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Found 8 results

  1. Quick thought - what if little girls who were allowed to browse the internet (and Spotify) found the fandom's music? How would a mom react if she discovered her precious 8 y/o had been listening to "Love Me Cheerilee"? Would they be enchanted with the Living Tombstone and Sim Gretina's remixes of Smile and BBBFF? I think they'd be either shocked or fascinated. But I wanna hear from you guys. What would the reaction be - from child and parent?
  2. Personally, I can think of two things I want to see, neither of which are too likely to show up. 1. A failed attempt at reformation (truly failed, not zigzagged the way they've done with Discord), with a lesson about keeping one's expectations in check. Perhaps this should be part 1 of a season premiere/finale. I think Chrysalis would be good for this, considering that deception is part of her nature. If done well, it would be a good subversion of expectations. It might be too cynical a lesson for the show, though, and would be challenging for them to pull off without going against the Power of Friendship theme. 2. A "where are they now" episode, where we see how all the places with solved friendship problems are coming along. I'd especially like to see how Griffonstone has improved. I think this is somewhat more likely, considering the mention in "Stranger than Fan Fiction" of a friendship summit in Griffonstone, but it might be difficult to give the episode value.
  3. Hello, Im gonna try out a little forum game with you guys. I found this on Facebook, and found it pretty damn fun. So, do you want to find out your secret superhero identity name? It is simply the color shirt you're wearing plus the object to your right. This is now your permanent superhero name.
  4. A friend gave me the idea of trapping a certain kind of fanfic author in a story of their own, and this is what I ended up writing (it never exceeds a "teen" rating, I assure you): Grim by Siegfried Danzinger -Part One- Perry was an MLP fanfic author. He liked nothing more than plucking beloved characters from his favorite series and depositing them in absurdly violent and incongruously horrific situations. Authoring a fundamentally original work was simply out of the question; he wouldn't derive anywhere near the emotional satisfaction from mutilating characters of his own creation. Perry was working on a new piece. Perhaps something involving the CMC; he wasn't yet decided on the victims. "The filly wandered into the forest," he typed. He stopped to consider. "The filly wandered into the dark forest." Hideous things seldom happened in broad daylight. The filly wandered into the dark forest. The twenty-something pony enthusiast coaxed his glasses up the bridge of his nose with one pale finger and leaned back in his chair with an audible squeak. "What happens now?" He said aloud. "Atmosphere. Have to establish atmosphere." The filly wandered into the dark forest. The branches of the trees seemed to have a life of their own as they swayed in the foul breeze. A branch scraped noisily against the window of the writer's room, and a draft swept over the man as his right ring finger completed the sentence. Perry abandoned his comfortable chair with a muttered curse word and headed towards the window. Closed. "Great. Something's wrong with the heat again," he told himself. Shakily, she held up a lantern against the gloom; casting feeble light- The lights dimmed; flickered. Perry spun around in his chair and swore at no one in particular. "There isn't even a storm," observed the author. As if responding to his complaint, the lights were suddenly restored. "Fine." Perry returned his attention to the computer screen; it had apparently turned off. His forefinger searched for the power button. "Ow!" The exploring finger went quickly into his mouth. "The hell?" Perry withdrew the plump digit and examined it. Blood. Not much. But any blood was more than he would have expected. "Why am I-" The computer screen blinked on: The man wandered into the dark forest. The branches of the trees seemed to have a life of their own as they swayed in the foul breeze. Shakily, he held up a lantern against the gloom; casting feeble light onto a patch of peeling, rotted bark. From nearby there came a sound. Afraid but curious, he leaned in closer. It was then that the lantern's light died. The lights went out in Perry's room; though the computer screen remained lit. A scratching. A terrible scratching; it sounded as though it were in his skull. A wooden, tortured groan that emanated from just in front of him. "What... I don't understand." Perry was confused. "I'm not typing this!" He'd lost control. In his eagerness to move away from the screen, Perry leaned back too far and toppled over in his chair. He floundered on the floor for a few moments; his fingers dragging against the cold- "Dirt? Ground?" Perry got to his knees and closed his fingers over a handful of damp earth. Scratching, scratching. Moaning. Creaking. "Let me wake up now," the man pleaded as he absent-mindedly smeared dirt onto his lens with trembling fingers. "I'm asleep." Another sound. A louder and all the more disconcerting sound. Like thick roots being torn out of the ground with a shrieking, wordless rage. He struggled to his feet, "I'm dreaming." He wasn't dreaming. "I'll wake up any moment now." Perry wouldn't wake from this nightmare. Something vaguely resembling a tentacle lashed out at him from the dark; wrapping tight around his leg with a whip-like snap. His limb was pulled out from under him, and the back of his head was slammed to the ground with such force that the once-black world was suddenly swimming with blinking white spots. A heavy branch crashed down right beside him; its fetid bark scraping against the sweaty, exposed flesh of his face. Perry yelped and clapped a dirty hand over the wound. Something like a gnarled hand - but much larger and covered in hard, leafy barbs - closed around Perry's skull. Scratching, scratching. Perry screamed. Tried to scream. Moaning, shrieking. Who was shrieking? Who was- Perry awoke on the floor of his room. He was dazed. Trembling. Cold sweat clung to his skin. He had apparently lost control of his bladder. "Why am I..." He slowly picked himself up and turned towards the computer screen. It was on. The author stumbled over his chair in the dark; landing hard on his forearms against the unforgiving surface of his computer desk. Maybe, it read, we can do this again sometime. Perry. Perry. PerryPerry. PerryperryPerryPERRYperry.
  5. Are there any episodes that you didn't like or care for at first, but after watching it more and more, you started to like it? - At first I didn't really care much about Baby Cakes and Family Appreciation Day, but after a couple more shots they slowly crept up my favorites list, with Baby Cakes being one of my favorite episodes of the season, though I guess the fact that I didn't like the other two Pinkie Pie episodes helped. Likewise, are there any episodes that started to bug you more every time you watched it? - For me, it was both Hearth's Warming Eve and Dragon Quest. With Hearth's Warming Eve, it made the canon's history even more confusing for me with the lack of the Princesses and other little things like the parts before the play irritated me. As for Dragon Quest, while I still don't think its as bad as everyone says it is and it had its moments, I still think it deserved the criticism it got. At first the dragons didn't bug me much, but when I watched it again I found them to be incredibly grating, and I felt very sorry for Spike, it felt like a great opportunity to expand on his origins, but now I don't know if they'll every try to explore it again
  6. Estcourt Station, Maine - You couldn't really access Maine without going through Canada and out into Maine again. It is only a population of four people, several houses are built around the village, and there is a gas station. Yes, you've heard me, there is a gas station maintained by Gulf. Point Roberts, Washington - A geopolitical oddity, on its own. In order to get onto Washington mainland, they have to go through Canada and then go down BC-99 to get into Washington state again. There's really nothing much else except for a few homes. Now, what's the oddest/unexpected/weirdest places of the World you've known?
  7. Hopefully I started this in the right place. I wasn't "on the scene" when all this occurred, but I asked someone to pick me up a little Rainbow Dash figure on a store run. In the past, I've "jokingly" said things like, "Yeah a loaf of bread, two cans of tuna... A pony." But this time I actually wrote down RD's physical characteristics and said, "This one. The blue one. She gots wings." Your mission, should you choose to accept... And, as they told me upon returning empty-handed, the quest for My Little Dashie was a group effort lol. The person with whom I'd entrusted the task, a neighbor that was also present in the store, an employee I think, and the store manager (or manager of a different branch, Idunno)... They were all involved. If the information gathered is reliable, there were two Apple Jack ponies and a Pinkie Pie available. Sadly, RD was nowhere to be seen. The higher-up was determined to get that specific blue pony! Perhaps she had flitted over to another store and remained in stock, and could just as easily flit her way to this other branch. My neighbor also volunteered their phone number so they could be contacted if any such flitting occurred. If it weren't so darned funny and unexpectedly nice (though I'm a bit cynical about the whole thing), I might be just a little horrified right now lol. I actually encouraged the potential purchaser to "out" me as the pony-coveter should things get hairy, but I don't believe they ever did. And darnit I have to wait for an RD restock / transfer / emergency pegasus pony relocation!!1! Though I only experienced this adventure vicariously, what surprising pony merch adventures have you had?
  8. For people who haven't heard about this yet, I'm sure they're reading the title and thinking "How in the wide wide world of Equestria can this be the right forum for this?" Trust me, I'm completely lucid when I type this. So, in case you somehow haven't heard yet, a school recently decided to tell a 9-year-old boy that he couldn't bring his MLP bag to school anymore. The reasoning is that, and I quote: Of course, that sentiment alone is dubious. I understand it to some degree, but at the same time I don't think the actions taken will help too much. The school already knows he's a brony. They're probably going to bully him just as hard with or without the backpack. Anyway, there's a bit of exposition for ya. Now we can get to the part where Glenn Beck comes in. Just today Glenn Beck released a video offering support to Grayson. Now, granted Beck does veer off into unnecessary tangents a few times, the first time being about "diversity and political correctness" and the second about Jerimiah Wright, but he doesn't dwell on them much. I can forgive that because I know Beck is a very political guy who's not afraid to voice his opinions, and he was speaking off the cuff. Even then he didn't let his unrelated political thoughts dominate the conversation, so good for him. I have to say, Glenn Beck is the last person I expected to hear chime in on this story. Even more surprising to me personally is the fact that the message is positive. Honestly hearing this put me in a pretty good mood, and I only hope that the white knights and/or brony haters of the Internet don't turn this heartfelt message into their own personal chew toy. Then again, that's probably wishful thinking because people are terrible.