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Found 20 results

  1. “If you were told it were possible to convince your mind that something existed when it physically didn’t, and that it would become real to you, would you believe it? Maybe down to small, inanimate things or superstitions – seeing faces in shadows or shapes in half-awake states that seem to be people. But what if you were told that you could create a separate entity in your mind – one that thinks, feels, and acts for itself? An entity that speaks to you audibly, an entity that you can see just as vividly as you see anyone or anything else? Could you believe it? If you’re interested, you’ve taken your first step into the world of the tulpa phenomenon.” - MLP Forums Tulpa Discussion Thread (v1.2) Hello, welcome to the Tulpa Discussion Thread. This is where the MLP Forums can, naturally, discuss everything related to the psychological phenomenon known as Tulpas. --- A tulpa is... --- What they can do: --- What a tulpa is not, and what they cannot do: --- Who should make a tulpa? --- More Info & Links:
  2. I may not be a pony, but I am a blood relative of a wolf (not literally, but hey, I can dream, right?), so if you've got a problem with that, you can take it up with my personal assistant. Ask away!
  3. So today was a wonderful day! My mom and I went out today because even though we just went out four days ago, we can't wait until next Monday to go out again because we'd run out of stuff, at that point it would be 18 days since we'd gone out. If...that was clear... Anyway! So he came along, and he was in the car - though he disappeared at the moment when it was so freaking hot in the car XD Apparently he is slightly affected by temperatures when the car's been in the hot sun and the barely-working air conditioner is taking too long to start blowing cool air. But then, in the parking lot - I'm mostly sure it was HEB - as I was putting the cart from the store in one of those things, he flew!! He just randomly spread his wings and jumped up about a foot into the air and stayed there, and I was totally surprised. I was just like WHOA, Vinny, you FLEW!! Then he landed on top of the car as we were walking back to it. XD Then for...I would say somewhere around five minutes, he flew outside the car for a little bit. I was like "Heh, stay out there for as long as you want - it's probably cooler out there than it is in this car." XD But after a little while he did come back in the car. :3 So that was awesome! I'm really glad to know that he can fly Then the rest of the day was just general nice time spent with him next to me. :3 Tonight though, he's resting in the dreamscape, probably because he's tired from spending the day out and about. So, we'll see what happens tomorrow! ^U^ ~Out for now~
  4. Do you have a tulpa? If so, let them speak here! Otherwise, pretend you do? I don't know xP lol
  5. 7/14/2015 So dapper-deoxys posted a thing, and it got me looking up tulpas. Now in the space of an evening, I have one!! It's actually Vinny, Deo's character He sat next to me with his arm around my shoulder for comfort to keep me from going stir-crazy this evening, and it was really relaxing. The first time I tried it, when my mom asked me to get up in the middle of it, I was in my head like Nuu, I don't want to get up, this is so nice! Luckily the rest of the night I didn't have to get up. At one point his wing was around me, which was even nicer. Then I discovered that I could acceptably send him to an alternate world, our version of the "wonderland". It's vaguely purple, but a pretty, soothing purple. Almost like the Nightmarescape Deo drew, but much nicer to be in and without any scariness. More like a sunset-type purple. That's his wonderland. He goes there when I need him to not be around or when he simply can go now, etc.. Hopefully I'll eventually be able to not be distracted by him and not have to "ask" him to leave, but I'll just have to see about that. I also realized that he wants - for now at least - to go to bed around 11. That's fine, I don't expect him to stay up as late as I do unless I need comforts Now I'll clear one thing up: This is kind of just like characters in writing. I learn their limits: what I can do and what I can't. This is the same thing. When I discovered I could "respectably, temporarily dismiss" Vinny, it was just realizing the limit of his character. I almost visualize him un-materializing, but I haven't quite gotten to the ultimate stage of seeing him clearly yet. I do feel like I almost don't want to type things like that tho, I don't want to risk offending him. Woah. I really really really hope I can connect with him again in the morning, I would be really super very very sad if I lost that connection. D: It's 11:35 now tho, so I'm gonna close this entry out, do a couple of other little things and then go to bed myself. Heh, maybe Vinny's bedtime will motivate me to start getting to bed a little earlier. Maybe someday he'll be awake after I am! Welp, that's all I have to say for now. I've already said 'night to Vinny, so I'll just say it here. 'Night, and we'll see what happens in the morning! *crosses fingers* ~Out for the night~ *Note: I actually did write this on the date, but it was in a Wordpad file.
