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Found 43 results

  1. Any brony here into Looney Tunes? I love watching these in the mornings on Youtube, to remember the old age of cartoons. If you do, who's your favorite character? Of course my favorite would have to be the most famous rabbit in television, the one and only, Bugs Bunny!!! Second favorite is Daffy Duck, cause he needs some love too!! Of the secondary characters my favorite is Pepe Le Pew. I don't know what I love so much about him, maybe he's French, and he has a charming accent. His cartoons always make me laugh. I always feel sorry for Penelope though, getting stalked like that. Second favorite of the secondary characters, TWEETY BIRD!! Tweety used to be my favorite, until Pepe swept me off my feet. BUT THIS BIRD'S JUST SO DAMN CUTE!!! So what do you guys think? Agree or disagree? Who are your favorites?
  2. I decided to start a thread about people's thoughts on Hulu, I decided to leave my rambling about it below, but do fee lfree to take the discussion where you please! I just felt that my opinion on it would be a good start. So i'v been using Hulu for a while, its certainly much cheaper than cable or satellite TV, but using it is infuriating! anyone else feel the same way about it? Problem's with Hulu's video player Despite the ad revenue they must get, as well as the monthly subscription for the service (and their popularity), why on earth is their player/platform so incompatent!? List of problems I deal with: The video has tendencies of garbling up and "green screen" and you have to refresh the page to fix it When trying to push the 10 second rewind button (or seeking in general) it tends to do the WRONG thing and skip ahead up to 5 minutes I mean seirously, how the hell can you click on 10 second rewind and end up 5 minutes FORWRARD? Sometimes when I try to use the video seeking feature (skipping around the episode), it pauses, acts like its about to buffer the new segment, then goes back to where i was before, and then I have to try seeking to the part i want again! When I push the "fullscreen" button, the video stops and I cannot resume until i refresh the page (and watch all the advertisements again; and it can also happen if you do that during advertisements). If you use that option to watch a long advertisement/trailer and then get that video garbling problem (and have to refresh the page), you have to watch all advertisements again (you'd think it would keep track.) you cant drag the volume up and down (it only goes by a click; it makes it hard to adjust it just where you want it to be) Excessive advertisements? I do rather have a problem with what feels like excessive advertisements (I never really used hulu much outside of hulu+) But i feel that hulu+ doesn't get rid of enough advertisements, for every 20 minute episode of an anime for example, there are 3 commercial breaks each with up to 2 advertisements which total up to about 1 minute (in some cases it goes up to 72 seconds I think). I believe free users get up to 4 advertisements per break, and of course the limited selection of their libraries. I understand why they need to have ad revenue as well though, after all there are some shows that have 220+ one hour episodes, and they have MANY shows with tons of episodes like that. But still ...
  3. So i was wondering...what 90’s cartoon shows was popular to you ? for me its, catdog , rugrats, hey arnold, my life as a teenage robot, the fairly odd parents (old ones). and early spongebob. dexters laboratory danny phantom, which cartoons have you watched or started watching again ?
  4. What would you say are some of your biggest guilty pleasures? I'm mainly referring to Movies, Games, Literature or any other kind of media. The point of a guilty pleasure is that you enjoy something, whilst knowing for a fact that it may be lacking in quality or is generally considered bad by the overall populace or status quo. Well, have no shame and name your biggest guilty pleasures down below! I'll start: The Room is unironically one of my favourite movies of all time.
  5. Late 2015 i finished watching Death Note for the 2nd time. It was my very first Anime and the whole thing was online with quality English Dub so it was just really easy to access and watch which is what im looking for. Death note is also the only Anime i've watched but i really enjoyed it and i would love to get back into a really good quality english dub anime! I will pretty much refuse to watch anything that isnt dubbed and only has subs because idk i prefer being engaged in the show rather than read the script... If you know any good quality english dub Anime with every episode online tell me all about it down below!
