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Found 31 results

  1. Inspired by the "post interesting facts about your country thread", just post facts pertaining to the state/province you live in! Here in Florida.... It isn't all tourist traps and white sand beaches. Most of it is rural farmland, especially the more inland and north you go in the state. In fact, Florida is the top producer of watermelon in the USA, as well as tomatoes, strawberries, sugar, and, not to anyone's surprise....oranges. In terms of area, Jacksonville FL is actually the largest city in the USA. Florida has more toll roads and bridges than any other state in the Union. No matter where you are in Florida you are never more than 60 miles from the ocean. Gatorade was named after the University of Florida's football team the Gators, where the drink was first developed. The number of visitors in Orlando EVERY DAY is equivalent the population of Atlanta.
  2. Hi! For this topic/game, you have to make a list of three things about your MLP oc, except one of those things is a lie. For example: 1)My Oc is a pegasus 2)My oc is called Izel 3)My Oc is allergic to oranges And every pony else has to guess the lie! The first person to guess the lie goes next, and you can make the lie as obvious or non-obvious as you like. Please keep everything age appropriate I'll start: 1)My OC comes from another dimension 2)My OC lives in the Everfree forest 3)My OC has a broken wing
  3. Im sorta a connoisseur of memes and i would just like to know what does the mlp forums got doesn't matter what kind of meme just your best ones have fun
  4. OK, this is my first MLP annalist video. And I hope I did pretty good for my first attempt. this one is going to feature some season 6 spoilers, to let you know. the audio is of choppy, that's because I was playing around the new audio equipment (first time using it) but its clear to hear.
  5. I came up with a random topic idea at work today, I have long known and been known for being extremely blunt. My big fat mouth has gotten me in trouble more times than I can count but it the only way I know how to be. I am a horrible liar and if there is one thing I can't stand it is a liar (maybe that is why I like Applejack so much) I really think that in many cases we would be better served if we were a bit more honest with each other even if that honesty on occasion can be brutal honesty. It is one of the many reasons why I am so miserable at work because I feel like I am lying to myself and it is not a good feeling ladies and gentlemen, but at least I won't be there forever. So I am wondering just how blunt is everyone here?
  6. This topic I've decided to open, for those who want to know if a certain thing is true or not, and are too lazy to research themselves. I could've just had my question, but once it's answered, this topic can be continued past it for anyponies needs... To start off, is the fandom actually larger then the show (MLP) itself? I've been saying that, but I want reassurance.
  7. When making moderator/admin decisions on this site, regarding banning or warning as it pertains to community interaction, what is the exact criteria? As near I can tell, the criteria is simply anything that could be interpreted as offensive or hurtful, though I would like to be proven wrong. The problem with this model, if it is indeed the way things work, is that it means some individuals can be banned or warned for simply attempting to tell the truth. The truth can be inflammatory and provocative to someone who either 1. does not want to be wrong 2. does not like having their beliefs questioned Because of this, simply trying to state the truth can be a source of unpleasant emotions. Do said emotions caused by attempting to state the truth override the fact that the truth is, well, the truth? And that there is nothing inherently inflammatory or menacing in trying to be truthful? The first bullet on your rules is "opinion is opinion", but what if it isn't? What if an individual is attempting to make a truthful statement, and said statement is seen as offensive or hurtful, when inherently that is not the case? Thank you for your time. PSP
  8. This thread will likely contain spoilers so if you don't want that don't read. Has anyone read the book? I have the other day and as expected I liked it. Hearing Applejack's innermost thoughts and frustrations was interesting, what she said in her diary while a bit mean I thought had some degree of truth to it. The only problem I had with the book was just how easy everypony else was to forgive, I expected some kind of fight but feel like things were resolved a bit more quickly than they perhaps should have been. Sure what Applejack may not have intended her friends to see any of that but I could see how it could still be quite hurtful.
  9. As an AJ fan this really made my day, I thought it would take a bazillion more years before they made a book starring Applejack. I am going to pre order this sucker ASAP.
  10. I know, I know, but we already had an episode like that for AJ, 'Leap of Faith' and I really liked that episode. I honestly thought it was one of AJ's best episodes to date. Is it so wrong I would like to see another one again? In the future that is. Before you cry out, it would be unoriginal to do it again, I would say that you can rework the situation differently or concept with a some modifications or such. Afterall, it's okay if something gets done again (imo), so long as it's presented well and done correctly would I say it can be judged by its own merit. (besides, it would only be the 2nd time, hardly can say its repetitive). It's just really a concept to work with. Aj has to tell the truth in this episode and there are consequences attached to this. So maybe a slight modifier, raise the stake of the consequence a little. AJ, tell Applebloom where her parents are .... this would be where AJ would have to deal with the dilemma, do I tell Applebloom where they are? Or do I keep lying about it until the very end of the episode where she has to tell her anyways. Depending on how you pace - you could have AJ say it right from the beginning of the episode, and the rest of the episode dealing with Applebloom trying to interpret/understand that truth and try to deal with it. But it would also be an episode about closure, yes AJ would have to admit a truth that she might be afraid to say to Applebloom (again, depends on how you pace it), but it would also have to involve closure for the Apple family, to come together, because any type of grieving that might be presented in it, must be overcome by being able to grieve with each other as a family. Sure, I'm well aware of the Never say die trope here. I'm just throwing that one out as an example, because we really haven't acknowledged this elephant in the room (and yeah, I'm well aware, it's extremely unlikely it will ever happen. And no, I'm not counting the two shooting stars from 'Apple Family Reunion' as full acknowledgement, keyword being full. We had to get Sabrina Alberghetti to vaguely say 'yeah'. I kind of wish Lauren Faust was still able to make some decision on said manner). But i'm digressing too much, I just used that as an example. How would you come up with a plot that revolved around this episode concept ? Discuss pls.
  11. That does not mean *your* personality it is meant for just an example. A personality is everything. What is it you see when you look at yourself? This quote answers a lot of questions for me though it says a lot.
  12. Alirghty guys than you for the inspiration. Once in a while I take words and make them into short stories. Feel free to rate them and tell me which ones you like I want to develop some writing skills so yeah, let me know what you think my readers I took one word from each person and made it into a story.. hope you like it @ ForeverFrozen Your word- Banana "Mmmmm...", She sat licking her lips. It sat before her, big and juicy. Looking up at him with big blue eyes she asks, "may I?" her voice asked so kind and sweet. He nodded his approval as she took it in her hands. Excitement had overcome her as he just sat and watched. ​Peeling back the layer to reveal the underneath she licked and slurped the tip enjoying every bit. She smile as she watched him he looked rather pleased, as she finished the banana, her most favorite fruit of all. @~StatesTheOblivious~ Okay... "Morgenröte." That's a German expression for the red sky in the morning. She ran through the forest while holding her injured self close, her mind was a blur. A flurry of thoughts raced through her mind taunting her every step she took. 'Running is pointless.' It nagged She began to quicken her pace, 'Oh you are silly aren't you?' Laughter rang throughout her ears and her heart pounded fast. "Thump, thump, thump." 'Is that my heart or is someone..' Her thoughts were cut short by laughter. Growing louder as she ran. The faster she went the louder the laughter became. She sat toying with herself on this journey she had started. It seemed like decades had passed, when in fact that would be untrue. 'You know you are wrong, you know it.' "I am not wrong!" She screamed Lowering her voice she continued, "It was self defense." The voice snarled and sneered,'Oh really it was? It was not for lust, nor greed nor power? No it was for a far more selfish reason.. So that you could go on living while the others..' "Stop!" She cried begging herself "How can you ask for someone to die? how can you vanquish light so easily?" 'It is not I for I am you, I am merely what you think should have done.' Snarling and snapping her thoughts grew harsh, giving up the fight she lay down to rest. It was shortly after that medics had arrived, barely clinging to life she looked up to the sky it's brilliance shone bright that early morn. She lay back and uttered her last spoken words. "I know you were right, and for that I am wrong. The secrets I have you need to know, We don't have to fight we just have to..." She coughed and sputtered and she no longer spoke. One last thought raced through her mind as she went on her way. 'How many had died because I could not say?' The sun cried red that morning as it awoke. It cried in mourning for the ones he had lost, the friends who had been oh so very loyal, the fallen who had leaped to an eternal slumber, and the ones who would fall because no words were spoken. Thank you for your words guys I hope you enjoyed it.. I ended a little sooner than I thought I would, so if you are still reading thanks:) I figured it would be cool to write a story about the consequences of inaction.. I dunno that's all I got for now.... oh yeah, and banana's are delicious. But if you would like a story just submit a word (if it's not English give me a meaning) This was kind of fun and I might do another one in the future. Love you always and thank you so much for the feed back I have been getting tons as of late and it has really brought my spirits up. Thank you guys for everything. XxOoXxoOxXoO ~PP Alrighty so today's story is brought to you by Pinkie_dust thank you for the word the word is Sheep An old grey nun lay dying in her bed. She croaked and hacked, calling out for her grandson. He rushed to her side, "What is the matter?" He asked worried. The old lady smiled a toothy grin. "Close the door dear, I need to talk to you." She instructed. The boy did as he was told and rushed back to her side. He sat in silence as the old lady confessed to him all the sins she had committed over the years. The boys sat and in a state of utter confusion. He idolized his grandmother, she was every thing he wanted to be. He looked to her and asked, "Why would you do all of those cruel things to those people you helped? Why would you torment them after you worked so hard to help?" The old nun smiled and whispered, "I gave them hope, only to have ripped it away again. I let them believe it would be alright. I deceived the many so they would hope and pray and follow my path. Just as I have deceived you." A wicked smile over took her face, one that seemed to not be her own. A glint of red crossed her eyes as she took her last breath. The boy sat at his dead grandmothers side, a smile crossed his face, "A wolf in sheep's skin." Beware of the false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Next story compliments of MLP Moth Your word was Flyingturtlezombierhino Before we embark on this journey some background info on how my mind works should be helpful. I broke the word into two, Flyingturtle and Zombierhino. The inspiration came from Teen aged Mutant Ninja Turtles, and their nemesis Rhino... all I can say is enjoy "It was another day in the big apple, and the Rhino was on a rampage only this time he was a zombie! World dominance is what he aimed for and I Michelangelo was the only one who could possibly save the world. I took my nun chucks and kicked his tail in a grueling karate fight, they should really call me flying turtle. I swear that's what happened Splinter, I didn't mean to be late for practice." The turtle exclaimed trying to reason with his master. Splinter was not looking impressed with a grimace and a snarl he asked, "Then what is this? No more excuses." holding a bag filled with a green herb. The turtle started to panic and fidget, "Aww, Splinter. I am real sorry." He stammered. Splinter smiled a ratty grin. "You should be sorry, all I want is for you to share. It's not even that great." He stated calmly. Michelangelo was taken aback, Splinter had reached into his pocket and pulled something out putting it to his lips he lit it and puffed heavily, "Try this, flying turtle" Splinter said with a chuckle "Kowabunga!"
