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Found 42 results

  1. My entire past week revolved around a game that wasn't mine for once. I took the time to play the newly released followup to my favorite indie game of all-time (Undertale, in case you didn't know) and it was time well spent. I came out the other side of those credits re-energized, inspired to work harder, and pumped up on well-designed RPGs and quirky/interesting fantasy worlds. Overall, a nice reminder of why I love gaming so much.See what notable new design elements are coming (without getting too specific) along with some Earth-Shaking indie dev news on the Yotes Blog.
  2. Doctor Mesme, a Snakepony that is obsessed with health and medical science, likes to dwell in jungle areas. He overreacts even at the littlest things, such as a simple sneeze or cough. He enjoys conversation about medical science and other relating stuff. HP: 80 ATK: 30 (Attacks with blue attacks, because if the "patient" is not still, it will cause pain.) DEF: 55 Battle: Doctor Mesme attacks with syringes and Stethoscopes, and other medical/health items. He uses green attacks, which are lollipops. (This attack happens if you let him inspect you, and he will reward you for being a good patient.) Opening Battle Dialogue: [Doctor Mesme slithers forth.] ACT: Check: Doctor Mesme - ATK: 15, DEF: 55. His Stethoscope makes him look very legit. Cough: [You cough. Doctor Mesme is freaking out.] Sit Still: [You sit still. Doctor Mesme examines you.] Sit Still (Again): [Doctor Mesme rewards you for being a good patient!] (Allows Sparing) Talk About Health: [Doctor Mesme seems delighted in the conversation.] Yeah, just a silly thing i thought up.
  3. Thought I'd make my own cover of Megalovania from Undertale, so I hope you enjoy it.
  4. Hello, everypony! Have you ever thought about how cool it would be if someone made an Undertale-styled My Little Pony RPG? Well, I am actually working on that! You will be able to play as a customizable character, who moved to Ponyville from [TBD], and the rest of the story goes from there. I already have a basic idea of all the major events that will happen in the story, but explaining them now would spoil it. There will be three routes in the game, but unlike Undertale's pacifist, normal, and genocide route, in the MLPFIMRPG (That's what I'm calling it for now,) there will be a Princess Celestia, Queen Chrysalis, and Princess Luna route. All of this seems great, but there are some things I need help with, such as dialogue for certain characters, ideas for side objectives, new areas in the game, pixel art and/or animation, and much more. Any help would be appreciated! If you would like to see an old test for the game, you can watch this Youtube video, here: As you may be able to tell based on the video, I need quite a bit of dialogue help.
  5. This is a video I should have finished probably about 9 months ago, but I started getting lazy... This is my first after effects project.
  6. Welcome to the Undertale and Undertale Aus fanclub. Fill free to talk with me and other fans!
  7. Got Idea to do my "Human"-character in Undertale. So there it is. Feedback?
  8. Undertale; no doubt the best indie game out there. With its thriving popularity and strong fanbase, I could totally see it as a crossover with MLP. The episode starts with the maine 6's human friend (more on him in another topic) is playing Undertale on his computer. Then, Fluttershy gets knocked unconscious falling down a mountain. When she wakes up, she finds herself in the underground where many of the other MLP characters play the Undertale characters (examples include Pinkie Pie as Sans, Rarity as Mettaton, Rainbow Dash as Undyne, and Twilight as Alphys). The episode would play out like the pacifist route, except that Fluttershy falls off the cliff at the end of her adventure and wakes up in a hospital bed surrounded by her friends (don't worry, though, she gets out the next day). The lesson would be to treat everyone nice, even those who don't treat you nice.
  9. My first remix, I think it went pretty well
  10. Welcome to the Undertale fan club! Feel free to stay a while! (I think the real miracle here is how this hasn't been a thing yet...)
  11. Hey. It's me, and yeah, I haven't been on since like 9 months ago. Been busy with school and junk... So anyways, I'm here to talk about Undertale's biggest secret: W.D. Gaster. We don't know his full characteristics, all we know is he's the royal scientist before Alphys, was in charge of the core, and according to the fan-game "Don't Forget", he has been corrupted in the many timelines. Now the timeline part i'm not so sure about, but he is DEFINITELY corrupted somehow, probably from some kind of lab accident from making the core. You know, about the core characteristic, I've noticed that nobody has ACTUALLY payed attention to that part. You know Gaster's entry #17? Apon the lines, he says "WHAT DO YOU TWO THINK?" in W.D. font. Many people have wondered who this pair is, most considering best bros Sans and Papyrus. But (Seriously, I can't believe no one's found out this yet) I think that the two shady figures that appear in the core "summoning" monsters are the "YOU TWO" that Gaster's talking about. That's the end of these steps for now, I'm extremely tired and its 9:00 in NYC. I will add on later. Please investigate furthermore with this piece of information. Bye!
  12. you know that game with the kid and it looks like earthbound and the goat mom waifu and the developer IS TAKING HIS SWEET GOD DAMN TIME FINISHING IT~~
  13. OK, Massive Spoilers in this post, If you have not played Undertale, do not read on. I Am confused to who is the true villain of Undertale.Is it Chara, Flowey/Asriel, Asgore, W.D Gaster or You? Apparently Chara poisoned herself to get Asriel into massive trouble, the vilagers thought that Asriel killed Chara, so they attacked him and he died from his injuries. However, Asgore wants the Human Souls for himself, and there is W.D Gaster, who is the most mysterious character of the game. So who is the real villain? Chara? Toby Fox, Scott Cawthon and Hideo Kojima are so similar in the fact that they confuse their players.
  14. I'm half awake right now, but I made the very wise decision of recording myself playing a bit of the Undertale demo because I did. It's profane, it's immature, it's stupid. And... Therefore no different from 94% of anything on Youtube. I reference inappropriate things. I'm tired; you've been warned. (Also, the volume's friggin' low.)
  15. LHfunk

