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Found 2 results

  1. Yes, I waited until midnight to say this, but here's the special update. I've decided that I won't be writing RealityPublishing's Tales of Unfortunate Tails on Saturdays because I want to keep it strictly a weekday job. I know it's a bit abrupt and I actually never planned on taking a break. It's fun to write little stories about my mishaps in life, it really is! Don't worry about a thing, because I'll be back with a brand new story Sunday. After that, I wanted to tell a longer, more personal one before moving on. This next Sunday release is a doozy and will (probably) get me a warning, but... meh? It's got to do with Clop, but I've been making sure not to include anything suggestive in the actual story. IF you happen to want the full details, then I'd be happy to answer questions through Private Messaging. I'm hoping to extend this series as long as I possibly can. It will always have the same schedule. If not, I will do my best to catch up. New Issue Everyday with the exception of Saturdays -RealityPublishing
  2. If you've read my history, this is something I address about this show very often: unfortunate implications. Situations where the author (or higher-up) unintentionally created a situation that can be questionable or offensive. As good as this show is, unfortunate implications are abundant in this series. To name a few: Maud Pie: Just because they're friends with someone else doesn't mean they're automatically friends with Maud. Throughout, none of the ReMane Five demonstrate any further closeness with Maud, so this revelation is forced. To make it worse, Twilight explicitly rejected a very similar idea from Fluttershy about pretending to be friends with her only a few minutes ago. Twilight's logic is hypocritical and implies a lack of genuine respect for Pinkie. Dragon Quest is the home of unfortunate implications: a. The dialogue at the beginning when Applejack and Pinkie asked why would he want to be like other dragons. To quote from my post here: b. Later, the dragons he joined were stereotypical bullies with absolutely no regard for anyone's lives but their own, and Spike rejected the dragon race altogether. This is one way bigotry starts: painting a brush on a whole group by the lowlifes. Its blatant sexism and xenophobia are a direct contradiction to the show's entire message as a family-friendly, gender-neutral product, and it damaged the worldbuilding of dragons altogether. Derpy's censorship in The Last Roundup. It wasn't just Derpy who was censored, but Rainbow Dash, too. In the previous version, Derpy was oblivious, not careful, childlike, yet still felt bad for her mistakes. In the censored version, she's more sarcastic, she sounds dimwitted, her voice is a stereotype, Dash talks to her like a child, and her eyes are less derped. Thanks to her censorship, Hasbro tells the audience that people like Derpy don't exist, shouldn't exist, and/or should be corrected. By trying to respond to complaints, Hasbro only made the situation much worse. Feeling Pinkie Keen's accidental false debate between science and faith. The poorly worded moral itself doesn't help, but there's more. a. In the episode, the characters talk a lot about science and faith, accidentally triggering the debate. b. The character who uses science, Twilight, is the antagonist and akin to a straw man. Somepony to Watch Over Me's backwards moral. "You spill a bowl of soup? Twenty-four-hour surveillance!" "You nearly get yourself killed by a chimera? You don't need to be watched over!" Seriously?! What nearly happened to AB during the battle scene gives Applejack plenty of incentive to baby Apple Bloom. Instead, AJ's character is derailed, and the screwed-up moral is the cherry on top. So, now it's your turn. Which unfortunate implications stick out the most? Name the episode and pinpoint the implications. Describe why it's an unfortunate implication. Describe thoroughly. How would you try and fix them?