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Found 9 results

  1. So far after working for months on my next generation MLP characters, I have almost finished them! I have a few more to go and I'll be done! I'll leave the ships in a spoiler, but see if you can guess them before looking. Let me know how many you guessed right in the comments! Now without further adu, my next gen (so far) The siblings: Bases by: Amelia_Bases and alari1234 Base by: Amelia_Bases This one is adopted so don't feel bad if you can't guess herBase by: Amelia_Bases I thinkBase by: alari1234 The twins Base by: Bittersweet_Bases (or raffaelloca or sonya_nya) and ChaostricalBase by: Amelia_Bases?Base by: I'm not sure ^^;Base by: I'm not sure ^^;Base by: I'm not sure ^^;Base by: Amelia_Bases I thinkBase by: I have no idea ^^;Base by: Bittersweet_Bases (or raffaelloca or sonya_nya)Base by: Amelia_BasesBase by: Amelia_BasesBase by: I'm not sure ^^;Base by: Amelia_Bases?Base by: I have no idea ^^: Now to see if you were right! (Goes in order from each pony) Phew, that took forever
  2. Hello hello! Your favorite numerical probability here for the first time! Granted, not the first time I've written, but the first time I've linked to something I've written on this site. Anyways! Since this is a fic in progress I didn't think it appropriate to drop it in the Pony Artwork section, I figured I'd throw it right here and let you all follow along with its progress (if you want!) I can say that by following it along here, you'll most likely be the ones getting snippets of what I work on before I actually post it to the fic proper, so... That's a plus, I think. Anyways, I tend to write longer chapters as the story progresses, and there's no set word length for my chapters, not even an approximation, so please don't be dismayed at the first chapter's... Bite-sizedness. Not a word, but I'll roll with it. I'm gonna stop typing now and let you read the only chapter I've got up so far, next one to be completed within the week!~
  3. If you're a fan of this idea, support it by telling your friends! I could also use all the help I can get, so just tell me what you want to help with, and I'll certainly consider it!
  4. Hey there everyone! I haven't really posted before on the creative resources board, but I could really use some help. I've been working on this one song for quite a while now. I'm not sure what it's going to be about in the end, I have only fooled around a bit with the lyrics, but I think the arrangement is pretty solid already. However, I can't seem to finish it. Ever time I start working on the song again I feel like there's parts that don't sound right or that some things are missing. The fact that I'm not very experienced and make a lot of mistakes that I find a few days after I've made them doesn't help that either :c So, I call upon the community of wonderful artists and creative minds to give some opinions, share some ideas, give some advice and all that kind of great stuff. If you don't like it, it's alright to tell me too, just be a little sublte about it, and try to tell me what you don't like about it. So to start off here's the most recent version of the song. As I said I don't really know what it's going to be about (probably something MLP related) so I just named it kablam :3 It's an awful sound, but that's because I don't have proper notation software installed on my PC yet an noteflight has nothing better to offer :c (you can view the scores with music on noteflight if you register.) Big problem with this one is that the main couplet isn't very interesting yet because I don't know what to do with the melody or rythmic section. That's why I kept it simple there. But for clarification, that's where most of the lyrics are supposed to go This version is a little older, but it might give you an idea of where I'm coming from and what the process behind making all this was There's a lot of wrong notes in this piece. Eventually it became too much work and I am too lazy to go through the entire thing to take them out. With this one I have worked on the melodies a little, but they aren't great yet. I just can't come up with something better Heres the lyrics I came up with. Nothing amazing story-wise, but the rhyme and the amount of syllables are pretty great if I may say so myself. Biggest problem is that there's almost no room to breathe with this melody. So once more, please give me your ideas, opinions, anything really. I need some inspiration otherwise this will become another addition to my "never to be finished songs" bin. Thanks on beforehand :3
  5. So these are a bunch of unfinished fan fiction ideas that I wrote down but never got to finishing. If you would be so kind, I was wondering if you could tell me if they would be worth finishing or not. Please? An Unnamed Rule 63 Clop Story For obvious reasons I'm only going to post the premise for the story here. Everything is completely SFW, but if a mod comes in and tells me I need to take this section out, I will. Project: Sweetie Bot So this is just scene for a story I thought up of. The plot of the story is that Sweetie Belle dies and Twilight creates a robotic clone of her to replace her. Curse of the Night Mare MeatShy
  6. I've been starting to type this idea for a story but I'm doubting whether or not it would be any good. Could you wonderful ponies read this little snip of what I have so far and tell me what you think? I'd like to know if I'm doing a good job with keeping Pinkie in character and overall if it's a good setup for a story.
  7. So (and I have typed this once but internet on my PC broke), Today I moved into my new house for the second year of Uni. Now this would be uneventful normally, and I was really excited to move in, but when I got to my new house something was up.... The house was unfinished! Now as a bit of back story, I am living with a friend who's dad owned the house and is refurbishing it, however, I did not expect to be moving into a house so unfinished! So when first entered the house, I was greeted with a bed room with no door, and only a desk in the room. Rather then my mum/dad helping me make my bad, they literally had to make my bed, from scratch out of a box! Now overall the situation was not all bad, my room has new furniture and is lovely and bigger then most student rooms on this rent. It also distracted me from being upset as I am really close to me family and often get very home sick (it lasts for a week ish normally). Anyways, I am told that my room (door and windowcil/chest of draws) should hopefully build built this week and then the entire house prefect in 3 weeks. Hopefully this time in a month I will be loling about the whole ordeal and able to focus on my studies! Thanks for reading, Sundew!
  8. So, I just recently finished my story, "Pinkamena?", and I wanted feedback on it. Anyways, I hope you enjoy, and I would like some criticism on it.
  9. So here goes the first frame of a comic I am going to do: It's going to be humoristic, but we will see if it's actually funny once I have finished it. I'm not really looking for criticism but rather impressions. ( Or if you find something subtle you can tell me that as well. ) I probably won't color it but we will see. So far what I see that is wrong: Perspective with the stove: The stove is too inclined towards Twi Twi's forehoof is too thin. The whole picture( Can't do much against that ) Oh and not to forget, I never draw 3/4 ponies, so first time really there,