  6. Here are some of my favorite western cartoons of all time in no order. Transformers Beast Wars Transformers Prime The Oblongs Futurama Drawn Together Star vs The Forces of Evil Friendship is Magic (of course) Samurai Jack Adventure Time My Life As a Teenage Robot Spongebob Squarepants Seasons 1-3 Batman The Animated Series Superman The Animated Series Clone High Avatar The Last Airbender Courage The Cowardly Dog Family Guy seasons 1-5 Gravity Falls Regular Show Chowder Making Fiends Teen Titans (2003) Bojack Horseman
  7. What do you guys think about these creepy Friends fan theories circulating around internet? .. Btw, this is only for fun and discussion so please dont get pissed off. Let me know ur opinion..
  8. Comic Books: Superman, Batman, Captain Britain, Union Jack,The Punisher, Deadpool, The Flash, Spawn, Spider man, Hulk, Judge Dredd, Rorschach, X-23, DC Super Hero girls' Harley Quinn, Psylock Animes: Chi (Chi’s Sweet Home/New Address), Akame (Akame ga Kill), Chelsea (Akame Ga Kill), Suzuha Amane (Steins gate), Black Rock Shooter, Saitama (One Punch man), Karen Araragi, Ouka Yuuouji, Kyouko Krigiri (Danganronpa), Karuta Roromiya (Inu x Boku SS), Tatsumaki (One Punch Man), Genos (One Punch Man), Arthur Kirkland/England/Britain (Hetalia) Cartoons: Ty Lee, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Groundskeeper Willy My Little Pony/Equestria Girls (Include fandom OCs): Derpy, Sunset Shimmer, Lemon Zest, Snowdrop, Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Maud Pie, Vinyl Scartch, Minuette, Lyra, Bon Bon, Octivia, Princess Luna, Princess Celestria, Stralight Glimour, Sonata Dusk, Aria Blaze, Starlight (Purple pig-tail hair girl), Littlepip, Blackjack, Britainna (BUCK, UK bronycon mascot), The Claron Call Video games: Spyro the dragon, Sparx the dragonfly, Obera Dia Vanille, Cammy White, Solid Snake, Cole McGrath, Marie Rose (Dead or Alive series), Honona (Dead or Alive series), Lara Croft Movie: BB8, Thunder (the House of Magic), Minons TV: Daleks, Cyberman, The Doctor Story: Sherlock Homles Other: Hatsune Miku, Rin Kagamine, Kaai Yuki, Kasane Teto
  9. Almost every show that lasts more than one season is criticized for being “not as good as it used to be” at some point. So, I wonder: how long can a show last and still remain good? For me, an example of such a show is South Park – 20 seasons, and it’s still brilliant (I know many will disagree). So, what long-runners are still good in your opinion?
  10. I mean character from anything, whether it be game, book, movie, or TV show. For me it's Umbridge in both the Harry Potter books and movie. She's a genuinely terrible person and nothing really bad happened to her because of it. She is easily one of the worst characters out there. The one thing the fifth movie got right was how horrible she was. So, who do you think is the worst character from anything? EDIT: Ok, so a lot of you seem to be misunderstanding what I mean by "worst character". I mean a character that is a genuinely terrible person and has next to nothing redeemable about them. My above example, Umbridge, was just a horrible person and the worst thing that ever happened to her was that she was kidnapped by centaurs. Badly written or too perfect characters aren't the greatest, but they normally aren't meant to be a bad character. So, with that information, what character do you think is the worst?
  11. All right every pony. Is there a tv show that you like but it's either not that popular or is extremely hated. Well then this is the place to share these shows. here's mine: Total Drama:This one's honestly become a guilty pleasure for me as of lately, I know it's not the most original idea but it's got some funny references to keep me entertained. Dan vs.: I don't see that much talk about this show, it was pretty funny. Too bad it got canceled. The Amazing World of Gumball: The only argument I've seen against this show is that it's stupid. I personally think it's kind of funny and I like how it uses different art styles. Anyway discuss away.
