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Found 24 results

  1. I know Mlp is just a fictional cartoon show. But, what if my little pony world was real, what do you think and what would you do?
  2. I was wondering all my friends at school think day time is better than night time i personally think night time is better i was wondering if i was the only one cause im the only person who enjoys night time its way better than day time cause there isn't a giant ball of fire slowly cooking me
  3. Scientists, astrophysicians and other people who are interested in our universe have discussed this subject many times throughout the last few decades. What lies beyond our known expanding universe. that has been expanding for the last 13.7 billion years? Our universe is extremly big, we talk about (atleast) 92 billion lightyears. But what is beyond that? Just more universe? Nothing? A Multiverse with billions of other universes? Or something else entirely? What do you think?
  4. I looked around and was surprised I didn't see a thread discussing space and stuff. So here we go. Discuss the universe, the endless reaches of it, different bodies, matter, all that fascinating stuff. Post new findings from NASA, Hubble, Kepler, you name it. Name what you find the most interesting about it, favorite planet, whatever I think it would be better to discuss new findings in space, too, like new planet discoveries, New Horizons' Pluto flyby in a thread like this, than to make separate threads on them. The possibilities for discussion and debate are endless, so, discuss away!
  5. Has anyone or anyone you know ever made a fanfic, and then create or at least plan to turn that fanfic into something completely out of the Equestria universe? Like, for example, I made a pony fanfic a long time ago with OCs and everything, and there were enough OCs and enough story to make a separate universe out of! Same characters, very similar story, and completely different universe! No ponies and no Equestria is the only difference! Fighting is Magic has done the same thing! It's not a fanfic, but it's a fanmade game, and now it's its own separate universe: Dem Fightin' Herds! And Lauren approves of it! She's not picky of these kind of things! So what's your opinion on turning fanmade brony content into completely original content? It's a great way to avoid those damn Hasbro copyrighters!
  6. MLP is still an awesome show, but how would the show turn out if Hasbro never messed with Lauren's vision of the show? Yeah the Mane Six would've looked different and had different names, but Celestia was originally supposed to be queen, but Hasbro thought that queens are evil. Yeah, evil queens happened like, I dunno, once in Disney? Twice maybe? So that ruined queens for them? You know how stupid that sounds? Twilight's story would've turned out to be pretty different if Lauren's vision wasn't messed with. She wouldn't be an alicorn, but she would've been Celestia's successor. Cadance wouldn't have existed either, but I kinda like Cadance. How would Spike have turned out, would his character been taken seriously earlier than season 6? What would've been the CMCs' destinies? How would the Mane Six turn out? I kinda like how the show turned out, but I would still like to see an alternate reality where MLP was exactly like Lauren thought of in her head! Would it be better than this version of MLP, or not as good?
  7. The old G4 toys are drastically different from the show. For technology, there's TVs, cars and trucks. For ponies, there's all these weirdos like Dewdrop Dazzle but no stallions at all. Is it the same universe?
  8. The future and the past seem to stretch beyond and before us forever. And it might as well be forever, considering our short lifespans. When in the Day of the Cosmos are we living? If the lifespan of the universe were a day, what time would it be now? The answer is most probably very early morning. The day has just begun! This infographic should help:
  9. Since small, I was always very keen to overthink every single situation. To 'vacate' the physical world for a minute and just ponder on what I was and what I was capable of. Fortunately, that feature of mine never left, and I say 'fortunately' because doing so actually gives me such... relief, and yet such helplessness. Of course, this doesn't sound like a sensation to be fond of, but the truth is that the mixed feelings that follow the realizations of what am I, how small, insignificant we all are, blooms pure humbleness in me. Furthermore, mentioned realizations and feelings become more twisted as I become aware of our real potential, how much we can influence our surroundings, even predict our future in a farly accurate manner. I'll try to explain my vision, try. We are humans. We've been bestowed with the supreme gift. We can think and believe, we say what is right and what is wrong, the very universe exists because we gave it a name, because we are the ones who discerned it, even if we are insignificant in any measure. We don't fret against infinity, we scrutinize it no matter how many centuries or milenniums it takes. We can look at adversity right into the eye and spit on it, because we, as petty as we are, are able to bend the nature, to protect it or destroy it. We're the ones that can. Simple as that. Look high at the sky, and just think for a second. Just conceive every single sparkly dot you see as another star dwelling at inconceibable distances. We named them. We studied them. We know what they are, how they work, but for most of us those are just numbers, chemical reactions that originate heat, and whose leftovers may or may not have formed moons and planets. Every single philosopher, every single scientist, every single man and woman was born in here, Earth, a rocky planet of 510 072 000 km² that orbits the Sun, alas most of us never actually realizes that even the blue sky is deceiving, that beyond its safe appearance there's a cold, obscure vacuum, that any given niggle is actually happening in this infinitsimal, hovering rock. From this very rock, we emerged and began our lust for knowledge, for power and meaning. We studied and found logical reasons behind untold phenomena which, most certainly, we are bound to never witness. We found ourselves, lonely conscious creatures, lost inside a world we couldn't understand, and our curiosity and wit drove us on a path of discoveries, tragedies, bliss and sadness. We are a miracle, because we are able to understand what a miracle is. Since the beginning of our journey we were able to feel impressed, we were able to question our surroundings, thus we embarked in the neverending lust for knowledge. In general, as humans, we don't really feel the need to know more because we like it, we need them because it's an innate and imperative obligation to avoid obliviousness. Feel small, yet colossal. Feel weak, yet supreme. We are beings with a span of life so short that it couldn't be considered as a mere second to the universe, but we are able to leave a mark. Unfortunately, history has repeatedly proved how easily we can stumble before our instincts, and we, the current and future generations, must swear under oath that these unfortunate events will be eclipsed when compared to our achievements to come. The man is the one who can, yet what the man can do is up to each and every single one of us, to every thought and to every action. Even a boulder can change history, just imagine what one person is capable of.
