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Found 1 result

  1. Hello again. Long time no see. I write to communicate you that my experiments with opening the portal to Equestria have finally turned out to be successful, multiple times already! So I decided to write a detailed report from these experiments in a couple of subsequent posts in this thread, so that you could follow my footsteps and go to Equestria on your own too The ingredients To begin with, here are the techniques I combined to make it possible: As I once wrote in this post, Equestria is not a physical place one could physically go to – it's a "mental space", created by collective imagination of the creators of the show and people watching it. So the only way to get there is on the mental plane. And that's where I decided to create my portal. Next, since I am a long-time lucid dreamer, I decided to use my dreams for my advantage, since my skills of controlling my dreams are pretty developed. I already did stuff like flying, walking through walls, shape-shifting, gender-bending, throwing fireballs around, or controlling the weather, so I thought that these skills may help me with this goal. Third, I needed to employ the Magic of Friendship ;> So after skimming through the tulpa thread, I decided to summon Twilight Sparkle into my mindscape and ask her for some help with this ordeal. I've done that already with great scientists from the past to ask them some questions or channel their knowledge, even with fictional characters, so I thought it might be a good idea to try that with ponies as well After summoning her, I introduced myself, explained what I want to achieve, and in return, I offered her the access to my personal mind palace – a place which I created in my mind to store there everything I know as mental images (a technique I learnt from Sherlock ). When she entered my mind palace and saw all those documents and notes with non-pony knowledge I gathered there through years, she was flabbergasted, and she said that she will do whatever she can to help me if I allow her to read through all of that. We agreed upon a "spell" (a special unique phrase) I will be using to summon her and send her away every time I'll need (you know, a failsafe spell – a must when you deal with tulpas, so that they won't take over your body or something ;J ), and she promised to help me and appear in my dreams to awake my consciousness, so that we could both teleport to Equestria. (She said there's a spell Princess Luna showed her which can help us with that.) First few unsuccessful attempts The first few attempts didn't quite go well Although I had some dreams in which I saw ponies on TV screens or paintings (as I do in real life), I didn't meet them "in person" (or should I say "in pony"? ). I also once found myself playing a video game with 3D Rarity running around through corridors in some castle and collecting gemstones. Quite fun to play if you ask me, but it wasn't exactly what I was after. The closest encounter I had was when in one dream I suddenly shrunk into my carpet which then turned into the Everfree Forest, and I think I saw Pinkie Pie jumping around somewhere far away into the woods, but I didn't meet her. After waking up from those dreams, I was summoning Twilight Sparkle again and asking her how it went, and she seemed to be upset too that it doesn't seem to work very well She even tried the Luna spell at me once, connecting to my "third eye" (the place on the forehead where Unicorns have their horns) with a shining "silver cord" of Magic, but it didn't work too. Twilight said that Luna's spell seems to be harder to perform than she thought, and she felt bad that she's been using my mind palace but she couldn't "pay" me back for that Until one lucky night... ;> The first success Skipping to August 24th, 2016 – the first successful attempt. I was walking in my dream, minding my own business, when suddenly I noticed something strange: my surroundings started to look a bit "cartoonish", as if I was in a 3D video game with cel shading. I thought to myself: "Wait a minute... something is not right here...could it be?... that I'm in a... YES! THIS IS A DREAM!" And right away I remembered about my plan, so I started calling Twilight Sparkle as loud as I can. I walked outside the cartoon version of my house, and then I saw her! It was Twilight Sparkle! She was standing right in front of me, about 5 meters, with her wings spread out, and grinning She looked very realistic (well, as much as a cartoon pony can look realistic ) and alive. And I couldn't believe my eyes. She didn't say a word. It wasn't necessary. She was just standing there, staring at me and grinning. And I could tell how much excited and proud she was that our experiment has finally worked. Heck, I was excited as hell too! Still not saying anything, she gave me a sign with her head to come over to her, and encouraging me to sit on her back :q I was a bit surprised and worried if she's strong enough to carry me on her back. I'm rather skinny, but who knows how much weight a pony can bear on its back :q But when she gave me that "Oh come on! Just jump in already!" look, I sat on her back. She spread her wings and the next moment I realized, we've already been in the air Dang! Those Alicorn wings surely are strong! I looked around and I noticed that we're in the sky, surrounded with clouds. Then we flew over a huge rainbow (but not Dash ;J ). And when we flew to the other side of it, the clouds become less thick, so I looked down, and I noticed some beautiful green meadows, a couple of trees here and there, and some little buildings. I asked Twilight if this is Ponyville, and she nodded. Wow! I'm flying over Ponyville, on Twilight Sparkle's back! It's like every Brony's dream come true I've seen little colourful ponies walking around down there, busy with their lives. And their funky village houses. Suddenly I heard some flutter on my side, so I looked there and I saw... Rainbow Dash She was flying side by side with us, and pointing her hoof up, signalling us to fly higher. So we did. I found ourselves in between of some weird cloud formation, which resembled some structures. I realized we're flying through Cloudsdale! I saw some Pegasi flying around, and some rainbow waterfalls. And then we flew through something that looked like a tunnel, or a bridge above our heads. I looked up, and when the "ceiling" ended, I saw a giant wall made of clouds, with some pipes sticking out from it. I realized that this is the Rainbow Factory :q But suddenly I lost my balance. Apparently I leaned too much to my rear and I fell from Twilight's back I was falling down quite fast, observing Cloudsdale becoming smaller and smaller above me, and then I woke up. It took me a while to come to terms with myself and gather my thoughts. I felt excited, and energized YAY! IT FINALLY HAPPENED! I VISITED EQUESTRIA AND MET THE PONIES! To be continued... (in the next post)