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Found 7 results

  1. Trump recently attended some type of voter summit where he belted out to a crowd of adoring fans about how he would restore Christian values to a nation that had lost its religious roots. Allowing companies to deny women birth control on the basis of religion was just the beginning. Every day that I wake up, it's some new unspeakable horror. Most days, I wish I didn't wake up. Yes, this blog entry will be provocative and probably offensive to some, if you haven't figured that out. I can't pull any punches today. The fact is that losing our religious roots is the only way that we have made any progress. Outgrowing our attachment to divisive, irrational, superstitious dogma is how we move forward, improve our world, grow out of the infancy of our species, and become adults. And yet, fans cheered with joy as Trump touted about rolling America back to a more traditional and religious time. He said, (paraphrasing) "My, how the times have changed, but mark my words, they are changing back." The actual quote was something extremely close to that. Trivially different. That's the sentiment he conveyed. Trump's vision is bad enough, but the cheers from his fans is what upsets me the most. It fills me with a horror so dark, black, and unspeakable that I sometimes I feel like my heart is literally going to cave in from despair. Knowing that, most likely, the next ~7 years will spent watching my culture crumble and eat itself makes me wish I was dead. Yes indeed, our country has drifted too far from its religious roots. We have drifted too far from burning witches and heretics. We have drifted too far into the realms of reason, rationality, sanity, compassion, knowledge, science, truth, fact, tolerance, and equal protection under the law. No sir, we cannot have any of that. We must return to a dark age when god's law was THE law, and if your beliefs differed from those in power, then it's a fiery death for you. We must return to a time when the Earth was flat and the sun revolved around us, as it should. Letting companies discriminate on the basis of religion is a good start, but certainly not enough to meet our goal of returning us to circa 1314. We must outlaw gay marriage, and interracial marriage to boot. We must then teach pseudo-science in school. All public schools must have a creation class, followed by bible studies, prayer, and alchemy. We'll want to destroy most modern medicine, as god never intended for us to play him with our bodies in this way. We must get rid our doctors, surgeons, and therapists and bring in priests to perform exorcisms on children with schizophrenia. We must roll back women's suffrage--after all, what good has a woman ever done in this world? Oh, but that's still not enough, is it? No. We'll need to reinstate slavery as well in our quest to make a world worth living in. Above all, we must roll back our world to a time when gods came down out of the sky and flooded the earth and performed miracles, because that time was far more interesting, romantic, and exciting than the boring world of today when all we can do is make self-driving cars, look at the microwave background radiation of the big bang, and move silly carbon monoxide molecules around to make a stop-motion movie with atoms that can only be seen under an electron microscope. I apologize profusely for the exaggerated sarcasm. I realize that that last paragraph probably went too far, and was offensive, but my gut-wrenching despair is often too much to bear, and it helps to vent honestly. I'm sorry. Please understand a couple of things: first, I am in favor of reason, rationality, secularism, and equal protection under the law. That last paragraph was sarcasm intended to paint a vision of the most horrific world possible. Secondly, I am not in any way saying that every religious person, or every conservative, or every republican wants the dark world I just described. Of course not. That's crazy. And I'm not in the habit of painting entire groups of people as my enemy. But what terrifies me day and night is that a sizable number of people really do want to roll back time, not to the middle ages perhaps, but to the 1950's, absolutely. Many people desperately want the bible to be a part of our constitution. They want god's law to be federal law. They want homosexuality to be a capital crime. They want segregation. They want pseudo-science taught in schools. They want birth control banned. They want to take away all rights that a woman might have over her reproductive cycle. I must take a quick tangent to say that while the abortion debate is at least a valid debate, with valid opinions to be heard on both sides, the idea of contraception, of preventing unwanted pregnancy to begin with, being immoral, is purely medieval. Believing contraception to be immoral is perhaps the darkest, most backwards and disgusting stupidity that our pathetic species is capable of. Many people want to undo a century of fantastic progress, and I do not doubt for a second that Trump is one of them. I genuinely believe that if Trump were made lord emperor of earth, with absolute power and no checks of balances, he would roll back our civilization to the dark ages. I desperately wish to be told that I am GREATLY exaggerating, but I fear am I not. I fear that we are on a knife's edge, and with the slightest nudge, the enemies of basic human sanity could win. I fear that forces of superstition, lunacy, and religious fanaticism may be gaining an unstoppable amount of momentum. It doesn't help that people are losing trust in liberalism due to the outrage culture, what with free speech being hindered due to political correctness and such. I fear that the agents of ignorance will never stop trying to eat this world, and if we relax and grow complacent, they might yet win. We need to keep speaking out against dangerous ideas with every fiber of our beings.
