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Found 23 results

  1. Let's be honest. Yes, Discord is the "Master of Chaos". Yes, he has been reformed. But more often than not he still causes a lot of trouble for the ponies. After all he did pretend to be Grogar in while uniting Chrysalis, Cozy Glow, Tirek and Sombra and had them attack Twilight just to boost her confidence. He almost ruined Big Mac and Sugar Belle's proposal with that apple monster. Not to mention a number of other moments. So even though at the end of the episodes things all worked out, the fact of the matter is that the ponies wouldn't have been in such chaos if the "Lord of Chaos" had behaved himself. Which leads me to asking if Twilight and the other ponies befriending Discord was more trouble than it was worth, or was he well worth the trouble. If it's the latter, then you're certainly going to have to endure a HUGE LOAD OF IT! Your Thoughts?
  2. So this is actually a bit odd to be writing now since I just got finished taking a swallow tablet to prevent myself from catching the flu hopefully. However before then i'll be honest that i've never swallowed any tablets or pills before, and really i only swallowed the one i did after stuffing it in ice cream and accidentally chewing it in two.(that thing tastes disgusting.. ) I've never taken any actual pills though, and before i swallowed the tablet less then 24 hours ago i had never swallowed any medicine. Normally i just take liquids or chew-able tablets. I don't know why exactly, but i just felt like my throat doesn't wanna open when i try to swallowed tablets, or medicine of any kind really. Maybe i just lack practice, but anyways. I can't be the only one who has or had trouble taking swallow pills and tablets before, can i? I'm not even sure if i could take a pill if i had to, i might just choke on it, or it'd never go down. I know i'll have to get use to it eventually as most medicine is that way, but i find it kinda difficult personally, its actually a bit embarrassing in a way. I may be making progress to taking swallow medicine, but anyways.. Enough rambling. I just want to get to the point and ask the simple question in the title of whether anybody else has had trouble taking swallow tablets or pills? I feel like the majority hasn't, but i'd hope i'm not alone here ;p, or i'll feel kinda awkward.(Don't make me feel awkward and alone . ) Ahem. yeah that's about it, so feel free to begin discussing and stuff, Have a good day y'all!
  3. I don't normally make Discord posts, so here we go! Is Discord the only one of his kind? I mean we don't know where he came from, or if there's any more of his kind, but if there is, how do ya think it would play out? Would two draconequui create double the trouble, or would Discord use Fluttershy's teachings to teach the other Draconequus a lesson in friendship? An episode like this would give Discord alot of character development!
  4. Ok, so I know this isn't a story but i need help. I am currently working on my OC's backstory and i'm kinda stuck. So, i need another pony to write about and what i could add to help me get in the writing mind set. I have a set of ponies and a brief summary: Capricorn: Male, Unicorn: He was Starswirl's partner and was the first Changeling king. He was erased from history when he was bitten by a Changeling maggot in case the ponies would begin to fear Starswirl as well, Starswirl was ordered by King Anubis to destroy any trace of Capricorn's connection to the Royals or Starswirl. King Darus: Male, Alicorn: He was the Alicorn of Justice and the brother of Cosmos (Celestia and Lunas' father). He married Princess Nyah (The Alicorn of Nature and the cousin of Galaxia) and had a son named Otis. He was the king of Sendaria and was loved by his people yet he faced a constant struggle against the threat of war from the close West, past Orberia, by a land of dragons named Gnar (na-rr). Queen Allegra: Female, Pegasus: She was the mother of Cadence and wife of Eros (prince of Cloudsdale). She felt like an outsider as she was a Pegasus living in a world of Alicorns. King Cosmos created the Alicorn Amulets so that non-Alicorn rulers ruling beside Alicorns would be able to be on the same level. The Amulet gave Allegra magical abilities without having to possess a horn and increased strength. King Garin II and Queen Gillian: Male and Female, Griffins: They were the last monarchs of Griffonstone. They fled their kingdom after the Idol of Boreas was lost when Garin was fighting the Arimaspi. They had no children and their relatives where all murdered or they escaped. They ended up in Horseshoe Bay, then they travelled past Apple Loosa (Which used to be a kingdom named Appalia) and they finally laid to rest in Saddle Arabia. They lived there for the rest of their life. What can i do to make this more interesting and have more depth? P.S: I have the whole timeline of most species and their kingdoms and rulers from before Equestria was created, so if you want to know then i can tell you. Thanks!
