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Found 11 results

  1. Here is a story I wrote back in June 2016, and it was based off a thought I had when I was watching the episode "Call Of The Cutie" on youtube back in 2011. One day in Ponyville, Twist was helping her family in the candy shop that they run. It had a few weeks since Twist got her cutie mark and Twist was having a goo time on this particular day. Meanwhile, Apple Bloom was playing a ball game with her friends, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo. “Do you think we’ll earn our cutie marks playing ball?” asked Scootaloo. “Eh, who knows?” answered Sweetie Belle, doubtfully. Twist used to be friends with Apple Bloom, until Twist got her cutie mark way before Apple Bloom did. So Apple Bloom nowadays hangs out with Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo. They’ve formed their own club called the Cutie Mark Crusaders and their goals are to help other ponies without cutie marks. Since getting her cutie mark, Twist doesn’t really talk to Apple Bloom as much as they used to. After Twist helped unloading boxes of sugar, she stopped to rest for a moment and to adjust her glasses. “Oh, pony,” she said, “It’s sure hard bringing in lots and lots of sweets. Takes a lot out of you.” At that same time, while Apple Bloom and her Cutie Mark Crusaders friends were continuing playing, Scootaloo accidently kicked the ball too hard and sent it flying through the air. “Oops,” exclaimed Scootaloo. “Scootaloo!” cried Apple Bloom, “That was way too hard!” “Sorry,” replied Scootaloo, embarrassed. “Come on!” cried Sweetie Belle, “Let’s go get it back!” Back at Twist’s candy shop, a delivery pony was bringing in a box with more candy supplies when the ball that Scootaloo kicked bashed him on the head really hard. “Ow!” he cried as the force of the impact caused his head to crush the box he was carrying. “Double ow!” he groaned again. Twist ran out to see what had happened just as Apple Bloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle arrived. “Hey, look!” Scootaloo called out, “There’s the ball!” They found the ball behind the delivery pony whose head had flattened the box he was carrying. “You will pay for this!” shouted the delivery pony as he got up. “Uh oh,” said Apple Bloom, “Sorry, mister! We didn’t mean it!” “What happened?” asked Twist. “We made a mistake,” answered Apple Bloom. “I did,” Scootaloo said. “Apple Bloom?” asked Twist. “Yes, Twist,” replied Apple Bloom, “Remember me? We used to hang out together before you got your cutie mark.” “Yeah,” agreed Twist, “And back then, I didn’t have my cutie mark. But now, I do have a cutie mark.” “And I think we’d better help you out right now,” said Sweetie Belle. “Of course you will!” the delivery pony said in a cross sounding voice. “Sorry about that,” said Scootaloo again. So the three ponies decided to help Twist for the rest of the day with the sweets for the candy shop. Some time later, when the ponies stopped to take a break, Twist decided to talk to Apple Bloom after she’d finished. “Hey, Apple Bloom,” Twist said, “How’s life going for you?” “Doing pretty good,” answered Apple Bloom, “I’m hanging out with my friends.” “You mean Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo, your new friends?” Twist asked. “Yes,” replied Apple Bloom, “They’re my best friends.” “I see,” replied Twist, “And we rarely hang out with each other ever since I got my cutie mark and, of course, Diamond Tiara’s cute-ceanera.” “Yeah,” agreed Apple Bloom, “I really didn’t want to be made fun of because I thought I was the only pony without a cutie mark.” “I understand,” replied Twist with a comforting tone in her voice, “I’m sorry that you felt that way.” “It’s okay,” Apple Bloom replied, “It does happen.” “I know,” Twist said, “I was made fun at before I got my cutie mark.” “I remember,” said Apple Bloom. “Until that day came,” Twist said. “Then you became happy and I felt left out,” Apple Bloom said. In response, Twist said nothing for about a minute. The Twist said, “Apple Bloom, I’m sorry that I let my cutie mark prevented us from being friends.” “It’s okay,” Apple Bloom replied, “I just hope that-” “You mean you want us to still be friends?” Twist asked. “I would,” Apple Bloom replied, “No, I mean yes!” “That’s great!” Twist exclaimed, “Thank you, Apple Bloom!” “From now on,” said Apple Bloom, “You can hang out with us!” “Thanks,” smiled Twist. Then Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo met the two. “What are you two talking about?” asked Scootaloo. “This is my old friend Twist,” Apple Bloom explained. “We used to be friends until I got my cutie mark,” Twist explained. “We see,” said Scootaloo, looking at Twist’s cutie mark. “But now, she can hang out with us whenever she wants,” Apple Bloom told her friends. “Well, if you say so,” agreed Sweetie Belle. “I’m fine with it,” said Scootaloo. “Thanks,” smiled Twist, “But first, can we finish up in my shop for the day?” “Yes,” answered Apple Bloom. So they did. Starting the next day, Twist began to hang out with Apple Bloom and her friends more often. Of course, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo still run the Cutie Mark Crusaders club.
