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Found 9 results

  1. Well? I do a lot of both; but I want to say typing for me, personally. I seem to type more than I write. Since, I'm on a laptop for hours on end, and I do online schooling (which involves a lot of handwriting as well). How about you all? (Wow, I use that a lot. )
  2. How many other ponies out there use alt commands? I use them when typing out Sēkr's name, since he has that macron above the 'e', but that's the only place I've seen any accent mark on the forums.
  3. Right off the top of my head, I can list 3 dual types that Pokemon needs to have more of, in future generation games- those being the Water/ Fire type, the Grass/ Ground type, and the Steel/ Dragon type. 2 of these dual typings only have 1, count them- ONE Pokemon that exists, out of 700something, that shares that typing. Toruterra, and Dialga. No fire/ water typings, on the other hand, even exist yet. (Volcanion isn't released yet, so it doesn't count) What dual type Pokemon do you think there aren't enough of?
  4. Hey there! Since I'm picking up typing fast again I got interested in how fast everpony here can type, my average back then was around 110 - 120 wpm but as you can see I've gotten a bit rusty. So here's my result after a few days! So how do you stack up? Are you able to type faster than the speed of sound (Also, here's the link to test your typing skills:
  5. I am typing this whole thing with my nose on my iPod.
  6. What are your favorite Pokemon types? My favorites are Water, Fire, Ice, Psychic, Dragon, Electric, and Dark.
  7. There you go. Test yourself. Pics or it didn't happen. But really, screenshots are a plus. If you don't know how to take a screenshot on Windows 7 and Vista (sorry XP users), just hit Start > Search "Snipping Tool" and open the program > Click "new" on the window, if it is not enabled already > Drag box in area in which you would like to take a screenshot. This isn't a very fair score for me, as it is my best in a 5-time trial to get the best score. Average, I'd say I'd drop 6 words per minute, but here we go, screenshot. Bam boom bing bop, right down there in the spoiler.
  8. This game is rather simple: One person types a phrase (with fingers), and the next must attempt to type it with hooves. The second person then proposes a new phrase for the poster below them to replicate, and so on. Now, seeing as though 99.9999999% of the brony community does NOT have hooves, we'll need to get a bit creative. Find a relatively hoof-like object (a horseshoe, the rim of a cup, etc.) and pretend it's your appendage. I'll start the game off by asking you to type: "The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear."