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Found 30 results

  1. Ahh yes, King Sombra. Famous for being one of the worst and most underdeveloped characters in the entire series. It seemed like he could of had more potential and screen time. Anyway, this kind of serves as a discussion thread and a thread for listing all the possibilities that Sombra could have had.
  2. All right so recently, a thread was posted for the things you hate that everyone seems to love. Well now lets go the other way around with the things you love that everyone seems to hate. Total Drama: It's more of a guilty pleasure for me. If you ignore all the puke and fart jokes, it can lampoon reality shows pretty clever and have funny parodies. Chowder: It came out at the wrong time so everyone seemed to hated it because it's not as good as the classics. It's got really good 4th wall humor. Wii/Wii U: I'm more casual so I'm gonna prefer more casual games. Plus I don't have a lot of money so the other consoles are gonna be expensive. So post away!
  3. Hello! Welcome to the Amethyst Star fan club. My reason for this is because I feel that Amethyst Star has a great design, and is very, VERY underrated amongst the fandom. I personally love Amethyst Star, and I think she is one of the cutest pones in the show! ( ^▽^) Just look at her! Wouldn't you just cuddle her for days at a time? I know I would!
  4. Note: Sorry for my fist topic. According to you, what episodes you think deserve more than they got, and what episodes got a lot of overhype.
  5. This is a thread all about those games that you personally feel didn't get as much love as you think they should, either in terms of reception, sales, general aura surrounding the game. For now I only have one, and that is Lost Planet 2. The lost planet series is well known for not being that well known, and it's a shame really, the first one was ok, it had a lot of good ideas that weren't executed to the best they could, movement was sluggish, since the best you could do is walk, and mechs didn't have the umf they could've. Lost Planet 2 fixed all of this by making the game more arcade-y, movement was faster, mechs were better to use, and the game was co-op, a fun co-op game at that. However, the game did not sell that well, which resulted in the massive let down of Lost Planet 3 which ultimately had combat slower than the first one, weird lore changes, and boring boss fights.
  6. Hear me out, In the first couple of years, princess luna would win this by a landslide, as we knew very little about her, and she was the reformed villian, but now that luna has been featured in several episodes, as well as a pretty full character arc, I have to argue that princess celestia has become the most underrated princess in MLP. Outside of a few snippets of screen time (when she is not the instrument of exposition), we know just a little bit about her personality. Also, I see luna fanart all the time, whereas celestia fanart appears at a much lower rate. Even Princess Cadence has gotten more personality/ non-exposition screen time! But what do you think? Who is the most underrated princess?
  7. All right every pony. Is there a tv show that you like but it's either not that popular or is extremely hated. Well then this is the place to share these shows. here's mine: Total Drama:This one's honestly become a guilty pleasure for me as of lately, I know it's not the most original idea but it's got some funny references to keep me entertained. Dan vs.: I don't see that much talk about this show, it was pretty funny. Too bad it got canceled. The Amazing World of Gumball: The only argument I've seen against this show is that it's stupid. I personally think it's kind of funny and I like how it uses different art styles. Anyway discuss away.
  8. What's your favorite brony song or remix (from the show or not) that you feel is underrated? Here's some of mine. Good Girl (DitzyRhythm Remix) [Originally by Dasha & The Living Tombstone] This is a very well-done remix that only has around 1,500 Youtube views while the original has over a million. A Friend For Life (Flaedr Remix) [Credits music in Equestria Girls] At over 51,000 views this is pretty in line with other remixes of this song. Still, it's not a whole lot compared to other MLP song remixes. Equality (by Vylet Pony) A little over 14,000 views. This song is criminally underrated.
  9. Every once in a while, there's a cartoon that not many people heard of, remember, or even liked, but people who have seen it, saw its brilliance. What are the most underrated cartoons you enjoyed? My Life as a Teenage Robot: Created by Rob Renzetti, This gem of Nicktoon came and went as Nick tried to make people forget it existed towards the end of its run. But most people who have seen it can tell you how good it is. While it isn't my favorite Nicktoon, Teenage Robot is at least in the top 10. Its characters are likable and often funny, its plots were inventive, and its action was solid. But what really sold me on the show was the main character herself, Jenny. Not only is she as cute as a button, but she also avoids the annoying, overused "valley girl" stereotype common in many teenage cartoon characters. She possesses a unique comination of teenage sensabilites and child-like naiveté, making her relatable to both teens and younger children, and Janice Kawaye does a great job capturing the anime-esque innocence of her character. Yin Yang Yo: I saw several people weren't really a fan of this show. I kind of see why, it IS pretty flawed. Regardless, I still found it hilarious. It stars two rabbit twins, Yin and Yang, as they learn the magic/combat hybrid art called Woo Foo, by a Grumpy Panda named Yo. The humor is reminiscent of early Fairly Odd Parents, will meta-jokes, and self-awareness. It's far from perfect, but if you like Fairly Odd Parents, you may get a chuckle out of this show. The Weekenders: Please watch this show, If you like Slice-of-Life shows, please give it a look. It's basically about 4 kids doing stuff on weekends. That may sound boring, but you'll be supprised at what they do with this.
