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Found 84 results

  1. On Tumblr, there exists a blog that goes by the name "Ask Loona". The blog itself is rather creepy to say the least, making cryptic posts, some of which are only up for 20 minutes before being taken down, leaving only a small window of time for someone to save it. The posts themselves, meanwhile, are quite hard to decipher, with only a little bit of the blogs actual story being revealed, even after years have passed since it was first created. 4chan attempted to crack the code of the blog, yet eventually even they gave up because it was too difficult, with the creator taunting them, saying they were only scratching the surface. The story seems to be about Luna, corrupted by some unknown force, trapped on Earth's moon, after having been banished by Celestia. NASA seemingly knows about Luna, and keeps a constant eye on her, through cameras and the like. Some of the deciphered posts show plans for Soviet lunar modules, Soviet moon landings, and other space race-era stuff. I won't go into full detail on what there is to discover, but that's the basic gist so far. Here's a link to the actual blog And a link to something that describes it better than I ever could
  2. Me and my friend were having a discussion on whether or not this is sexist. If a female does something good, you say things like "Awesome job, girl" or "You go, girl". If a female does something bad, it's things like "Lady, how dare you?" or "Stupid woman". My friend is arguing that this is a construct of patriarchy and that it is infantilizing and trivializing women's deeds while adding responsbility to errors. I think that she is looking too far into it. What do you guys think?
  3. Exactly what the title says. After you come home from a day at school, work or whatever you do during the day (That does not include being on the interwebz). Which websites do you check in first with? Mine are the following: Equestria Daily, Mlpforums, Youtube, Tumblr and Newgrounds (sometimes).
  4. Hello Forum Friends! Everfree Northwest wants to make sure you are able to stay in the loop as we put out announcements for 2019! As we move forward into our eighth annual convention, we will be focusing our announcements out of our main social media outlets: Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. You can also find us on Instagram, Deviantart, and of course here on the Poniverse forums, but to stay informed on all convention announcements, we recommend following one (or all) of our three main social media accounts. Any questions about the event? Don't hesitate to reach out across any platform, or email! We look forward to seeing you all in Seaddle May 19-21, 2019.
  5. I wonder if there are actually any bronies out there who believe that they are actual ponies from MLP. I don't, if you're wondering.
  6. So basically I'm looking for a place where I could showcase my pony artwork. An active artist community where I can get some feedback and critique. And, possibly, gain popularity and recognition in the community. I've tried tumblr, but it lacks the comment/discussion options. FurAffinity has a really poor browsing and category system (and let's be honest, it's basically a fetish site). I have an art thread here, on the Forums (it's HERE), but I get very little feedback (which is understandable since art is not the main focus of this site). So far, the best place I can think of is deviantArt. Problem is, I don't really like the site itself. Too many dumb and unnecessary features that draw your attention away from art. In order to gain popularity and get feedback, you need to participate in all of the weird social stuff like llama trade and whatnot... I ain't got time fo' this. <old fart mode> The site was SO MUCH better 10+ years ago </old fart mode> So...? Any ideas? Does anyone know a good art sharing site? Maybe you know an active facebook art group? Anything?
  7. Hello there! So, I run this MLP Webcomic, where it is about a young inexperienced Dragon, who does not know what he is doing. He is trying to help gain allies with the ponies, while his own homelands are under attack! However, Pony Politics is not as easy, is it seems. So the young and inexperienced ambassador, has to learn the hard way as to how pony politics work. I am the story Writer/MOD and my friend "The Professor" is the one who draws the strips. Will the Ambassador Gain the ponies as Allies? Will he make a fool of himself? Let's Find out! Link to the web comic in Story Order: Link to Front page: Below you will see a handful of panels from the web-comic and sending in questions or statements via Tumblr, does help influence the story. Come on down and help the Ambassador!
  8. So... I created an ask blog about an OC version of my avatar. I would greatly appreciate it if you guys would ask him/it questions. I don't even care if you follow the blog, I just want questions. Also, I know how it looks, but it isn't purely Undertale. I've just had a bad start to possible RP. He'll RP with possibly any and all blogs. P.S. To any mods looking, I legit dunno if this is where this goes. Sorry in advance if it isn't where it goes and please don't delete it. I need as much publicity I can get.
