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Found 10 results

  1. Hey everypony! I was watching DoodleDoods from Game Grumps and I found myself drawing stupid looking ponies. XD Let's all do it together! Draw the ugliest, stupidest and effortless pony ever! Here are some of mine:
  2. It's not a question actually, I just want to start a discussion that raised from the activity on this thread: as you can see, it's "rare" (lol/wut) to find "handsome/good looking" bronies in our fandom (though I would say that ours are very similar to anime, star wars even furry etc. but this is just about the brony fandom) and when said bronies admit to "normal" people what they like, they may be like "what? but you don't look like a fat ass nerd without a life to be liking ponies. ew" <--- just to spice things up catching my drift already? why the stigma of liking cartoons, videogames and technology is biased towards (sorry to say that) ugly, ungroomed, not attractive people since there are a lot of good looking people that shares the same interests. time to discuss, I'm out of ideas XD (sorry for this crappy first post as well, I have a headache and can't word things out correctly XD) let's limit the topic to the brony fandom, even with the similarities ok.
  3. All right guys, let's be honest, Ponies are awesome right? Why else would you be here? We all love 'dem ponies, but frankly, not all ponies are created equal. So I ask, who is the ugliest pony? Try to post canon ponies and not OC. The image must be in the normal animation (no .MOV ponies for example). Here's my pick. He's so freaking ugly.... not only is he one of the most dislike characters, he just looks straight up hideous. Edit: due to people almost losing their dinner (lol), I added a spoiler to the pic so future lurkers won't barf
  4. If the Ponies were ugly and horrible characters? I mean really ugly, they look like more like real Ponies than MLP FIM Ponies and their personalities is grotesque like from the soap opera Coronation Street or the worst possible thing you can think of. Like something all the Ponies like listening to Justin Bieber singing. I think it would result in the Brony fandom not kicking off in the first place. And there would be very few Cloppers. Because if these characters are ugly and have horrible personalities, I would bet there would be very few Cloppers. Would I be right? ----------------------------------- But that's not the case, the MLP FIM Ponies are super.. super cute and look like Humans and have wonderful diverse personalities. Which results in some Bronies like myself thinking the Ponies are no different in what Commander Shepard views his sapient alien babes. The Ponies in the show are clearly sapient and behave more like Humans than Ponies. So, romantic feelings and emotional attachment may come to some Bronies watching this show.
  5. SHAKE IT UP. Good Luck Charlie is a second close. But I leik Gravity Falls tho.. Why is this happening? Mabel is awesome.
  6. Okay yeah this a very strange and random topic I know... So out of curiosity though I wanted to know what other people thought. I have always remember having bad experiences with small dogs causing me to hate them now. Maltese, Chihuahua, Shih tzu or shitzu (however you call those things), and yeah etc.... I have always had bad times with these kinds of dogs though. I can't tell you how much they get on my nerves and I also know that it is the *owners* fault for how dogs are trained. My parents had a dachshund and it was a great dog and I did train it as well. That had to be the only "small dog" that I like though. I generally like: German Shepards, Beagles, Border Collies and Blue Heelers more along the lines of medium sized dogs. My grandparents have a maltese and a shitzu... my god are they annoying the maltese barks no I am sorry its yapping is so loud and literally tries to bite you if you try and pick it up. So yeah I was wondering if anyone else shared these same thoughts to small dogs?
  7. ok so, let's try something, new... using the pony creator, lets see if we can get this pony to look good, but you can only change one thing at a time. step one: copy code into the correct are thingy: 421J273400DD72AEF994B13265168355C2N1837000211000410BB3F4BD48B531016DCCF355637E step two: change one AND ONLY ONE thing, be it a color, height, whatever. step three: post the code back here now here is the catch, there is a limit. every 25 posts, the final product will be posted and we will start with a new pony
  8. So everypony, I am really suprised that this sort of thread hasn't been started yet. But I'm doing it 0_o. I think that the rules are pretty self explanatory, so I'll just start. Yo mama so fat, her bellybutton has an echo chamber!
  9. You think I'd just take your comment in like *that*, badman? Well I ain't goin' down without a fight! How do you like them apples?
  10. (Just so you know) I drew these two VERY fast, just for a fun reply to an image Crazy Misty sent me Just as a reaction to something he sent me. Drawn carelessly in 13 minutes. Warning: Contains a word that might be 0.1% offensive Yeah. Ugly drawings are ugly but I haven't made a new topic in some months and I wanted to share these, anyway. Eeyup, that's pretty much all I have to say xD