  2. Trump's inauguration was stomach churning enough already, but in my view, what was far more horrifying was the fact that the presidential inauguration is, in 2017, still chocked full of religious benedictions and prayers. Thomas Jefferson must be spinning in his grave. There is supposed to be a figurative wall of separation between church and state. As I often point out, it is only by this wall that we are guaranteed freedom of religion in the United States. And yet, this wall has never been more than a weak, crumbling fence. Regardless of anyone's religion or spiritual views, religion must have no place in our government, laws, and public policies. "One nation under god" in the pledge is not a separation of church and state. "In god we trust" on the money is not a separation of church and state. Prayers and benedictions at the presidential inauguration is not a separation of church and state. Requiring legals oaths in government institutions to be taken while placing one's hand on a bible is an embarrassing and archaic tradition that should have died out when our country was founded. The horrific truth is that, beyond the invention of some pretty nifty gadgets, little has changed since the time of ancient Greece. Compare the following two clips; the first, a scene from a movie depicting ancient Greece, and second, the benediction from Trump's inauguration: (The first 30 seconds or so of this one will suffice.) There is little difference between these two scenes. Imagine the change in tone, the change in reaction, the change in the world, if Reverend Graham had substituted the word "Apollo" for "god". Imagine if the reverend stated that Poseidon had blessed Trump's family, administration, and presidency. Think for a second about what that would have done to the good Mr. Graham's reputation, as well as Mr. Trump himself, and most of the people involved with the inauguration. I don't think I need to elaborate or extend this analogy any further. It should be quite clear how such a statement would be received at a presidential inauguration. And yet, what was said is absolutely no different. The names have been changed. That's it. There's no more evidence for the existence of the biblical god than there is for gods of ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, or anywhere else. It's not like at some point along the way, humanity disproved Zeus but not the god of Abraham. This was not a discovery made in the third century. The fact that a moment from the presidential inauguration of 2017 can sound essentially exactly like a scene from Troy should terrify every one of us. It certainly terrifies me. Go watch Troy. Right now. That's basically our world. Give everyone in Troy a smart phone, and that's the world we're living in. There's really no fundamental difference. Anyone who believes that this is a great exaggeration is either delusional, grossly ignorant, or willfully blind.
  3. YYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Okay, back to my mopey "Arial 14". So last week, I touched ground in the good 'ol US of A! It was quite a ride and I slept not a wink knowing that just across the ocean was the land of opportunity. Don't get me wrong, I've been to America before, but never in a sense of "moving". Y'see, before, it was more of, "Don't worry, we'll eat these burgers next year. Then you'll really have a taste for them." Now it's something along the lines of, "Damn, why did I eat so many burgers? I'm never going to eat again." In the words of GRAND MOM, "Life is like a bad sandwich. You keep taking each bite hoping it'll get better. Next thing you know, you've finished the sandwich." (You bet I'm bolding that. I expect to see that in the "PonyVerse Yearbook", I wanna see my face plastered over the "Least Likely to Succeed" title bearing my name, "RiPalityPublishing: The Worst Blogger, but a Great AWP.") (Make it happen, mods. Please. We can let it be our little secret. I won't tell anyone I bribed you.) (If you couldn't tell by now, it's great to be back) SO! What's new in America compared to Jampam? Sizes, people, ghetto, technology (a slight demotion), and, of course, the first thing I see while greeted into this great country: BAD AIRPLANE SECURITY (Talk about kicking 2017 off with an exciting one. . . a rant about air-marshals) So what's so bad about American security? Well, the first thing is where to begin. . . Y'see, the problem with America is that for some reason we have this strange philosophy where in order to simplify something, we have to over-complicate it first. And with a herd of fumbling Americans "RushB"-ing through the lines, it gets very, very messy. So how do you complicate something as simple as a line? Aren't customs supposed to be a "get from Point-A to Point-B without getting your toothpaste stolen"? Not in America (save for the toothpaste part). Nope! Here's how they have it set up: Firstly, separate the lines into two; one for priority (which is bogus since no one uses it) and other being the economy skrubs (like me). Whichever line you take doesn't matter because you'll always get lost in the heat of customs. Second, split the two lines again into four different x-ray machines. Sure, that sounds simple enough on paper. More machines equals faster progress, right? Ehh . . . not when you've got a lot of extra crap being separated from the luggage just so they can do a "security check". Now, everything up to this point is rather straight forward. You follow lines, get caught in a bit of lag, what's the deal? Y'see, if you've ever been in the gaming affair long enough, you'll learn about a little something called, "RNG", or "Random Number Generator"; it determines random hit ratios, health points, to critical hits (Don't worry, I just looked it up). Why am I bringing this up? Because only at American airports do they have, "RIB", which, of course, stands for: "RANDOM INSPECTION BULLSHNIKIES". (Seriously, what else?) I usually comply with the terms of the officials, but today was something a little different. That was my last flight leaving from Aussie, Texas and it was scheduled to leave approx. 