  9. RECEIVED_ A particular tumblr blog has been posting several creepy pictures of Princess Luna, alone on the moon. Alone, these seem pretty creepy. However, this in't just another 'Edgy' tumblr blog. These creepy posts have come with encoded messages. Over the past few days, me and several others on /mlp/ have tried decoding the puzzle. I'm not very educated in secret messages and decoding, but I do know a few clues that may get you guys started on a track to solving the puzzle, and maybe finding more about the story of Loona. (May contain 2spooky4me images and videos) The first thing I know of is the post of numerous 1's and 0's, which seems like binary. This however, is not binary, but some sort of ascii art. The second thing is the radio transmission. This may seem like a creepy jumble of waves, but I believe it may be some sort of image that has been made into a sound signal. I've tried using a RX-SSTV decoder to turn the signal into a digital image, but I have had no luck. Some of it I think is morse code, or maybe binary. I'm not very good with either of those, so I'll let you guys have a try. - ../.. /. – –/- //— -./ .. … ./-/ .-.. .-.. .//- .-. — ..- -. -///.. ..-/ …/// I've also heard if you drag some of the things around such as the cresent moon, it will reveal secret messages and stuff. That's all -Rogue
  10. How should I go about doing this ask blog thing? Do I only answer questions or can I put other RP shtuffz in there as well? Thanks.
  11. I'm not sure if this is the right place, but here we go! I started an ask blog on tumblr and I'm sort of new to tumblr. Do any of you have any helpful advice? (Also, here's a link to my first post for anyone who wants it:
  12. So awhile back I took a poll on seeing a group tumblr was possible, and now here we are, I am looking for a mid skilled artiest who has time to help me on this project, The project is going to be a comic/askblog type thing following an OC of mine, here is the short description: Welcome to equestria, no longer the magical land you once knew. 500 years ago the elements, the princesses, and crystal empire vanished. Unicorn both rate has dropped to nearly zero. Both earth and pegasus ponies filled the gap with a rushed technical age. On the edge of the small town one called ponyville, a rift opened in the sky and an alicorn foal fell from it, can they raise her to be the ruler that she meant to be? I have a basic out line of cast and stuff, willing to add Other OCs into it. any questions feel free to ask.
  13. Hello every pony, and non-ponies. I've decided on diving into these ask blog thingies.. and I'm having the hardest time trying to get people to come give it a chance and ask me a question. I'm reaching out and seeing if their are any fellow tumblers who have any ask blogs to give me some tips.
  14. Hi, I made my first Ask blog. it is about the first bad timeline in the episode:"The Cutie Re-Mark" It will focus on Applejack for the most part, and eventually brunch out to the other main 6. if you don't mind, can you guys check it out and give me any advice. here is a picture i made for it
  15. How Good am I? Part of My Ask Blog BTW:
  16. There's activism and there's performing the very same evil you claim to be against. What happened with a Steven Universe fanartist named Zamii070 falls into the latter. I may not know the full story, but from the evidence I gathered, Zamii070 was being constantly trolled, bullied, and terrorized by Social Justice Warriors on Tumblr for several reasons, from posting fanart of characters drawn by a person she didn't know was a sex offender, posting ignorant language about people who were trans or fat, and drawing a supposedly chubby Steven Universe character a little skinny. Whatever the case is, I don't know. But for the past year, SJWs, especially ones in the SU fandom, stalked and bullied her. In fact, several hate-blogs (called "receipt" blogs or callout journals) chronicled her posts. Consider the fact that she was online to get away from the abuse she suffered in real life. Lately, because of a fanart that SU SJWs got into a tizzy and shredded her with hate, Zamii couldn't handle it anymore and attempted to take her life. Three days later, she posted this video telling everyone she survived and was getting help. You can find a lot of the drama covering why she attempted suicide here. For the past few months, I've seen some really sick stuff. Recently, trolls bullied a two-year-old boy because his father build for him a kitchen playset. The bullying was sexist, transphobic, and homophobic (trolls called the boy a "faggot"). Garbage like this is why "don't