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Found 2 results

  1. SoftHive/Apriline

    Movies/TV Least Favorite Tropes?

    What are everyone's least favorite tropes? Feel free to use examples from books, TV, movies, etc. Whatever you like. For example, I don't like time travel (with a few exceptions). If it's done CORRECTLY, it can be really entertaining, like in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, or when Starlight turned back time to get revenge on the Mane 6. An example of it being done incorrectly is The Cursed Child. Sorry for all the Harry Potter related examples, but I truly didn't like how The Cursed Child used time travel. Also, if you like, you can add things you didn't like about some way MLP:FiM used a trope or topic.
  2. Hey, you guys! Snails here to talk to you about villain OCs and all their various types! This contains a full analysis from me on every specific type of nasty villain, plus a few of my personal tips and opinions on them, to help people making new OCs get their ideas. I actually have so many OCs that I can provide an example of each! Feel free to show me your villain OCs and I'll give them a quick review! :3 Pure Scum: The most despicable kind of villain and surprisingly fun to play as. Pure scum characters have no redeeming qualities. They aren't misunderstood, and they certainly aren't "Just doing crime to raise money to save their sick grandmother." Though they may lie and say that they are. Pure Scum characters often also relate to Sadistic Monster, and Greedy String Puller characters, though not always. They rely on dirty tricks such as hostage abuse and blackmail to get what they want, never playing fair when they don't have to. Example: Evil Mastermind: Always a step ahead of the heroes, Evil Mastermind villains are always very intelligent, creating intricate plans and often using Batman Gambits to get what they desire, which could be anything from world domination to simple revenge. A good Mastermind knows how to predict a hero's next move and often use it to his advantage. Unlike Greedy String Pullers, these villains are usually willing to get their plans done themselves, though prefer using minions. Example: Greedy String Puller: Another type of villain you love to hate. These characters are almost always motivated by money and prefer to bend the rules and pay others off as opposed to engaging in an honorable fight with the protagonist. They are usually in the position of corporate CEOs or cut throat Crime Lords. They seldom have any care of whatever their greedy actions cause and are usually willing to put innocents through torture if it means fattening their wallets. The main difference between these characters and Evil Masterminds is that their ambitions never supersede their greed and they are rarely as intelligent. Example: Sadistic Monster: A very fun character to play as, if you can do it right. These characters can have a broad range of motivations but all have one thing in common: They love to see others in physical and emotional pain. These characters rarely have any problem making the kill, and almost always prefer to do it slowly. They usually act on some sort of goal but when they have a hero or innocent in their clutches, they will torture them for little reason other than their own twisted enjoyment. Example: Mindless Killer: *Sigh* I suppose I have to mention these villains too. If your making a villain, I suggest you not venture down this road like so many else have (Including me, one time). Basically a mindless killer is exactly what the name implies, and they are rarely ever given a reason for killing other than "Because he's crazy/evil!" These characters are basically designed to ruin any Roleplay you put them in and piss off the DM in almost every occasion. If you want to make one, just remember this little tip: Don't. Unfortunately, I have an example that I'm not proud of at all: Innocently Motivated: Don't let the name fool you, just because the motivation is innocent, doesn't mean the villain isn't! These villains are motivated with seemingly harmless goals, some of them may even think they are doing the right thing. A good example of this would be a religious zealot who's gone too far or a fame seeker who will do whatever he can to have his name known. Example: