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Found 7 results

  1. Kyoshi

    Ask Kyoshi!

    You know, I haven't really done one of these, not properly. I am a very anti-social pony, very reclusive. With this, you all may not know much about me. So you know what, ask me what you will. Will I answer? Yes. Will it be a good answer? To be determined is what that is. I am a huge gamer pony too, that much you probably do know about me. :3 You can ask me gaming stuff too, I like gaming a lot, so discussing that is easy. So have at it forum ponies! Foruonies? Yep.
  2. Hello to all. I wanted to share something with you, it's kinda random but I want to share anyways. A big part of my personality is my very child like nature, how I have always been. One of those aspects is that, I love looking forward to and enjoying the simple things in life. Being excited for enjoyments is such a great way for me stay positive even in dark times. One huge thing that I am currently looking forward to, are the Fall and Winter months. Fall and especially Winter are my favorite times of the year. The cold air starts to move in, the leaves fall, the insects and other creatures of silent and everything becomes more and more peaceful. The snow that potentially falls. On top of the peaceful weather that moves in, the holidays are another great thing. We get Halloween with all of the decorations, Thanksgiving which is further into the fall and of course great food. :3 Then there is Christmas which has always been one of my favorite times of the year, easily. When I was younger I used to look forward to these times so much and my excitement would fill me with happiness when the time started to come closer. I still have this excitement, many parts of me have not changed since then. I still have that child-like excitement and I see it as a wonderful thing. Another awesome aspect of the Fall and Winter months, are the games. If possible, a lot of publishers like to release games during the holiday season and they are usually big releases too. Some games have been pushed back but there are still ones to look forward to. I am incredibly excited for both Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and I am sure more games will catch my attention by then too. This just further adds excitement for the already wonderful time of year for me. :3 I'm gonna be pre-ordering one of these games soon, So there is something learned about me and something I love. Hope you all enjoyed this read even though it is really random. Do you look forward to simple enjoyments like this? If yes, what? Thanks for reading. Turbo out!
  3. Want to see just a quick summary? Check out the Final Verdict for that and my rating! Killer Instinct Platform: SNES, Arcade(Not in this review) Genre: Fighting Publisher/Developer: Rareware *This is a review for Killer Instinct on the Super Nintendo, not the arcade version or the new Xbox One reboot Killer Instinct is another wonderful game from my childhood. With the new Killer Instinct reboot on the Xbox One and season 2 for that game on the way, I feel it is necessary to go down memory lane with the Super Nintendo version of the original Killer Instinct. Killer Instinct is a 2D fighter that takes inspiration from the more popular fighting games of the time, Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter. The gameplay is a bit stiff like MK and the graphical style is like MK's, though sprites and pre-rendered backgrounds are used here. The fighting moves themselves are more like a Street Fighter game. You have the basic move motions and even Jago, the obligatory Ninja, is very inspired by Ryu/Ken. The game uses a light/medium/heavy attack system and there are no throws in this one. Blocking is done by holding back. While these work fine, the thing that makes this game unique and fun though, is the combo system. "Whoa! Look at those graphics! I'd like to get my hands on that game!" The combo system is like using a special move, but chaining them together. So with Jago for instance, you can do a wind kick, which will then give you the opportunity to chain more moves after the wind kick is done. This allows you to pummel your opponent with very satisfying combos that really separate KI from other fighters at the time. Combos can also be broken by the one on the receiving end if they input a certain command at the right time. Learning each character and seeing their combos makes the game incredibly replayable, even with the lack of modes. Another huge thing about this game are the match finishers, which are the Fatality-like Ultimates and the ever so popular Ultra Combos. The Ultra's are one of the most satisfying parts of the game and each character has a different one. This was easily one of the most satisfying ways to defeat your opponent in any game at the time. As I just said, the game does lack in modes. You get a standard arcade mode, vs mode for multiplayer battles, a tournament mode and a practice mode. These are pretty much standard and they all work very well, though maybe one or two new modes would have been nice too. These probably would not have fit on the SNES cart so it isn't a huge deal. "SHORYUKEN!! Wait..." The graphics for the time are absolutely superb for the SNES. The 3D rendering of the stages and sprites looks great for a 16-bit system and in my opinion it looks better than any other fighter on the system and other than some very minor slowdown that can happen, the game runs smoothly as well. This is definitely a good technical showcase for the Super Nintendo. They may not look as good as the very technically impressive Arcade version, but for the system it