  10. As we know, the Cthulhu mythos have given us lots of recognizable monstrous deities and beings, including Cthulhu himself, Nyarlathotep and Azathoth to name a few. However, there have been many characters added to the mythos that often get overlooked or are not remembered very fondly. Which Cthulhu mythos abominations do you think are underrated or should get more love? I'll name a few examples: *Yig, father of serpents: He's a sinister snake god, what's not to love? *Chaugnar Faugn: Evil vampire elephant/human demonic hybrid *Bokrug: The great water lizard *Ghatanothoa: Cthulhu's son, he even showed up in Ultraman Tiga *Zoth-Ommog: Another son of Cthulhu, he's like a T.Rex headed octopus.
  11. I don't expect this fan club to be that great. It's a fan club for the unappreciated race of ponies. Earth Ponies may not be able to cast spells nor fly, but they have their share of abilities. They are stronger than the other races, they are the only ones who can grow food, and they are the founders of the town FiM mostly takes place: Ponyville. Great Earth Ponies include: Applejack: Element of Honesty Pinkie Pie: Element of Laughter Granny Smith: A Founder of Ponyville Chancellor Puddinghead: A Founder of Equestria Smart Cookie: A Founder of Equestria Apple Bloom: Founder of the CMC Maud Pie: A pony everyone loves. Coco Pommel: Another pony everyone loves. Cheese Sandwich: Yet Another pony everyone loves. Earth Ponies are the most common in the show, but there are more Alicorn OCs than Earth Pony OCs. Earth Ponies need to be more appreciated. People assume that Earth Ponies are boring. They are not, however. In fact, Earth Ponies are very fascinating. Unicorns can use magic, and Pegasi can fly. The fact that they are able to live, and prosper, shows that they don't only have physical strength, but willpower and determination. They are the builders, the farmers, the food providers. Without them, Equestria is doomed. In fact, the pony who created Equestria was Pinkie Pie, an Earth Pony. (I know Pinkie Pie didn't actually create Equestria. It was a joke.) So this is the fan club created in honor of the Earth Ponies. Follow the other rules as well as Post Earth Pony stuff and don't talk bad about other races, not even Alicorns.
  12. So yeah, what are your favorite, underrated artists, Brony or not? One artist I enjoy is Starsmith. I found out about him while browsing Alan Braxe's songs on YouTube (Braxe owns the record label Vulture to which Starsmith is signed to) and he is just amazing! My favorite song by him (and the first I listened to) is Champion. An absolutely beautiful song in its own right. GO LISTEN TO IT NAO.
  13. There's always that game that got the poor reviews, but you decided to play it anyway, and you actually realized that it was not really that bad as the reviews claimed it was. Or, perhaps a title that flew under the radar and didn't get the attention it should have gotten. Post your gems here! Here, I'll post mine just as an example. Rogue Trooper This intro tells all that needs to be told - imo, one of the most underrated TPS ever:
  14. Hey everyone, does anyone else think that G3 of MLP is way too underrated? I mean, what's so bad about in for starters?
  15. Simply put, what's your favorite MLP comic issue? My favorite would be Pinkie Pie's micro (issue 5). I love everything about it
  16. Hello, everypony. I'm Dancingwithtwilight, and I have one question to ask you: Why the hate? This will be a discussion thread for hated episodes, where I will defend them. Feel free to defend them if you'd like to, too. ---- But before I can defend an episode, I need to ask why bronies hate them. Let us begin. ---- The reason I thought of this thread was because I saw a lot of hatred towards Magical Mystery Cure. I'd like to know, in much detail, why do you hate it if you do?
  17. Are there any songs, games, artists etc. that you feel are highly underrated, and they don't get the attention they deserve? For me, I'd have to say Risk of Rain. It's a fantastic game. Bridging the gap between Binding of Isaac and Rogue Legacy in a fantastic mush of rogue-like, action plat-former, RPG goodness.
  18. I don't make topics very often, but when I do, Rarity is usually involved somehow As is the case here. Now, in the past, the general consensus amongst the fandom was that, out of the mane 6, that Rarity and AJ had the two smallest fanbases of the mane 6; however, more recently, I've seen a surge of popularity for these two wonderful, yet, underrated ponies I don't know how you feel on the subject (probably why I'm making this topic ) but I honestly don't think these two ponies have the smallest fanbases anymore, and they're getting the attention they deserve So, yeahh, blah blah blah, what do you think? Do AJ and Rarity have the smallest fanbases of the mane 6 still? I think I've made my opinions pretty clear here
  19. How plausible do these theories seem? There was an all-adults party back then in Cloudsdale and everypony had some "guilty fun". But the adults soon regretted and became ashamed of what happened. The foals heard Freudian slips like "play rough" and "tough fun". And that's why many of the foals at Flight Camp came of as jerks. They weren't really cruel. They just got confused and mislead. Trixie was underrated for nearly her whole life, despite being a great show pony. Even when Trixie finally got an official career, she still got little to no notice. And soon, Trixie didn't get anypony's attention. She was alone, on the stage, looking at the lifeless rows of seats. Overtime, Trixie got mentally tormented by rows of quiet, empty seats. So Trixie became a travelling showpony. Trixie did what she did to obtain and maintain an audience.