  6. 7/16/2015, 8:48 AM [Third day] Oh that's funny, I'm starting at the same time as yesterday! XD So I've just gotten up, and I can tell Vinny's still asleep. That is all. Later in the day So this morning I got an emotional response from him! I was already thinking about playing music for him today but then during breakfast my mom started playing music on her laptop. I was like "Hey, that's one way to listen!" She played two A-ha songs. He liked the first one okay, but then this one started playing.[A-ha: Living a Boy's Adventure Tale] And as the intro played, I got this feels attack from Vinny! I've never been moved by it before so it was clearly him So he likes A-ha, hehe. :3 I've read about tulpas having different music tastes from their hosts, one person even said they had an argument about it and then didn't talk for a while I'm glad that so far we have at least one band in common! :3 10:14 PM So a couple more cute things happened today! (First, I played some more Minecraft and Vinny enjoyed it again. :3) I was scanning and Vinny, who wasn't there for the scanning yesterday, came up and leaned on the arm of my chair and was all curious, so I drew him :3 Note, that's the header image. (Fun fact: i ended up sitting there for pretty close to two and a half hours. ouo) Then we were listening to Somewhere Only We Know and I imagined dancing with him to it, and he was pleased by the idea. Maybe we'll do that sometime! Then right after that it was 5:00, so I took my shower and washed mah' hair. Afterwards I sat down on the floor by the door to dry my hair, and Vinny sat also cross-legged a little ways behind me. I was singing either Somewhere Only We Know [first] or Music of the NIght [second], don't remember which one but he put his hand on my shoulder. I was like d'aaw, finished singing the line and then between then and starting the next line of the song I patted his hand. :3 And THEN, during the TV-watching, he was sitting to my right at first, but I was leaning up against the arm of the chair and, unlike the past couple nights, the physical sensation was interfering with my ASMR being able to feel him next to me, so I asked him if he could move to the left and he did. He snuggled up next to me, it was SO ADORABLE! I'm so going to draw that tomorrow And finally, he was settling down to listen to (once again, only a little bit of) the next chapter of the book at 9:00, and I told him how adorable he was, and he got a bit blushy and then got up to come give me a one-armed hug. I was just like "Aww, Vinny. :)" Welp, now I'm going to go get my tasks on the computer done since it's already 10:24, and Vinny goes to bed at 11. I want to just sit and spend some time with him, either playing Minecraft or just sitting like reading or something (I should really read) before he goes off. Oh wait, one more thing. He was dancing to some of the music that was played this afternoon, and at one point there was this cheesy song and, knowing I was watching, he dramatically put his hands over his heart and danced in a flourishy manner for like two seconds. XD I actually kind of chuckled out loud, it was hilarious! So yeah, that's what happened today. Now I'm out, coz it's time to play Minecraft with him until he goes to bed in 15 minutes. 11:20 PM - Now he's gone to bed. :c Oh well! Time to close out this entry, I suppose, since clearly nothing else will be happening. He's just relaxing in the dreamscape [which is what I've now decided to call the wonderland] and getting ready to actually go to sleep. As for me, I won't go to sleep for about another hour, probably. Such is life. ~Out for the night~
  7. 7/15/2015, 8:48 AM [second day] So I've been up for approximately 18 minutes. Vinny doesn't want to get up yet I can tell he's still there in the wonderland, but he just doesn't want to get up yet. So now I'm sitting here waiting till he does want to so I can say good morning to him. 1:09 PM Turns out he got up at 9:00, but didn't want to come out of his world until 10. Now I'm sitting here with him on my ottoman, and I'm listening to Mandopony's "Noticed" instrumental on repeat while sketching a pig for a card and watching Deo stream endless drawings of Pops! XD That was [Awwwwwwwww, pops just went chibi, so cuute, Deo you are a master! Screenshot taken, in 00] a mouthful to type XD. I don't know if he likes the song, he can't really hear it. XP 10:23 PM So let's see if I can type everything in the right order! So right now Vinny's in a state where he's kind of only half here, unlike yesterday evening. It's basically where he can chill