  13. What do I think, you ask? Well, that is no simple task, I can always give you my thoughts I think that parents should be fine with their boys watching my little pony! I think that homosexuals should stop believing that Christians hate them! I think that God is the one true savior! But let me get one thing straight, I will not force you to change, But I will not lie to you if you ask. Now this may not rhyme, But it is the truth. And why must the truth rhyme? Tell me what you like, what you hate, oh, and if enough people hate it, then delete it okay?
  15. This is something I think is worth sharing.
  16. I ask a question, no matter how personal (in accordance with forum regulations, of course), and the next poster answers honestly, and asked a question of their own. First question. What is the most illegal thing you have ever done?
  17. We all have one thing we wanted so badly, but knew was immorally wrong, or unobtainable. Everyone has a bit of Greed in them, whether it's the desire to bring back a loved one, own a material possession, a woman, or even take over the world. What's the one thing you always wanted but could never have? Share it. Me? I always wanted to rule the world. I wanted to be the one person who could end suffering. To take on the one title no one in history has claimed! To be the first. What about you? Please share!
  18. Have you ever had one of those days where you’re simply minding your own business whether it’s on a community site on your computer or a video game system like Xbox and then suddenly that one person comes along that’s ready to ruin your day? How do you react to them when they start trying to attack your insecurities? Do you rage back at them? Do you try to beat them at their own game by attacking back? We all run into this sort of person, that fact cannot be denied. In today’s society someone like that would be called a troll over the internet. I remember the days when I used the word troll to describe these nasty unkind folks and no one I came across knew what a troll was. Now everyone seems to know what the term troll means. Maybe the amount of trolls in the world has increased. But that’s not why I’ve created this thread. Next time some jerk comes along and tries to ruin your day instead of getting angry at them or try to stand up to them instead back up and collect your thoughts. Step back and think: “Why is this person acting this way? Why is this person going out of their way to hurt me emotionally?” What most of us fail to realize is that most of the trolls that come our way have a reason for acting so bitterly. No one has a perfect life; in fact most folks have gone through tough times. Some people have horrible parents that treat them like dirt. Some people don’t even have parents. Others are going through financial issues while someone else has lost a family member or is going through a tough breakup with a lover. Think for a second, if you’re under enough stress and someone tries to interject or you pass by someone who’s doing something you don’t like don’t you snap at them? Don’t lie, you do. Everyone has their issues and with enough stress, anger, sadness anyone can become a troll. So from now on when a troll comes your way ignore what he or she is trying to do and simply…forgive them. Understand that something has happened in their life to cause them enough pain to want to hurt someone else. Forgive and hope that one day whatever has caused them such sorrow and anger passes by so they can change for the better. Has anyone here ever encountered a troll and handled the situation with maturity? I’d like to read your stories guys.
