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Found 271 results

  1. Nightmare glim

    Why I hate Twilight

    Okay I hate Twilight and I hate her for only one reason. It was her fault Starlight got captured in the finale. Now some of you may disagree with me but before you do let me tell you why 1. The school of friendship is run by Her and as headmare of the school she has the right to send her students home if she feels that there in danger. 2. Twilight obviously trusted Cozy glow to much that she thought it was okay to leave Starlight with her. Twilight is really smart she she know when someone’s trying to be fake like Cozy glow. Seriously Twilight how did you not know that Cozy glow wanted to take over your school she acted like she wanted to the entire time. And the faces she made showed that she was up to something. I mean think about it Twilight Cozy glow wants to be as close to you as she can. And why might that be so she can go through all your files and paper work and study everything she needs to know about Friendship so she take over your school. She wanted to be your assistant 24 seven she got all sad when you told her she couldn’t be in charge of the school. That should tell you right away that she’s up to something Twilight nobody acts this way and is not up to something nobody does. 3. Twilight obviously dosent care about Starlight safety because if she did she wouldn’t have left her at a school alone where she has no magic to defend herself. Seriously Twilight think before you do something. 4. She was a jerk to Starlight in the finale she likes maybe you did your spell wrong. Excuse me Twilight but Starlight does not do spells wrong. Think before you say something Twilight. Not only that that smug face she made made it seem like you think your better than Starlight. Seriously Twilight get rid of that smug on your face and apologize to Starlight. 5. She doesn’t even apologize to Starlight after like come on Twilight how rude and mean are you. It was your fault Your former student got captured and you don’t even apologize to her that’s mess up. Starlight should be headmare of the schoo instead of you Twilight she would make a better headmare she kind and sweet and not snarky like you Twilight. And that is why Twilight is now my least favorite member of the mane 6.
  2. Wonderbolt Slipstream

    Spike Breaking Twilights Heart

    Do you believe anyone else in the MLP universe could’ve broken Twilights heart the way Spike did?
  3. Title: Once Upon A ZeppelinAir Date: October 7, 2017 Written by: Brittany Jo FloresSynopsis: Twilight is torn when she discovers the cruise she and her family are on is actually a themed vacation experience in which ponies have paid for the privilege of spending time with her. Will she be able to please both her family and the cruise attendees? Promo Discussion Of course remember to join us at the CMC Clubhouse on!
  4. KindaEvilTwily

    Ask Lovestruck Twilight

    Hello, I am Princess Twilight Sparkle and I'm the most lucky princess in the world! Ask me anything now excuse me while I gaze into Sherbert's eyes!
  5. A Talking Dragon

    Is Applejack Twilight's best friend?

    In the show, I've notice that mane 6 tend to have different types of interaction with each other. For examples, Fluttershy and Rarity tend to hang together more then Rainbow and Twilight. Or Pinkie is willing to be more sensitive around Fluttershy. Is Twilight closer to A.J then the other mane 4? I ask this question because I always see the same one or two friendships talked about in the fandom, but the one between Twilight and Applejack is rarely mentioned. Note, I'm not including Spike in this since I see their relationship at a different level (more like family) and there's the history together. There are quite a bit of examples of their close friendship I've notices over a long period: Ep. 2: A.J defends Twilight from Rainbow's suspicions. Twilight is put into a despite situation and has to trust Applejack with her life. A.J was the first mentioned of the ponies that affected Twilight's view of friendship. Ep. 3: Twilight is hanging with A.J and helping her long before the Applebuck season incident. In Twi's hypothetical situation, A.J is not among those who didn't get a ticket to the gala. Applejack was first to give up her chance to go. Ep. 4: At the award ceremony, Twilight, and not the mayor, is hosting and she apparently has a lot to say on the pony. Everyone notices something's off but she's the only one of the group to visit A.J and ask about it. The others believe Twilight should help the farmpony, even as she's still new to the town. Ep. 7: A.J saves Twilight's life again and the latter gives her a thankful nuzzle. Ep. 8: Along with Rarity, A.J tries to make Twilight's sleepover a success despite her feelings on another pony. Ep. 11: Applejack's rebuke pushes Twilight to cry (first time she cried too I believe). The two share a sister-hoove bump for a job well done. Ep. 13: A.J invites Twilight to oversee the competition. When Rainbow and her laughs at Twilight entering the race, A.J tries harder to be more supportive. A.J takes Twilight's word on Rainbow and the tripping accident. Ep. 14: A.J and Twilight are hanging out together again at the beginning of the episode. Ep. 16: A.J helps Twilight out with the library but doesn't voluntary to have a spell tested on her to help Rainbow. Ep. 19: Twilight is the one who tries to save A.J when she's being pulled into the hole. S2 Ep. 1: Twilight is quick to find Applejack in the maze. S2 Ep. 2: When Twilight asks the others if they cared, Liar-AJ says "no". Going out to the edge of town, Twilight goes to fight for A.J's friendship first. In AJ's memory flashback, there are more images of her and Twi then with any other one pony. A.J is the only one to ask for forgiveness after turning back. S2 Ep.4: Even as she's afraid, Applejack is quick to help Twilight with Luna. S2 Ep.6: A.J goes to Twilight for help on her sister. S2 Ep.7-8: The two of them comment on Rainbow's antics privately. S2 Ep.10: Of her friends, Twilight goes to A.J, and not Fluttershy, for help on an out of control dragon. S2 Ep.14: After running, Twilight is furthest out on the platform as A.J's train departs. She questions A.J and leaves the assembly line first to get information on what happened. And Twilight's first to try to cheer A.J up as the truth finally comes out. S2 Ep.15: Applejack confines in Twilight about her worries and the latter checks up on her through the episode. Even being at different ends of the cider making assembly line, both collapse next to each other and share a congratulation on their hard work. S2 Ep.25: Applejack is the one who congratulates Twilight on her brother's wedding and comes up with the P.F.F lingo (pony friends forever). On the train, Applejack goes up to Twilight, trying to comfort her about what's been upsetting her and pushes her to talk to Shining Armor. Twilight is hanging with A.J first during the wedding preparation. S2 Ep. 26: Twilight saves A.J during the fight, taking just her word that she's not a changeling. The only one who apologizes to Twilight for not believing in her is Applejack. S3 Ep. 1: A.J embraces Twilight after the "wasn't prepared for it" song. S3 Ep. 5: Applejack tries, unsuccessful, to stand up to Trixie to bring Twilight home. S3 Ep. 9: AJ knows how to break Twilight out of her study stump and thinks she scared her for moving one of the ink pots. S3 Ep. 13: A.J is first to recognize Twilight during the changing and walks up to her first after her transformation. She's the closest of the mane 6 to the center of the crowning ceremony. Twilight actually makes A.J cry for a good reason. Movie (not spoiler because it was on the first preview): Right as things start, A.J's