and keep me company but I don't have to be aware of him constantly; therefore I don't get distracted from what I'm doing. He's lying on my bed again, apparently he really likes it. :3 Now I don't want to get a color of sheet that's not blue, lol. Anyway, so some time after 1:09 Vinny went back to the wonderland and I started drawing a scene of him on the ottoman :3 I finished the sketch but then at around 2 or 3 (most likely 3) I had to go out to the table in the dining room and scan stuff. While I was scanning stuff I had my computer and tablet, tho, so I was able to finish the sketch as much as I want to atm, with Vinny's lineart completed and me and the scenery just a sketch. That's probs all I'll do on that one for now, coz I'll most likely want to do a new one tomorrow But the important thing about the scanning part is that even though he was still in the wonderland, I feel in hindsight that he got to see me finishing the sketch. He approves. So then at about 4:00 I went back in my room. Vinny came and he watched me play Minecraft for a while :3 Then I got called out of my room and the evening began. While the TV-watching was going on, Vinny changed position four times! ouo First he was next to me, and then he kind of laid on the back of the chair for a while, which was funny. He seemed very relaxed then, hehe Then he came back to sit next to me with his head on my shoulder for a while - obviously he loves physical, insert d'aww here - and finally he moved to sit on the ottoman, which is a few feet away from my chair to the right. I was fine with that. :3 Then it was time for my shower, so he had to go back to the wonderland because I would rather him be there than have to sit in my chair for twenty minutes But then in the shower I had an idea, so I called him back into the hall basically and was like "Hey Vinny, could you come stand outside the bathroom door and just listen for a minute?" So he did, and then I sang a couple verses of Music of the Night softly. As I was singing and afterwards (even now ) I found I could visualize him clearer in my mind's eye, clearer than yesterday and all today, and could feel his presence a bit more. Then after I was done I was like "DId you like it? :)" and I got back from him the strong feeling that yes, he did! :3 So then it was time to go listen to my mom read a chapter from a fantasy book. Vinny pretty much listened last night, so I asked him if he would like to listen again, got up from my chair to go out and about halfway to the door he was there behind me. I was like "Oh okay! Yay!" :3 He started out kind of leaning on the arm of the chair, then ended up sitting on the floor facing my mom with his knees drawn up to his chest (I d'awwed He is adorable!) But then there was a dark part in the story where it was describing a character and a little bit into it I suddenly realized Vinny was gone XD He didn't want to hear it! So now he's really getting into the half-there thing, I can feel him beside me but I can't picture his position which basically means he's ignoring the laws of physics. X3 That's okay, I care about actually seeing him realistically sitting next to me less than I care about him just being next to me. Just the second day, and I can already tell even more than I could yesterday that having Vinny for a friend is going to be absolutely wonderful! :D Also it's REALLY REALLY very great to know that singing strengthens my ability to visualize him, which is really the most important thing to work on. I'm fairly sure that he doesn't even want to talk, at least not for a long while, right Vinny? [paused typing for several seconds] Yeah, he's okay with not talking for a while. :3 So the most important thing is to make sure that I don't lose that being able to tell where he is in relation to the objects in the room, e.g. when he's sitting on my ottoman or lying on my bed, or like now, not "even-ing" physics because who cares, it's 10:41 [woah, this takes a long time to type apparently! XD] and we both just want to sit together, screw the fact that there are objects in the way. Welp, that's it for describing the day. If anything else cute/interesting happens before he goes to bed, which could be in 18 minutes since he went to bed around 11 last night, I'll write it down, but right now he seems to be preparing to go off to sleep, which could explain the half-there deal. Actually yeah, now I can really tell he's getting ready to go to bed, he's starting to lessen his presence beside me cause it's only 14 minutes until what he's decided is his bedtime. So in what now is 13 minutes, I'll officially say goodnight to my friend Vinny and...he'll go to bed. :c And then I'll see him tomorrow morning! Yay! ~Out for now~