  5. I've been trying to watch the Season 8 Premiere on YouTube, but most of the videos are blocked. Any videos that aren't blocked are heavily edited, skipping certain segments. Plus, I didn't watch the streams, because I don't like sitting through commentary between commercial breaks. If this has something to do with the leaks from before, is Hasbro doing post-leak damage control again or something?
  6. SnowyBlossom

    Entry 9

    My parents found my LGBT bracelet and had a go at me and fully yelled at me and did the full bible speech and will not accept for who iam and this morning they had a go at me again and they tried to take my bracelet off me And now I don't feel safe around them
  7. That moment when Amazon has pretty much got you figured out.
  8. So for the lucky ones who saw the new episode in the morning, great! You do you. Unfortunately, I'm one of the more... untimely ones. For those of you who have seen my profile, you'd know I live somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Therefore, the episode aired for me at about 12:30 in the morning. (As if that wasn't enough). Of course, being the dedicated brony I am, I'm not going to let a little lack of sleep bring me down. In fact, after seeing the first trailer for the episode (the one with Rainbow Dash and the scrolls), I knew this was going to be one of the best (hooves down); there was no way I was going to miss this. So, as I waited around for the episode to air, I quickly realized there was something I may have overlooked. Windows 7, bless its soul, loves... I'm talking loves... updates. Mmm. So just around... 20 minutes before air? The computer, (again, bless its Intel), completely shuts down. Of course, I'm astounded, speechless, and staring at the stupid kid in the reflection of the pitch black computer. Now, it wasn't broken, the name of this blog wouldn't be "CD hell", (in all it's clickbait-y love) for nothing. The real problem of the matter was that I, sweating and panting heavily as it was, had no other way to get into the computer. Yes, I'm one of those idiots who doesn't keep a notepad of password. Luckily for me, I had a bootable CD and Windows XP laptop. Unluckily for me, I didn't know where either was. Frantically, I'm running up and down the stairs with no AC, (it's really hot here. Texas x2), and pulling out every CD I could find. It totaled up to about fourteen CDs. Windows XP, (screw you), was still booting while the downstairs, streaming computer was still trying to load those few... simple... lowly... 11 UPDATES. Between running downstairs and ripping out disk trays, I still couldn't find it. From empty disks, to music disks of the later decade, nothing would work. I literally tried everything, but still, there was no bootable CD. I eventually pulled a desperation and tried my best to remember the password. Nothing. Finally, after pacing around the room like a pendulum, I found myself pulling LAN cords and dragging the "brick" of a computer down the stairs and throwing it beside the modem, hooking it up and installing a cheap, 2012 copy of Google Chrome I'd stored for safe keeping. The lesson of today? Uh... respect your elder computers? Either way, episode was great! -RealityPublishing
  9. Recently on Equestria Daily, they did a fantastic interview with "Big" Jim Miller who is the Supervising Director on MLP. It's a long read, but I highly recommend it as he goes to great lengths explaining all things Pony. There was a specific question where EQD asked Jim why he thinks the show is so successful, and I love his response. It eloquently sums up why I enjoy watching MLP. I've had trouble putting into words why I continue to watch the show after so many years, and this is the perfect answer that I would give to someone from now on. Here is the section that I am talking about: Question: Why do you think the show has been so successful? What, in your eyes, drew so many people in? Big Jim: I’ve thought about this a lot over the years, and I don’t think I’ve ever entirely managed to pin down a single reason. It could be the awesome designs, or the nuanced characters and great messages about friendship with their lessons (either new to the viewer or good reminders for us oldsters). But to me, the one thing I think helps to set it apart is its commitment to the sincerity of the emotion. We may all be cynical bastards in our everyday lives (I’m speaking primarily of myself here), but there’s no place for that cynicism in this show. We love to add in jokes and fun stuff, but we never undercut a sincere emotional moment with a joke, a snide eye roll or smirk to the camera. We want the audience to feel what our characters are feeling in that moment. And I think that helps to set it apart from some of the other cartoons out there. Use Jim's answer if you ever find yourself in a situation where you have to explain to someone why you watch My Little Pony. I know that I certainly will from now on!
