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Found 14 results

  1. For those in the know, Ubisoft has been working on Beyond Good and Evil 2 for 13-14 years. Does anyone think it's a little too ambitious?
  2. So to clarify, all that stuff I said in the last update about "special surprises concerning upcoming stories", bogus. Yeah, I'm not going to pull those yet; they're in the reserves. Now, to begin today's belated peril. (seriously, me writing this at 9PM is practically a crime) Before I start, I just want to say, I love my Xbox. It's a gaming machine that does it's job a good 40% of the time when compared to my computer (which is still high considering it's dead to the floor. Yeah, I couldn't fix it). So for everything that's happened, I don't hold it against my Xbox. It's all about those puppeteers behind the curtain, Microsoft. Damn, those guys really need to step on it. Windows 10? Seriously? I'm lucky to still have an install disk for Windows 7 Home Prem. Now I'm ranting; continue. I got a text from my friend, a PlayStation fanatic, and he tells me that I could come over for the day. Of course, I'm not going to let an opportunity like that down, so I went! Now, at this time, I was in the middle of my first playthrough of Watch_Dogs and I'm a Microsoft supporter, thus, I wouldn't be able to play my Xbox games at his house even if it killed me. So of course, I had to bring the console. I quickly packed a backpack and ran to his house carrying a 200 hundred dollar gaming console, again, not exactly the smartest idea. Now, I got to play a good 5 minutes before everything went down. My friend was cool about me using his television and everything, but the real problem was that he wanted to show me a meme. Normally, I wouldn't mind a good meme or two, but when I turned around, hell broke loose. My toe, simple and plain as it is, tapped (I'm talking Fluttershy level of tapping) the Xbox as it ran and that's when it happened. My beloved Xbox, ground, I'm talking CHAINSAW LEVEL OF GRINDING, my CD. The sounds it made were only comparable to a blender caught on fire and then melted with the heat created from an overcooked steak. I was in pure shock, whispering to myself as my dear Microsoft companion continued its mighty rage, "Please don't let the rumors be true; please don't." Yes, I really said that and... well... upon my disk was the most beautiful piece of art. It was like my system was trying to show off, expressing itself with a precious circle imprinted upon my 20 dollar copy of Ubisoft's "next-gen" (yes, the parentheses) masterpiece. I walked home knowing I'd just burned money. Now, I wasn't ready to give up. To me, this game was awesome and I'd been drooling over it since its release. So I ran to the library, hoping I could rent a disk resurfacer. Nope. Ran home to drench the disk in toothpaste. (Not exaggerating on that "drenching". I literally dunked my CD in a vat of toothpaste.) NOPE, nothing worked. "Fine," I said, digging around the youtube archives of underage punks dipping their copy of Modern Warfare in oil, lighting it on fire, then putting it out with their prepubescent tears, "I'll just have to try something else." I did the whole process twice, the toothpaste. It wasn't until afterward that I found a video explaining that Car Wax was the answer to all my problems. Did I get that wax? No, I haven't. Five dollars is a lot to a brony who isn't allowed to get a job and spends all his lawn greens on pony dolls. That copy of Watch_Dogs is still sitting under my bed, waiting, wishing, and wanting to be played once more. Still feel bad for my Xbox. Such a beautiful circle... Lesson of today is to not get Windows 10. If you did, then I take my hat off to you; your eulogy will be done by tomorrow afternoon. -RealityPublishing
  3. It's that time of the year. E3 conferences is starting tomorrow. Theirs live streams here and here The Schedule for your timezone. Till then What are you looking foreword for?
