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Found 36 results

  1. I have a Twitter account and I use it primarily for breaking sports news, getting insight into an athlete's life that they're willing to share, and following Las Vegas hotels for special room rates and deals . I follow every well-known Detroit sports beat writer and radio personality along with the teams' official Twitter accounts as well for ticket deals or promotional things. I also follow national sports journalists who are among the best at their sport, like Bill Simmons for NBA, Jay Glazer/Adam Schefter/Chris Mortensen for NFL, Bob McKenzie for NHL, etc. I follow athletes from Detroit teams and University of Michigan teams who have an account also to see if they post their thoughts or if they reach out to the fans in some way. So do you have a Twitter account? What's your main purpose for using it? And who do you follow?
  2. Hey folks, As many of you might be aware, anonymity tends to have "interesting" effects on people. A shy person might suddenly become a stand up comedian and a Reddit user might inadvertently sprout a fedora. Whatever the case, we tend to act differently online to how we act in real life. I (and seemingly many others) find this interesting, so I thought I'd create a thread for people to talk about the differences between their online and offline personalities. My personality isn't hugely different here, but there are a few things: I use the greeting "hey folks" a lot on the internet, whereas I would never say something so corny in real life I'm actually a lot more shy on the internet than I am in my day-to-day interactions. In the real world, I have absolutely no problem going up to random people (or groups of people) and just casually talking to them. However, on the internet I find approaching people to be extremely awkward. In all honesty, I think it's mostly to do with the fact that what we write online is semi-permanent - meaning that you get too much of a chance to scrutinise what you say/write. Anyway, I'm interested to hear from others so do fire away.
  3. I honestly don't understand what the hype is about with it. I can see it having great applications in terms of news/media updates, but I don't really see how you can "connect" personally with somepony in under 140 words. I want to give it a try, since I felt similarly like this before I decided to watch a pony episode, but I just don't see the point in doing so. So, what do you ponies think about Twitter? Do you use it personally, or do you dislike it with a burning passion?
  4. BWROSAS197998@bwrosas197998 · Big Jim @TheBiggestJim Replying to #MLPSeason9 #Twitter #JimMiller #MLPFIM
  5. Hello Forum Friends! Everfree Northwest wants to make sure you are able to stay in the loop as we put out announcements for 2019! As we move forward into our eighth annual convention, we will be focusing our announcements out of our main social media outlets: Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. You can also find us on Instagram, Deviantart, and of course here on the Poniverse forums, but to stay informed on all convention announcements, we recommend following one (or all) of our three main social media accounts. Any questions about the event? Don't hesitate to reach out across any platform, or email! We look forward to seeing you all in Seaddle May 19-21, 2019.
  6. So, most of the voice cast with the exception of Ashleigh Ball are extremely responsive to fans on Twitter and other social media websites. I've been lucky enough to get a favourite from Tabitha St. Germain and Peter New when I wished them a happy birthday (got a reply to a question from the former, too!!!). Anyway, on the subject of birthdays, I've noticed that a lot of fans often tweet the voice cast asking something like "It's my 22nd birthday today, could I get a happy birthday from Fluttershy/Celestia/Spike?" A lot of the time they reply and the fans are very grateful, even if they don't always say please :/ I was thinking of doing this but then I thought isn't it a little rude or attention-seeking (the voice cast honestly don't seem to mind - Andrea Libman and Nicole Oliver in particular are very nice about it but I dunno it feels wrong :/).
  7. Hey, So I was wondering, any of you guys every played as Twitter pony? I used to be in control of and man, was it incredible to be a Twitter pony back in the day (bahaha sorry, I'm feeling old today). Then things got weird and everyone started killing off their characters. I kinda forced my Octavia through a wormhole and then she came back like a few months ago and it was all a barren wasteland. So, any twitter ponies around?