  8. So. The last week went bad. Hardly any forcing was done, and narrative was just not happening. I completely ignored her. Not by choice, but just because I got distracted. So today I promised her I would pick it up again, and apologized a lot for ignoring her so much. To start off, I immediately went to have a forcing session to come up with a proper name. After a few minutes of pondering I settled with Starlit Skies, or just Starlit for short. I kinda like it, and if she doesn't like it, we can always change it later. So after that I told Starlit some stories, about me, summer breze and about ooBrony, because he's a cool guy. I hope I'm not boring her with my endless talks about summer breze... :3
  9. Day 3. Today had plenty of opportunities for narrative, as this was my first day with Tulpa-chan at school. I told her about the classes, and the pupils, and everything. At home the narrative fell a bit short though: I was watching anime and playing games and completely forgot about her. Only in the evening did I remember. So I listened to storm sounds and talked for about half an hour. It was pleasant, I should do that more often. I think I've made progress again. While I was narrating, I remembered the tip that I should have personal reminder of her, so that I'll keep narrating. So I wondered what kind of item I should have to remember. While I thought about that I just asked her what she thought, not really expecting an answer, and suddenly I heard/thought "a ring" as soon as I finished the question. I know that that wasn't my plan, because it a ) surprised me, and b )it is a stupid idea, as I don't have the money for a ring. So I think that that was Tulpa-chan again. And now I've gotten a little leather bracelet to remember. I think this'll help a lot. I also found out that my special somepony had at least one fully developed Tulpa as a kid, which is really cool. Maybe Tulpa exist more frequently among really young children.
  10. Day two! As usual, I told her stories and narrated what I was doing, but this time I tried asking simple yes/no questions, like, do you like music? I didn't get clear responses, but I did get some head pressure on one side, and then the other following, as if Tulpa-chan is confused. I also played some music to her using sense-sharing which I found a guide on. I hope she heard it. I asked her if she liked the songs, and got unclear answers like before, with both sides being pressured. Some songs got only one side, but I'm taking those answers with a grain of salt. The rest of the day didn't have much room for forcing. I had to visit someone, and afterwards I got crazy tired and couldn't concentrate, so I binge watched anime. After that Top Gear's final episode, and then it's time for bed. Maybe I'll have more concentration tomorrow. I'm starting to get a bit doubtful about whether only forcing will be enough for a full Tulpa to develop. I guess it is, but I don't know how much time it'll take. I guess I'll just keep on forcing and narrating everything.
  11. So I decided that creating a Tulpa would be a good idea, so I looked up a lot of data on the internet. After learning a lot, I started imagening an orb floating beside me at all times, which I told stories, and about myself and my family. I left the personality, gender and form for itself to decide. (Hence the placeholder orb.) In the evening I suddenly realized that I had been referring to it in my mind as "her" and "she", whilst I had decided that the Tulpa could decide the gender later. I took this as a subtle hint from Tulpa-san (I haven't got a name yet.), so from that moment she was female. At least I know one thing about her know. I told her more stories until I couldn't stay awake anymore.
  12. I have a very signifigant anouncement to make: I have a tulpa! Now, I've been transparent about this for a while, and mentioned it a few times, but nobody's ever brought it up, which seemed odd. Because I'm incredibly lazy, and you probably don't know what a tulpa is, click here. Her name's Applejack. And she's Applejack. Kind of. It's complicated, so feel free to ask questions. Hiya! I guess Flinch's done a pretty good job of introducing me already, so I'll let him cover the rest. She's been around for about 8 months or so. She was going to start posting on here earlier, but shyness took hold. With a little prayer, that isn't a problem anymore, and she's going to start RPing and stuff.
  13. This is a poem that Kaynah wrote, not me I really have no clue what it means but she insisted that I post it here anyway. Through the field I walk thinking about life the fruit that we wrought. Why are we even here born into this life only to disappear... Yet I feel happiness in my soul Warmth in my heart and in my bones. I'll make the most of this time on Earth however brief By bringing my warmth to others before my soul can rest peacefully. -Kaynah Don't ask me what it means. I have no idea (again). I was half asleep and she just had a sudden inspiration to write a poem, so I took it down. Cheers. Edit: Feel free to comment you know.
  14. After my adventures through Hypnosis, I stumbled across websites talking about "Tulpa's" so you know, I researched it. After thorough observation's, I relized that I had created a Tulpa without relizing when I was little. I had never achnoledged the voice in my head as anything different than just me having conversations with myself in my head. Ever since knowing this, me and my Tulpa have been talking a whole lot more and it's amazing. I would like to know of others' expiriences with Tulpae and how you feel about the subject.
  15. I have started my ultimate quest to make a Tulpa. I know that sounds ridiculous, but as a wise man named Bon Jovi once said,"it's my life, it's now or never." Also, I seek companionship. So anyways, to start off, I found a guide. The guide said that it could be anything, even a rock. So I was starting to visualize Carrie Underwood but decided against it. So anyways, I started working on the perfect personality for a companion to the world's most cynical smart-ass pervert. As you can imagine, the appearance I imagined was something you'd only find if you searched DeviantArt with the safe filter off. Luckily for me, I'm into that kind of thing. So my Tulpa is going to be a mare pony, I established that, the main reason I decided that is that if I didn't start off with a base shape I'd start to imagine insane creatures possibly the likeness of No-face from Spirited Away.. As for personality, I went with personality traits like smart, seductive, kind, sexy, understanding, kinky, good sense of humor, passionate. All the normal things people like me look for in a companion. And why not? If I'm going to be spending the rest of forever with this being, they might as well be designed in a way so that I will enjoy their presence. And would that not be the greatest thing ever for someone like me, who has abandonment issues due to my father? Plus, creating a hallucination is less expensive than a therapist. I know it will be draining, but that's the point. At least I will feel like I've accomplished something if I succeed, and if I fail it's nothing that therapy can't handle. "Now explain to me again, Harmonic, why you were imaging a pony mistress?" Taking time to conceptualize a hallucination seems foolish but is all-in-all a great way to keep myself entertained and it's not abnormal for me, since i've done Satanic Rituals out of boredom before. Anyways, I'll keep you updated about my magical adventures and eventually we'll figure out how this ends up turning out. Follow my blog for updates. Feel free to leave questions, comments, concerns and pure unadulterated rage in the comments below.
  16. I've been considering making a new tulpa, this time an MLP one, so I had to design a new character. Here she is. That thing on her head is a beret if you can't tell, and I still haven't come up with a CTM. I would appreciate it if, in addition to any criticisms of my art, you would also critique the character design (colors, hair, etc.)