  4. Child of Light Who here has played Child of Light for PC? What do you think of it? If you don't have it already, you can find it on Steam. It does require uplay in order to operate but I've personally had very little difficulties with using that, as I just linked my uplay client with my steam client. This is by far one of the most beautiful games I've ever played. Its soundtrack is enthralling, immersive, atmospheric, and gorgeous. It serves to simultaneously uplift you and make you feel sad, resulting in a beautiful mixture of emotion and resonance that substantially enhances other aspects of the game. The artwork is beautiful and dreamlike. It feels like a storybook come to life while still succeeding in drawing you into the reality of the world presented. I played the game on casual mode so it was pretty easy, but that wasn't a problem for me at all. I still found the gameplay to be fun and satisfying, and it really helped carry along, prolong, and resonate the story with a deeper length and all-around permanence. I completed the game on casual, but I haven't finished all of the quests yet, nor have I found all of the confessions: however, I only have one remaining to be found. There is a harder game mode that I haven't tried yet. The story is beautiful, emotionally powerful and profoundly philosophical. The dialog is designed to be a more accessible poetry, while you also find confessions scattered around the game, some of which are more complicated and beautifully-written sonnets. One of my favorites is the following: Other confessions are equally mysterious yet provide an intriguing contrast in that they take the form of informal and often hastily-written letters, all by the same individual to the same recipient. Who are they and what is their significance? To wonder is to live. Another aspect of the game that I find to be deeply touching is the dialog between the main character, Aurora, and her firefly friend Igniculus. He says some very cute yet simultaneously profound things at both seemingly random and deliberate points in the game, resulting in a deeply moving mixture of delightful innocence and deep profundity. Igniculus has made me laugh, cry, and think to an extent most characters in games do not. Overall, the characters attain a deep lovability that I've mainly only previously encountered in books, reinforcing my feelings of this game being as a storybook come to life. The game features a fascinating array of life ranging from the spiritual and the paranormal to the classically fantastical to the innovatively fantastical. Overall, the game presents a fascinating and excellent mixture of classical high fantasy and more innovative, experimental aspects. All of these fantastic aspects of the game fit together splendidly, maintaining their individual excellence while uniting to form an even greater whole. When I look back on the game as a whole, it almost feels like it was one long poem and song due to the utilization of poetry in the dialog and the nature of the music played throughout the game. There is a variety of melodies, yet many of them maintain a fundamental similarity at their core, carrying the player through time and change while still maintaining a permanent essence. I have a bad habit of partaking in a great amount of violent media, and these days it feels like most modern games are excessively violent for little purpose other than to make as much money as possible. Sure, there are games where the violence is relevant, needed, and adds to the story: but it has far too often become a gratuity. It is as a breath of fresh air to encounter a game such as this that is so beautiful, moving, thought-provoking and excellent without having to jump on the bandwagon of rampant and unflinching adult material. That being said, this game is still intense and emotionally heavy at parts so I don't recommend it for young children. If you have played this game, what are your thoughts on it?
  5. E3 conferences is starting tomorrow. theirs live streams here and here . The Schedule for your timezone. Till then What are you looking foreword for? , Thank you @@takai, for the list of games.
  6. I'm much happier with how this one turned out. Constructive criticism is open!
  7. I have been waiting for this game quite a long time and it will be out soon, sadly not many people seem to know or talk about it. What do you people think about it?
  8. (Warning: Intro is loud) Technically, I posted this last night, but due to some video screwups, I had to take it back and fix them. So, now, I'm releasing it for reals If you have any comments, express them. Did I do something wrong? If so, please tell me so I can improve upon it!
  9. Ubisoft has cancelled the trademark "Watch Dogs." I had a heart attack when I first heard this, as this is the title I'm looking forward to the most this year, though it looks like It's still up to go public in (hopefully) Q2. Also, Ubisoft still owns "Watch_Dogs," the official title of the game. Another interesting point is brought up. Could it be renamed Assassins Creed V? Probably not, but do you think that would be a good direction for the game? Thoughts?
  10. Whether you thought this was a great year for gaming, or think this was one of the worst years in recent memory, between the anti-consumer practices, studio closures, and people not knowing when to shut up on Twitter, it's hard to argue that this year was one of the most controversial ones within recent memory. Some moments, however, have left massive scars on the gaming community causing rifts between not just gamers, but with publishers and developers as well. With the year coming to a close, lets look back on some of the biggest incidents that left a scar on the industry Wii U's poor sales and shitty advertising and 3rd party support
  11. Hey, guys. Sorry for the infrequent blogging. I've just kind of been busy with life, and other things going on around the forums. Plus, I think I kind of come down with something. So, I'm gonna try to keep today's entry short and sweet by explaining my feelings on the Rayman games being made today. I just need to get some sleep. So, I'll go back a few years to Rayman Origins. For those who haven't played it, Rayman Origins is a 2-D side-scrolling platformer adventure released on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and I think the Wii and 3DS, though I'm not sure. Anyways, I bought this game a couple years ago during the Christmas season. You know those gifts that you put on your Christmas list so that it just fills up space on it? Yeah, I did that for Origins a few years back. But, once I finally played it, I realized what a HUGE mistake I made by putting it on the list for that reason. I think that most of the aspects of Rayman Origins are pretty tight. The backgrounds and stages are extremely beautiful and vivid, the level design is difficult at times, but fair, the controls are by no means slippery or stiff. In fact, I think that they're just right for a platformer. I honestly think it's one of the best modern day platformers yet. Now, Rayman Legends already looks like an awesome sequel. From playing the demo, the game looks even more gorgeous and it controls about as good as the last title. Though, I won't be able to play it until Christmas, since I'm getting the Wii U (I've been told that that version is the best one out of all of them.)