feed the troll" doesn't work: There should be no tolerance for trolling, period. For the past month, there's been a rise of a very demonizing anti-Lauren Faust conspiracy theory here. The claim is that Faust joined Mane6, felt the fandom didn't cherish her inspiration and creative wealth while she worked on the show, and responded to a ten-year-old girl whose letter was destroyed by a Hasbro office as a way to be a greedy, profit-seeking, passive-aggressive, whiny bitch to Hasbro and Friendship Is Magic. How anyone can believe such bullshit is beyond common sense. There's a way to be critical of Faust without looking like a dick! But this isn't criticism of her. This is character assassination. A perverted vendetta. Nobody deserves it! During the summer, a transwoman in Michigan was slandered by a woman who claimed a man was in the Planet Fitness locker room. Because PF refused to do anything about it because the woman identified as such, the ciswoman spewed BS around claiming they allowed men in the locker room. What do you guess? The ciswoman was banned from the Planet Fitness. A website called GenderTrender posted transmisogynist crap all over it, from the post itself to the comments. A TERF named Roslyn Holcomb (an African-American romance author and vocal activist in the black community) wrote in a comment that if she saw the transwoman in the locker room, she'd immediately kill her. Transwomen aren't going into the women's locker room to get into your pants. They go into the locker room because they don't identify with the opposite gender. Locker room privacy for trans* people is an imperative civil rights issue, and Planet Fitness understands this. Public shaming of kids, notably a depressed girl who committed suicide soon after her father shamed her by cutting off her hair and making the school announce that she wouldn't run for a very important student body. Only a sicko would think of humiliating a child as punishment, and only a sicko would think of applauding such garbage. As far as Tumblr "justice" is concerned, this crosses the line into one of the sickest displays of evil that I've ever seen. This is far beyond being a "gatekeeper" to prevent bronies from being a fan of the show (including one SU SJW who "rallied" to commit cyberterrorism against them, only to run after getting chewed out) or chasing a writer of the show from Tumblr. This is 2000% worse. SU SJWs, I don't give a fuck what your grudges are towards this girl. I don't care if she said some stupid things in the past. This girl is as much a human as you and I. She was clinically depressed and went online as a way to escape from the abuse her family gave her in real life. The Internet provided a gate to share her talents and be happy. There's ZERO excuse to bully anyone, period! Your grudges don't entitle your privileged asses to stalking her, threatening her, chronologically recording every single damn thing she wrote and drew in her blog, and telling her to kill herself! Let me repeat it again, you have no right whatsoever to tell anyone to kill themselves. To tell them this is the same as sending a death threat. To send a death threat is terrible enough; to send one who was mentally ill is beyond demented! And over what? Fanart of a Steven Universe character?! I normally don't like saying this, but Steven Universe is just a show! There's a major difference between taking a show seriously and taking one obsessively to the point of being personal. Guess where this falls. SU SJWs, you don't exclusively own the show. It belongs to everyone! Yes, including incoming fans. Now that she tried to take her life, you had the gall to gloat over it, save face by wiping out your accounts, and put the blame on her? Y'know, this reminds me of what happened with Chris-chan. Trolls/bullies/terrorists from 4chan stalked him, posted every single thing about him online, and doxxed him. He actually spent some time offline because it was too much for him to deal with. To make it worse, there are people who literally say he deserved to be trolled. To blame Chris-chan for any of the trolling regardless of the crap he says is to blame the victim, and you have to be a complete sicko to think of blaming him. HOW DARE YOU ATTEMPT TO BLAME ZAMII FOR SOMETHING THAT WAS YOUR OWN DOING!!!!! Thank you, Social Justice Warriors, you've achieved a low equivalent to the 4chan trolls on Chris-chan. Now look what happened: The Steven Universe fandom's reputation is now damaged, and possibly beyond repair. The show is great, but no one will want to venture into a fandom with a solid portion being so verbally violent. Tumblr's already