  8. There was time when i would browse the twitter pages of everyone involved with this show when I'm feeling down or just feeling bored. These days however, all I see is Anti- Trump rhetoric and tweets about how are country is doomed. Now, before i get a bunch of replies telling me that they're entitled to their views, let me say that I don't mind that they don't have a same political views as me. What I don't like is when they are extremely volatile about it and they tweet and retweet things about how Trump and his supporters are all racist Nazis or say other terrible things. This breaks my heart because these are people that I respect and look up to more than anything and they say they're kind, loving people, but their tweets make me feel otherwise. MLP is one of the main things I turn to when I'm depressed, so when I see the voices of my favorite characters like compare all gun rights supporters to the Orlando shooter or basically call all supporters of a political party evil, it partially makes me feel like they've gone from Love, Tolerance and Acceptance to Divisiveness. Sometimes I worry that all of this will prevent me from seeing some of the show staff the same way anymore.
  9. Good evening everypony, Batbrony here with some minor updates on, well, me. First of all, in some unusual news for me for those of you who know me, I actually have an actual ponysona OC now. Everypony, meet Silver Lining! As you can see, this little cutie is a thestral (more commonly known as a bat pony, but I prefer the former name myself for their species). He's very friendly, outgoing, and well-read, and his special talent is writing stories, particularly ones related to subjects or themes of the night. He's curious about the world and always yearning to learn more about it and using that knowledge to help and benefit others however he can. His name is derived both from his coat and mane but also reflects the optimistic, upbeat nature of his personality. Now, I'm not about to create a super in-depth backstory for him since I'm not about to start RPing with this guy or anything, but it is kind of nice finally having an actual OC of my own to reflect some of my personality. Those of you who know me know that for the longest time I've contended that my semi-OC is Derpy as the Batmare, and while I'll still always consider her to be a semi-OC near and dear to my heart, I figured it was time I got an actual OC since so many folks here, including those on staff, have one, and why not get one that's best pony species while I'm at it? A big thank you to my great friend SFyr for drawing up and designing this little guy for me, and also helping me pick out the name; I couldn't have asked for a better looking OC and it was very kind of you to take the time to draw him for me. Second, in the last week I've also created a Twitter account for myself, or rather, specifically my Poniverse and pony fandom related activities. You can find it here: Batbrony Twitter Account. Feel free to follow me if you so desire, and I'll be sure to follow you back. Well, that's all for today everypony! Until next time this is Batbrony signing off; I'm off!!! *cue dramatic exit*
  10. So, meghan recently tweeted this and explicitly tagged it as NOT the MLP movie. So, what do you think it refers to? Guardians of harmony? G5? Or do you think she's talking about something COMPLETELY different than MLP since she's now over all Hasbro girls projects?
  11. I'm thinking of starting a Twitter account to post my art (both fan and original), and maybe for anything fandom-related. Perhaps I may use it to get updates from and/or keep in touch with the creators of my favorite TV shows and other media. Thing is, I don't even have a personal Twitter, so I don't know as much about it as many of you, and I'm not really sure how I would work a successful account as a fan and as an artist. Any tips I should know about, like Twitter etiquette or what and how I should post?
  12. Have you ever been noticed by any of the MLP staff in the past on social media like Twitter/Youtube/Facebook? I sent the tweet on twitter to Tara Strong (Twilight Sparkle) and got a like back from her! OMG! Image is attached below, the picture is what I sent her. Some things have been blurred out for privacy because you never know if people want there faces slapped all over the internet. I'm so lucky! Have you?
  13. A video editorial about not judging a creative work by their creators actions. Think of this as a direct follow up to a question I was asked about my last video. Sources: Tale of Tales Tweet: Phil Fish Article: The Tweets are not available anymore on his twitter itself, feel free to investigate further. Orson Scott Card Post: It's part of an article he wrote and the title alone reinforces my point the best rather than some of his blog posts, which is what started his controversy in the first place.
  14. random asshole or alpha bitch or new villain character? I'm leaning against villain myself: I doubt they'd want to tip their hands their and hones to god villains appear so rarely in the show except 2 parters (which I doubt he'd be working on now, since the premier is almost certainly done and the finale won't be finished till later meaning he should be working on earlier episodes currently). My best guess is another dragon since they're showing up this season and dragons tend to be jerks.