  19. As I discussed in volume 1, life presents many challenges that people just aren't willing or ready to face. There is still hope for those who would look for it. All the same time, the Darkness of the world is looking for you. Once you escape the darkness that is the weakness of the human psyche, as I have, the world will be yours to change, but you may not completely enjoy what you find. The path I have taken is one I have dubbed Enlightenment, and not in the simple way it is used in everyday conversation. I have dropped the shackles of social barriers and dedicated myself to pursuing the truth. If you do so as well, you may achieve uncomfortable yet profound and powerful knowledge. Many people are not completely equipped to cope with the truth that once life is over, it is over. The life that you are given is finite, which you may notice interferes with the infinite ambition some people hopelessly and foolishly pursue. Just try to do something, I for one start many projects that I never finish,that's because I find something more important to do. Maybe there is something to be learned from that, in that your plans for life are not binding. Get one thing done at a time, if you try too many goals at once, you will not do anything. And wanting and achieving one thing is infinitely better than wanting everything and achieving nothing, as so many have over the course of history. People's blind hopes for the future are sometimes justified, after all, how else could they get through life, but more importantly, why would they? As with most religious views, ambition is the product of the systems that give us our sense of purpose. With enough training, as I have done, you can redefine that purpose and abandon the bindings that keep you tied down, further limiting you. While my life is still limited after dropping the bondage that is social expectations, I am infinitely more enlightened. Many people confuse enlightenment for insanity, but as I have discussed, insanity does not exist. Perhaps the term you are looking for is mental illness, but regardless, neither exist inside of me or my kin. Unless of course, society suddenly decides it would be in their benefit to consider me not well. But that is another matter entirely. People want things, this is not new news for anybody who has ever associated with one. However, people's methods for getting the things they want vary. Some humans are just impulsive by nature, and do whatever they feel to be right. Society feeds off of this personality to nurture their infinite hole of darkness and ignorance that the public is being dragged head first into. People somehow drill the idea into their head that at some point, all of the problems in the world will be resolved by some force beyond their control. Perhaps they are right about the first half, but it is important to note that when humanity solves a problem, it is not wishful-thinking that gets us to it, it is the sweat, blood, and tears of our fellow humans. If somebody truly wishes to see change, they have to work for it. But they often choose the wrong way to go about it. While violence has many many places where it is necessary (Despite claims to the contrary by the many), it is not the answer to all of our problems. The truth is, there is NO answer to all of our problems. Not even multiple answers, some problems are unsolvable gaps with which humanity must make due and find ways to survive in spite of these issues. Humans usually feel there is some kind of victory waiting for them at the end of life, I agree that it's a possibility, but someone will have to build this victory themselves, out of their accomplishments, victories, knowledge, and personality. They must build themselves a legacy. To be continued in Volume 3.
  20. Today is a Tuesday, a good day in my book, alas I would not settle for any other day to fall on this point in time. I have thought about my passions, and my worries. Worries are not to be confused with fear, for to fear is to show weakness, I try to destroy weaknesses whenever and wherever I can. However, the day has pursued my mind and left it in a state of enlightenment, and people have been looking at me as if I was speaking in tongues. Perhaps I should not blame them, they have not seen what I have seen, or heard what I have heard. Their minds were not as malleable as mine, I could withstand harsh psychological challenges. Maybe I was strong, maybe I was just too insane to realize the pain that I felt inside, but either way, it does not matter. The clock strikes the numerals, counting away the hours, and yet, time does not exist, it is merely a construct of human creation to explain the progression of events. This analogy is useful when describing many social situations wherein no inherent logic exists but it is society's self-imposed standards that lead to the result. Insanity is one such standard. People do not entirely understand that sometimes, the insane person can be right. They could be the most knowledgeable and wise person in the room, since the word insanity describes the feelings of the people around them and not any condition that they actually hahve. While some wish to understand the faces in their religious texts, they are fools. They cannot understand such things until they first understand the face in the mirror. The mirror can reveal a lot about a person, the unique thing about your reflection is that it does not react to anything you don't, somehow I find that this is a fitting metaphor for the real world. Wherein nothing happens unless you react to it. Everybody exists in a different reality, because reality is entirely how you perceive things. Somebody's red could be your yellow, you just don't know, there are no words that can describe it. And since you only ever live through a single person's perspective, you never can understand it. For that reason, humans are isolated creatures. Many problems people face are self-induced, but that is not the only type of problem that plagues people. A darkness seeps across the land, metaphorically, devouring people in sorrow and bleakness in unfathomable ways. Their entire lives seemingly turning against them. People ask me how I solve these problems, the simple answer is that I don't. I merely let them coexist with me, and when they interfere with my plans, I snap their neck with the knowledge of their inner workings that I have accrued. Much like a platypus, life is your greatest enemy. Also like Platypuses, life is an abominable mish-mash of things that seemingly deserve to be as far apart as physically possible. I will continue in volume 2.
  21. I mean, I'm just sayin' that if we spent our whole year slaving away to learn the material, why do we need another test just to prove that we were there learning as much as we could? Just don't seem too right to me. Moving aside from that matter though, we have some pictures that are slightly related to the topic matter, and many others that have nothing to do with it at all. Oh well!