terrible reputation is now worse. One of the earlier great things about the website is the ability to spread messages of good, bad, and ugly, and being proactive about it. But over the past few years, Tumblr's been infested with disgusting displays of Social Justice Warriorism. You claim to fight for social justice, yet you're no less sexist, racist, and homophobic than the people you claim to be against. And seriously, who in the hell would want to be a part of a website that's so toxic and mob-like, they fear that their lives will be ruined if they write something stupid? You claim to be gatekeepers to prevent bronies from "infesting" the fandom with R34. Guess what? Too fucking bad!! Bronies have been SU fans and vice-versa long before you started pulling such shit! Thousands of SU fans have already uploaded porn, and there's a good chance several of them aren't even bronies. You won't stop bronies from becoming a part of the SU fandom. You won't prevent Steven Universe fans from drawing or writing R34. You created a very disgusting stereotype of how every SU fan is an overly sensitive bigot. Do you know who this will hurt the most? Upcoming fans of the show. Fans who have no idea this drama even existed. Fans who will be bashed the second they proudly admit they love the show. The passersby will be big targets to a lot of bullying because the Tumblr SJWs in the SU fandom helped drag the fun out of sharing to the fandom in the first place. Now imagine if the upcoming fan being bullied is a kid who doesn't go deep into the fandom. Seriously, do you have any idea what you just did? You and your evil made someone consider taking her own life. Now, imagine if she succeeded. You'd be on the news because you thugs murdered her. I can see the comments now: "Don't feed the troll." "If she ignored the bullies, none of this would've happened." "Grow a thicker skin." "She's weak for attempting suicide." Don't! Even! DARE! What happened to Zamii is far beyond a pest annoying her. Zamii was being bullied for a year by hundreds of people, many from the very fandom of the show she loved, before she tried taking her own life. It's one thing for an experienced adult in a profession trying to ignore it. It's another for a fan, one much younger than many of us here. Imagine having to go online every day and try to ignore abuse by hundreds of people who mock you every day of the week, harass you, and stalk you beyond the Internet. All the while trying to not think about the abuse you endured in real life and battling mental illnesses that affect you every day. Do you have any idea how tough it is to ignore it? How tough it is to think that one comment with unfortunate implications could cause a mob to harass and maybe doxx you? Anytime you say "grow a thicker skin," you're not being mature. You're saying, "It's your fault you're being abused." Much like the other two above, this is classic victim-blaming. You don't look cool, tough, and adult when you say it. You look pathetic. Instead, why not be an actual adult show actual empathy?! Often, when we think of abuse, including domestic violence, we think of physical violence. Verbal violence exists, too. Words are weapons. Words can hurt. Words kill. They're not empty. Think about it. No. Just…no. Do you know why many people attempt suicide? Because they feel trapped. Many targets try to take their own lives because they see it as the only way out of their bubble of horror. Depression is an illness; we don't talk about it without exploiting it. It's a very serious issue, and we take it for granted. Do you know how many comments it takes for someone to attempt suicide? One. Zamii had to sift and ignore hundreds of shitposts and hate-blogs dedicated to her, and she attempted suicide because she felt it was the only way out. She has to live through their sociopathy online every day for at least a year, and there are still plenty of people verbally abusing her after she posted her suicide note and vlog from the hospital. Everyone has a breaking point, and we don't know where or when it is. I've seen so much fandom drama over the past ten years. Alongside the terrible infestation of sockpuppets flaming young authors on because they wrote poor-quality fanfiction and the 4chan trolls stalking Chris-chan for eight years, this easily ranks as one of the worst. This isn't cute or funny. This is a hivemind that went completely out of control, and now Tumblr and the Steven Universe fandom as a whole may be paying a steep price. There are no words to accurately describe how heinous this whole thing was. Nobody deserves abuse, much less a twenty-year-old.
