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Found 5 results

  1. Hi Everyone! Just writing this on a bit of a whim here~ But would anyone be interested in a complete in depth video tutorial in real time of how to draw Ponies? Im not a master at drawing ponies, or at drawing anything really... but learning how to draw mlp was hard for me, i wont lie. When i first started drawing ponies I just wished that there was a tutorial somewhere where beginners and advanced artists could learn how to draw ponies and not just in the normal side view... I hate it when tutorials say things like "draw the leg bent like this" because the person who is trying to learn how to draw won't realize there's actually multiple bends in the leg due to the amount of bones in a leg. They won't realize how long some of those sections should be compared to other sections. They won't know how the leg actually should look. They just know it can bend the way it did in the tutorial they saw. Yes, you can break a pony down into simple shapes and lines like many how to draw videos explain but the tutorial only shows you how to draw in that particular pose or stance. If you know how these things work and why these things work, you can draw that thing in any pose with any angle and it'll look right. My tutorial(s) will be a long video or a series of videos probably uploaded to youtube where im drawing in real time and explaining what im doing at the same time. Id go over Basics first, like the skeleton and muscle structure using simple shapes, trying to show how in different styles, suchas the shows and my own, the skeleton should still be important and shouldn't be ignored. Then id move on to the actual "How to draw" part of the video, Id try to break it down into parts. Faces, legs, wings, ect.. before moving onto full body examples. Id use the mane six and some background characters for reference so you can look at them and see what im talking about when i talk about diversity. Ie Face shapes. Later down the track, id show how to gesture draw, and show how to draw different poses, perspectives, expressions, how colour and backgrounds can change the "feel" of the drawing. Let me know what y'all think~ I wont be offended if people think itll be boring, i will be doing alot of talking XD
  2. Here are all of the thumbnails I have used for my tutorials on PeeDeeDee (in case you wanted to see them): There you go. You're welcome.
  3. Hello all, It's been a while, and I'm still working on putting things together for my videos... and it's moving forward... though it feels as though I'm driving it forward by slamming my head against a bolder repeatedly.... >_<'. ANNNY-WAAAY... I settled on using Adobe Premiere Pro (though I think it may be the wrong program...) for them, and vectors, for characters and such. How ever, I am lost with this program, HELP!
  4. There are spoilers for fallout 3 in here!!!! We all have these moments when playing a game: the tutorial. And it can be the most horrible thing of the whole game. Matter of fact is, it’s very easy to screw the tutorial up, at least when you’re a new company trying to make their first game Now, I’ve seen horrible tutorials. Some that take way to long before you are actually playing the game. Some examples are fable 3, far cry 3, red dead redemption, etc. Let me be clear, I love both all three of these games, but there’s no denying that it takes way to long before the real game actually starts. It took me a full month before I was done with the tutorial of fable 3, mainly because every time I started the game, I put it away after 5 minutes, going: Fuck this, it takes way to long. Mainly because I was so bothered by not having a sword or gun, while I was able to use magic I also got this feeling while first playing the intro of fallout 3. I did play this in one time trough, though. When looked at the tutorial/intro casually, it looks like any other tutorial. Until you dig a little deeper. And when you do, it’s one of the best intro’s/tutorial made But why is that? Well, if you’re like me, and you want to start the ‘’real’’ game as fast as possible, chances are you didn’t pay much attention to everything while in the vault. Maybe some small things, but not every thing that happens. You kill a few guards and get out as fast as possible To be honest, I didn’t see the tutorial of fallout 3 as something so good when playing the game. I only realized it later with a second playtrough But that isn’t all important. Trough all my thinking I realized something: the tutorial didn’t end when I left the vault. No, it extends way further. When you come out of the vault, you wander around a little, looking around and all that. Big chance you wander into Megaton first. It can be easily spotted. While inside, you figure out that if there is civilization here, there must be a merchant of some sort. You don’t have that much to sell, but because you killed some guards in the vault, and because you have yet to find a place to store it all, you decide to sell the loot. So you find the merchant, and she starts saying that she’s making a wasteland survival guide and needs your help. Now, you never had a quest before. The feeling of adventure seeps in. Chances are high you accept it. This is the real tutorial The things that merchant let you do for chapter 1, tells everything you need to know about the wasteland to survive. Go to a mall and look if there are stuff you can use. It shows you the loot (and dangers) these ruins have in them and let you learn a important aspect of the game: discovery Next you get tasked with collecting mines at a place called Minefields. Changes are, you needed a lot of stimpacks here. However, changes are you are more notorious for mines lying on the ground The last of the chapter is the radiation poisoning. You need to get yourself poisoned. It lets you experience what happens when you get radiated and what effects it has. These 3 things are the most important things to know about the wasteland: how to fight, how to obtain stuff and what to look out for. These are the basic things needed to explore the wasteland and do the quests. And because you had that boring intro in the vault that just wouldn’t end, you are just so glad to finally have an adventure. So glad that you don’t even notice it’s still part of the tutorial. Yes, totally optional, but the chances that you did just one of the quests that merchant gave you, are pretty high. And let me tell you: because I didn’t do the minefields thing at my first save, I got hit with so many of them. Second playtrough: not one got to me A great tutorial
  5. First post, not sure how to start out, but... I guess I could start some tuts... like Arch install tutorial, even Gentoo Linux install tutorial. Also when in doubt, don't forget to do your own research first! also... Mechanical keyboards or BUST!