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Found 25 results

  1. As watching the show and watching my little pony, i do the opposite of some people. I watch the mane characters. Twilight, though shes learning more about friendship, still has alot more to learn. Even when princess of friendship, she fails at it miserably. like, for example, in Twilight's kingdom, she only took the battle serious when a couple of books were destroyed, not to mention the princesses think that this will make her understand what being princess is about? You gave her your magic. That's the only reason she could be at an impass. with borrowed magic. the princess of friendship wouldve so easily had equestria burned to ashes. unless celestia be trollin' because she knew twilight would friendship weapons grade hard at tirek...hell, maybe she let him out. In the show shes also been known to have outbursts. She also says she's prepared for anything, yet shit happens because she has a spazz attack about other things other than focusing on keeping it all together and making sure things go as plan, other times shes a maximum try hard and ruins it because she stresses over it. Like in and something similiar happened in "Once Apon A Zeppelin." where she focused on other things instead of what was important: Friends/Family. But I understand she wants to make people happy. but the real problem is, WHY DID THEY SIT THERE AND ENJOY THE NORTHERN STARS WITHOUT HER!!?? I mean seriously? Rub it in why dont'chya? anyways, She should have told the cruise ponies she wanted time with her family. she should have been telling the truth...gah. She's like fluttershy at this point. she keeps learning the same thing. Often times, it's like The Last Roundup: Twilight Sparkle Adition. Not to mention, with these outbursts she doesnt act friendly at all. Twilight's harsh outburst being the honest-apple-dirt-horse would've saved your flank. she has another harsh outburst in Mlp:Themovie. That on part two...What do you guys think? Do you think twilight should step down? Do you think she'll learn by the end, or continue to fail friendship? Focusing on the mane six in the next one.
  2. I have been thinking that Shadow Play could have felt much smoother and better if it was a 3 parter. Now obviously that would be the case, it would probably be so with all the two part episodes. I am curious though, if you could make any of the current 2 part episodes into a 3 parter, which one would it be and what would you change or add to make that extra 22 minutes fit. For me, I will do Shadow Play. It would open the same way, and continue the same way until they discover that Ponehenge is at the base of foal mountain. The rest of the episode would be them journeying to Ponehenge, while on the way Sunburst is reading a more detailed version of their battle(s) with the Pony of Shadows, this plays out similar to the legends sequences we saw in previous episodes. We see the mane6, Starlight, SPike, and Sunburst traveling and talking but with occasional changes to show the pillars battling the pony of shadows as he brings ruin to the land. It would end with Starswirl saying how he has one final plan, but it would require a dire sacrifice. Just as that ends we see them finally find Ponehenge, and every thing goes exactly how it did in the episode, they walk around Ponehenge, point out the runes, we see the holograms of the PoS being banished, and part 1 ends with Twilight saying "Starswirl and the other Pillars sacrificed themselves to save Equestria" So with part 1 over we now have a good understanding of the Pillars and a more firm grasp of how much of a threat the Pony of Shadows was. So with Part 2, everything goes about the same, except instead the parts where the mane 6 find their artifacts are all longer, at least a few minutes each, 2-5, no ridiculous 30 second parts like Pinkie Pies, basically make the mane 6 finding their artifacts about as long as the RD/Spike one. It goes as normal from there with the Pony of Shadows being freed and Twilight going "OH NO" "To be continued" Part 3 would go exactly the same as part 2 did in the version we got. So that is how I would have made Shadow Play a 3 parter and I think it would have greatly improved the story, don't get me wrong, I love Shadow Play but it was pretty rushed in some parts. This way we get to see more of the pillars and more importantly, more of the Pony of Shadows so when we find out how Stygian changed in part 3, it would feel more impactful. But that is just Shadow Play, I hope you find my changes good, but I am more curious to see what you would add or change if one of your favorite two parters suddenly got an extra 22 minutes of time.
  3. Before this month is over, Season 6 will have come to an end for My Little Pony. It's been a long one and we're about to go out in style. Before I do so, I'm gonna rewatch all 5 Season Finales: This week, I'll be rewatching both "The Best Night Ever" and "A Canterlot Wedding." Next week, it will be Magical Mystery Cure and Twilight's Kingdom And the following week, The Cutie Remark, plus I'm gonna rewatch Star Wars: The Force Awakens just for fun. Also, each rewatch of a season finale episode will be followed by a selected episode of STar Wars: The Clone Wars. Why? Because I still enjoyed that series. Anyway, I'm off to go rewatch "The Best Night Ever" on Netflix followed by the Star Wars:The CLone Wars episode "Ambush."
  4. So I know the tree of harmony birthed a crystal tree from the "seed" and this is all very logical and all, but am I the only one that is confused about the ACTUAL tree that lives INSIDE the new crystal castle? I am referring to this one: is this an upside down tree? Are these roots? And if so does this simply function as some bizarre chandelier, or is there MORE of this tree if you go farther up in the castle? Because last I checked trees don't grow upside down. So this makes it seem more logical these are roots. I want to see the rest of the tree.
  5. ok so this has bugged me for some time now (sorry for the slew of topics I just had one of those bursts of questions) If we are to look at the kingdoms out there, a LOT of what we see in the interiors of these castles does not seem to match the outside. for one the interiors have too many windows. In the center of twilights castle there are windows all around but looking on the outside there does not seem to be a place that reflects that. In celestias castle there are many many halls with barrel vault ceilings and columns upon columns of either windows or stained glass - also not reflected on the outside of the castle. Cadences castle is harder to tell as it's so square.. this one might actually be ok. The castle of the 2 sisters - the original castle doesn't even match the second one they show, and it's got some inconsistencies with the one shown in the journal of the 2 sisters as well. ----- as an architect graduate this drives me nuts. If one were to do a 3d rendering of these castles how would they map out the rooms? I'd love to see a layout that shows me "oh ok they are in THIS part of the castle now" instead of just having random rooms and you never know what part of the castle they are in. What do you guys think? Are there architectural plans for these castles or is everything just drawn up when say, a new convenient room is needed?
  6. You know that magic key box thing in the twilights kingdom episode's that they use to defeat tirek. I was thinking it might be actually be the element of friendship and as you can't have one person be a friendship it can't be wielded by one person, but instead multiplies the power of the others by the strength of there friendship. thus making the rainbow powered Pony's. so what do you think and feel free do poke holes in my theory (also is this where you even post theories i'm to to this whole pony thing)
  7. OK, so I was watching Pony Thread Simulator, I know it's supposed to be tongue in cheek humour but there was one theory in it that really blew my mind, Discord winked at the end of Twilight's Kingdom part 2, to Celestia. Implying that he deliberately betrayed Equestria simply for the sake of gaining the medallion that Tirek had. Which is exactly what happened in Metal Gear Solid 3, the boss betrays the US to get the philosopher's legacy back from Volgin. And Snake had to kill her. So Discord deliberately joined Tirek as part of a ruse, Shining, Celestia, his ''Back Off Traitor!!!'' quote? It was all an elaborate ruse. So Twilight could understand. They deliberately allowed Tirek to destroy everything as they wanted Twilight to learn. Endangering Equestria in the progress. Now that would be a scandal to talk about. Even if it's not official. It could make a great fan-fic story.
  8. Can The Second Opinion resist the most acclaimed finale in the history of My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic? Or are we headed in a direction that none of us expected? Subscribe for more:
  9. Twilight's Kingdom, the grand finale to season 4 of My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic, is so big, so significant, and so long-awaited, that The Second Opinion is going to need a second, ahem, man. Subscribe for more:
  10. Just a fun little poll! Who do you think had the better-looking Rainbow Power design? The mane six in Twilight's Kingdom? - Or the humane six (plus Sunset) in Rainbow Rocks? - Horses or humans? Extravagance or simplicity? Really long hair or really long manes?
  11. I detest Twilight's Kingdom with a burning passion for reasons that I could honestly write a lengthy essay over. But that's not what I'm making this topic to talk about. I'm making this topic to discuss the precedence that this episode sets, and what it will probably mean for the show going forward. To start off, let's talk about the treatment of the mane five (Twilight's friends). Season 5 seems like it's clearly going to change up the show by having the mane six going on "friendship adventures" across Equestria, so it seems to me like the slice-of-life nature of the show will be taking a backseat for the most part. We know that the season premiere will involve the mane six going to a town where all the inhabitants have equal signs for cutie marks, and the recap previews for Rainbow Dash and Rarity show that they will somehow end up with equal signs as well. It's unclear what exactly this will do to them, but judging by their reactions (Rarity: ) , it clearly can't be anything good, and this presents the issue. The mane five were reduced to complete helplessness in Twilight's Kingdom while Twilight got to have her own solo moment of heroism that she didn't have to share with anyone else. This from the same show whose theme up to that point had been solving problems and overcoming challenges through friendship, rather than through individual efforts. So with Rarity and Rainbow Dash confirmed to be stripped of power, how much of a stretch is it for me to assume that it will happen to the rest of the mane five as well? How much of a stretch is it for me to assume that Twilight will have to be the one to save them yet again? After all, Princess Twilight Sparkle actually went an extra mile to suggest that the mane five are completely useless without Twilight. It will annoy me to no end if they're reduced to helplessness again while Twilight is not, or if we're treated to Twilight being glorified above them before they all eventually solve the problem. Bottom line, I want the subtitle of the show to remain Friendship is Magic and not Twilight is Best Pony. :okiedokielokie: Now let's talk about Twilight herself, and what this means for her. Firstly, I view the battle as her actively attempting to take Tirek's life purely out of vengeful bloodlust, rather than out of any desire to protect Equestria from him. This is because she did not engage him until his actions affected her personally, and before then, she wasn't even angry. She engaged him recklessly, and clearly did not take into consideration any other ponies or animals that might have been in the area who may have easily been killed by her blasts. I view the battle to be her absolute lowest moment in the show, and cannot for the life of me understand why everyone loves it so much (other than how well-animated it was, and I'll admit that I was impressed with it at first). With that in mind, I know that there's going to be an episode where she laments over the loss of her destroyed library, and that's nice and all. But there's another type of episode that I would love to see more than that. I would really like to see an episode where Twilight revisits the site of the battle, sees all of the destruction (which had better not just magically disappear when season 5 starts), and then comes to a realization of just how far she had taken it. The reason I want to see this kind of episode is because it definitely seems like Twilight is going to be walking away from the battle without the slightest bit of damage to her psyche, which, in my opinion, is absurd. Twilight has always been portrayed as very down-to-earth, but still very playful and fun-loving. This is something that never changed when she became an alicorn. So the notion that in a single moment, she can just snap from into , then just snap straight back is just utterly ridiculous to me. It's like the equivalent of an easygoing and carefree man going to war, seeing and participating in a ton of battle, and coming back and remaining the same easygoing guy he always was. It doesn't work like that. He would more than likely be struck with PTSD, and it would be quite some time before he came back to be the same guy he always was. I'm not saying that Twilight should develop PTSD or anything like that, but seeing her just come straight back to who she was directly after engaging in an intense life-or-death struggle is just something that makes her completely unrelatable. If season 5 had an episode that focused on her coming to realize just what she did and what she's capable of, it would at least make her seem like an actual person again. In fact it would probably go as far as to make me actually feel better about her. And lastly, perhaps my biggest worry about Twilight's Kingdom is the notion that the bronies are running the show now. Does anyone honestly think that DHX had the original target demographic of FiM in mind (7-10 year old girls) when they animated that battle sequence? No. It was made for no other reason than to please the bronies who had been clamoring endlessly for a grimdark moment in the show. It was fine when it was just little in-show references to the fandom. But pandering to them on a level like this is just going too far, particularly when it goes against the themes of the show like Twilight's battle did. I think it's fair to assume that if bronies were the ones actually doing the writing for FiM, it would be quite a different show, to say the least. So the idea that the writers are now trying to write the show in a way that pleases the bronies is a bit disturbing to me. I'm not saying that fight scenes do not belong in FiM. But if they do happen, they need to include all of the mane six unless they're simply not present, (like with Applejack's fight in Somepony to Watch Over Me), and they should not be quite as intense to the point where I actually believe that the characters are in it to the death. I'm truly hoping that the battle in Twilight's Kingdom will be the last of its kind. Anyway, that's just my thoughts. Sorry about the tl;dr.
  12. So on this day, Twilight's library was destroyed by Tirek. It was a fine library, great for storing all of her books, but it unfortunately was killed. Hopefully in season 5, Twilight's new castle will store her books just as great as the old one.
  13. I know it's been a while since the season finale, but I really liked Tirek's design. I did some sketches of him and him and Discord just for fun. They're obviously not finished pieces, but I think I like how they turned out. I'm not quite sure about his magic in the second picture though, that was just such a nice effect in the show. I'm always worried when drawing FIM stuff that my style is too close to the shows, that I'm just copying the designs without really doing much drawing myself. I tried to portray them differently enough to make them interesting to look at, but I like to know what you fine folks think of them. Any thoughts or critiques are appreciated. Also, the pictures are taken from my phone because my digital scanner is in storage at the moment, so please excuse the image quality. Tirek persuading Discord Tirek at full power Closeup of head & magic
  14. Hello everypony! So, some ponies were complaining about me uploading my songs to dailymotion... I have good news for these ponies! I'm back to YouTube. I didn't delete my dailymotion channel, I will keep it just If I have problems due to copyrights... Well, I never had problems with that before... but one never knows So yeah, here's my last original song, inspired on the last episode of season 4 (I know I have the wrong art, but I think that one fits the music pretty well, and I didn't found anything related to the new castle... oh btw, RIP Golden Oaks Library).
  15. Was I the only one who wondered about Spike during the scene? Did Twilight even consider him in the instant she was in the tree? If Spike had been off cleaning some corner of the library or upstairs she wouldn't have known at a glance that he wasn't there. The way things had been going this season I can't shake this feeling that Spike's safety would've been disregarded. Moments like Twilight only saving herself during the fall in PTS or just ignoring his feelings in Castle Mania and AEBB don't help this. Thoughts?
  16. So while I was playing Kerbal Space Program the other day, I contemplated the new Rainbow Powers for the Mane 6. "Yep, they are needlessly girly and a rehash of the EoH" I thought, and then it hit me (I'm not talking about the beach ball that was thrown into my face), what if the Rainbow Powers were sentient? What if it didn't just shoot rainbows at the villain right away and instead needed a reason to do this. The thought reminds me of the Moment from the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary episode, and how it wouldn't just destroy a planet on command. It would talk with the user, telling him/her why they shouldn't do an act of destruction, and bring logic and reason into the conflict. The Rainbow Powers could be like this. Instead of obeying, the Rainbow Powers would have to be summoned, and reasoned with. It also would need proof, like acts of friendship similar to the ones the Mane 6 went through during S4, or a lesson they learned. This would make the Rainbow Powers it's own thing, and not just a rehash of the EoH. It would also give deeper character development to the Mane 6, as well as others like Celestia, Discord, and Luna. However I doubt it will be a thing on the show. Even though, what are your opinions on the subject?
  17. Okay, so before anyone gets mad-this is how this thought occurred to me; In the finale, with the help of Rainbow Power the Mane Six travel through Equestria returning magic to all of it citizens. But, while they are headed into Twilight's castle Discord is seen walking instead of flying as he had in the past; The only magic he utilizes appears to be a result from the remaining Rainbow Power; In the scene where he presents a bouquet of flower to Celestia, they only share the colors of Rainbow Power/The Mane Six; I also do not recall anyone returning his powers to him once they have been 'Rainbow-fied' In addition, it seems like the only practical way to make Tirek a legitimate threat in these episodes without Discord defeating him with a snap of his fingers was to make Discord question his friendship and ultimately betray his friends before have his own magic drained. This-if true, would also appear to be a way to avoid him being able to poof away any future threat and avoid having to make him play the same role in the future for the sake of letting the villain have more screentime and be built up as a threat. Now, I could be wrong-but, there it is.
  18. Dating Twilight Sparkle as powerful as she was as in Twilight's Kingdom? As in still date her. You been together for years and your relationship is still strong. (A man can dream.) You yourself have no magically abilities, you are just Twilight's Earth Pony/Human boyfriend. Would you still date her, if she still remained that powerful after saving Equestria? Would you trust her not to vaporize you? Frankly, I would be scared of her. If in fact you are scared of her, would that make Twilight be very worried, that you still love her and overly affectionate, in attempt to show you that she would never hurt or kill you? I would find it very intimating that my girlfriend could vaporize me if she wanted to. But this Twilight, so would I assume it's safe to say she would never do that to me.
  19. I know this isn't new news to anyone but me (just for the record I refuse to say "anypony" or anything else that replaces "one" or "body" with "pony" it's just kinda stupid) as yesterday, but this got me thinking, does that mean that Twilight ISN'T immortal like Celestia and Luna, or that she AND her friends are immortal or will be immortal? I couldn't find any confirmation say which one this meant, so I ask this because I tend to think that either way, this has kind of a sad outcome in the long run. I tend to think of how situations in the show affect Spike because, well someone has to so why not someone who has Spike as his favorite character? That's me by the way. If Twilight and her friends aren't immortal, that means that Spike will not only outlive his friends in Ponyville, but also Twilight and the love of his life, Rarity, and that makes me kinda sad. If this is the case, I can really only see now that a hundred years into Equestrian history that Spike will be sad and alone and stories floating around about a dragon guarding the resting place of Princess Twilight Sparkle and her friends. But I'm not so heartless as to only think of Spike, I also think of how Discord will cope with having to bury Fluttershy, but given the fan service of him giving Celestia flowers in Twilight's Kingdom, I think he'll find a way to cope. However, if it turns out to be that this means that all of the Mane 6 are/will be immortal because of their connection to the Rainbow Super Pony Saiyan Box Powers, or they all become alicorns (which would be really stupid by the way), or Twilight casts some kind of immortality spell on the rest of them, then that means that they'll all outlive their other loved ones, such as Apple Bloom, Sweetie Bell, Scootaloo, Big Macintosh, Shining Armor, Maud, the rest of the Apple family, the rest of the Pie family, etc. No qualms about Fluttershy losing Angel, though. So which is it? Will Spike outlive all his friends, or will the Mane 6 outlive all their loved ones? Just some food for thought.
  20. Twilight's Kingdom should have been a movie instead or a 3 part episode It's obvious that they rushed Episode 26 or Twilight's Kingdom Part 2 because: Instant Rainbow Power Twilight's key being rushed as well The 3 princesses didn't even remember the SUPER NOTICEABLE AND MAJESTIC LOOKING STAINED GLASS and they just let Tirek find out instead of Discord telling him Instant regain of the Earth, Pegasi and Unicorn ponies magic/power Twilight's Kingdom just showing up instantly No reason why Twilight just suddenly wanted to be a real princess and not just a title (that's in Episode 25 or Part 1 but whatever) Instant plan of transferring their magic to Twilight without any precautions Tirek didn't get more power out of the five Mane 6 AND INSTANTLY BLOWING UP THE LIBRARY! Well that's about all I can think of, they should have really made it into a movie so that it could have made more sense or at least a little bid more interesting, not to mention longer since it was so awesome to watch!
  21. I loved the season finale and everything, I had to make some fanart for twilight since I dont give her enough love ;3;
  22. I remember having the Castle Grayskull playset as a kid. It looked awesome on the outside, but the inside was disappointing as hell, being almost completely unfurnished, save for a chair and a weapon rack, and some crappy stickers. I cannot bear to think of Twi's new digs being so lackluster, so what sort of awesome rooms and accessories should the new castle have? Besides the War Room we saw, and of course the new library?. I demand the following: - Spike should have his own freaking room by now. - Trophy room to place the spoils of her many victories. - Dining hall - Ballroom - Ball pit. - Observatory. - Science! laboratory. - Cider cellar. - Secret passageway behind every bookcase. - Dungeon - Fungeon
  23. First Equestria Girls, now this. MLP has totally become a magical girl show. Do you like this change? Are you looking forward to more transformations in the future? (So Hasbro can sell more toys of course.)
  24. Well, looks like the villain of TK will be completely new. This new villain breaks out of Tartarus and specializes in draining magic. This rules out all the existing villians, as none of them were sealed in Tartarus. Chrysalis comes close, because we could assume she was later moved there, but her specialty is draining love (though she is capable of draining magic). This sounds like Vukodlak, a vampiric horse-wolf. Hasbro did tease the villain was a vampire. Looks like it will be one of sorts.