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Found 2 results

  1. Here is Try Again/5th Place and Under Results from Mario Kart: Super Circuit on the Organ. Enjoy. 😊 Special Thanks to the following patrons for supporting me on Patreon: [Ultimate Fan] Juke Denton [Moderate Fan] James Flores If you enjoy my content as much as they do and myself, then join them here:
  2. Alright mates, time for Noire. Here's how the game works. There are plenty of citizens and innocents, and a few mafioso. Each side needs to eliminate all the players on the other team to win, to the last man. In the day phase the citizens try to figure out clues left in the previous night's narrations to figure out who are the bad guys, and then the citizens (Any players really, same as how any players can solve, post, or other non-ability tasks) private message votes to me on who they think was responsible and want lynched. IN the night phase, all the townies cann do is hug themselves and hope they don't die. Those with night powers can kill others, save others, protect, glean clues, and other wonderful things. Each day and night cycle takes 24 hours, and at 5:00 P.M. I stop accepting actions and start writing the narration. The narrations have clues in them to search for.

 Dakerstown Citizens: 1 Fire Fighter 5-8 Citizens Dakerstown Mafia:
 1 Lieutenant
 1-2 Made Men

 Elected Positions:
These are additional roles and powers that can be granted to some of the players, via election or random selection. Use them wisely.

 The Mayor is elected at the start of the game and has numerous roles. His special abilities are:
Seal of Office: Increased vote count of two during lynching.
 Desperate Times, Desperate Measures: The Mayor can declare two double lynches anytime during the game. When double lynches are in effect each player gets two votes on two different people. (Must notify me during night cycle or early on in the day so voting can be arranged accordingly.)
 Did you ever know you're my hero...: The Mayor cannot be killed during the night while the bodyguard(s) remain alive. The Mayor will be informed of the identity of the bodyguard(s).
 Let's celebrate!: The Mayor has the option of insta-lynching one player by the end of Day 1, once he's won the election. No voting takes place. Whoever the Mayor picks gets lynched. Take heed though if you plan to use this ability since no clues have been given that could help point you at a criminal at that time. Bodyguard 
Random Citizens will receive the role of bodyguard once the Mayor has been elected. The bodyguards and the Mayor will be informed of their identities. As long as the bodyguards are alive, the Mayor cannot be killed via night hits. A drive-by sent to a protected person will also be intercepted.

 Dakerstown Citizens!
 Lynch a bad guy during the day. Survive the night. Rinse and repeat. Players who are Dakerstown Citizens are in business to save Dakerstown from corruption.

 Fire Fighter Name: ~@$#? *&%^!
Age: ~@$#? *&%^! Sex: ~@$#? *&%^! Eye Color: ~@$#? *&%^! Hair: ~@$#? *&%^! Job: District Fire Chief Description: ~@$#? *&%^! is District Fire Chief of the Dakerstown Suburb, and his life has been stressful. During his career he’s survived dozens of collapsing and burning buildings, while bringing citizens out alive. His record is clean, but the explosion at the police station just doesn’t add up. Only an expert in arson could have done it, but what could ~@$#? *&%^! have against Chief Gordon? Abilities: Years of Experience- One extra night life.

 As a citizen, you stand to loose big, should the mafia ever manage to take control of the town. Be critical! Be suspicious! Most importantly, be on time to vote for a lynch or you won't have any fun at all.

 Dakerstown Mafia
 The mafia’s win condition is to kill all the townies and rival opposition. Unlike townies, all mafia members know who each other are. All mafia members can kill once per night cycle. Mafia members cannot kill fellow mafia.


Lieutenant Name: ~@$#? *&%^!
Age: ~@$#? *&%^! Sex: ~@$#? *&%^! Eye Color: ~@$#? *&%^! Hair: ~@$#? *&%^! Job: Mafioso Leader Description: From what I could gather, this guy is lead mobster of the suburb. So high up, he doesn't even dirty his hands with threats to the family. All he needs to do is send a drive-by to your home or residence. He puts out a hit on some kook, waits a few days until they try leaving town, or feel safe...and then I'm typing up headlines about the shootout at the bakery. Abilities:

 Put out a hit- The Lieutenant can put out a hit on a target. That means he targets them for death with a contract, and this takes one night cycle. The Lieutenant can order the kill any night after that, unless he wants to order another. He can have up to two assassinations waiting to be carried out. When there are two, both are carried out at once. Drive by, time bomb, mugging, house fire- this case just got deeper. Made Man Name: ~@$#? *&%^!
Age: ~@$#? *&%^! Sex: ~@$#? *&%^! Eye Color: ~@$#? *&%^! Hair: ~@$#? *&%^! Job: Mafioso Hit Man Description: ~@$#? *&%^! is the child of Italian immigrants, who had connections to their local crime organization through family roots. On home from wounds in the war, I believe it was bribes that kept the then-healthy ~@$#? *&%^! from returning to duty. Loyal to the family, I know this guy isn’t good. Gotta look out for him, keep the rookie out of this. Abilities: Just Business- One kill attempt each night.