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Found 20 results

  1. Slow twitch and fast twitch muscles I'm sure many know that there are slow twitch muscles and fast twitch muscles. Muscle type 1 and 2 and then 2a and 2b. If you already know what type, then share if you don't then read! On here: So please read it, Twilight says so. Now for me, I think I'm type 2a, I'm a good sprinter but I also seem to be able to last for a little. Although I can say that I don't fit number 1 perfectly since I do become tired rather quickly. Maybe because of my asthma but I would think it's the muscles too. I don't really have a good example other then that I'm a fast runner but I can last for a long time more of a sprinter. So 2a fits, since it's mix between the two. So what's your muscle type, type 1 slow twitch or type 2 fast twitch.
  2. I decided to do an opinion list off of every Pokemon of my favorite type (I don't think it's a big secret that Dark is my favorite type, considering how I've basically proclaimed that to be the case multiple times). I will count Alolan forms, but not mega-evolutions or Hoopa Unbound for this list (Grouping them with what they are megas of in the case the original form is still Dark type). Alolan Ratata- Don't really care for it. (Neutral) Alolan Raticate- I didn't like the original form, this thing looks really, really ugly in comparison to the original. I think somebody needs a refund on their root canal. (Dislike) Alolan Meowth- Better than the original, but not much. Don't really care for either that much. (Neutral) Alolan Persian- Why does this exist? Regular Persian looks MUCH better than this ugly thing. IT'S HEAD IS SHAPED LIKE A F***ING WATERMELON! (Hate) Umbreon- Best Eeveelution, not only because it's Dark Type, or because it's unique among that type as a pretty solid support Pokemon, but also because the design is amazing. (Love) Murkrow- I like this pokemon to some degree, because of the design and there's even some humor in gen 2 involving it. (Like) Sneasel- Shiny looks weird (if the feathered parts stayed red I'd really love it though), but otherwise, kind of like it. (Like) Houndour- I kind of like the design, though I never really use it that much in playthroughs. (Like) Houndoom- Fantastic design, although the stats leave something to be desired. The Mega is a fantastic special attacker though. (Like) Tyranitar- I may not really like Rock types much at all, but this godzilla of a pokemon is an exception to that, and a big one at that. (Love) Poochyena- I'll just say meh. (Neutral) Mightyena- I don't really like this pokemon. I don't necessarily hate it, but I definitely don't like it. Stats are bad, and the design is really meh. (Neutral) Nuzleaf- I'm just going to say it. It looks funny, and ugly at the same time... (Dislike) Shiftry- I kind of like the design, and it's quite original to say the least. But it just doesn't do it for me. (Neutral) Sableye- I absolutely love this pokemon. Not just because of the design, but also because it had no weaknesses until gen 6, and their PMD2 appearances. Mega's great too. (Love) Carvanha- I get it. It's a piranha... Design is original and so is the name, but I don't really like it to be honest. (Neutral) Sharpedo- Interesting design, that sort of works for me. Also the mega looks bad@$$. (Like) Cacturne-Another pretty meh one for me. (Neutral) Crawdaunt- This pokemon is absolutely amazing. I love the design, and it's a really good physical sweeper, even if it is on the slow side. (Favorite) Absol- I really don't like the original form, outside of a couple of the pokedex entries... But I like the mega, so I don't exactly hate this mon. (Neutral) Honchkrow- Absolute bad@$$. Also, this pimp crow hits like a TRUCK with a crit moveset and Super Luck. Also my favorite Flying Type. (Favorite) Stunky- Absolutely, very ugly. It just stinks pun intended. (Dislike) Skuntank- Absolute @$$hole in PMD2, design is better than the basic version but I still don't really like it. (Neutral) Spiritomb- Cool Pokemon, and probably one of the most original to date. Design is absolutely amazing as well. (Love) Drapion- The design irks me slightly, but looks cool. Not entirely against using it to be honest. (Like) Weavile- A huge improvement on Sneasel's already