  22. (The following is one hundred percent fact) This is a story about the love between two members of the staff team, Marco and Key Gear. Their connections were not obvious at first on the forums, no, not in the slightest. However, soon they would learn that their fates were intertwined, and they would discover love that had never been seen before. It all started one day, when Marco casually told Key Gear that he did photo-shopping. Key Gear jumped at this, and, knowing that Marco could not refuse, asked him to hold an art stream every Saturday night. However, this was not the entire purpose of the stream. Somewhere deep inside, a spark ignited in the hearts of both staff members that day, and a legend was born. So when time for the first stream came, Key Gear prepared eagerly. Marco however, was not quite content with that. He waited patiently for Key Gear to show up, and then he started doing Pony art while chatting away. However, eventually, an unexpected party got involved. A dashing young chap with the Charisma of a whatever-is-charismatic named Harmonic Revelations soon joined in on the stream. He started to annoy Marco, and soon noticed a pattern emerging. Marco would always talk favorably about Key Gear. Marco's words almost read like a love letter. Marco would say such dashing things to Key Gear as: "Key Gear better show up" "Key Gear, why do you have to be so difficult?" "Die" Or the most romantic: "I hope you die in a horrible fire" Marco was sending a very clear message of love. He gave every verbal cue he could, raising his voice, cussing, gargling, and coughing, all and any one of these a universal sign that you are romantically interested in someone. Key Gear took the signal, and started playing hard to get. Often times, he would show up to the stream late or leave directly in the middle. This agitated Marco that his affections were being ignored. However, even the anger could not cool the embers of the passion that ignited in his heart. He would find the love and compassion that he so desperately seeked if it was the end of him. Marco tried to get Key Gear's attention by searching DeviantArt with the safe filter off, but to no avail. That is when Marco finally got an idea, he would start doing a gaming stream. He would play games with lots of Shiny things, since he knew Key Gear enjoyed Shiny things. It was a big hit, and soon Marco had a large number of people on the stream. Marco knew that Key Gear was both the glue that held the stream together, and the glue that held his affections together. Without Key Gear, Marco felt empty inside. He needed the love of the one person who made him feel special, Key Gear makes Marco feel, like he's the only streamer in the world, like he's the only streamer Key Gear will ever love. When Key Gear does show Marco love, Marco could not be happier. The happiness reduces him to a babbling lover. Marco does not let physical distance get between him and Key Gear, he promised himself that he would find a way to make it work. Marco would curse and rage, not because the games agitated him, but because Key Gear had left a huge hole in his heart, one that had to be filled. Ever since the last stream, Marco has been trying to fill that hole with Ear-infection medication, but to no avail. Marco remains frustrated with how Key Gear always plays hard to get. Marco still does the stream, and still eternally attempts to show Key Gear that they are meant to be together forever. Maybe one day he will be successful. However, one thing is for certain, their love will last forever.
  23. Previous Article: Nobody in the modern world will probably say that there is a day that goes by when we don't have problems. And not only that, but world wide problems are approached from a variety of angles, and while I don't have ALL the answers, I decided I should at least give one of the solutions. Note: I did not say this would be an easy solution, but I'm not going to say that this is impossible either. I can guarantee that this solution is absolutely Rambo-scale bad ass, though. World Hunger, and how to solve it World hunger is no doubt a problem that people have been trying to solve ever since it sprung up. With so many people starving to death, we have tried a lot of solutions to this particular problem. While people in the developed world worry about what they're going to have for dinner, people in some parts of the world worry if they're going to eat anything for the next several days. Such an appalling problem led to a lot of public outcry, so we have done a lot, yet to no avail. Yes, world hunger is still a problem. Solutions we usually try: So most of the time we end up sending support to these countries. We'll send over people in order to supply these nations with food and water. They also occasionally provide community building services like building houses and schools that could be destroyed by a stiff breeze (Who knew that sending people with no experience building anything to build communities could end horribly wrong). Now onto why these efforts don't work: Well, first of all, eventually our support pulls out. This is apparently due to people forgetting that food and water is kind of something that people need constant access to. And even the things they supposedly put there to help the community (Like buildings) as I have mentioned above are defective, I should mention that this is kind of a problem we need experts to help with, and not some volunteers. But of course, the lack of profit in it severely limits how many professionals are willing to work on it since this world is based on greed. My Badass Solution: Terraform Mars Yes, you read that correctly. I suggest that we start a project to condition Mars' atmosphere until it can support life. Such an endeavor is only estimated to take a few hundred years. And considering how long it took us to do a lot of pointless things, colonizing Mars would solve TWO problems. One, once it can support life and has it's own ecosystem, it would provide more area for farming. And considering the fact that commercial space travel just recently became a thing, we can definitely have some kind of system for transferring supplies between Earth and Mars. This would not only solve World Hunger by providing more resources, but it would do something else too. It could solve overpopulation. People could move to Mars, and the population density could change to make life better on Earth. And since we know more about how the environment works now than we ever did, we would hopefully be smart enough not to pollute Mars. As for constant food on Mars until we make it able to support life? Well, recently scientists learned how to GROW EDIBLE MEAT in labs, so we could do that. "But..Harmonic, the world is based on greed, nobody will colonize Mars!", Well, voice in my head, I'm glad you brought up that point. Let me point out that for multiple reasons, colonizing mars is extremely profitable. Be it maybe for the tons of unclaimed land that these corporations could stake claim to, or be it for the fact that space travel is bad ass enough that travel agencies would definitely rake in the dough from the rich people who want to got o space. Even if private corporations don't do it, it could still be a government endeavor. We just build up Mars until it is self-sufficient, and hope that Demons do not invade.
