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Found 4 results

  1. Being undead myself, I'm curious to see just how much the average brony knows about my kind. Remember, this is for posterity, so answer truthfully. DISCLAIMER: Many ponies use the same terms differently, and that's okay. This test was based on the definitions as I understand them. Below are the answers; don't look at them until after you've done the quiz, ya cheaters! Rankings: 0-3 correct: Zombie Bait. Good luck surviving the zombie apocalypse! Or any apocalypse, for that matter. 4-6 correct: Average. About where I expect you to be. 7-9 correct: Necromancer's Apprentice. Any Necromancer worth their salt would happily take you on as an apprentice!
  2. whelp, I'm drawing more and more, but not naming and naming. Still, it's nice and incentive inducing for me to show this stuff off, or else the pressure will never force me to improve. My take on an undead pony, as it were. You'll notice a lack of the traditional zombie stuff. All his organs are still insdie him, no gore, in fact, he seems pretty normal apart from being a little skinny and annoyed at something off screen. And, well, because that's how I see zombies. -let's be fair, the standard zombie of today is a Hollywood creation-, but they are far more interesting if they're just a dead thing that's alive. Which is what he is. Sure, he's a bit paler, and cold to the touch. But...well, what cha gonna do. Enjoy ~ i'll write a bio up for him eventually,,,and probably name him. Till then, He is probably up for meeting new ponies. -but not eating them-
  3. Something I drew for a RP some time ago, that sadly ground to a hold before this fellow could show up. Might reboot it at some point. C&C welcome.
  4. It's me again... I made... A new OC: He is an undead pony... Yeah. He has skeletal wings(woooo!) light blue eyes with an aura, dark blue mane(that explains the color in which I'm typing) pale blue coat, and his eyes are soulless. What do you guys think?