great design. And the stats are so great, it doesn't even need a mega to be great competitively. (Love) Darkrai- Not my favorite legendary, but I absolutely love the concept and design of it and its power is frankly utterly absurd. (Love) Purrloin- It may be absolutely adorable, but I'd be caught dead using one of these on my team. It's so awful stat wise unfortunately. (Like) Liepard- Now this is how you do a cat version of Mightyena. Stats still are a bit lackluster, but it's OK. (Like) Sandile- Cute Croc? I also name every female mon I get from this line "Bea" or "Beatrice" in reference to the Night in the Woods character. (Love) Krokorok- Cool Croc. Also, when I get a Totodile, I always name it Krokorok simply because this evolutionary line is superior in every way. (Love) Krookodile- My favorite Dark Type and one of my absolute favorite pokemon ever. I absolutely love sweeping with this thing.(Favorite) Scraggy- Design could use improvement, and I wish it evolved sooner. (Neutral) Scrafty- When Scrafty evolves (at level 39...) it's somewhat worth it just to see this design. If only this mon were better competitively. Still really like it. (Love) Zorua- Interesting design, and I think it looks kind of cute at this point. (Like) Zoroark- Yet again, interesting design, but I don't entirely like the appearance of the evolved form. (Neutral) Pawniard- I don't know how they could possibly make a basic with this concept not look just off to me in a way I can't really explain. (Neutral) Bisharp- Defiant is a very powerful ability against defog, and it has a really cool design. (Love) Vullaby- Kind of ugly and really annoying to be honest, to battle in the wild and to evolve both. (Dislike) Mandibuzz- Much better design than its pre-evolution. Pokedex entries are bland AF though. (Neutral) Deino- 10/10 Creative name, Nintendo. Also take all of my meh on this one. (Neutral) Zweilous- Naming based off of German numbers? I don't know whether I should find that interesting or uninspired. (Neutral) Hydreigon- Much better than both of its meh pre-evolutons. It honestly is a little dope. (Like) Greninja- Most overrated starter pokemon known to man and thanks to how popular it is, I moderately dislike it actually. (Dislike) Pangoro- Inferior Fighting and Dark type detected. I honestly find it really uncreative. (Dislike) Inkay- Okay. It is a thing that exists I guess. (Neutral) Malamar- Is it just me or does it look like it probably rapes people with its tentacles? Also take my meh. (Neutral) Yveltal- Cool pokemon, weird name. (Like) Incineroar- I can't lie, I like this cat, especially since Smash Ultimate came out. (Like) Guzzlord- Probably my favorite pokemon from Gen 7. He looks absolutely awesome. (Love) (Favorite)- 3/50 (Love)- 11/50 (Like)- 12/50 (Neutral)- 17/50 (Dislike)- 6/50 (Hate)- 1/50 (Despise)- 0/50 Aside from a few bad representations of this type, I generally at the least like most pokemon of this type, and the only mon I hate here is the absolute worst Alolan variant that was made to exist. There are quite a few I'm neutral on, but I feel like this would really be the case for any type, even my favorite of the 18 types. I might do more of these in the future and get an overall assessment of what my favorite types are, but I don't know. This was pretty time consuming as it is. I can't imagine how long it would take to do Water type anyways... A solid few hours I'd imagine...
  3. Hey y'all! Just was wondering as the random idea came to mind for this to be a topic, but whats everyones favorite gemstone? I would make a poll for this, but there is a lot of different gemstones, some i'm sure i have never heard of before. So i think i'll refrain from making a poll, as it might take up like.. alot of space . So anyways, my favorite gemstone is probably emerald. I just like the color, its a really nice shade of green, and green being my favorite color i just love how emerald looks. Its just shiny and stuff, and I like it . So what about y'all? Whats your favorite gemstone? And why?
  4. Hey guys, just a general silly question out of curiousity, how do you type? I personally type with all 10 fingers, and imo the correct way. I could not stand just typing with only 2 fingers, and is my #1 pet peve when somebody types like that.