  12. What is your favorite Cartoon Network TV Show? Btw, old cartoon network shows can be included as well!
  13. Is there a tv show, cartoon, movie, video game character you can relate to in someway? In here you can say who they are, where they're from, and how you relate to them. For me it's Johnny Gat from SAINTS ROW. Loyal to the end, literally has traveled to Hell and back for a friend, and would do anything to be with his beloved Aisha who was murdered. That's all the same for me. I'd do the same to be with the one I love.
  14. Were there any TV shows you liked or started to get interested in, but were cancelled after a season, or even less? For me, it was a show from '01/02 called Wolf Lake. Starring an actor you might have heard of, Lou Diamond Phillips, as a detective searching for his missing fiancee, when a cryptic phone call leads him to a town called Wolf Lake, where everyone is hiding secrets from him, but the biggest one: the town is full of werewolves. Not only was the premise and characters interesting, but the music score, the feel, the intrigue, the eeriness, the atmosphere, all got me hooked. Sadly it was scrapped after 13 episodes and ended on a cliffhanger. Just have a look at the intro and tell me you aren't interested.
  15. Most times when there is a film(or television show) based off a videogame or likewise a game that's made specifically to tie into a movie or show they end up badly. i'm wanting to know what some of the worst are that people have seen and played.
  16. Do you ever like a character but dislike the show/movie/anime they from or not into? And which one? I like Thunder, cat from movie called The House of Magic, not fun with the movie. Chi, Anime cat is one of my favorite anime characters but not much into the show much. I loved Ty Lee from Avatar, but not fan of the show, even it good. Also loved Yuuoji Ouka, Karen Araragi and an anime girl but not fan of animes they from.
  17. I think it would be really cool if they made a Equestria Girls tv show with Sunset Shimmer as the lead character,she would make a very good lead and she could use her book to write friendship reports to Twilight like Twillight did with Celestia (and she could make appearances in the show too)!. And the possibilities for episodes they could have one were they learn to drive (Fluttershy would drive too slow and Rainbow would drive too fast!). The Dazzlings could be recurring antagonists at the school and The CMC could try getting random jobs around the city! What does Everypony else think?
  18. I've Been watching lots of Game Of Thrones lately as well as Hunter x Hunter and lots of other anime what about you guys ???
  19. So I was watching Adventure Time when I saw Marceline do something that I pretty much do all the time while watching videos and that's how I got this idea for the topic. During certain episodes of your shows you've probably nit-picked a character or two doing something that you can relate to. The happenstance doesn't have to exactly match. You just have to look at what they're doing and be able to say, "Hey! I do that too!" If you know of a moment when that happens post it down below.
  20. Hello Everypony and Welcome to The Frasier Fans Thread! This is place to discuss the tv show Frasier! Have fun and be nice to each other. Good day and good mental health
  21. Saw something like this on Equestria Daily. Is this true? does Hasbro have faith in this? Has it already began to happen? I've seen screenshots of the show, definitely not my cup of tea.....not a big fan of much CGI as it is.
