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Found 2 results

  1. Believe it or not, MLP has two card games out. First, the official Collectible Card Game (CCG), which has been hosted at tournaments ranging from BronyCon to GenCon. A game where you use tokens to deploy pony cards of differing attriubtes, events and items in an attempt to work together and overcome problem cards played by the opponent and the accompanying trouble makers who hinder your efforts, while they do the same against you, each card played effecting everything from number of cards in the hand, what you draw, how many tokens you can spend and who you can move. Whomever can achieve up to the required level of points by solving every problem and vanquishing every troublemaker gets the W. A very unique strategy game in the grand scheme. And on the other side, we have Twilight Sparkles Secret Shipfic Folder (TSSSF), the unofficial, lucrative fan produced game that has spread to every Brony convention across the land. A game that plays upon the more comedic aspects of the fandom by having the focus be on by pairing characters in the game together in branching relationships using the shipping cards, each pony and ship card having it's own effect on the board, and all being used to meet the varying demands of the goal cards. Initially developed as a bit of a party game, the overarching idea was to essentially write and play out really bad fanfics using the most convoluted and nonsensical romance tropes and pairings imaginable, with comedic variants of popular characters, the addition of fan OCs and even flavor text allegedly taken from actual fanfics. But over time TSSSF has evolved into it's own serious strategy game, tactically playing the right cards together to achieve the goals in the fastest time. So with the candidates layed out, which card game was more successful? For those that have, which one was more fun to play? And for those who haven't played either, which sounds like the better game to play?
  2. I'm surprised I never heard of this game before today. I thought the only MLP Card Game that existed was the CCG, I looked up a few videos on the game already. It all seems confusing as hell right now. But maybe if I can learn to play it. It'll be a blast to whip out at my next Brony Meetup. Anyone else play or at least heard of this? How do you play? Also mods if this thread exists somewhere already I'm sorry I searched for it but didn't find anything.