by Twilight's side talking about the whole princess deal as the others are literally going off in different directions. Other things I've noted: - Even as Twilight's the unofficial leader, she defers a lot to A.J and lets A.J take charge at times and order her around (example: getting Fluttershy up the mountain, the Parasprite plan, in the Diamond dog cave, leading the recuse into the west, sending her to her brother, the Timberwolf plan). - Half of Applejack episodes have Twilight really stepping up above the others to help out AJ. - Unless she's literally half across Equestria, A.J is always a part of Twilight's group plans. Any one or two of the examples above won't mean much, but together I think they paint a different picture of this friendship. So, do you think A.J is Twilight's best friend? If you agree that she is, what have you notices before this? Is Twilight AJ's best friend too? If you don't agree, who do you see as more likely to be Twilight's best friend? Or, how do you see the relationships between the others and Twilight? ---
  6. HELLO THERE! Today we have the TWILIGHT DAY! Some of you may remember, that I said I have an idea for this day, that I'll make something silly. So here it is! A minigame with our beloved Twilight and her favorite activity! (apparently shooting at books ) I have to admit, that I kind of failed. I didn't manage to implement many, many features I've planned, so it ended up being pretty basic. There are many things I'd like to polish - add animations here and there, but well.... At least the game works, hopefully! I'm not sure when I started the project- 4 days ago? or something around this.. So consider this as a silly little project - feels like game jams / other little contests. But hey! At least I finally released something! Okay, so first have a sceenie! Your objective is to, let's say, sort the books that are thrown at you. Shoot the books with magical projectiles to put them on the shelf! Don't let EVEN A SINGLE BOOK fall to the ground. This is what Twilight doesn't like and she'll give up as soon as she'll see one on the ground. (it will be game over, that is) Here are some details: You need to shoot the books with projectiles of the same color. For example, use RED spell for RED books. Using incorrect colors will have no effect. Each book takes 4 hits to go to the shelf. Switch spells with [A / S] keys or [MOUSE WHEEL]. I wanted to put these keys on the screen, like I did with Rainbow icon to the right, but I really had no time to get back to it. Rainbow Dash is here to help you! Wait for her to charge up and hit the [Q] key to let her wreck whatever possible! Putting a whole line of books on the shelf will advance you to the next level, where books will be thrown more frequently. You also get more score for those. In case you didn't notice, the level is written on the scroll and the score is written on the books; look to the left. And that's all I suppose. If you'll encounter any bugs, let me know! I'm not sure if I'll be working on it further, but I do have some ideas for more and more features. I'll see how it goes. PLEASE, before you'll get to this, read the following, that may save you some troubles. Press [LEFT ALT] and [ENTER] to switch between FULLSCREEN and WINDOWED mode. I wanted to add menu with options, but I ran out of time. Press [R] to RESTART the game. There's no warning, it is instant. I'M REALLY SORRY, BUT THERE'S NO PAUSE MENU. I ran out of time. Pressing [ESC] will SHUTDOWN the game without a warning /!\ DOWNLOAD Direct Attachment You need to be logged in to be able to download. EXE: The Bookhorse.exe (5.86 MB) RAR: The Bookhorse.rar (4.99 MB) Google Drive EXE: The Bookhorse.exe (6 MB) RAR: The Bookhorse.rar (5 MB) Choose your preferred format; An .exe installation file or an compressed .rar file. Both versions of the game are the same, so in the end it doesn't matter which one you'll download. System Requirements Operating System: Windows Around 10MB of free space on the hard drive. That's a lot! Not sure about the rest of stuff. the game is lightweight, so it shouldn't be really demanding. Please notify me about any issues you'll bump into, if any. On this day you can interact with Twilight, so why not have fun with her in the game? Feel free to share scores! Maybe it's not as good as I planned, but it was going to be silly anyway. Either way at least I managed to get to the playable state. "Let's Plays"! @Rikifive (DEVELOPER) @Crescent Forest AKA: Electric Pegasus @HereComesTom @Sherbert Music-Guard Just poke me if you'd like to have yours featured as well!
  7. Wonderbolt Slipstream

    Twilights Friendship School

    Doesn't it seem odd to anypony else that ponies and other creatures need to go to a school and be taught about a basic concept like friendship? And before the school then how did anypony get along and form bonds with others?
  8. Thorgir the Mighty

    Why did this happen?

    I know this is from S1 but it’s just so weird to talk about this again.Im sure everypony has seen crazy Twilight somewhere. I know that she has OCD problems about that lesson and her brain snaps.Anypony found this episode,slightly weird because of this? Yeah twilight,sadly you might be
  9. ShadOBabe

    Pony Restoration Pt. 1

    Was going to post this as a status, but I think it works better as a blog topic. Okay, so I started my little restoration project on those ponies I got from a Goodwill auction, starting with the Build-a-Bear Twilight. Here’s her mane at the moment... If I gave her an eyepatch and headband, I could make her into Future!Twi from It’s About Time! XD But yeah, that’s what her tail looked like too, but with a comb and a bowl of water and fabric softener, her tail currently looks like this... Still frizzy, but absolutely better. And some of y’all might remember that I said I got a surprise Gen 3.5 pony from that auction... *shivers* It’s not something I’d have ever knowingly purchased, but now that I’ve got her, I thought it might be fun to try making a custom out of her. I’m thinking a Celestia figure. Because I can never have enough of those. XD I think this’ll be a fun little thing to pass the time with. Hopefully I can get all these cuddly little ponies looking new again!
  10. Wonderbolt Slipstream

    What if Starlight Initially Won?

    What would happen if Starlight won while in equality village?
  11. Sorry if there's too much stuff about G-5 flying around already, but...well... So...yeah, the leaked G-5 information inspired this fanfiction; I took what little I knew and tried building a story with it that introduces newer versions of the mane six to each other. I could use some feedback on it; please let me know what you think: I'm considering doing another one of these with a few changes to the plot, the worlds, and what it means to be and earth pony.
  12. EggyRepublic

    Spoiler Princess Twilight

    After twilight became a princess in season 3, Twilight literally became the 4th ever princess in Equestria. She is now royalty and have authority, but in episodes like Rarity takes Manehattan, not only was no pony showing respect to her, they didn't even realize she was a princess! Now, I understand she doesn't want to be "special", but how could no one recognize a princess? and one more thing. Suri Polomare in that episode was the most disgraceful and parasitical kind of being. they present the kind of character that is what drags our world down, and even though I disliked the bullies back in ponyville, Suri is a whole new picture and makes even the bullies look amateur. I don't understand why twilight didn't step in and do something, this is a Monarchy (since its ruled by royalty) and I bet mighty princess twilight who saved Equestria - twice - could have done just something to punish her.
  13. derpy4ever

    Twilight Privacy

    If Twilight lived in the local public library, does mean she had Random people walking around her house looking for books to check out all day? Was she the librarian when she lived in the library? Or did the actual librarian have keys and just let herself in every morning? So many privacy concerns!
  14. Cyra

    Season 7 finale

    Greetings dear brony community, I'm new here so I don't know if this topic has been around here (probably has been but I'd like to hear your opinions) So my question is, what do you think about the season 7 finale, called shadow play pt1 and 2? I really liked the finale, loved the fact that they've brought Starswirl back, and his element called sorcery..The name of the element itself amazes me. I also loved that the whole season 7 has been similar to the season 4, meaning that you had to pay attention to the previous episodes to actually understand what's going on. I'm refering to the episodes where every pony from the mane 6 got a duty and needed to spawn the pillars of old equestria. Also no matter how Starswirl intelligent was he still learned his lesson of friendship (according to the ending of the 26th episode).
  15. So that scene when Twilight snaps at Pinkie... I keep seeing A LOT of people saying that the scene bugs them. I figured it's worth discussing. Think about it; Twilight DOES NOT DO WELL with FAILING or F@#&ing things up. Now add on top of that the fact the princesses are stone and it seems more likely by the minute that she's going to be next. Then bye bye Equestria. She also really doesn't know what to do anymore at that point in the movie. As their journey has been going on, friendship seems more and more to be an Equestria only thing. So she's backed into a corner and now it seems like her friends are starting to go against her too... BOOM- Involuntary magic reflex. I found the scene fine- But I actually think they could have gone a little further. There could have been more of a magic buildup. She could have been walking more towards Pinkie (with Pinkie crouching down more) and then when she was just about to "zap" her, Rarity could have stepped in, forming a magic shield or something and then yelling at Twilight. I think it would have taken the scene up a notch. I don't think it would have really "realistically" (aka beyond the TV Y rating) been out of character for Twilight given the circumstances. I also think it would have been an even more powerful scene when Twilight realized what almost happened. Too Dark? So what did you think of the scene? Did they go too far? Did you think it was fine? Should they have handled it differently?
  16. If any of the Mane Six showed up in your house,how would you explain it to your parents/coltfriend/marefriend?
  17. Hello~ I've recently released a new MLP In Real Life video featuring Wubcake as Twily! Check it out and let me know what you think~ If you did enjoy it, please show some support by commenting, sharing, subscribing me and anything else that would help~ ^w^
  18. Alan Crytex

    Unexpected 1K views on my MLP IRL!

    I'm actually stunned by the amount of views I got for my latest PIRL because I never really thought it would get that much, especially when I only have 400+ subscribers. Thank you so much, whoever watched it from here, and anywhere else. I really appreciate the support <3 The video is available down here~
  19. Alan Crytex

    The Latest MLP IRL video "Be A Tree"

    It has been a week since the upload of the MLP IRL video, unfortunately, it got taken down on the first 2 days on Youtube due to some irresponsible individuals who deliberately tried to ruin my YT channel. Though, I do want to thank you Youtube for reinstating back after some ridiculous complications. Here it is, back on track and receiving a decent amount of support which I am thankful for~ Again, thank you! For those who haven't seen the video, feel free to check it out ^w^
  20. (Paid work included btw!) Official BTVA Casting Call here: As the title suggests, I am looking for voice actresses for my upcoming sequel to this short film down below: The roles I need are the following: Rarity - Taken Princess Twilight Sparkle - Taken Pinkie Pie - Taken Please send me your auditions if you are interested in taking part in this. For Twilight Sparkle, please send me your auditions using these lines: Line 1: "Oh Spike, what would I do without you?" Line 2: "It seems that we may have ran into a problem." Line 3: "Girls, we have an exciting friendship problem in our hooves!" Requirements: I take the quality of my video and film projects very seriously, which means I do expect good to excellent audio quality coming from those of you who wish to audition. I will chose the actresses based on voice acting talent and the sound clarity of your audition files. I will also require that you tell me on here (or the audition file) which microphone you are using, as that may also determine your eligibility to earn the Princess Twilight Sparkle role. Deadline is November 11, 2016 @ 11:59 PM NA Pacific Time (it will extend depending on some factors that happen along the way) Good luck with your auditions and I hope you guys will love this sequel (as I also do plan on making another one like this for the "_____ Scene (MLP IRL)" series as shown here:
  21. So I was wondering what your opinions are about the scene in which Spike tries to comfort Twilight. For me it was a scene with lots of wasted potential. It is nice to see that Twilight's live long friend is still there to comfort her even at her worst. However the scene was wayyyy too short in my opinion. (Not to mention it ended really randomly) Wouldn't it have been better if the scene lasted atleast another minute or something. So that u could get an emotional scene in which Spike could say for example that he still believes in her and such (u know the drill). Sharing a hug at the end and that after that the villains come and take Twilight away. It would be a much more emotional and hearthwarming scene like this. Kind of like in Brotherhooves Social with Apple Bloom and Big Mac. So yeah thats just my little scenario i think would be better. With some luck maybe some fanfic writer will take this approach so i can experience it after all So what do you guys think should be or should not be changed in this scene?
  22. Good evening, everypony, and welcome back to another edition of "Batbrony Reviews"! Goodness me, at this point the amount of exceptional episodes this season has become so commonplace that it's almost starting to lose its effect. But just almost. This past week we had yet another delight of an episode in "A Health of Information," and easily Fluttershy's best episode of the season. It was well-paced, well-written, had great appearances from new and old characters, and a side of its main character that we rarely get to see. Without further ado, let's begin, this is "A Health of Information." "Ya'll ready to learn all about the magic of... the perfect gumbo recipe?" So first things first, even though she appeared in this episode less than last week's, I'd say this was easily the better of Zecora's two appearances this season, so far at least. For starters, we got to see her helping somepony *gasp* outside of her damn hut! OK, fine, I know this is hardly the only time she's stepped outside of her house, but still, it's a rare enough occurrence that it stood out to me, plus it was interesting that she wasn't helping somepony brew something like she usually is. She was specifically helping Fluttershy track down a moss for some oxen visiting her animal sanctuary whose location in the Everfree Forest she was familiar with, though I have to admit this opening scene raises to points of concern. (1) Does this mean that oxen aren't sapient in this universe? If so that's fairly confusing considering both yaks and cows are. (2) Why the hell was Zecora fetching the moss when she ended up falling into the water in order to get them? Look, I know it set off the whole plot in the first place, and it even tied into why Fluttershy felt so bad about everything, but still, let me reiterate a common sense point that both Fluttershy and Zecora should have been well aware of... FLUTTERSHY CAN FLY!!! Like, I know Fluttershy doesn't like flying that much, but it's not like she would've been flying over a mountain, she would've had to hover like two feet over the water while she was gathering moss! It's not something that breaks the whole episode, but still, I kinda found it to be a silly oversight by both characters all the same. Why does Zecora look so bucking cute in this still image? Wings. You have them. USE THEM!!! Anyways, it's not long before this episode goes from being a pleasant bit of slice of life to a medical drama. Oh wait, my mistake, it doesn't become JUST a medical drama... IT BECOMES BUCKING NIGHTMARE FUEL!!! Why, you may ask? Well because of the disease in question which Zecora (and later Fluttershy and Doctor Horse) catches from a mysterious flower pod called Swamp Fever. I don't know what sick bucker on the MLP writing staff came up with this disease, but get a load of this... you've got silly symptoms like it causing you to exhale bubbles or causing you to break out in spots (which aren't exactly pox so much as polka dots), but it also gives you fatigue, confusion, causes you to eventually start sneezing lightning apparently, and worst of all is the end result. This bucking disease causes its victims to eventually TURN INTO THE TREES THAT DROP THE FLOWER PODS WHICH SPREAD SWAMP FEVER?!?! Well, I think it's safe to say that this is the appropriate response to that... Holy. Bucking. Shit. THAT IS THE STUFF OF NIGHTMARES!!! I mean, let's wrap our heads around what this disease in a children's television show does to ponies. It transforms their entire biological structure into a form completely unnatural to their own, and assuming they lose sapience, more or less kills them in the process of slowly transforming them into a bucking tree. That sounds like some bucked up idea that you'd find in a 1980's children's television show or film, and again, I have no idea who the buck came up with it for here, but it's bucking terrifying in concept alone. Not that I'm complaining, it certainly raised the stakes from the very beginning for everypony involved, but still, definitely wasn't something I was expecting here. Once Zecora's been diagnosed, we get to the real meat of this episode where Fluttershy shines, and on top of that a very solid, subtle moral is delivered as well. Feeling guilty for putting Zecora in a position to come down with Swamp Fever in the first place (and