  2. Welcome, fans! Come on in and post stuff relating to the best foalship of FiM! Enjoy yourselves here, and have fun! Other Fanclubs of Interest: Star Dreams FC- DjPon3 x Derpy FC- Moonlight Raven FC-
  3. I have seen Twist on a lot of worst pony lists. Is it because of her lisp? Is it because she got her cutie mark and Apple Bloom didn't in "Call of the Cutie"? I'm trying to understand the Twist hate.. It's not like she's Diamond Tiara or Silver Spoon (those two mercilessly bully the CMC).. don't really understand the hate.
  4. A friend gave me the idea of trapping a certain kind of fanfic author in a story of their own, and this is what I ended up writing (it never exceeds a "teen" rating, I assure you): Grim by Siegfried Danzinger -Part One- Perry was an MLP fanfic author. He liked nothing more than plucking beloved characters from his favorite series and depositing them in absurdly violent and incongruously horrific situations. Authoring a fundamentally original work was simply out of the question; he wouldn't derive anywhere near the emotional satisfaction from mutilating characters of his own creation. Perry was working on a new piece. Perhaps something involving the CMC; he wasn't yet decided on the victims. "The filly wandered into the forest," he typed. He stopped to consider. "The filly wandered into the dark forest." Hideous things seldom happened in broad daylight. The filly wandered into the dark forest. The twenty-something pony enthusiast coaxed his glasses up the bridge of his nose with one pale finger and leaned back in his chair with an audible squeak. "What happens now?" He said aloud. "Atmosphere. Have to establish atmosphere." The filly wandered into the dark forest. The branches of the trees seemed to have a life of their own as they swayed in the foul breeze. A branch scraped noisily against the window of the writer's room, and a draft swept over the man as his right ring finger completed the sentence. Perry abandoned his comfortable chair with a muttered curse word and headed towards the window. Closed. "Great. Something's wrong with the heat again," he told himself. Shakily, she held up a lantern against the gloom; casting feeble light- The lights dimmed; flickered. Perry spun around in his chair and swore at no one in particular. "There isn't even a storm," observed the author. As if responding to his complaint, the lights were suddenly restored. "Fine." Perry returned his attention to the computer screen; it had apparently turned off. His forefinger searched for the power button. "Ow!" The exploring finger went quickly into his mouth. "The hell?" Perry withdrew the plump digit and examined it. Blood. Not much. But any blood was more than he would have expected. "Why am I-" The computer screen blinked on: The man wandered into the dark forest. The branches of the trees seemed to have a life of their own as they swayed in the foul breeze. Shakily, he held up a lantern against the gloom; casting feeble light onto a patch of peeling, rotted bark. From nearby there came a sound. Afraid but curious, he leaned in closer. It was then that the lantern's light died. The lights went out in Perry's room; though the computer screen remained lit. A scratching. A terrible scratching; it sounded as though it were in his skull. A wooden, tortured groan that emanated from just in front of him. "What... I don't understand." Perry was confused. "I'm not typing this!" He'd lost control. In his eagerness to move away from the screen, Perry leaned back too far and toppled over in his chair. He floundered on the floor for a few moments; his fingers dragging against the cold- "Dirt? Ground?" Perry got to his knees and closed his fingers over a handful of damp earth. Scratching, scratching. Moaning. Creaking. "Let me wake up now," the man pleaded as he absent-mindedly smeared dirt onto his lens with trembling fingers. "I'm asleep." Another sound. A louder and all the more disconcerting sound. Like thick roots being torn out of the ground with a shrieking, wordless rage. He struggled to his feet, "I'm dreaming." He wasn't dreaming. "I'll wake up any moment now." Perry wouldn't wake from this nightmare. Something vaguely resembling a tentacle lashed out at him from the dark; wrapping tight around his leg with a whip-like snap. His limb was pulled out from under him, and the back of his head was slammed to the ground with such force that the once-black world was suddenly swimming with blinking white spots. A heavy branch crashed down right beside him; its fetid bark scraping against the sweaty, exposed flesh of his face. Perry yelped and clapped a dirty hand over the wound. Something like a gnarled hand - but much larger and covered in hard, leafy barbs - closed around Perry's skull. Scratching, scratching. Perry screamed. Tried to scream. Moaning, shrieking. Who was shrieking? Who was- Perry awoke on the floor of his room. He was dazed. Trembling. Cold sweat clung to his skin. He had apparently lost control of his bladder. "Why am I..." He slowly picked himself up and turned towards the computer screen. It was on. The author stumbled over his chair in the dark; landing hard on his forearms against the unforgiving surface of his computer desk. Maybe, it read, we can do this again sometime. Perry. Perry. PerryPerry. PerryperryPerryPERRYperry.
  5. What are you expecting from the season finale? While we may still be fairly early on into s5, before we know it, the finale will be upon us. And judging from how the s5 premiere ended, our newest antagonistic villain will be making a comeback. This was the first villain in MLP:FIM's history that made me cringe and left with an unsettling feeling, thanks to her brainwashing/ concentration camp tactics. However, Starlight's biggest error in her debut was holding the Mane 6 captive and not separating them, like the might've done with the villagers that she brainwashed. This is what I think could be done differently, during the finale, when she returns, since she seems like the type who learns from her mistakes and is careful not to repeat them. One thing, personally, I'd want to see from the finale is a 3-parter, if possible. This could shake things up from the “standard” two-parter, allow more time for good pacing and buildup, character development, and all that jazz. Seeing as how Starlight, as creepy as she and her tactics were, did provide an interesting means of attack and control against not just the Mane 6, but other ponies through separation of their cutie marks, I'd like to see this taken up a notch, but with additional twists. First, I'd like to see a battle of wits and strategy from Starlight, perhaps against Twilight, first and foremost. I'm talking Sombra-esque foresight and planning with traps and countermeasures; first separating the Mane 6 from each other, (maybe utilizing the powers of the Smooze, to prevent their powers from being used against her), then taking their marks again, with Twilight's mark being taken last, and makes her getaway, with it being up to Twilight to follow, while Smoozed, get through the traps laid out for her, and find a way- without magic and without her friends or others to help- to save the day. But ultimately, she fails in the mental game, getting stuck, and with a plot twist, it's the secondary group leader, the resourceful and level-headed Apple Jack, who manages to escape, catch up with Twi, reassure her, and continue the chase against Starlight. With how her friends are like family to her, and her determined, “I'll take on anything” attitude that we saw when she tackled the flame geyser swamp and chimera to save Apple Bloom in “Somepony to Watch over me”, I would love to see her taking the heroine role with her friends in danger (especially since many seem to think she's a “background pony”). And further set in stone that she's the secondary leader of the 6. With the theme of this season is “cutie mark magic”, I'd like to see the finale wrapped up with Starlight managing to use Twilight's cutie mark, merging it with her own, or simply taking off her own and replacing it with Twilight's, becoming an alicorn (like I thought she would, with Twi's mark, in the premiere), and ultimately, AJ realizing she's outclassed, about to get defeated, but Celestia (since many people seem to demand more from her =_= ) taking measurements to recall her former student, Sunset Shimmer, who takes Starlight on, horn to horn, reclaims the mane 5's cutie marks (which could possibly still home the spirits of friendship within them, since their friendship came about through their cutie marks, according to “The cutie mark Chronicles”), and defeats Starlight; returning the cutie marks to their owners, making peace with Celestia, and (hopefully) staying in Eqestria, being given over to Luna, by sunbutt, as her student/ protege. But what are you guys' thoughts on how the season 5 finale will go down? What elements do you want to see from it? Guest characters? Continuity?
  6. Do you guys think it's time for Twist to get a new voice actor, maybe like Denise Oliver (Wayside, Sidekick, Grojband). Well according to M.A. Larson, Twist is now a silent character since Alexander Carter was no longer in Canada. Bad move Mr. Larson, bad move indeed! Any thoughts on that?
  7. What ever happend to Apple Bloom's first friend Twist? She was in S1 Ep.12 Call of the Cutie Mark. She got her cutie mark befor Apple Bloom and they just stop hanging out?! I havn't noticed her in any other episodes so where did she go? Theories.
  8. Twist looks a bit like the typical red-haired nerd, but she is just a background pony. Why the hatred of her?
  9. I was surfing the internet today when a thought crept into my head. I started thing that the Mane 6 are all lame. Ya, that's right I said lame! So I came up with a new list of characters and I want you guys to pick who the best pony is. Spoiler Alert- Its Diamond Tiara P.S- April Fools
  10. I am bringing back two old OCs of mine.. Basiltwist, the secretive insect lover and Sugarcane, the shy and weak alicorn. Basiltwist and Sugarcane are both brother and sister. Sugarcane became an alicorn by a rare mutation in her genes where the pegasis gene from her mother and the unicorn gene from her father went into the same pony, creating an alicorn. However, she is very weak because of this. She can hardly use her magic powers to lift anything that weighs more than a pen, and can't stay airborne for more than a minute or two. She often messes things up, so she has avoided doing things in order to avoid messing up. She doesn't have her cutie mark since she doesn't try much things. Basiltwist was fascinated by insects ever since he first saw one. Since he lived in Manehatten, he was pretty much the only one who liked insects. When the others were let out for recess in his school, he went over to watch a dragonfly fly around the corners of the playground. He was also called "Bug boy" because of this. He got his cutie mark, which is two dragonflies, when a dragonfly wandered into his house and was almost killed by his parents. He defended the dragonfly, and when his parents finally accepted the dragonfly into the household, he got his cutie mark. He then named the dragonfly "Galasial" for no reason in particular. Once they were both old enough, Basiltwist left to live in a forest near Ponyville. His sister went with him, and wanted to live with him.
  11. Here's the fifth installment (rarity). Her personality can be pretty Gregarious so I designed it literally. You will notice how most of the ride is really high. She can also be down-to-earth so i designed that literally as well.(notice the end is almost touching the ground). This one was really fun to do.Rarity_0001.wmv