is on, Rare did a fantastic job. Another great aspect about this version is the difficulty balance. In the options menu, you can select from 5 stars of difficulty. The higher the star number, the harder the game. This definitely sets the game apart from the arcade version as here the game feels far more balanced and player friendly, whereas the arcade version features insanely cheesy difficulty and cheating AI in order to drain you of quarters. This home port does not suffer from this and it makes the game a lot more enjoyable. Many think that this game was a butchered port from its arcade counterpart, yet this is the version I always enjoy more. One last thing, the characters here are quite varied and play differently. Each one is pretty much an early 90's dream. We have the obligatory Ninja, an icy T-1000-like alien, a boxer, a friggin Raptor, and more. A lot of the cast feels like stereotypes, but they work fine given the time. Final Verdict: Thank you for reading this week's Turbo Review! Been reviewing quite a few Awesome games lately. Sharing good games is, well, good. Until next week, Turbo out!
  4. Tomodachi Life is a game that uses Mii's that you create on your 3DS. You can make them in the Mii maker, import them from it, use a QR code, or make them in the game itself. Since the back cameras on my 3DS are borked for some reason, I have to make them from scratch. Currently I have about 16-18 Mii's and to my knowledge you can have waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than that and the more Mii's you have, the more fun the game is. :3 So I was thinking, how about the community here decide some Mii's for me? That is what I am gonna do. Community interactivity! Basically, using this format, just let me know what Mii's you would like to see. The suggestions could be anything, so have at it. Mii Format Mii Name: Favorite color: Date of birth: Gender: General appearance: (Describe what you would like the Mii to look like, this is optional) Of course the Mii Maker has plenty of limitations but I will do what I can. I just think this will be fun to add many new Islanders to the game. Also, if you want to, you can add my 3DS friend code which is located on my profile. My Xbox Live Gamertag is there as well. Gaming!
  5. Since I removed all of my music before, I decided to put them all in one place. Here is my montage of mediocrity. This is almost every song I have ever done, minus some ones that I did not like as much, that's saying something. None of these are particularly 'great' so I have that out of the way. However I do feel some of these at least have a decent atmosphere or tone. Here is the listing in order: 1. Power From Nothing 2. What Am I? 3.My Frozen Paradise 4. Anxiety 5. Dear Celestia 6. The Fading Sun, The Falling Star 7. Emoverephobia 8. The Return 9. Alone in a Frightening Tranquility 10. Enasni 11. Chaos Within My Mind 12. Please 13. Lumisade 14. Is This Our Last Holiday? 15. From Peace To... 16. What We Lost Long Ago 17. Alive Not to Live 18. The Ambiance of a Life Once Good There you have it. If you were able to listen to all of these, then I salute you. I know these aren't too great, hence why I don't really make music now. If there were some that you did actually like in a way, what were they? Either way, thank you for listening. Like I said, I am not really doing this anymore. It is just something I am not really cut out for doing.
  6. Hello all and welcome to the 4th edition of the Highlights that are Turbofied! Today I will be sharing a particular music group, or solo project if you will. It is the German music act known as Solar Fake. I will give a short description then share a couple of songs afterwards. Solar Fake is a gothic/electronic solo project by Sven Friedrich, lead singer of Zeraphine and formerly Dreadful Shadows. He is from Berlin Germany. Sven is also accompanied by...I have no idea. While there is a particular back up keyboardist named Frank that worked with him, he seems to not be mentioned by any major sources. So..solo project it is then. The musical style is a gothic and electronic mix, using piano and synth sounds for the music. The atmosphere of the songs can usually be described as gloomy yet peaceful. Some others it is a combination of that with a bit more upbeat sounds. Sven Friedrich The lyrics seem to be inspired by past experiences that Sven has had, as they often have a depressing nature and tone or deal with perhaps a lost love. They are not as doom and gloom as they seem though. The lyrics are very well done and this project is all in English, unlike Sven's two other music ventures, which featured many German tracks as well as English. Solar Fake is a music act that I absolutely love. Its music is something that is both calming yet intriguing and it has various different sounds across the albums. I feel it is an act that is fairly under appreciated so I have shared them here. Without further ado, here are a couple of songs by Solar Fake. More Than This No Apologies Be sure to check out more of their music and their social media! Thanks for checking out this Turbo Highlight! I hope you all enjoyed it. Until next time, Turbo out!
  7. Woo more mediocrity from me. Since I love my new Pnysona so much, I have decided to share a couple of really simple desktop wallpapers that I made. Both are pretty simple but the first one is incredibly simplistic but that is because I made it in about a minute for myself. So here they are: Super Simple Turbo Wallpaper Turbocraft (Version 1) If I make more I will post them here. They aren't all too special and they may not even bee a good resolution but whtver. Hope you like them.