  24. do you thing you can handle the truth? this topic was designed in hopes of enlightening the haters of the G3. i can't make you like them but perhaps i can make you hate them a little less or at least feel bad for the plight of the G3 ponies. pinkie pie exsisted in G3 correct? she loved to throw parties, yes? both enjoy ballons. what if there is a reason for these connections? this is not for the faint of heart! you have been warned! here we go time to delve in to the mysterious history of our beloved land of equestria: I didn't know why I always got all nostalgic when I used my balloons to fly, but it always felt so good. Of course the trio of flutter ponies thought it was a hassle to always have to bring me down, but it was all in good fun. It also provided me a chance to spot any new faces in Ponyville, I did have a reputation to keep as everyone's best friend of course and that meant knowing everyone in town before I could be friends with them. Rainbow Dash thought I could use some more glamor in my steps if I wanted to be the town's most popular pony, she said I'd be 'Simply dashing.' But fashion sense was Dashie's special talent, not mine. And I didn't want to be the most good looking, just everyone's best bud. Thankfully, while Rainbow Dash wasn't one to ever hold back her high culture opinions, she wasn't one to impose them. StarSong's latest performance at Celebration Castle had gone well. It never ceased to amaze me how StarSong could be so in command of an audience on stage, but be so shy around ponies when offstage. Spike, however, was in the castle wearing his reading glasses, running about reading notes and cards in his own claw writing mumbling to himself, "My word, not right, not right at all, something is definitely wrong here. I know I keep getting my stories mixed up, but these don't make any sense." But the intellectual dragon wouldn't let any pony get a word in edgewise, not even his 'Princess' Wysteria. Of course I wanted to celebrate. "How about a party?" I suggested at once on the way back home. "We had one yesterday." StarSong pointed out causally. "Yeah isn't it great?" "How about one of Cheerilee's story-times instead? After that concert, I could use some quiet time." I wondered. 'Which friends to invite?' At the time, I missed StarSong's implication about 'quiet time.' Didn't matter which friends I invited since they were all great. Maybe Toola-Roola, she did help StarSong with the decorations for the show after all. "Pinkie Pie, look." The pegasus StarSong whispered shaking me, her friend, out of my planning. I finally noticed the town around us. Things were very wrong. The world's colors looked muted, desaturated, like someone had put a thin sheet of gray over everything. The ponies themselves were either looking a bit confused about it themselves or trying to ignore it. Some galloped to Celebration Castle to see if the ponies there knew what was going on. Then I saw Toola-Roola come running like mad towards us. She bumped past two ponies, but they looked around as if they had been shouldered by 'The Invisible Mare.' The pony looked outright panicked. "GUYS! Can you see me?! You know it's me?!" "Toola-Roola? Of course we can see you!" StarSong said, confusion plain in her face. "Thank goodness! I came back from the market with new paints and my house was gone! I tried to ask everyone what happened, but it was like they couldn't hear me! Rainbow Dash bumped right into me! I said 'Sorry Rainbow Dash' and she seemed confused a second before noticing me and asking if we had ever met! And . . . look." She showed us a picture we had all taken of our core seven group of friends. Me, Dashie, Cheerilee and her sister Scooaloo, little Sweetie-Belle, StarSong, and Toola-Roola. Only Toola-Roola wasn't there anymore. "What's happening?! I'm so scared!" We hugged our friend, not sure what else to do as she looked on the verge of tears. "Dang! There you are! I've been looking all over for you! I don't get why I was told in particular which ones to deal with." Said a causal somewhat snarky voice hold a trace of attitude. "Ya bunch of soulless identical Mary-Sue Clones." The three of us looked in shock at the . . . thing before us. It had the body of a furred snake, it had the tail of a rattle snake, it had the head of a horse, and the wings of a dragonfly on one side and a vulture on another, its legs were those of a dingo, fox, coyote, and raven, its eye were green in yellow. It was like a bad dream come to life. Before any of us could speak he grabbed hold of Toola-Roola's head from behind and said like he had scored a goal at a soccer game, "Character retgon!" Toola-Roola didn't even scream, she just looked at us sadly as she vanished like a magic trick. StarSong gasped, "What did you do to- . . . to .. . " The Pegasus singer/dancer realized with horror; she couldn't remember the name of her friend who had been standing there a moment ago. She tried to remember what she looked like but it was all coming up blank. A horrible feeling came over her. "What did you do?" "Meh." The mix of animals shrugged, "We're just cleaning out the closet. Cutting out the dead weight. And now I've got to do more work to erase what Miss Deleted did while I was looking for her! Great, just great! And I was almost done too!" "Friends aren't dead weight!" I shouted. "Pst. You're all identical anyway, why so upset?" "SHE-" StarSong said as she grappled with her memories, biting and kicking away for the precious bits still there, "SHE WAS AN ARTIST! She painted! She has a taste for design none of us have! You can't just call her nothing!" Finding it horribly, horribly hard to focus on her friend who had been standing there a moment before, StarSong looked around, her sense of wrongness growing, like shadows were moving among them. Ponies were arguing, okay nothing too special there (you should have seen me and Minty bash heads at the Spring Promenade), but