  20. What episodes do you think need more appreciation from the fandom? Here are mine: May The Best Pet Win: Even the song in the episode is underrated. This is definitely one of my favorite episodes of the show, but it doesn't seem incredibly popular. I don't think anyone hates it, but I wish it would get more love. It's such a fun episode, and one of the funniest to. Dragon Quest: I admit, it's not one of my absolute favorites, but I've always wondered why people don't like it. One Bad Apple: My favorite CMC episode! I love it just for being one of the most adorable episodes ever! Magical Mystery Cure: To be fair, I'm not even sure if I can call this episode "underrated" but it does get a lot of hate. It took me a few watches to finally form an opinion about, but I have to say, that it was a great season finale. Although I don't think it would have made a good series finale, so I'm glad it's not.
  21. Was there ever a cartoon you liked that no one remembers? Or one that didn't last that long? Well here is the thread to post it. Pick the most obscured, forgotten cartoon you can think of. Here's mine. This has an ironic title. I remember finding this show funny as a kid. Ignore the annotation this is the only one I could find So discuss away!
  22. Have you overlooked anypony in the show and then later came to like them or even love them? I sure did and 3 ponies in particular come to mind, Rainbow Dash: I was never one of her haters and I did like her but thought she was a tad overrated until Sleepless In Ponyville and Wonderbolt Academy changed my mind and bumped her to my 3rd and later 2nd favorite pony. I like that we got to see her sensitive side by taking on sisterly roll to Scootaloo and look forward to some more Scootalove in the future both because it is adorable and presents several opportunities for excellent character development for both of them. And we got to see that Rainbow Dash can be responsible as she risked her dream to become a Wonderbolt to do the right thing. She is still cocky and often reluctant to show her feelings but there is no question she has grown the most out of the mane 6. Rarity: While I wasn't one of her hard core haters I didn't like Rarity that much at first because I found her overly dramatic premadonna attitude to be annoying. But looking back at the episodes that focus on her found that while the writers emphasize that side of her a bit too much for my liking she can also in many cases be generous and cares very deeply about her friends and goes to great lengths to please her sister Sweetie Belle. She has a great deal of potential as a character that I hope comes out in season 4 as we haven't seen much of her in season 3. Twilight Sparkle: I overlooked her mainly because I tend to do that with leader characters in general because alot of them seem a bit too perfect sometimes and often find the other characters to be more interesting case in point is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with Leonardo the leader of the group being my least favorite. It is not that I hated Leo I just don't find him as interesting as his brothers but I liked 2003 version because it showed that he is not always mr perfect. It was when a friend of mine observed that I have a lot in common with her that I realized he was right and rexamined her character and started to really relate to her to the point where she became my 2nd favorite pony and later became tied with Applejack and Luna for best pony.
  23. My favorite princess is so under appreciated! It pisses me off!! Like seriously, not putting offense on Twilicorn or Celestia, but they aren't as beautiful as Luna. What are your thoughts on this? UPDATE: What is with me today! Did my Lang. Arts teacher teach me nothing? Sorry I wasn't specific about the UNDERRATED thing. When I said underrated I meant by the writers, not the fandom(of course). So please rethink what you have already read and consider the writer's underrating our favorite princess!
  24. All right so actually subscribed to some YouTubers who are not really that known. I mean they have subscribers, they're just not talked about a lot. So I wondered if there were any small YouTubers any of you know or are subscribed to. First of there is Dstcoyote22. He makes rants and seems to mainly make them off of life experience. He's sometimes talks about topics I'm not really that interested in like heavy medal music but he's still pretty cool to watch. He only has I think around 1,500 subscribers though. So yeah check him out. Next there is Doknot1999. He is a reviewer of miscellaneous topics. Sometimes he'll talk about just down to earth or everyday things like the 4 seasons and is very down to earth. I'm sorry if I'm having trouble explaining why I like his videos without using down to earth a lot but that's how I would describe him. I don't know how known he is but Pieguyrulz. He reviews cartoons and does a lot of stuff that draws me into watching them. Like right now he is literally reviewing every episode of Spongebob. He hasn't gotten to the later seasons yet but he will soon. TheNSCL: He reviews cartoons and anime mainly and I don't watch his videos a lot but they are still pretty funny. Also he's a brony. So list your underrated YouTubers. Discuss away!
  25. Does Zecora deserve more credit? I think so. She taught Twilight inner peace when she was banished from Ponyville by Trixie, and saved Applebloom from the Cutie Pox. So what do you think?