  10. (DO NOT TRY TO DO THIS AT HOME, WE ONLY DID IT BECAUSE WE ARE STUPID) Do you have a group of friends that always get you in trouble by doing stupid things in public? if yes, what was the most supid/funny thing your friends ever did with you Mine was when me and some friends were hanging out after school, and one of them had the genious idea of trying to mix deodorant and matches, yeah... they made a freakin flamethrower and started trying to light each other up, and they even shaved a friend of mine's arm with it. My friends are really stupid, but they are my dear friends that i know and like. What about you guys? (PS:I took no part in it, only watched and laughed like crazy at my friend's reaction when he noticed his arm was completely shaved because of the flamethrower) (PSS:NEVER try this at home, srsly)
  11. We all have had those moments where you pick up a game and you're having fun with it. When you get to a certain point of the game, there tends to be that one moment where you just struggled and it ruined the gaming experience for you, sometimes to the point where you stopped playing. So here are mine. Super Mario Sunshine: That level with the dying water lily. This is practically an infamous level in the game. You go into the level and see you once again have to collect 8 red coins. The problem is, they are all dispersed over rushing water that if you fall in, you die. So you have to control this water lily through the water and jump up to collect the coins. You only get one shot because there's no easy way back. Oh, and they put this little pipe at the end that you think will take you back to the beginning of the level but no, it takes you back to Delfino Plaza. You might think that wouldn't be a big deal but the problem is that the level is extremely tedious to get to. It's in a pipe on an island covered by goop that only Yoshi can melt, and Yoshi can't swim. So you have to take Yoshi over this slow moving boat, without him falling into the water or running out of juice I mind you, just to play this already hard enough level. At least this one is not required to beat the game. Pokemon Diamond and Pearl: The final battle with Cyrus on top of Mt. Coronet. This one is partially my fault. You see, I was one of those kids who would only level up my starter and use the other slots of Pokemon for HM slaves, and I always chose Turtwig. I would be cursing through the game with this giant turtle beast destroying everything in sight up until this point. Basically, Cyrus is the boss of Team Galactic, and Team Galactic mainly carry poison types, which grass types are weak to. Sure, my Torterra was part ground type, but he always had a way around it. In fact, he covered a lot of weaknesses. Like how he has a Gyarados with Earthquake so I can't switch into electric types. Oh, and here's the kicker: you can't save before the fight because it's back to back with another double battle that's also not exactly easy. And even if you lose the fight, you still have to redo that double battle. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red/Blue Rescue Team: The fight with Gangar's Team in Sinister Woods. You know, I really want to like this spin-off more. It's got a lot of amazing things in it. The storytelling can be even better than the main series games, they give so many Pokemon great personalities, and the art style can be stellar at times. But I just have one question that to me sets it back: Why does the gameplay have to be so monotonous? Yes, I feel the gameplay and controls make this particular boss fight hard. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is a dungeon crawler, not particular east for fighting multiple enemies at once. So when they center a boss fight around that, it makes it even more frustrating. One's a ghost type. Whelp, there goes all my normal attacks. Oh and it has hypnosis. Just great *sarcasm.* The other two also aren't that easy to take out. Not to mention, if you're partner faints, even if you're still up, screw you you're starting the whole dungeon over. It doesn't help that the controls feel so tedious. I have had moments where I'll accidentally tackle in there instead of use another type of attack, and since that doesn't do anything, I'm screwed a whole turn. They basically moved the move select screen to the B button and not A. And since there's 3 of them, they get to attack you 3 times and you only get to attack one of them once. I had to use an infinite heath cheat to see the rest of the game. This might just be me sucking at these types of games, but I felt guilty having to cheat through a game. So, what are your hardest gaming moments?