ponies were having different ideas of how to do things and not compromising like we always do! I saw some ponies vanish and their faces and names vanishing from my memories, some were (better? worse?) changed into completely different ponies. I saw Rainbow Dash trotting confused to the edge of town, maybe she was trying to figure out why she knew she should have known the pony she bumped into earlier? A shadow passed over her, this one, however, took shape; it was a pegasus. It moved about as if blind, moving towards the first warm body it sensed. It became a transparent image: its mane blue and its hide pink while it's cutie mark was two blue lightning bolts. Then it seemed to overlap Rainbow Dash! "Dash it all! What is--" Rainbow Dash gasped out in her high-culture accent, looking ill. Her customize designed scarf and hat vanished, her coloring changed. Then her cutie mark, the definition of her soul became a single cloud and the rainbow arch became a lightning bolt. Her eyes widened as I saw maturity, experience, all her high culture experience and diction drain from her as a pair of pegasus wings sprouted from her back and her entire figure changed, her lady-like voice turning to a rough-and-tumble one. I felt like I was looking into the eyes of a stranger rather than one of my friends. The (new?) Rainbow Dash flew away in a daze, not knowing what she had been doing there. I felt a weird form of inverse sickness, I don't know what else to call it, like I the world was changing and I wasn't a part of it anymore. The dutiful and ever present trio of flutterponies were in a panic as they tried to figure out what was wrong with the much larger ponies. "Flutterponies!" StarSong yelled at them. "StarSong?! What's going on?" Zipzee asked as she fluttered her wings. Starsong blew them a kiss, "Run, stay safe. Get back to Breezy Blossom Way and tell the others there to stay clear of Ponyville!" "We can't just-" "Please do it!" The tiny fairy like ponies looked at each other, finally nodded and fled as fast as their wings could carry them. The mix-and-matched thing asked like it discussing cake. "What makes you think there's anywhere they can run to?" StarSong felt anger. I had never seen it before so greatly, but I recognized it all the same. It was confusing. But she held onto it. "I WON'T LET YOU HURT THEM!" The mix of things scratched his nose, "Meh. Don't get so worked up. They're not my department. You girls sure didn't give us this much hassle when we did a semi-retool last time . . . but just goes to show; some things just can't be fixed, you just need to tear it all down and start from scratch! This entire age of Equestria must be cut out of the story books. I mean, I told those stuffed shirts that they were just making this universe worse with their 'improvements' they handed down. At least this place was interesting before they had to throw in a bunch of political correctness! You were at least a little bit CUTE before! And I thought a well-spoken scholarly Spike was a nice change of pace. Ugh! Of course, who'd listen to one of the Draconequi? Of -course- we'd want to get back to rebuilding something we just finished 'patching' with bad ideas!" "Who ARE you?" StarSong cried out. "I'd say that doesn't matter since you won't remember this, but I never get tired of saying it. The name's Anarchy. Got it memorized? Yeah yeah, and I'm in a pecking order by commission, so sue me. "I'm called a Draconequus, Draconequi for plural. We're called in along with the Alicorns by those in charge to 'fix up' things if a reality has turned hopelessly static and all nearly the souls become generic. Of course my parents never do a thing all day! Ya'd think being the embodiments of primal fear and heat-death that pops-Havoc and ma-Entropy would do more than sit on their tails parroting orders all day. Oh well. Time for you to go." "No!" StarSong shuddered. "Oh don't worry girlie, didn't mean you. Ya see, you have a tiny bit of depth that can be explored. That makes you a bit interesting. You got something that can grow and evolve. That means you get to become a somebody, opposed to a nobody destined to fade into the heartless darkness, unversed in your own emotions. You're unique, so you get to stay," He pointed at me. It was like my heart stopped. "But nobody cares about a pony whose always happy and who makes friends with everyone fixated on parties like everyone else every day here. Talk about boring and generic! That's the kind of thing that have got to go!" I felt a spark of something well up inside me. "We throw parties to GET TO KNOW each other! Each party is based on that pony's heart! And we don't do them every hour of every day! I just like them! We did a lot in a row because a lot of us met in a row! Of course I helped with everyone's else's party so much that I nearly ruined my own until everyone helped and-" "-and Bye-bye." StarSong rammed him from below the jaw, making him shut up. "Mah toaung, yoh made me bit mah toaung!" He rattled his head. "Hey you little punk! Watch it! You don't want to make me angry!" "I won't let you touch her!" StarSong said tears in her eyes. "What makes you think what can effect anything of what's going to happen next?" He asked almost sternly. Anarchy teleported right behind her right in my face, StarSong however proved just a little bit faster and kicked him in the back of the head making him grunt. His rattle snake tail lashed at her but she dodged nimbly as only a dancer can. I couldn't take this anymore! We didn't fight! We comprise. We hug and make up. This is all wrong. I just curled into a ball and whimpered wanting it to end. "Alright, now you're just getting in my way!" Stated Anarchy angrily as he snapped his fingers and a dozen giant swords fell from the sky, StarSong was past being terrified, past being afraid, everything she knew and loved was dying around her, if she could protect one thing, then nothing else