  22. Why, hello everyone, and welcome back to a Juggerpony Blog! So, I have a confession to make.... I didnt know what to do for a blog today. I have a few planned, but they are still in the progress stage. It would help me out a lot if you guys could give me something to talk about. So, after you are finished reading, throw a comment my way telling me what to review next. I am becoming desperate, and am running out of ideas. Anyway, guys, this blog will be on my top 5 favorite TV shows of all time. This will include shows that are no longer airing and shows that are still running. In my final 5, I will list one episode from the show that was my favorite. So, yes guys, MLP will be in this list somewhere. Unfortunatley, and spoilers, it isnt my number one. But, without further a do, lets get this list over with. So, grab yourself a can of Moxie and a Dum Dum Lollipop, because we are diving in! 10. NCIS: No, not Los Angelis. The ACTUAL NCIS. I love this show. It was introduced to me by my Grandpa a few years ago, and I absolutley fell in love with the show. From the action, to the mystery solving..... GOSH, I could watch it for hours. 9. Little House On the Prairie: This is an interesting show. Based on the widley popular books by Laura Ingalls Wilder, the show followed a young Laura and her family during the Pioneer days. I became introduced to the show when my Mom had to get an operation on her foot when I was younger. I would spend hours with her watching the show, and I quickly fell in love with it. My Mom owned every single season from the show..... Yeah, I watched a lot. The only reason this isnt higher on my list is because there are others which i have come to love way more. 8. Saturday Night Live: I love this show. Enough said. Really. Saturday Night Live is a show that has been going since the late 1900's, till present day. A lot of popular stars today have been premiered on the show, and I love watching there cameos. I know people are going to be asking what my favorite scetch is , so I will enlighten you. my favorite scetch from the show would be the one that introduced me to SNL: Living in a Van down by the River. Starring the great Chris Farley as a motivational speaker, it is a must see. And I mean, a MUST SEE. IT IS HILARIOUS! If you havnt watched it yet, look it up. You havnt lived until you have watched Chris Falrey in this role. 7. The Simpsons: Ok, pretty obvious. And no, I dont mean season 16 and above. I mean when the show was actually good. It centered around a disfunctional family who would get into different shenanigans. If you ever take a gander at watching it, I recommend the older episodes. Like all shows, The Simpsons went through Seasonal Rot (If you dont know what I am talking about, look at Modern Day Spongebob). Oh, and for the record, I hate Family Guy. With a burning passion. 6. Star Trek: Yes, I mean the old show. About a year ago, my Dad gave me the Complete first season of Star Trek for Christmas. Being a (Hardcore) Star Wars fanboy, I was intrigued. So, me and my Dad sat down and watched it. And for the record, it was HILARIOUS. From the humor in the show, to just some of the cheap things they had on set. I have to say, if you are looking for something funny to watch, watch Star Trek Season 1. Oh, and watch closely when there is a fist fight in the show. That is when it gets pretty funny. Besides that, though, it tackled some seriosu things. I have fallen in love with the characters. 5. Everybody Loves Raymond: This is not a very known one. This was a show created during the Age of Sitcoms (The Cosby Show, Happy Days, etc.) This show was centered around Raymond, a sports loving journalist and his dysfuntional family. It is absolutley hilarious. From his over obsessive mother going neck to neck with his outspoken wife, to his Dads constant wise cracks, this is a show to fall in love with. I dont really have a favorite episode for this one, but my favorite season from the show is its last one, Season 9. Robert and Amy are married, and I absolutley LOVE Amy's character. Innocent and funny. Anyways, a great show to check out. 4. Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Who didnt see this one coming? I lOVE Star Wars: the Clone Wars. I talked about it a little bit in my Star Wars, Rebels Review, but I dont think that justified my absolute LOVE for the show. It took place between Star Wars episode 2 and 3, and focused on the elusive Clone Wars. It was a great show, with likable characters and a great premise. If you havnt seen this show, and you have Netflix, you absolutley must watch it. A good starting episode would be the Season 1 episode, Rookies. I have always found the episodes that center on the Clone Troopers to be the best. I am conflicted on which my favorite episode is. My SINGLE favorite episode would be the Season 4 episode, Darkness On Umbara. It takes place ont he planet of, you guessed it, Umbara, where the Republic launch an epic seige upon the planet. After Anakin is called back to Coruscant, Jedi Master Krell takes over command of the troops. And, with his reckless tactics, gets hundred of Clones killed. Captain Rex is conflicted: Does he follow the orders given to him, even though he knows they are wrong, or does he disobey orders, and save the lives of his men. The Umbara Trilogy is the best in the series, but I feel this is the best single episode. My next favorite in this arc would be Carnage of Krell. I wont spoil the end, but this is by far the best Arc in the show. If you are new to the show, I still recommend Rookies first. But after Rookies, I say watch these episodes. 