15 minutes after our previous flight landed. So we were in a bit of a rush and getting through security wasn't on our list of priorities. Fun fact: My father, about seven or so years ago, gave me this nifty little external hard drive that I still use to this day. On the back, however, is the coolest part. It's got this two-inch green sticker that reads: "This medium is unclassified U.S. Government Property". How cool is that? So as we're sprinting through the lines, I noticed one thing odd. The security guard operating the x-ray, pulls aside my prized gift: Desktop 6.0 (My new laptop). At that moment, my head was spinning. What's wrong with my laptop? Do I stash weed in my sleep? What kind of "hazards" do my 2015-built HP productivity laptop have that someone else's doesn't? We were held up for quite a while. I had to ask one of the "officers" why my laptop was "stolen". His answer? "It's been selected for a random check" Here's where the harddrive comes in. Y'see, I'm a really big wire-carrier. If you see me carrying a backpack, chances are, it's got about 5 pounds of wires and other electronics. (Always gotta be prepared, amiright?) And just behind my laptop, ON THE SECURITY BELT, was a big 'ol, green crate of wires (all from me), with that silly little hard-drive (suspicious as it is) and enough copper-wire to build me a taser. Did they touch it? Nope! They didn't even look at it. But of course, they go for the laptop, the only thing that "looks" suspicious enough for a random check. I don't know if they're going by numbers, or by pure dumb luck; but they really should consider a better way of playing RN-Jesus. When we finally arrived at the hotel, it turns out they inspected my baggage for "hazardous materials" as well. At least they folded my clothes. -RealityPublishing I realized I've written 5 MLPForum pages of these blog entries; Happy New Year, everypony! (I'm still trying to find the photos for the 5k special. At that time, it'll probably be 6k. Rip me.) Discord:
  4. I know that many of you are lamenting the results of the election last night. So I thought I would make a thread to try and assuage some of your fears. I know that this is a topic of debate, thus naturally belonging in the Debate Pit, but seeing as most on the forum don't go there, I figured that I would make it in the General Discussion forum. Debate is fine, but please keep it civil. There are a few things that you need to know. First of all, keep in mind that the strongest form of persuasion is fear. Clinton’s team of persuaders have convinced her followers that Trump is dangerous. Trump won because, in the end, his persuasion game was better, not because America is full of racists. I do have to give a lot of credit to Secretary Clinton here, as she did her persuasion very, VERY well. There are quite a few people who believe 100 percent that Trump is going to turn America into Nazi Germany or some dystopia ruled by robber barons. If you believe this, then you have been hypnotized. Now let's get into it. Temperament: Do you remember the time someone insulted Donald Trump and then Trump punched him in the nose? Neither do I. Because nothing like that has ever happened. Instead, people attack Donald Trump with words (often) and he attacks them back with words. See if the following pattern looks familiar: 1. Person A insults Trump with words. Trump insults back with words. 2. Person B mentions some sort of scandal about Trump. Trump mentions some sort of scandal about Person B. 3. Person C endorses Trump (even if they publicly feuded before) and Trump immediately says something nice about Person C. The feud is instantly over. See the pattern? Consider how many times you have seen the pattern repeat with Trump. It seems endless. And consistent. Trump replies to critics with proportional force. His reaction is as predictable as night following day. The exceptions are his jokey comments about roughing up protesters at his rallies. The rally-goers recognize it as entertainment. I won’t defend his jokes at rallies except to say that it isn’t a temperament problem when you say something as a joke and people recognize it as such. (We see his rally joke-comments out of context on news coverage so they look worse.) Trump is, as opposed to how he has been framed, in full control of his temper, and it will not be a problem in a Trump Administration. Trump might insult foreign leaders into a war: Trump and Putin seem to get along fine. Netanyahu said he could work with Trump. Mexico isn’t likely to start a war over trade, or the wall. Trump says North Korea is China’s problem, which is literally the safest thing you could say. And China’s leaders are adults who know Trump says offensive things now and then. China will