mattered. It was like I was outside my body knowing all this. She felt one of the swords slice her leg open, it was the most horrible horrible horrible pain she had felt in her entire life, she wanted to break down and cry then, but the adrenaline running through StarSong was keeping the pegasus going. She rammed him in the gut, knocking the wind out of him. "ENOUGH!" He snapped his fingers, she fell to the ground skinning her belly. She looked behind and saw with horror her wings were gone. "Now time-out you! Now, back to business! One less generic cookie cutter ponies -delete-." He made a grab at me, I didn't try to run. He'd stop trying to hurt StarSong if I just disappeared. StarSong screamed and leapt at his face, by sheer reaction he grabbed her, he realized his mistake too late. "AW DAMMIT!" I finally looked up StarSong looked at me, she began to mouth one final song, but she vanished into nothing before the air could leave her lungs. "Ah fudge!" Anarchy cursed. "Bring her back! Take me and bring her back!" I cried desperate trying to hold onto the image, voice, and songs of my friend. I began hammering at his body with my fore hooves blindly. "I can't dumb horse! She's gone! " For a brief moment, it looked like Anarchy was -scared- of me. "Anarchy! Stop torturing them! You're here to do a TASK remember? This entire world needs to be revised before the 'improvements' from before cause it to collapse totally! And where's that donkey you call a brother Discord?" Boomed a stern but young(ish) female voice. It was a horned pegasus/winged unicorn, she was a lot larger than any other pony I had seen. Her cutie mark was a spiral galaxy. Her horn was longer than any pony's I've seen. Her coat a mix of silver and black. Her mane sparkled white. I didn't even try to comprehend this new being's appearance, the unifying happiness of my world gone, they had ruined it, I had nothing. "Meh, I saw him making some blue flower or another, or turning those butterfly ponies into fast multiplying bugs, I forget which. Let him do his thing." "'His thing' tends to cause more damage than good! And I don't remember him having orders to do anything to the Flutterponies!" "Pst. You didn't, maybe he did. Ya can't pick your family Your Starriness or whatever yer title is. Or I'd have put myself up for adoption by now. At least it's six relatives and not an organization of nobodies." "Did you return the ponies to the source as you were supposed to? We don't have time for your slacking with this entire world's fate at stake." "That eager to know that a couple of the Perfect Ponies went bye-bye?" "I am eager to have this horrid business over with!" "Yeah, yeah I did." Anarchy lied perfectly. "And now it's getting hard to even remember their names now isn't it? Surprise?" I asked meekly, "Whose Surprise? Wait, how'd I know you meant a pony named Surprise?" The horned pegasus/winged unicorn one pointed at me. "What about her? Pinkie Pie? Your orders were to make them all unique individuals." "She's the last one. That makes her unique now. I'm finished with the ponies, you can start on the setting." I had never cried before, but now my eyes were gushing rivers. "Please! Change them back! Change them all back! PEASE! What did we ever do to you?" The flying unicorn/horned pegasus looked me in the eyes, it was like I was looking at every star in the sky, I felt so small as she lowered her head. "I'm so sorry my little pony. You've done nothing to deserve this, but what's done can't be undone. If there was another way to stop entropy, we would have already done it. We can't simply 'undo' the misguided 'improvements', too much damage has already been done." "Preaching to the chorus 'lady rainicorn', if there was an easier way to fix this whole mess, I'd be the first one to suggest it," grumbled Anarchy, looking rather annoyed. "A total retool is just way too much work for my tastes." I could tell from the mean way he said it that that wasn't her real name or species. The horned pegasus gave a look to Anarchy before returning her gaze to my eyes, a somewhat compassionate look in her eyes. "I am afraid what we're doing now is kind compared to what happens if we do nothing. There's nothing else that can be done. The only thing I can do for you is have it so that you won't remember this life." "NO! I don't want to forget them! They're my friends!" I screamed. The flying unicorn/horned pegasus startled in full surprise at me. She then lowered her head to look back into my eyes, a serious look on her face. "... Listen closely to what I am about to say... Your world will never be the same and some of your friends will no longer be with you, and those that do will be different than you knew them. But I promise you parts of them will live on, as they always do..." "I... I don't understand..." I replied, confusion clear in my eyes along with the tears. Anarchy grunted at me annoyed as I prepared to say something else and grasped my head in a dingo's paw. He lifted me off the ground. "On second thought. Maybe a depressing childhood to balance out all that cheerfulness." I realized what that meant. "NO! Please! Leave my mother alo-" And I felt my inner self torn asunder. I felt new memories flooding into me. A new truth. A new reality. But I remembered the old ones too. I still do. Though I don't know how much I remember is true anymore and how much is just me trying to fill in the blanks. And I held onto the image of StarSong trying to sing her last melody. Goodbye~Funny how that's such a hard thing to say Now it's time to let go butNever thought I'd feel this way Promise not to be sad butWe both knew I'd be lyin'.Gotta fight back the tears, cuzCan't let you see me cryin'.You're more than just my best friend! What makes me misty most of allIn my final curtain callIs knowing that I won't see youAga this is and excerpt from the diary of pinkamena diane pie next friday we will find out what happened next.