  15. Hey there everypony! I'm V1NYL_DA5H! Very very few people know me by the name of Eclipse CeLL but I'm a streamer, aspiring Call of Duty professional, and all around good guy. I started this thread to maybe just maybe help others and myself who are known as nobodies in the big huge world of social media, YouTube, and streaming! Or anything that comes to mind. Basically, just post whatever you'd like I guess! Here's my Twitch channel to get things started! Happy Streaming! Jake (Eclipse CeLL or V1NYL_DA5H)
  16. Since 2014 we witnessed a huge internetstorm around free speech and not agreeing with someone else. Now, Twitter has changed it's policy system for the worse. Here's what I mean: That means I can't disagree with another user and making a counter argument is more difficult. And about offensive and disrespectful? Just realize that there's a group of brainwashed, Starlight Glimmerian moonbats who thinks that everything and everyone outside their hivemind is offensive and wrong. They're gonna abuse the system like Hell. I'm just gonna stay in MLPforums. We can agree and disagree with each other freely here.
  17. Well i found these: 1.Twitter 2.Facebook 3.LInkedin ______________
  18. Yes please I get to see another Equestria Girls! We can find out what was up with the other Twilight! We can find out if Sonata ever gets those tacos she wanted!
  19. Alright so at the first page of the forums you can see a little box for mlpf tweets, however I would like to hide it. There is an option to hide all the other boxes on the side and I very often minimize stuff to keep everything small and clean but after minimizing sections I currently don't use I'm just ending up with a bunch of white space because I am unable to hide the twitter box. See spoiler below. Or maybe the forum has a set height to it and won't change even if I hide the twitter box? If that is the case, a fix would be appreciated.
  20. I just noticed today that something new has been implemented that is now a part of our user posts (I not exactly sure what to call it besides user information outside the forums). I am talking about the Youtube/Twitter/DeviantArt/Steam/etc. user information blocks that when clicked on, will take you to their channel/profile on those site. I am sure there are still some kinks to work out, but as of right now, mine does not work (I only have a Youtube one). Even though I am able to bring up my channel on my own, the link on the forum says my channel does not exist. I checked my user profile to see if maybe the information was wrong, but it is correct. I am not sure how far along this new addition is, but maybe there should be some posting about it, informing it is in progress or maybe is already fully implemented (and I'm just having a bug with it).
  21. I've been upset by a couple of bronies on Twitter. One of them posted a cloppy kind of image of Rainbow Dash and I just happened to see it on my feed so I spoke out by saying that I don't like My Little Ponies being sexualized (I'm pretty anti-clop as you can tell haha). It turned into a mini-debate with one of his friends and I stood by my opinion but decided just to leave it there and not discuss it anymore, but that brony who had been talking to me had retweeted the things I had said to make fun of me as well as a picture of one of my OCs, with a caption saying "oh my god her OC I'm dying!" Obviously, this bothered me a little and I asked him politely to remove these tweets and leave me alone but apparently he couldn't delete the retweets which I know was a lie because I know you can do that. He and his friend continued to post screenshots of what I said to them and one of them even sent me a cloppy image. I asked the one who posted the images to apologize and he has done, but he still told me not to "get riled up" and he posts pretty horrific clop images. I know I shouldn't be letting this bother me, but it just is. He said he wasn't bullying me, but come on. You can't deny that making fun of my tweets and sending me a suggestive image isn't internet harassment.
  22. Hey, I play Super Smash Bros Project M competitively and it's kind of my passion. So far I have mostly played in local and state tournaments, but at the end of this month I am going to CEO, one of the biggest fighting game tournaments in America. With this tournament there are other exhibition matches and I am in the running for one with the best players in the world. All I need is retweets on the twitter post below and you can help me achieve my dream. Thanks y'all.
  23. So what is better facebook or twitter please no hate if you dont like facebook or twitter this is just for fun Mine is facebook. ive had facebook for about 4years now so ya p.s i cant work twitter