  17. So I run a MLP based web comic listed below.... I am the MOD who writes the story/scripts and assigns it to artists that I commission. BIO: War has torn the Dimar dragons a part and some have escaped into Equestria, seeking the magical ponies to aid them in the war to help them take back their homelands. However, before the ponies will assist, the dragons first need to earn their, trust, respect and alliance. They will not offer aid to some dragons that they just met, right away. The comic focuses on a Dimar Dragon who is young and is a NEW ambassador. The job was FORCED on him as a last minute decision, due to the last one being killed off. He is stressed out, because he has little experience in his field of work, but also has the pressure from his kind, to find a "fast" solution to their current conflict. Add to the fact that pony culture confuses the heck out of him and has a tendency to be a gullable fool, just adds to the problem. What I am asking: I am looking for some feedback on the story so far and suggestions on how to improve the front page on tumblr. I have custom background and buttons in the process of being made, however I am open to suggestions on a background and title to fit the theme of the comic. Also looking for feedback on the humor and possibly questions that one should address story wise in this kind of comic. Also suggestions on other tumblr ask comic blogs that would be good to colberate their charaters with to help move the story foward or help create some more funny moments in the story. How I operate: I write story/scripts out first in chapters long before I hand them to the artist, so I plan ahead before commisioning an artist to help tell my story. Asks send it do infunence and "modify" my scripts as I see fit. So I keep my scripts open to adjustments based on what questions or charater RP messages get sent in. below as an example of one update...
  18. New banner for the blog (which I’m finally staring up again after like a year:p)!
  19. so I bragged in my introduction topic about drawing and I'm here to do it justice... I have some arts gathered on my general tumblr I also occasionally draw for Pun Pony project aaand some more of my deviantart pony arts that have not been posted on tumblr critics are most welcome o3o
  20. Okay, first, I should probably put my Tumblr here, so you can see an example of my (albeit somewhat rushed) art (contains swearing): The recent posts would probably just about represent the quality I would be able to make posts at, at least for a while. This USED to be an ask blog, but it was a really stupid concept, and I was trying to make art with a mouse and PaintNET, which isn't a good idea. Okay, so, first, as someone who is fairly new to digital art, I feel I need something to give me experience, and my initial thought has been "Why not start another ask blog?" I have 2 concepts in mind that I could work on A: A blog based off of an "Old-Timey" (black and white/filtered with some stylization) characters (I'd personally love to try to use Scootaloo here, but it wouldn't really fit at all) Or, B: A completely different idea I had, in which a somewhat grown up Scootaloo takes up working as a Security Guard in a FNAF-esque setting, with Dash becoming the "phone guy" of the series. These ideas could also be critiqued, but are not the main focus of this thread. My question is: do you think I should start one/would my art function with either of the ideas, and if so, better with option A or B? I ask this here, because I don't have a lot of followers on tumblr (no big surprise), and would like some input on this.
  21. Hey everypony! I'm Nit Pick. An OCD pony from Canterlot who likes to keep everything neat and tidy. So feel free to answer questions here or on my tumblr. On Tumblr you'll get a picture/picture series responce!
  22. So i keep this tumblr about Bulk Biceps for a while now, and this is the latest page i posted and i'd like to show it around a bit. Thoughts, ideas and critics are always welcome. This particular comic will be around 4 or 5 pages long, i'll post it here as i post it there.
  23. Hey everyone! I was thinking of making an ask blog on tumblr for one of my OCs, Shamrock Shambles. I'll be using the art style in that picture (more examples of it here: ) So, the reason I'm making it about this OC is partailly because he's the only OC I have that's completley "finished" (Name, Cutie mark, Personality, ECT...), and also, the main reason, is he tends to be a bit... Unlucky. He isn't clumsy or stupid or anything, just unlucky. I just thought it might be funny having an ask blog for a super unlucky character. So... should I make the ask blog? Do you have anything you want to say (Suggestions, Comments on something, whatever)? Please tell me.
  24. Horse Wife is love. Horse Wife is life. GO FORTH AND PRAISE HORSE WIFE!!!!
  25. (Uh, I am not sure if this is the correct place to post this... ^^") I made a Yandere!Fluttershy ask blog! Yay! It is not the best, and there aren't many posts yet (because I did not get many questions), but I hope someone will find it good enough. I would be happy to accept constructive criticism as well, both about the art or the blog. I wish to improve! If you are interested, here's a link.