 2 workers got so scared when i walked up. They were literally screaming,"OMFG!" short story i scared the crap out of them. fast forward to riding in the car with my friends. I decided to roll down the window and yell out random things. some of them included "Hi!" and waving at the person. making random noises at the top of my lungs. I then waved to passing cars on the freeway from my friends car. I almost made people lose control. All i could do was go Trolololol. The best part of the whole thing was peoples reaction to my hollering out the window.
  21. Don't bother posting; there isn't a point, and I don't use the forums anymore. Basically I have this thread is just me being an idiot. Pretty much every point I've tried to make was vague, poorly explained, and stupid/invalid. I'm sure you have better things to spend your time on than this. If you've ever been on a MLP:FiM YouTube video you know about the "haters". If its on the Interweb, Bronies, and by extension Anti-Bronies, are there. Thing was the "Haters" were not united. However, while browsing Steam I found that that was no longer true. On Steam there is a Anti-Brony group. As with any gathering of Anti-Bronies there is an unbelievable amount of untruth, ignorance, and hate. I wanted to be nice enough to congratulate him and hope his Anti-Brony "uprising" fared well but it seems you must be a member to comment. I hate the way bronies act in the presences of haters but I woun't join a group dedicated to hate every part of the brony fandom/sub-culture. ? Normally I'm pretty lax and let the haters hate but one annoncement on there got to me: Comments weren't exactly reassuring either: Looking at how they act left to there own devices pretty much demolishes any respect I might have had. I'm not trying to slander or anything but now it looks like there going out of there way to attack brony websites. This; plus indefinitely large number of anti-brony flame wars out there and seems like most bronies, especially on youtube would be quick to defend ponies at the sake of looking like a immature idiot (in my eyes at least). what are your thoughts on this? I think we should give them there own website. See how stupid I sound?
  22. I was derping around the forum just now, when lo and behold, a wild post count appeared! Apparently I made post number 666,666 on our illustrious forum. I have only one thing to say about this: Also, I realize that the post counting mechanism on this site is a little wonky, and there are likely several posts that could have actually been this number.
  23. FLIM FLAM ALERT! The Jerry Springer Show is evidently looking for bronies to appear on their broadcast. DON'T FALL FOR IT. They aren't trying to give positive exposure to fans of My Little Pony. They're trying to mock us. If Jerry Springer, or Howard Stern, or any similar broadcaster contacts you or a friend, asking you to appear on a show about bronies, say NO and don't let them persuade you. They're just out to make us all look bad. OBEY YOU'RE QUEEN!! The post from his Facebook is here : And the Facebook post is : Are you a brony and your lover objects? Call Gina at 1-877-735-3779
  24. This guy And this guy What were to happen if they met? Banking on a hypothetical alliance between these two. Equestria will be trolled to oblivion.
  25. Recently, this girl by the name of Mandie Swaggie (AKA, Amanda Bieber) has been doing a twitter feed about her love for Justin Bieber and the awful artists of today, but she has gone too far by hating against gays, people of other races, people who hate the artists she loves, other countries, and is 14, but wants to lose her virginity. What is wrong with people today? So here is so links, be warned though, it is a bit NSFW and prepare yourself for great stupidity:!/mandaswaggie