pursue its own interests, and none of those interests involve going to war over some words. Likewise, other leaders are adults too. They won’t change their foreign policy over some insults. Trump might start a war: Trump owns buildings and property around the world. As a general rule, people who own a lot of real estate don’t start wars because their own assets are at risk. Trump talks mostly about having a strong military to avoid war. Speak softly and carry a big stick. He gains nothing by war. Pacing and Leading: When normal politicians change their minds we label it flip-flopping or – more kindly – “evolving” in their thinking. When a Master Persuader does it, you are seeing pacing and leading, which is a major tool of persuasion. Pacing involves matching people – in this case emotionally – and later using that bond to lead them. We see Trump doing this often. A. Trump paced his base by saying he would deport 11 million undocumented immigrants. Once he had his base on his side emotionally, he led to them to his current policy of deporting only the people who committed crimes while here. Have you heard any Trump supporters complain about it lately? B. Trump paced his base by saying he would ban all Muslim immigration to stop terrorist infiltration. Once he had them on his side emotionally, he led them first to a ban on specific problem countries, and then again to “extreme vetting,” which is a lot like Clinton’s plan. Trump supporters followed, and you don’t hear them complaining. C. Early in the primaries Trump paced the racists in the Republican party by not disavowing them as clearly and as loudly as even the racists thought he would. Since then he has led Republicans to think that some form of a “New Deal” for African-Americans might be worth a look. D. At the Republican National Convention, Trump used his emotional connection to his supporters to declare he was the strongest voice to protect the LGBTQ community. Republicans stood and cheered. And finally, the biggest one IMO... Populism: Donald Trump is a populist, meaning that rather than having a political agenda, like the one of the Republican Party, he wants to do the will of the American people(This is why many of the Republican elites hate him btw). Trump won the nomination and the presidency by appealing to the anger that many Americans have over the corruption in Washington, and by proposing solutions to fix it. And I believe that he will do everything in his power to see it through. Why? Because his legacy is at stake. Think about it like this. Rather than run for president, Trump could have retired and gone down in history as one of the greatest businessmen in American history. Instead, he opened himself up to mockery, attacks on himself and his family, and the potential destruction of his legacy if he does not do a good job. Because of this, Trump will not do a single thing that would be unpopular with the majority of Americans. This means that your civil rights are safe. As an example, take Roe v. Wade. The Republicans have enough power in Congress to put through a bill to ban gay marriage and make it a states issue. It would then go to Trump to either be signed or vetoed. So would Trump sign it and pass it off to the conservative Supreme Court, or would he veto it, where Congress Republicans do NOT have the power to overturn the veto? That depends on you. Trump, being a populist, will do what the American people demand of him. Write letters to him. Trump may not read them, but someone will. And if they get enough letters saying the same thing, Trump will know about it. Tweet at him your disdain for this bill. Because you know he isn't giving up that vice. Make it known that the American people want to keep gay marriage federally legal, AND HE WILL VETO THE BILL. This is the good of a populist leader. They hold no agenda other than the will of the people. Unlike Obama with TPP, or Bush with the Patriot Act, if enough people make their voice heard, TRUMP WILL LISTEN. His raging ego is on the line after all. I don't know if any of this will help make you feel less fearful for the future, but I hope it helps. Let's do as both President-Elect Trump and Secretary Clinton said. Unite and work together for a better America. I borrowed most of this from Scott Adams blog. It's a really interesting read, and I recommend that you all check it out.
  5. With election day in America almost upon us, I'm curious as to how many people are actually going to be casting votes this year. Are you a registered voter? Are you too young to vote? Are you disillusioned about American politics in general and couldn't care less about who wins? Let us know in the comments below.
  6. It was a hard fought victory, but the little people have managed to deliver the biggest fuck you to Washington that we could have mustered. It's going to be a great 4 years of memes.
  7. Considering the infamous election America is suffering from this year, my brain hatched a pretty stupid idea for a thread. Who would you rather have as one to rule over you and all around you, Queen Chrysalis, or King Sombra? A changeling, or an Umbrum? A parasite, or a most likely possible nutcase?<--- (Sounds familiar, don't it?) Feel free to explain as to why you believe your choice is the best case scenario out of these two worse case scenarios. I see lots of people doing the same for Trump and Clinton, so go right ahead just for the heck of it right here.