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Found 15 results

  1. For the past seven years I went there for quick answers, but nowadays it seems to be ridden with trolls. They have become the reason why I continue to go there, to see how would they handle and apply their ridiculous ideologies (e.g. racism, genderism, religion/atheism, etc.) into different scenarios. As of February 2018 I still use this website, but then there is this troll that keeps reporting my questions (such as about asking liberals for advice for homeschooling kids, or whether is nationalism good or not). Trolls like this and some of the worst racists are why I hate this website, and why I have sometimes become influenced by their extremism. Is there anyone else who still uses Yahoo Answers? Also, were you affected by it in some way as I am?
  2. So, out of curiosity, which movie do you think will end up doing better at the box office, the upcoming Trolls movie, or MLP? I know this sounds unrelated, but just curious since they're both 80s Toy brands that will be getting a movie, and both are primarily girls toys brands, so it'll be interesting to see which one sells better. Trolls is being made by dreamworks whole cloth, and they have HEAVY respectability to the point that their name alone will probably kill alot of the stigma around it being a girls movie; on the other hand, MLP has an already established male fanbase, but still has a heavy stigma around it and is being made of a pre-existing show. So, just out of curiosity: which do you think will do better?
  3. Does celestia troll people to make them learn about what they did wrong or four the lulz?
  4. I am about to say something so serious to me, I thought it belonged in the Debate Pit for things I may say if you go against what this video states within the review, but decided that it might not be controversial enough to need to be there. Before I saw this video, I thought trolls were not nearly as bad as cyber-bullying, that tolls were just something you could easily ignore. I have never felt so wrong in my entire life... This video opened my eyes to alot of things, to alot of feelings I thought I had locked up inside so far I would never see them again. I ask, no, I beg of you, keep talking about this video. Give your own analysis on the video being reviewed. Do ANYTHING to keep this thread on top of the front page. This, to me, is a serious issue that has left me feeling so alone and so afraid as a person who spends his whole life on the internet.
  5. This one time at Admin Camp, we were contacted by a stranger from another site. They joined our fair forum for the sole purpose of PMing the entire administration, in where they gave us a link to some 4chan wannabe message board they were apart of. There, some thread was a popular location for trolls to congregate and discuss potential places to troll, as well as their progress in doing so. After attacking some fetish-related sites in the early on pages, the scoundrels turned their sites to MLP:FiM after one of their bone-headed leaders brought up horses in a slurred insult to one of the members they were trolling. Seeing as we're the biggest, baddest, most awesome pony forum around, they stumbled upon us before any other. Their target locked, the troll heard openly and shamelessly discussed the usernames they had chosen, specific threads that made them laugh, and posted screenshots amongst themselves of things to make fun of. Their apparent plan was to join in a rather vast number, lurk for a while, and attack in one large swoosh the following day (a Saturday). Little did the heathens know that we had inside information, now. Our snitch (we'll just call him Carl), who was a non-troll, took displeasure in their thread, and came to warn us. Friday, late in the evening, the heavens roared, and heavenly bells rang, as Swoop and NC took down every last mentioned account from the trolls' open and amusing thread, in a matter of less than a minute. One can only imagine the sheer dumbfounded looks upon thine trolls' faces, as they one by one reported to one another that they had fallen, before the battle had even begun.
  6. I'm sure many of you are familiar with Yahoo Answers. What are your opinions on it?
  7. It would seem to me these days that people don't have much respect for each other anymore. The internet is no exception to this. On the contrary, the internet seems to be the place where people have the least respect for each other. For example, I'm sure everyone know about the trolls. They exist for one reason and one reason only to get a rise out of people. I don't understand how pissing other people off or bringing others down could make anyone feel better about their pathetic existence. It just makes me want to vomit when I see a string of comments that only serve to bring someone down. Another thing that really, and I mean really makes me angry about people on the internet, particularly youtube, are the self promoters. If you don't know what self promoters are they basically find a very popular video on youtube and post in the comments section begging for subscribers. The funny thing is that every single one of these comments always starts along the lines of, I know nobody likes these but this is the only way to get views. Imagine you are the creator of the video that they are promoting themselves on. How would you feel? it's like if you were putting on some sort of show for your fans and I suddenly show up at the front door begging people to leave and come to my show after you had worked really hard to put on this show. What do you guys think? What are your experiences with trolls and respect or lack thereof on the internet? Do you hate the self promoters as much as I do? Let me know and as always keep it respectful. Cheers.