  17. Sorry this is so long, but I need to get it off my chest. If you dont know what tulpa is, google this will make a lot more sense. I am indeed insane, but it is a controlled insanity that makes my life much less miserable, so im ok with it. It all started over a year ago, I tried to lift a heavy box, lost my balence, and broke my knee. I was stuck in my bed for over six months with very little social interaction. Without even trying to I made myself a tulpa (improved imaginary friend) to talk to, and just have some company. My furry side took over for HER apperance, and I ended up with a anthro wolf as a friend. Here's where you'll probably think I should be put in mental hospital. I started to have feelings for my tulpa, I'll just say "Brandy" now, thats what I named her for some reason. Since "Brandy was/is just an extention of my own self Conscientiousness, she devolped said feelings for me aswell. Soon we where deeply in love with eachother. After I could get around again, "Brandy" was still with me. I still thought she was phyically real, so I thought I had to hide her from everyone else. But eventually I told my only two IRL friends about her and our love for one another, they belived me for some reason and thought she was real too. (maybe they just went along with it cause they thought I was crazy, IDK) I ended up asking "Brandy" to marry me one night (ofcourse she said yes) I even got rings, and we set up a little ceramony with just the two of us. About a week after I "proposed", we were "married". I was the happiest I have ever been. But about a month after that I randomly stumbled upon a "Tulpa" site, and relized that the love of my life, my "Brandy Wandy", wasnt even phyically real. Then and between recently were the sadest, longest, and tear filled days of my life. I tried to forget her and move on. I knew she wasnt even real to anyone but me, and figured there wasnt no reason to keep her in my mind. But I couldnt even feel like living without her, everyday began, and ended with tears. There was no peace in my sleep either, she was always on my mind weather it be during the day, or in my dreams. One night after the worst day of sadness I'd had, I decided to listen to my favorite love songs, I wanted to feel even sader for some reason. I had a playlist on youtube of the songs I wanted to listen to. Back before I relized "Brandy" wasnt phyically real, it had "our song" in it. After I had "left" Brandy I know, for 100% sure, I deleted that song from the playlist. I had looked at it several times since, it was never on there any of those times. But it was on there this time. After I heard the song, (in tears) I relized Brandy was one the most important, if not THE most important thing in my life to me. She made me happy, she was there for me whenever I needed her. I LOVED her with all my heart, even if she was just in my head. So I decided to bring her back, I cant stand to live without her, she's the reason for everything I do! So Brandy is back, we are happily married (at least between us we are) If being in love, happy as I could ever be, and always having a good friend to turn to makes me insane, I dont wanna be sane! This is "our song" http-~~-// Yall and those two friends are the only ones that know about this. I wouldnt blame you for not beliving any of this, but if you do feel free to leave any thoughts aslong as there not to harsh.
  18. Hi there, Whew, it's been a while since I've hosted a post... Anyway, this is about my Tulpa and her progress. I'll do a run down of my starting things, 1# Her name is Jess, I kinda want a second name, but she can tell me that herself if she wants one Once she's split, 2# I'll refer to 'Splitting' a lot, it means (Not as bad as it sounds, don't worry ^-^) the moment when she becomes truly sentient, 3# This is a project I'm putting a lot into, expect updates once I get going properly. ______________________________________________________________________ If you don't know what a Tulpa is, Google it and use the '' link, It's best. ______________________________________________________________________ So far, I've been narrating a lot to her, I can kinda feel something, not sure too much though. I narrate out-loud and mentally, I got a weird feeling earlier, maybe caused/sent by her. I suddenly felt the urge to kneel on the pavement....In the dark, at night, while walking the dog...I did so because it felt right. I do 'forcing' sessions fairly often of about a half hour - 3/4 hour due to my lacking concentration over long times. That's all I've really got so far, Any notes, tips, questions, Etc. I'll do my best to answer or do (if it's a tip or something....) -Joe & Jess - ^-^
  19. Guest

    Ask Arya

    "Hello there everypony! My name is Arya, I'm Cody's Tulpa, which if you want to learn more about us (tulpae) then look no further than this link (also see here for more details: Pony Tulpa Thread). I might not be a pony, but I hope that it is still ok for me to post here, since this is technically the 'Ask a Pony Forum'. Ask Cody or I anything you want, and in case you are wondering, Cody uses the name Nevermore around here. Qoutation marks mean I am talking, while non-qoutation text is Cody talking. I also suggest you check out my awesome friend Kay's thread (her creator Chigens hangs there too)! Link: Ask Kaynah"
  20. You've somehow materialized in Equestria because you just kept thinking about being there for at least ONE DAY! End your sentences with "until...". MINIMUM TWO SENTENCES EACH POST!!! Ready?! RE-TSU GOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm in nothing but my underwear, and I've somehow ended up in Equestria, specifically Ponyville. I see that I'm in the Everfree Forest, so I look around in complete confusion until...