3. Star Wars: Rebels: I already did a review on why I love this show here. My favorite episode from the show, like anyone else who watched, would be the Season 1 finale, Fire Across the Galaxy. I cant really say the premise of the episode without revealing the rest of the arc. But I just have to say that it was a very satisfactory ending for a first season. Plus, we got introduced to a character returnign from the Clone Wars. THE HYPE IS HIGH WITH THIS ONE! 2. My Little Pony: Do i really need to explain why I like this show? Good morals, lovable characters (Shippers, Im watching you!), and a great fandom. For the most part. My favorite episode to date would have to be the Season 5 Opener, The Cutie Map. I also did a review of that here. 1. Mystery Science Theater 3000: Didnt see this one coming, did ya? Thats right, the only show I love more than MLP is MST3K. MST3K was a show that aired a long time back, and went for multiple seasons. It centered around a guy (Mike, Joel, the host changed over the seasons), and a few talking robots, as they sort of did a live commentary over these old crappy movies. It was hilarious and had me entertained. Before I go bed each night, I stay up and watch an episode or two. My favorite SHORT they did would have to be whent hey reviewed the first episode of Gumby "Robot Rumpus". The show is now on Youtube, so look it up! You have no excuse not to watch. I recommend the above episode to watch. It's only about 10 minutes long, and is pretty freaking funny. And that, guys, was my top 10 favorite TV shows. Do you disagree with any of my choices? Believe one show should have been above another? Comment! Each comment submitted gives this cat a watermelon. Guys, this cat really wants to buy a Rainbow Dash plushie, but cant! In his world, Watermelons are currency. So, each comment given will get this cat one step closer to his plushie. HIS PLUSHIE, DARN IT! THINK OF THE KITTENS. And that is all for today. Oh, and before I forget! I am starting up a Brony Skype Group! People should join! We will talk about the show, do collabs, and everything else fun in the world! PM me or post in the comments if you are interested. Ok, bye guys, and see you next time. Juggerpony, out! Check Out my Youtube channel: Juggerhawk B Fanfiction: Juggerpony Fimfiction: Working on it Previous Blogs: Tanks for the Memories Review Star Wars Rebels Star Wars Battlefront 3 Bloom and Gloom Review Castle Sweet Castle Review Defending King Sombra Part 2 Starlight Glimmer thoughts Season 5 Opener Review! Does the Shipping Community Destroy Lives? Controversy Talks: Bridle Gossip Defending King Sombra
  23. I was wondering was there any show pilot that you thought could've gained a full series? Personally, I think any of the DC comic shorts on CN should get a show. Especially the Princess Ameythst shorts. Either that or Cartoon Hangover's Blackford Manor pilot, which I think is amazing at handling the mystery elements. You can watch it BM here if you're interested: They look like they have potential to be good shows! So what is a show pilot that you wanted to get a full series of? Discuss below!
  24. Whatever media there is, there will be a genre of it that you do not like in the slightest, I think there are exceptions to that rule, so this thread is for posting all of your diamonds in the rough. example: Media: Anime Genre I don't like: Horror Exception: Psycho Pass
  25. Hello, this is a simple thread where I would like to know what are your favorite sci-fi TV-shows[partly because I am looking for one to watch and partly because I just thought this would be a good thread to start] . I hope I don't have to explain the term "science fiction", so lets get this started! This is the answer template, please share! Favorite Sci-fi TV-show: Why is it your favorite: Favorite character from it: How much of a fan are you exactly: ______________________________ Favorite sci-fi TV-show: Battlestar Galactica Why is it your favorite: It has some nice backstory to it and action, and the characters feel very real. Also it has epic space battles. Favorite character from it: Captain Apollo How much of a fan are you exactly: Well, I am the casual fan. I am not part of any forums or anything, and I do not go to any conventions based on it. But if I ever go to comic-con I am surely dressing up as a Battlestar officer. ^-^