    Finally Found It

    I've been searching for this video for a while and I finally found it: The actual song is pretty good by itself, I'd recommend listening to it.
  16. LHfunk

    Just Watch It

    After watching it a few times, I'd recommend putting it at 0.5 speed.
  17. A year after its release, I've finally finished playing through Undertale for the first time, and all I can say is that it was... underwhelming. It's not bad, in fact there are parts of it that are actually very smart, but I really feel like I had gotten a bad experience from it. If you're going to play Undertale, the only way to play it is completely blind. If you've had an obsessive fan spouting off in your ear for the past 12 months like I have, then your experience is probably already colored, and you're not going to get very much out of it. In fact, every minute I played it, I had my little sister looking over my shoulder, telling me everything to do and every route to take and every person to talk to and every word to say. By the end, I felt more like I was forcing myself through it. It wasn't fun. Undertale relies greatly on discovery. Without this, it's just a woefully shallow RPG with some funny dialogue. I'll give developer Toby Fox props for being a good writer, but the gameplay is far too dumbed down to interest even the most casual RPG player. You can equip a grand total of one weapon and one clothing item (neither of which show up on your character), and have a whopping one attack. The "combat" diversifies when you take the pacifist route, since then you need to read a monster's rather obvious personality to figure out how to appease it, but this too becomes dull once you run into the same monster more than once. It isn't fun to run through the same set of actions 12 times, it's just busywork. But I guess you need to fill hallways somehow. Besides the frequent puzzles and abundant scripted events, Undertale is basically a whole lot of hallways with enemies in them. Very long hallways, some of which consist graphically of a single, solid color. You will find a love for your enter key, since the game's 8-bit "art" style strictly forbade having voice acting, and each text box has to be manually closed in order to progress in the game's mostly passive conversations. Occasionally, it'll let you make a binary choice between two dialogue options, some of which have some rather interesting consequences; but other than that, the dialogue system is very passive. Characters talk to the player, not with the player. It's undeniably well-written at points, but not enough to carry the entire game. Maybe there will be a day when people stop talking about this game, and new players can finally just hop in and enjoy it. Even then, I get the niggling sense that some of its meaning might be lost. This is a minor spoiler, so stop reading if you haven't played it yet, but Undertale is something of a deconstruction of RPGs. In fact, during a certain piece of late game dialogue, it makes this abundantly clear and removes every last bit of subtlety from the equation. It's also really late to the party, since KOTOR 2 brought up all the same points that Undertale did and then some; but Undertale's treatment of these messages seems lost for another big reason. It's just not that much of an RPG. It's a puzzle-adventure game with a really, really, really thin coat of RPG paint. The RPG audience most likely to appreciate the game's themes will be underwhelmed by the game's almost condescending simplicity, while new RPG players may feel right at home with the simple gameplay, but won't have the RPG experience to look back on when the themes become clear. It's like reading Watchmen if you know nothing about superheroes, or playing Spec Ops: The Line when you haven't played Call of Duty. You need to have experience with the original work in order to appreciate the deconstruction, except the core gameplay does not attract fans of the original work to begin with. The morality is black and white enough to make Bioshock blush, though I definitely have to give the game some credit for turning being the good guy into a puzzle. You can't just select the good guy options and get good guy points like you can in most RPGs, you have to really make a commitment to not hurting anyone. This is a good idea, but it sucks that every good option always has a good consequence, and every bad action always has a bad consequence. Pacifism is always rewarded, violence is always punished. Again, these consequences are much farther reaching than in most games (owing to its very short length), but it all just seems so binary. What if that guy I spared turned out to be a serial killer? Maybe not every saved life is exactly for the best. These are some very basic morality questions, and Undertale doesn't really incorporate any of them. Undertale is good. It's very ambitious in its structure (if nothing else). But there are key elements that the developer clearly dropped the ball on, even as deeply rooted as the game's target audience. There are certainly moments that are inspired, or dare I say, brilliant, but it's all so easily spoiled and rendered moot, especially in the present day when everyone and their mother is talking about it. Next to that other indie game that took the drooling masses of the internet by storm, I'd take Undertale in a heartbeat. But it still didn't set me on fire like everyone told me it would.