  5. Which legendary Pokemon are your favorite? My favorites: - Articuno - Lugia - Entei - Latios - Groudon - Rayquaza - Dialga - Zekrom - Xerneas New legendary for Pokemon Sun:
  6. Hello, everypony. This is just a thread to ask you your favourite type of pony art. I myself like OC's. What do you like? This thread was established purely so I can get to know you ponies. No flame-trots please ponies.
  7. So, what kind of brony are you? Below is a reference for types Closet Brony: Doesn't want anybody to know his/her obsession over ponies. Might tell a few friends, but doesn't want anyone else to know, especially his/her parents. Hipster Brony: Buys all the merchandise, always has the shirts, and keeps up to date on anything pony coming out. Moderate: Likes ponies, likes merchandise, but doesn't completely go crazy over his/her ponies. Artist brony: Draws characters of the show, makes music, and usually likes to buy prints Shipper: No pony, this is no place for you. Other: A brony that just doesn't fit any of the categories.
  8. Hi Everypony! I would like to know what is your favorite Pokemon type? Vote in the poll and tell us why!
  9. This question is more directed to the guys on this site, just to see which hair type gets the most love out of you! ;3 I shall kill this cat with my curiosity, so let's try it shall we? (Votes will not be public!)
  10. Whats is your Favorite type of chip. Mine is doritos, Yum!
  11. Oh god I don't even want to see this. No, I hate my music from early 2012. Ew. Wow. Metal fur lyfe. Question still applies though
  12. Saw this and thought it would be interesting to ask: based on your birthday, what Pokemon/Pokemon type would you be? Sadly this was done prior to X and Y, so no fairy type. Primary Type Secondary Type
  13. Let us take the time to share our favorite moments of actors playing against type. It could be comedic actors playing dramatic roles, or the other way around. It could also be live action, animated, TV, film, or whatever. As of late, my favorite would have to be Liam Neeson as Bad Cop and Good Cop in "The Lego Movie". The idea of him playing what is essentially the cop equivalent of Fluttershy is hilarious on its own, but it's also a riot to see him act so dead-serious as a Lego minifig. And that poor chair...
  14. Hello there! Technology has become such a big part of our everyday life these days, A lot of us do not even know how to type though! (If you don't, that is totally fine! ) The question is: Do you know how to type, Or do you just look down on "Chicken Peck" the keyboard? Leave your answer below!
  15. What are your favorite Pokemon types? My favorites are Water, Fire, Ice, Psychic, Dragon, Electric, and Dark.
  16. Okay, this is a bit random of a topic, but oh well. Anyway, my question is this: if the Mane 6 happened to be snakes, what types of snakes should they each be? Post which type of snake for each member below, and post why. Me: Fluttershy: Common Garter Snake Well, Common Garter Snakes sometimes have yellow on them, but that's not the main reason I chose this type of snake for Fluttershy. I chose it because this type of snake's behavior reminded me of Fluttershy. When they are disturbed, they may coil and strike, but they usually just hide their head, and flail their tail. This reminds me a lot of Fluttershy. Pinkie Pie Coluber Constrictor The main reason I chose this type of snake for Pinkie Pie is because they are fast and curious snakes, like Pinkie Pie. That's about it, really. Twilight Sparkle Eastern Indigo Snake Another simple reason for a snake. But in this case, I guess that works considering how Twilight Sparkle likes being practical. Anyway, the main reason I chose this snake is because it has a blueish-purpleish color to it. Also, it has indigo in the name. Rarity Banded cat-eyed snake Well, cat-eyed is associated with liking shiny things (like gems), so that name struck out to me as a snake Rarity would be. Rainbow Dash Golden Tree Snake Now, the colors don't match, but since this snake can fly/glide, I think it would be a good snake for Rainbow Dash to be. Also, a flying snake is pretty cool, so that is another reason why this is a good snake for Rainbow Dash to be. Applejack Bullsnake Well, bulls remind me of cowboys/cowgirls, and Applejack is associated with cowboy/cowgirls, so this seemed like a snake Applejack would be.