  12. I'm sure some of you know about the upcoming Ubisoft game, Watch Dogs. The game let's you use hacking as a weapon to progress through the game. It's pretty much the main concept. Ironically, before this game's release date, something happened to the Ubisoft website. In June or July of this year, one of Ubisoft's websites were considered hacked. This led to all users of the site to be sent emails saying that their log-in info had to be changed. They also closed off any and all access to the site to investigate. So, yeah. What a HUGE coincidence. Really looking forward to this game, by the way.
  13. Welcome to the first 5 Reasons entry on the blog. This is where I take some sort of game, movie, or comic, and I list 5 reasons why you should or shouldn't play, watch, or read it. (These aren't top 5 lists, by the way. No reason is as important as the others.) These lists are going to be kind of long, so I hope you like reading So, let's begin. 1. Plot: I've played so many FPS's with a plot that is BARELY worth following, mainly from the COD franchise. But, Farcry 3 has a pretty decent plot that's easy to follow. The game's plot is that Jason Brody and his friends went on an island vacation to Rook Island, a fictional band of small pieces of land in the Southern Pacific. While going on a skydiving trip on the island, they land strait smack into a ransom camp, where they're kidnapped and held for ransom for millions of dollars. Jason barely makes his escape and goes on a quest to rescue his friends, all the while learning how to survive on the island with the ransom pirates looking for him. In my opinion, that sounds pretty good. 2. Character Development: The characters in this game are pretty good, too. Jason is very likable in his feeling of not giving up, even when the events he has to go through seem dangerous to him. Over time, his passive side goes away and he begins to becomes more violent and independent. The villains is also pretty fun. Vaas, the crazy ransom mob leader, can be a pretty intimidating villain for some. For me, he had me laughing at some points. But that's just me. 3. Gunplay: Using your firearms in Farcry 3 couldn't be simpler. You get to carry up to four firearms at one time and you have the little wheel thing from Assassin's Creed Brotherhood for switching them out. The guns also have a really satisfying impact when you use them on enemies. Locking down your sights and shoot from hip is pretty fluent and easy to do, too. Most people who play FPS's wouldn't normally shoot from the hip. They'd by instinct lock down their sights. In Farcry 3, it doesn't really matter either way. 4. Free roam: Farcry 3 is, in fact, a free roam game. But Ubisoft took full advantage of that. The game gives you a beautiful open world to explore however long you want to. The island is GIGANTIC, too. However, you'll need to make a good chunk of actual progress in order to fully explore the whole thing. There are also animals to hunt, too. After you kill an animal, you can take their pelts and use them to upgrade your equipment or sell them at one of the outpost lodges. You also get the option to drive around in vehicles, from jeeps, to jet skis, to hang gliders. 5. Side quests: There are 36 ransom pirate outposts in Farcry 3. You have the option to infiltrate the outpost and attempt to liberate it. You don't have to, but if you do, it takes out all pirate activity in the area and gives you a new respawn point, as well as the outpost's shop and side quests. There are two types of side quests; assassination and hunt. I the assassination side quests, you're contracted to kill a notorious pirate outlaw on the island, as well as his cronies. I wouldn't recommend doing these quests unless you need a few quick bucks. The hunt side quests occasionally have a rare animal for you to hunt. If you hunt it, you can use it's pelt to fully upgrade a specific object to full later on. You also have the option to liberate the radio towers. If you liberate one, it shows the map of the surrounding area and the specific locations of the outposts in the area. It doesn't show the collectibles, though. You'll need to buy maps at the stores in order to show those. Conclusion: To me, Farcry 3 is just short of gaming nirvana. I've played it more than any Battlefield or Call of Duty games I've played combined. It's easily one of my favorite video games of this generation, and I don't really like many FPS's. Play Farcry 3 if you haven't yet. You might be missing out on some really good stuff.
  14. Judging from the conferences that we saw yesterday at E3, showed that the new games that are coming out hold many promises including the exclusives for the PS4 and Xbox One. Microsoft putting out the restrictions and the new ''no used games'' policy on the Xbox One going commando. Ubisoft showing off Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag and the masterpiece known as Watch Dogs. Sony decided to put Microsoft in their place with allowing players to play used games on the PS4, since it is cheaper than the Xbox One. So, how about we get some pictures in here?