  12. "I heard there are troubles of one or more kind. Some come from ahead and some come from behind. But I've bought a big bat. I'm all ready you see. Now my troubles are going to have troubles with me!" - Dr. Seuss
  13. I first prank-texted my brother's friend two months ago pretending to be a secret gov't organization trying to recruit intelligent people. At first he responded to it like I was joking, then he got more hostile. Blah blah, some time later, I made him freak out and he was seriously creeped out to me. I thought it got too far so I just told him it was a prank. He asked me who I was and I didn't tell him (He said he would knock my teeth out if he figured out who I was). I later warmed him up and made him normal with me, but he still didn't know who I was. Eventually, he thought I was a girl, (didn't specify gender to him.) I went along with it and pretended to be a girl as a 2nd prank. His girlfriend apparently got jealous of me (haha) and she posted my number on the internet for everyone to see. I just blocked him after that and any unknown numbers that called me. I told him that if he claims harassment I'd stop texting and if he stops I'll stop. I just want to know if there is any way for me to get in trouble for this? I didn't do anything wrong; I said it was only a prank, I told him if he claims harassment I'd stop, and I even said if he stops I'll stop. He even quit showing hostility towards me. His girlfriend might still be angry, is it possible for me to get in any real trouble for this? He also never claimed harassment, if that's worth mentioning
  14. And realize you have no cartoon immunity. This means everything will affect you as if you were a normal human; simple things like Rainbow Dash crashing into you or Spike breathing on you will kill you. Now you have to survive a week in Ponyville. You start of all alone, in the middle of the night, so what you do first is a key factor. Where do you go first? What do you do after that? How do you explain this bizzare concept to ponies? Discuss; just keep in mind the main goal is survival above all other things.
  15. As those of you who are scoffing at the picture above already know, I'm not at all like Fluttershy. I just think she's adorable, and the picture was somewhat appropriate for this a mah first blog post-entry-thing. Woohoo! (In case you're wondering, I have taken the Bronyland Personality Test, and I came out as a split between AJ and Pinkie PIe, with a slight learning towards Pinkie.) Now, you probably didn't start reading this because you wanted to know which of the Mane Six I'm most like. You probably started reading this out of curiosity, perhaps fueled by some knowledge of my OC's and what I'm doing with. So, I'll probably get to the point of this quickly, perhaps fueled by the angry mob out my window demanding that I get on with it. Basically, this is going to be the place where I store what information about my OC's and fanfic ideas doesn't really belong on or the MLP Forums database. You might be wondering, as you certainly have right to wonder, why I'm putting that stuff here, and thus almost contradicting my previous claim of it not belonging in the database, and not leaving it in my head, or on my hard drive, or anywhere but here, where you might be somehow forced to read it. Well, I'm hoping...if it wouldn't be too much trouble...if those poor souls who are reading this could leave a comment or two below, or a brohoof if I actually earned it (no doing it to make me feel better!), so that I know what I'm doing right, and what I'm doing wrong. If any of you awesome ponies out there could do that, I'd be eternally grateful. Anyway, you've probably read the title of this post-entry-thing, and have noticed that it doesn't read, "A Plea for Help" or "First Post Yay!" or "Hey, guys, my name is MrPandaa, and I'd like to talk about Original Characters." Instead of any one of those posts, it reads, "The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus." Madeyalook. Really, it says "The Fundamental Ideas." Could I get any more vague? (Well, yes, I could--I mean, "The Ideas" would technically be more vague, but gimme a break here and pretend it's as rhetorical as it sounds.) What I'm gonna do in this post is basically copy-paste some very basic outlines of fanfic storyline ideas I have, and if you like the idea, I'd be Pinkie-Pie-happy if you'd say so. And, if you don't like an idea, please say that, too! I can't change if I don't know what to change! Storylines begin in (All stories begin with a narrator giving an overview of the story, similar to Brian Jacques's REDWALL series.) Post-apocalyptic, distopian Equestria--Mane Six dispersed, Twilight disappears, Rarity goes crazy/goes into coma from stress, Fluttershy missing/dead/ruthless, Pinkie Pie a little more insane, AJ only one with sanity left; acts as leader until Twilight reappears. Brock--earth pony, travels Equestria in search of knowledge in various fighting styles and forms; studies animals, ponies, changelings, etc. to copy fighting style; changes name to reflect "project"--Brock the Patient, Brock of the Mule, Agile Brock, etc. Troubled Soul/Turmoil--Trubbs attempts to defeat Turmoil; seeks out most powerful entities in Equestria--Twilight, Celestia, Luna, Zekora, Brock, (other OC's--Thunder Dash, etc.?); she must go inside herself to defeat Turmoil (follows the progression through damnation according to Dante's Inferno?); gets helped by Shadow Footsteps and Autumn Morning Shadow Footsteps and Autumn Morning--[begins: "In a dream, I see myself. I destroy everything I love, last of all, her." Shadow is getting ready to confront his remaker with Autumn (and Trouble?), explains some backstory as they battle their way to the remaker--tests that reflect his story, games that know too much, maybe his story was all planned out, and they've been duped into a trap, leads up to remaker, confront him, reveal that Shadow remde himself, with the help of Blue Skies and Autumn; believed remaker revealed to be Shadow's old boss, who now wants him dead for treason against the cult he belonged to as an assassin.] Shadow was originally assassin for highest bidder; was remade so that emotions are displayed outward by the four elements (wind, water (and ice), fire (and lightning), and earth); meets Autumn Morning, inn burns; Shadow runs away, Autumn catches up and helps him control his emotions Emotions: sadness=water, bitterness=ice; anger=lightning, love=fire; stubbornness/patience=earth; playfulness/humor/freedom=wind. Pirate ponies--crew of ponies (the Crew Capall or The Ceffyls, usually just called the Crew) marauds about Equestria in the seas and stuff; made up of a bat pony female (Blackjack?) (seductive and deadly at the same time--think Black Widow or Zero Suit Samus; "Aye, she a doxy li'l vixen, en't sheh?"), Bruno the Capaen (Captain--smooth, young (15-16), handsome swashbuckler; has idealistic hopes and dreams for world and Crew, and will defend any one of the Cephylls with his life; was once a street urchin, and has a good sense of direction--can map out whole cities in his head; Crew jokes with him about believed crush he had on Blackjack/bat pony female when just a swabbie; a tribute to user Bruno © on MLP forums) (, and are awesome; Celtic Pony Pirates! After Equestria--ponies from a faraway land (part/whole of the Crew?) find Equestria long after it is empty of ponies; maybe two of Crew enter/live in alternate reality of Equestria in which Nightmare Moon succeeded in bringing eternal night United Equestria--great evil arises, something that cannot be defeated by Celestia and the Mane Six alone; Equestrian races must band together to fight this threat; story follows a ragtag band trying to unite the races and factions, dealing with corruption as they find it; discover a decades/centuries-old plot and foil it. (could follow storyline of Wrath of Ganon) "Fairy Tales"--either pony adaptations of human tales, or new Equestrian ones Origin story/Myths--Answer: What happened before Celestia and Luna? Who are the "gods" of Equestria? etc. Story of a pony who came to earth, fell in love with a human female, and lived on earth, had a family, etc. He must go back to Equestria, confront some evil, and keep his life on earth in order, while not allowing anyone to figure out who he really is. Alright, that was a lot of typing! (Just kidding, it was Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V.) So, if you took the time to actually read that mess up there, and noticed anything cool or uncool, please comment below about it! I will be regularly posting more stuff for my OC's, but if there's anything any of you ponies want me to put up first, don't hesitate to ask! Thanks, and I'll see you bundles of awesomeness around the forums! --MrPandaa
  16. So growing up as a kid into my adult years I can't keep a straight face whenever my mom or even co-workers/friends get mad at me for doing stupid things. I know it's bad and it's not intentional but it just happens..has or does this happen to anbody else?
  17. I started a roleplay and it has a 800 Word limit. How do i change it?
  18. I remember that before the new look came out I used to be able to click on the name besides the search bar and change it to other categories, such as "Forums", "Members", etc. The thing is, I can't do that anymore. If I try clicking on the name the search bar just closes itself. Help pl0x?
  19. zDashiez

    Brothers code...

    So, last entry I went on about how I got beaten up by a couple of morons. I mentioned this to my brothers, which was a HUGE mistake. I have 18 brothers split into two "litters" if you will. Im the last born in litter one and this litter there is 9 of us, all large and very bad tempered. We have a strict code among us that is you mess with one of us, you mess with all of us. Which is bad of me for mentioning my incident, my brothers are pretty pissed off, and are actually gonna go looking for the two swagfags who attacked me, which in all honesty I wouldn't care if they found em. The problem is that my brothers will go to town on them and get in some serious shit and I can't talk them out of it. -Rev (Yes I know this was horribly written, but Im to tired to care)
  20. I just made a account, and I can't quote somebody (It does nothing) and I have to click on "More Post Options" to make a post! Most buttons aren't working and it's VERY hard to use the site.