  10. After watching this video you start to realize how small we are compared to everything else. How can people say we are alone in the universe.
  11. * Flash Sentry may be different between the two universes: the pony one can be more tougher than that Human wimp of a boyfriend. * The Pony-People (colorful Humans in "Canterlotia", or whatever I name it) are not real Humans: if one can compare their DNA with that of an ordinary Human, their DNA is slightly more closer to a Horse's DNA that the Human's DNA. Nice try, Lyra. * The EqG universe is a playful, yet deadly, experiment created by Discord during his reign of terror, created to study about how Humans lived: in fact, it is a parasite-universe that feeds on the main universe, with the portal as something like a "mouth" whenever it opens. However strongly Omnia/Fausticorn hated this very device, she cannot destroy it, but only seal it, allowing it to open (and feed on the universe) only once iin every 30 moons/months. If it were to be damaged, it will cause seriously devastating effects on the main universe (and even the EqG one as well!). * If you are wondering on how did Principals Celly and Lulu know about all that Twily had been, my assumption was that the real Celly and Lulu (being immortal) did visit the EqG universe in secret, guiding its history in various aliases. What do you think? Are there any faults in each one?
  12. Howdy y'all, recently I was shopping iTunes when I bought mlp comic titled reflections, I bought it and read through it and so far it fascinates me. *Spoiler alert* A Mirror Universe! I love fascinating topics about mirror universe. So many what ifs all opposite to our own world. And this story arc is going to be interesting. I found two artwork online and it interest me even more. Another side note so year in part one we get to see the history of starswirl the bearded in relations to the story arc
  13. I am the universe. Ask me questions.
  14. Is there an actual police force because I haven't seen any? Or is it just guards to go with the whole medieval fantasy setting of the FiM Universe.
  15. You there! Yes, you! If you are a fan of any anthropomorphic universe (e.g. Sonic, Klonoa, MLP (obviously), here's something for you! This is a project I began roughly a year ago, based on a unique idea of mixing universes together to clash, even featuring OCs. Original post Facebook Unfortunately the comic hasn't progressed quite at all, so I'm desperate to get all the support possible. So, if you have even the slightiest glimmer of interest towards the comic, please spread the word and maybe ask if you want to take part. Any help is appreciated!
  16. Suggested by: Night Shine Identification - Nature of Celestial Bodies Observation - Celestia and Luna say that they "raise and lower the sun, moon, and stars". Goal - Are the cosmic properties of the Equestrian universe far different from those of Earth, or are the ponies simply speaking metaphorically? Intro I suspect that Celestia and Luna don't metaphorically raise the sun, moon, and stars; but rather do in fact raise the celestial bodies using some form of magic. But how can this be? We know that in our universe it's the earth that spins, not the stars and sun. Although, I have some evidence that may prove their universe to function a whole lot differently than ours... Theory so far My hypothesis at the beginning of my research suggested that it was the planet that was being controlled, not the sun and stars. Although, it turns out it is just the opposite from my evidence (see evidence #1 in spoiler below). The sun and moon actually circle the planet. Strange, because in our universe we know that the sun has tremendously more mass than the earth, and therefore makes the earth orbit the sun. Stranger enough, there is more evidence showing that the moon is literally an opposite of the sun (see evidence #2 in spoiler below). What about planets and moons outside individual solar systems? how does that work? Well, I think that every single body of mass has a "magical" property to it. Call it it's own energy if you will, but the energy transfers are much different than here. I think the best way to explain it is to see more clues I've found (see evidence #3 in spoiler below). End of File WOW, my first real file. Anyway, I'd like to thank Night Shine for bringing up this idea. This really was quite a large topic to discuss though (not that it's bad, it's actually wonderful!), and I don't even know if I clarified enough evidence yet... If anyone would wish to add more evidence, or a speculation I may have missed related to this topic, feel free to post a comment. If you want to submit your own question to be solved by me and be documented into a science file, go to the link below: Thanks for giving your time into reading this, and I hope you enjoy your day!
  17. Whatever you do... DO NOT push the red button. Say that you have that choice, though... and you know what it does. What does it do? It blows up the universe and kills everything in it, including you. Would you blow it up? Will you... press the red button?!
  18. Say you are in possession of a fully functional teleportation machine that does not screw up your molecules and safely sends you from one place to the other, where would you go? nothing is far fetched, it could be any place on Earth, any planet in the universe, or any fictional place; where would you like to be teleported?
  19. As a Human If you couldn't end up in a canon like universe, which of these three bad universes would you rather end up in? Also multiverse theory. Would you rather end up in one of the My Little Human universes, where there's a huge number of Ponies that like Humans "that way" and a TV show called My Little Human with millions of fans called Humies. Some of us Bronies would like this universe, you know the ones I mean. I mean I would but.... ummm. Also they have the Internet, enough said. A Conversion Bureau universe, on the spot you will be turned into a Pony with a hive like mindset, along with a new personality, constantly smiling and very low IQ, or be killed on the spot if you are somehow immune to the conversion potion. A Fallout Equestria universe, a world just like the Fallout game series only with Ponies.
  20. Would your reaction be suddenly ending up in Equestria out of nowhere like being teleported or something? Still as a Human mind you, just your body reanimated in cartoon form. First I think I would have gone totally insane, so I might just roll with it. I'd be scared, miss my family and friends, feel awkward and out of place and want to go home. Over time I might become happy. I would be terrified I'd might end up in the wrong universe, say a universe where the Ponies xenophobic and hate Humans and kill them on sight, due to that I might try to hide until I'm sure they won't kill me. Also terrified of ending up in the Cupcakes universe. I'd have to be sure that's kind canon Pinkie Pie. Humieverrse, fans of My Little Human. I'd probably end running in fear, not because they want to kill me, but hug me and other things... Too many Ponies, I think I'd just like the one.
  21. In the event (portal on Earth to their universe ) we met the MLP FIM and form a close friendship with them. Both our survivability will vastly increase with both magic and science combined. Human science and technology will improve the lives of the Ponies, magic for healing and health care and Pegasi's ability to control the weather, may put an end to world hunger. Our arrival will put an end to their medieval (technology) stagnation for the Ponies. Xenophilia, Pony and Human boyfriend/girlfriend/married etcetera. When we travel the stars together our mlltarly with magic and science may be strong enough to defeat those nasty Reapers from Mass Effect.
  22. So here's how the game works. Since it's been theorized that there are many universes besides our own in an infinite number so each post start with 'In Another Univrse....' and end it with your idea. For example. 'In another universe...ponies are over lords to humans.'
  23. http://www.newground...o/listen/506904 This is my song so far, nearly done as far as the instrumental goes, finalizing lyrics tomorrow, I'm too tired to go on! Let me know what you think!
  24. A very interesting YouTube video I came across several weeks ago has caused some rather rusty gears in my head to start turning and churning out ideas (You may or may not have seen it, which is why I'm posting it): I'm going to start off by saying, wow, that's pretty good for a fan work, even if it does look a little simple. The movements seemed to be in time, and I still get the same emotions from the characters as I did when they were ponies. Especially from the eyes; artists often say that the eyes are the most communicative part of the human body, and I don't doubt it one bit. Now, if there's one thing I love (and I'm pretty sure anyone else on this site agrees), it's animation. My fascination with cartoons is probably one of the main reasons that I was able to watch Friendship is Magic with an open mind and experience its marvelousness. One thing I hope to do is become a concept writer/director for animated music videos. There's just so much you can express in animation than you can in real life! Anyways, back on topic. Say you take an episode of Friendship is Magic...and make all of the ponies human, as shown in the video above. Same dialogue, same expressions, same jokes and puns, and same plots (not THOSE plots), but in human form. Not exactly in the style of the video above, either. Perhaps in more of an anime style, or a realistic Western animation style? (I have a specific type in my head- it's like a cross between anime and Western, sketchy, unique... I don't quite know how to describe it ) I'm sure you've all seen fanwork of the Mane 6 and other ponies in human form, and honestly, a lot of it's not half-bad. Example: I, for one, would not object to seeing a fan-made spin-off series or recreation which features the Mane 6 and other ponies in their humanized forms, all with the same quirks and personalities. Whether the stories are just episodes redone or entirely new content, it wouldn't matter to me. Just nothing that would damage the reputation of the original series Obviously, you can't take the 'pony' out of "My Little Pony" (like, hello? Derp?). And i definitely want the original series to continue, in its perfect, equine form. But this fandom is full of surprises. So, who knows? Maybe a clip of humanized Equestrian hilarity would prove popular, if done correctly. Thoughts? Agreeances? Disagreeances? (P.S. Thanks if you read the whole post. I know, I talk too much. )