  17. What Pokemon would you be? Just kidding! This isn't one of those boring topics. If you were a pokemon, what would be your type, what moves could you learn, what would your ability be, and what stats would you specialize in? This was if you possessed powers like the Pokemon can, so you can get a little crazy with it. Using my Ponysona as a source for this, he would be a Dark or Ice type. He could learn: Frustration, Return, Sweet Kiss, Lovely Kiss, Attract, Mimic, Astonish, Night Shade, Scary Face, Confuse Ray, Horn Attack, Bite, Aurora Beam, Signal Beam, Flash, Teleport, Stockpile, Swallow, Stomp, Shadow Sneak, Revenge, Payback, and Calm Mind. His ability would be Illusion He would specialize in either Special Attack or Defense. As for my real self, I would be a Dark or Normal type. I could learn: Frustration, Bite, Crunch, Shadow Punch, Scratch, Calm Mind, Mega Punch, Mega Kick, Stockpile, Swallow, Spit Up, Scary Face, Revenge, Payback, Arm Thrust, Bulk Up, Endure, and Beat Up My Ability would be Thick Fat I would specialize in either Health or Defense.
  18. Is there any kind of music that you can't get into, is it a particular song, or a particular artist? It can be anyone or any song. Just please respect other peoples opinions. I honestly can't get into country... It's not like I dislike it or anything I just find it hard to listen to.
  19. Sorry if there's already a thread on this. I couldn't find one. I was just curious what your favorite kind of pony is. Discuss if discussion is needed.
  20. This is a new Fanfiction I am writing. I will post links down below to tell if I have updated. Start here: CHAPTER 1:THE WORRIES. Vinyl Scratch was in her room wondering about something.Vinyl sighed. "I wish I could meet her again..." Vinyl sighed. Octavia peeked in. "Vinyl? Are you alright?" she questioned. "I am fine." she lied. "Vinyl...Tell me." Octavia pleaded. "Its private!" Vinyl said in a low voice. "Octavia, you won't understand this-" "Yes I will." "OK here it comes...I have a secret friend when I was a filly. She was my only friend. We both have the same mane and that. Until you came along...It's not your fault...She moved somewhere else." Vinyl Scracth had a tear falling down. "Wow, what was her name?" Octavia asked. "Lily." she answered. "The one thing we have in common...Is we are both interested in music." Vinyl Scratch cried. A knock was at the door. "You open the door. I'm too sad to move." Octavia opened the door. A black mare with a black coat and Vinyl's mane was outside. Vinyl Scratch walked in. She couldn't believe it. It was Lily. "LILY!!!" Vinyl yelled. "VINYL!!!" Lily yelled. They came to hug eachother. "I missed you so much!" Lily said. "We have a extra room if you wanna stay." Octavia welcomed her in. "I actually wanna stay. I got kicked out of a house. But I will try my best." Vinyl trusted her. "Welcome!" she said. Something strange happened. Vinyl waked up. "IT WAS ALL A DREAM!!!!! Aww no!" Octavia was busy making some Cornflakes. "Oh, just the morning." Vinyl sighed. "I would never share my secret friends name!" Octavia turned as she put in a spoon. "What secret friend?" Octavia asked. "Hint number 1. I might never share it. Or EVER share it, but you know, its a secret." Octavia tried to think but gave up and ate her Cornflakes. "You should have Breakfast." Octavia suggested. "You need to lay off a bit." Vinyl set up some Poptarts. "This is helping a bit. Thanks for the suggestion!" Octavia shrugged. "Never knew that would work." After Breakfast Vinyl went for a walk. "I need to lay off a bit." A black bunny appeared. "AH! I AM NOT SHARING MY FRIENDS NAME!!!!!!!" _______________________________________________________ (Update soon)