  21. If you have read my last entry you know I got written up at work for screwing up a few too many times in the checkstand, I am trying to of course get out of there and have many many good reasons for doing so and you will here a slightly more smart assed version of them than I will present to management here on in this blog entry. 1. Being a dairy clerk is enough pressure already: Yes like I explained in my last entry most dairy clerks in the company I work for also function as backup checkers, but in my own humble opinion it is completely stupid. Produce Clerks also function as backup checkers but they are called up so rarely that it dosen't even matter and plus as a former backup produce clerk I can tell you unequivocally that produce is a lot easier than dairy.Basic common sense dictates that it should be the other way around but they operate on logic that wouldn't even makes sense to Discord. 2. I hate being up there: I loathe and despise it so much that no matter how much I may try to hide it if it is not some smartass remark or frustrated grumblings under my breath or body language than something else inevitably gives it away. I don't even bother trying to smile because when I attempt that it usually looks something like this. Or this I could imagine a commercial now "we at *insert company name here* in addition to selling groceries now offer baby sitting services and we promise we won't molest your kids and those bones in the backroom are just chickenbones there is no need to call the police." It sure puts a whole new meaning to the term "service with a smile" dosen't it ladies and gents? It is oddly appropriate considering how myself and my fellow employees are getting "serviced" by our company every day, and how many of said employees pass their days by lying back and thinking of England. 3. I am a horrible multi tasker: There is such a ridiculous amount of stuff to keep track of up there that it makes me more cross eyed than Derpy at a muffin factory. Because of this I have to concentrate so hard that it feels like the blood vessels in my head are going to burst open and since there is so much pressure to go as fast as Rainbow Dash on a 12 pack of red bull it makes an already tenuous situation that much worse. 4. I panic too much: Remember the MLP episode Lesson Zero where Twilight kept freaking out because she was "tardy" with a friendship letter to Celestia? That is pretty much in a nutshell exactly how I am up there except not as bad, at least not yet. I can think of at least 8 different occasions where I freaked out so much that I was not able to function on even the simplest task up there. In large because there are so many mistakes that can get you written up or even fired the prospect of making said mistake brings out my inner perfectionist at its most extreme. The irony of course being that this fear makes me screw up even more. 5. My temper is way too volatile: I haven't lost my temper with a customer yet thank God but some of my checkstand freakouts have resulted in me losing my temper not at any person in particular but yelling and struggling not to spew profanity that would embarrass even a drunken sailor has a certain knack for scaring customers and even your fellow employees.
  22. If you will remember my last entry about me an my potty mouth in case you are wondering that is not what I got in trouble for. To make a long story short I made a few too many screw ups in the checkstands, so I had to sign this neat little paper and agree to under threat of "further disciplinary action up to and including termination" not do it again. I only wish they gave me a copy of that as you can never have too much extra toilet paper. I got suspended and almost fired back in June for some bullshit technicality so this isn't the most amount of trouble I have been in by a long shot but it sure turned a day that otherwise wasn't that bad into a major bummer. I am already a dairy clerk so I already have enough to worry about as it is, but most dairy clerks also function as backup checkers so in case you are wondering why they are having me do both, well there is your answer. Until only a few months ago this was not the case though, when I was first promoted from General Merchandise Clerk to Clerk my typical shift was 4AM-1PM so I was at least on paper night crew. I was taken off that shift and eventually made a dairy clerk after a few too many knee injuries but was still not put in the checkstands due to concerns from management about my ability to stand for prolonged periods of time. Fast forward a few years and some company higher ups say "hey guess what you are going to be in the checkstands." Of course I want nothing to do with it but I am left with no choice so I go to a special retraining and then a week later my hell truly began. For those of you that don't know I have a mild form of Autism, and well to put it bluntly I am going to try to milk that a little so I can hopefully go back to being just a dairy clerk and not having to worry about the stupid ass checkstands. Of course if that dosen't work I guess I am just going to have to step down and be a General Merchandise Clerk again, but that ladies and gents hopefully won't be necessary. But if it is I suppose it is not the end of the world, I don't plan on being stuck in that hellhole for the rest of my life anyway. Seeing as I am starting to ramble a bit I will make my next blog post a list of reasons why I shouldn't be in the checkstands, until then stay classy.
  23. Guest

    Gaming Gmod-TTT

    Just wondering if anypony else out there was a fan of Trouble In Terrorist Town, a module for Garry's Mod? If you are, share any awesome experiences you have had, cool stories, possible brony encounters, want to vent about something annoying about it, or anything else you might wish to share. If you don't know what it is you should, it is quite entertaining!