she's not wrong technically, which is possibly the only thing that KIND OF takes away from a still very powerful moral), Fluttershy throws herself into frantic efforts to find a cure. She sifts through Twilight's library even more ardently than the alicorn princess herself, and in the process (through some excellent research) discovers exactly where they need to go to find a cure, Hayseed, the old village of Mage Meadowbrook, a legendary sorceress and healer (some question how an earth pony was a sorceress, but we know that earth pony's do have their own type of magic and the ability to interact with and use magical elements, so I certainly think it's possible for an earth pony or a pegasus to be a sorcerer/sorceress in their own way). Once there, they track down her old home and even stumble across her descendant (seemingly sole descendant by the looks of things), Cattail, and also hunt down information recorded by Mage Meadowbrook in her old diaries leading them to conclude that the key to a cure for Swamp Fever is the honey produced by Flash Bees, who are immune to the effects of the Swamp Fever flower pods. During all of this, Fluttershy foregoes getting any rest for herself, and soon it becomes apparent that she too is coming down with Swamp Fever. In desperation, she frantically attempts to use her natural charm on animals, and when that doesn't work the Stare itself, to get honey from the Flash Bees, but neither works, and after getting stung by them, Fluttershy faints from her fatigue and remains unconscious for three days while nothing Twilight or Cattail do to retrieve the honey works. When she awakens, Fluttershy realizes that in not getting herself any rest, she not only endangered herself but also Zecora as well, since if she'd been fully rested she might have managed to retrieve the cure sooner. Realizing that Mage Meadowbrook successfully got honey from the Flash Bees by wearing a healer's mask with a stripe pattern similar to those of Flash Bee queens, who the males are subservient to, Fluttershy uses the mask to get the honey and heals herself, Zecora, and Doctor Horse of Swamp Fever, in the process also rediscovering the cure for Swamp Fever for good (very odd that Mage Meadowbrook only recorded the cure in her personal diary, but given that she seems to have lived centuries ago long before printed works in Equestria, we can give her a bit of a pass for not more widely publishing her medical knowledge). Fluttershy's character arc in this episode is at the heart of a very mature, subtle moral, especially personal and meaningful to people who can relate to it (such as at least one very dear friend of so many of us on the forums here). People who've had a loved one get diagnosed with a bad disease or debilitating medical condition in general often go through hell to help them get through it, if they can. They try everything they can to make it better, whether that be financially or just anything at all they personally can do for the one they love. They might drive themselves to such lengths that they even start blaming themselves for what's happening in the first place, or keep convincing themselves that they're not doing enough. Again, this message was just slightly undercut by the fact that this was technically Fluttershy's fault, but again that is easy enough to ignore when you consider just how good the message is. It is not good for one to neglect their own needs when trying to care for another, no matter how much you love them or how bad things may be for them. They wouldn't want you to do so since they love and care for you as well, and on a more pragmatic level, not looking after your own needs might actually make it more difficult for you to take care of them, much less yourself. While such perseverance and determination to aid another as Fluttershy displayed is certainly admirable and capable of achieving much, it needs to be tempered and balanced if one hopes to sustain such a drive in the long run. This is a mature message both on an intellectual and emotional level, and I am sure those who can personally relate to Fluttershy in this episode were very much affected by it and knew exactly what the show was doing. Beyond these core elements, the episode had a lot of other great things to offer viewers as well. Twilight had one of her best supporting roles in sometime, and a true one at that. Oftentimes a risk with having Twilight as a supporting character is that, by the sheer nature of who she is as the show's main character, she will dominate the screen time. Heck, we've seen her paired up (rarely) with Fluttershy in past episodes, such as when they visited the Hooffields and McColts, and while they were both supposed to be main characters in that episode, one could argue Twilight stood out far more than Fluttershy. Here, however, she was firmly a supporting character; Fluttershy took the lead on most things, while Twilight offered good support and mature advice the whole time. It wasn't even out of deference to Fluttershy or anything, Fluttershy just had a better handle on the situation from the start than Twilight did and she knew this. Her intro with Spike in which they were having a cooking competition was also rather cute and funny, a more normal side of Twilight we don't get to see nearly as much these days like we used to, plus it was fun seeing her do something not related to her love of intellectual pursuits like baking (also, those sweet potato muffins honestly sounded REALLY good if I'm being perfectly honest). OK, Twiley looks ridiculously adorable with flower on her little hoovesies and her horn! Remember kids, this is what baking too much does to you. Before you know it, you're having fever dreams about pans!!! Cattail was another fun, new element added to the episode. The entire village of Hayseed seems to have had an Equestrian version of Cajun-bayou culture, which was pretty unique to see in this show. While the real world parallels could only go so far, the show has never made a habit of stereotyping other cultures when it does have shades of cultures similar to ones in our own world, and the same was true here. In addition, his willingness to simply help Fluttershy and Twilight as soon as he learned what they were after was admirable to see seeing as he'd just met them, not to mention he basically opened his home to them as well (well, after they inadvertently broke into it, though in their defense they had no idea it was occupied to begin with). The lore with his distant relative and ancestor, Mage Meadowbrook, was quite cool as well, and it was nice learning about the last of the Legends of Magic (though I still think it would have been cool if Fluttershy's allegory among them were Somnambula). But all in all, the best elements of this episode that will stick with me going forward are those relating to its message and just how great of an appearance Fluttershy herself had. That's not to say the episode as a whole wasn't exceptional, it really was. It's just that these elements in particular are what make it particularly unique in its own way as an exceptional episode, especially in a season like Season 7 where there have been so many great episodes already. Well, that's all I've got for you everypony. I feel fairly certain that by the end of Season 7 this episode will still stand out as Fluttershy's best of the season, so it was a pleasure getting around to finally reviewing such a great episode. Until next time, this is Batbrony signing off. I'm off!!! *cue dramatic exit*
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