  8. This has been one of the most heated arguements I have seen on the internet since the MLP: FiM fandom began to rise. Not to long ago, I was just derping and browsing through our beloved Youtube when I happen to start watching some pony videos. Being the curious pegasister I am, I decided to scan the comments below on a viral pony video. I came to a halt when I saw, and I quote: "is it true that all bronys are permavirgins? seriously there must be at least like one of u fags who at least raped some poor chick? rofl" I will not lie, my reaction to this wasn't quite nice. But then I remembered.... "I will love and tolerate the hell outta you." Want to know why half of us think that way? Because, we are all smart enough to know that trolls are people who obviously have nothing better to do with their lives other than so. Trolls feed off our reactions, which is the only way they can keep up their pointless arguements. If they hate Bronies so much as the show itself, than why the hell would they click on suggested video? Why would they take their time to click on a video that is obviously for fans, watch the video, scroll down, and give it their all? I believe that trolls are a bunch of try hards who will say anything to get likes. Bunch of like whores if you ask me. But you want to know what I said instead without the use of my caps? "Ahem.... As a proud pegasister of this community, I shall now inform you the following... Fellow bronies and pegasisters, pay no attention to the trolls, they are only feeding off your reactions because they have nothing better to do. Trolls...we respect your opinions, but we would also appreciate it if you not share them on a video made for bronies and pegasisters. It's looking for an argument. My work here is done." Guess who made top comment? The point I am trying to get across is, no, we shouldn't care what these brony haters think, so the next time you see a comment that really pisses you off, don't blindly lash out at them. Use common sense. So forum, what is your opinion?
  9. Don't bother posting; there isn't a point, and I don't use the forums anymore. Basically I have this thread is just me being an idiot. Pretty much every point I've tried to make was vague, poorly explained, and stupid/invalid. I'm sure you have better things to spend your time on than this. If you've ever been on a MLP:FiM YouTube video you know about the "haters". If its on the Interweb, Bronies, and by extension Anti-Bronies, are there. Thing was the "Haters" were not united. However, while browsing Steam I found that that was no longer true. On Steam there is a Anti-Brony group. As with any gathering of Anti-Bronies there is an unbelievable amount of untruth, ignorance, and hate. I wanted to be nice enough to congratulate him and hope his Anti-Brony "uprising" fared well but it seems you must be a member to comment. I hate the way bronies act in the presences of haters but I woun't join a group dedicated to hate every part of the brony fandom/sub-culture. ? Normally I'm pretty lax and let the haters hate but one annoncement on there got to me: Comments weren't exactly reassuring either: Looking at how they act left to there own devices pretty much demolishes any respect I might have had. I'm not trying to slander or anything but now it looks like there going out of there way to attack brony websites. This; plus indefinitely large number of anti-brony flame wars out there and seems like most bronies, especially on youtube would be quick to defend ponies at the sake of looking like a immature idiot (in my eyes at least). what are your thoughts on this? I think we should give them there own website. See how stupid I sound?
  10. No image for this entry, as it's just a pointless little thing. Just pwning noobs with style. Bored, thought I'd share it, since this blog has been quiet for a week or so. Location: 'Eurobeat Brony - Discord (The Living Tombstone Remix)' The players: DarkSuperTails (yours truly) VS BinaryBludgeon (but we'll just call him 'Random Troll Guy')
  11. A few Homestuck fanart pics I made during my week away... I ship Nepeta and Equius. So don't say anything negative, mkay? Fantrolls FTW. NEPETA AND EQUIUS GO TO DIDNEY WORL! So, as usual, rate it 1-10, let me know if I need improvement. I've got more art to post from my week away. Toodles. -SRAS
  12. You've seen them before. You would just be minding your businesses in Gmod or TF2 or even on other forums when you're all like But wait! Don't pull out that spray can! They just feed the silly parasprites. Not like Feldilian-Style Parasprites, with 100+ posts. I mean those little bitches that eat all of your crap and get stronger when you get angry. Useful ways to deal with these little things can be found below, for only 19,367,536,785 Bits! Now, for an unlimited time, you will receive a FREE 100% discount. Just sign your soul over to my undying army of the undead! Tip #1: "You're so cute when you think you know what you're saying!" This one is really simple. Most trolls will use terms such as "fake and gay" or "get off the interns, u ass." To pull this one off, just pretend to be the English Teacher. Half-Assed Example below: Tip #2: Rule 12 of the Internet: everything you say can and will be used against you. This is a very real rule of the Internet. Trolls have some sort of strange mental function that lets them instantly take advantage of this rule. To pull this one off, use their previous statements to pull off a Counter-Troll. Example Below: Tip #3: CAPSLOCK IS CRUISE CONTROL FOR COOL (even with cruise control, you still have to steer) I guarantee that all of you have experienced a Caps-Lock troll. They press the big button and start typing, to make it look like they're "yelling." To do this, simply turn on Caps-Lock yourself. This will make the troll harder to recognize if there are more than 1 of you (NOTE - This method is not very effective) Example below: Tip #4: If all else fails, resort to Rule 20 of the Internet: Nothing is to be taken seriously Just ignore trolls. This is the most effective way to deal with them, but also the most boring. Do I really need an example for this one? There you have it! Now that you know how to deal with trolls, you'll be dying to find another one. Remember that some are harder to deal with than others, but all tend to give up after a short period. TL;DR: DEAL WITH TROLLS BY IGNORING THEM OR COUNTER-TROLLING THEM WITH THESE CRAPPY TECHNIQUES.
  13. I am not sure if any of you have heard the news or not but there is a law in Arizona that you if you constantly troll some one online you can face charges and go to prison what are you thoughts about this you think this is a good idea or a bad idea ?. http-~~-//
  14. I managed to get myself back onto Ghosts little section of youtube, and found a load of brony trolls, i think 1 of them is made up, but the others are legit voice actors calling up i think. xD Plus, as a treat, a major trollfest of one of his shows: