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Found 14 results

  1. Have any questions regarding university/ college admissions? Want to share your dream university list or experience? Want to discuss admissions with others who either have experience in admissions? Whether you want to study in Asia or America, a for profit college or Harvard, here is the place to discuss it!
  2. Something I have always wondered about is how the education system works in equestria. It was hinted that Maud is a college student (getting a "rocktorate" in rock science), but as far as I can tell we have never seen a college/university in Equestria. ITS HEADCANNON TIME What do you think Maud's college/university is like? What is it's name? Where is it located? What kind of degrees does it have? How many students/professors? Does it have any sports? Why would Maud want to study there? (any other fun details you would like to come up with!)
  3. Hello everyone! I'm curious if there are some students in this wonderful community? What are You studying? And why this? Share Your educational chooses. (If there's any mistakes in my post - sorry and feel free to give me any correct )
  4. Hi Folks! This topic isn't related to MLP but I'm looking for help. I'm a Santa Clara University undergrad and this season I'm in charge of putting up an exhibition to spread autism spectrum awareness for my campus. In this exhibition, I'm making an oppression section: on stigma, misrepresentation of autism in the media, news of individuals abused due to their condition. I'm also making a hope section: good information on the autism spectrum, celebrating neurodiversity, resources that'll help individuals on the spectrum. For interactivity, I'm thinking of letting viewers write anonymous letters. Students who identify on the spectrum may write their experiences anonymously (or identify themselves if they feel comfortable). Students who don't identify on the spectrum may write about their experiences with people who are on the spectrum. It could be their friends or family. Students may also write their impressions regarding the topic on autism. I'm also planning to have a comment box for students to write questions or suggestions to support SCU students on the autistic spectrum. Students may anonymously write encouraging statements and post them on the wall. Statements may include "I love someone who is autistic." or "I'm autistic and proud." Any ideas and resources are appreciated!
  5. It must be clear from people who say me post often a month ago, that I have so much less time at the moment then what I used to have to browse the forums. At one point I was posting many times a day effortlessly and spending many hours enjoying reading all of your topics, but nowadays I seem to have barely any time at all! Lets face it; I'm struggling with both time management and just a massive lack of time for everything. Currently I am trying to juggle: 1. My course 2. My church/reading my bible 3. Societies 4. Catching up with friends 5. Playing games like Pokemon and Dota 6. House Work/cooking and I just don't currently have the time management skills to be able to do it. But there is a pony I know that does, Twilight Sparkle. So how would she do it? Make Lists! The thing that Twilight does more, and quite possibly better then everyone, is make lists! It's defiantly something that I have started to try out more and more, in fact I even have 3 notebooks purely for different types of lists! Without lists I have a feeling Twilight would struggle . Time Table! Second to her list making is here ability to make time tables. Multiple times we see her with her diary, time tabling in everything about her life! I mean, she never ever doesn't have time to do anything and manages to fit everything in. We see this especially in lesson Zero where she even seems to be able to make other people around her conform to her time table. Having a detailed diary is defiantly a good way to achieve this and I will defiantly be taking a leaf out of Twilight book and buying a diary and finning it in! She maybe over does time tabling to an extent, but can you blame her? Go to the Library! (so I wrote it out and them my pc crashed and deleted this paragraph, writing it again sucks) Twilight sparkle lives in a library. So surely there must be a reason for this? So 2 days ago, I actually decided to takes a leaf out of Twilight Sparkles book, and went to a library. Now I have not been to a library ever in my life, and I really had to force myself to go. Once I was in there though, I was amazed at how the atmosphere allowed me to work for almost 3 hours straight (sadly my laptop died as I forgot the cable), and I got so much done I couldn't believe it! The fact that I was surrounded by books also made me feel funny... like I wanted to read them..... Read Books! This seem's to be the one thing that Twilight loves doing the most, and I can see why. She know's so much about everything that she knows what's going to happen in a situation before she has even experienced it. I have to admit, if I read more then many aspects of my course would be a lot easier (maybe if I read a book on time management I would even be able to manage my time better to read more ! If Twilight found a book on making schedules then I'm sure there is one for this). I always want to do more reading, I mean even Rainbow Dash does reading! So Thank you for reading, I hope you have learned a little bit, or at least thought about time management. But overall, if all you took out of it was Twilight Sparkle is awesome, then that's OK to !
  6. Hey everyone! Now seen as I have just gotten into a new house for my 2nd year at uni, I was just wondering what all your experiences are of living in student/rented/halls accommodation while at university (or just stories involving this in general)!
  7. So (and I have typed this once but internet on my PC broke), Today I moved into my new house for the second year of Uni. Now this would be uneventful normally, and I was really excited to move in, but when I got to my new house something was up.... The house was unfinished! Now as a bit of back story, I am living with a friend who's dad owned the house and is refurbishing it, however, I did not expect to be moving into a house so unfinished! So when first entered the house, I was greeted with a bed room with no door, and only a desk in the room. Rather then my mum/dad helping me make my bad, they literally had to make my bed, from scratch out of a box! Now overall the situation was not all bad, my room has new furniture and is lovely and bigger then most student rooms on this rent. It also distracted me from being upset as I am really close to me family and often get very home sick (it lasts for a week ish normally). Anyways, I am told that my room (door and windowcil/chest of draws) should hopefully build built this week and then the entire house prefect in 3 weeks. Hopefully this time in a month I will be loling about the whole ordeal and able to focus on my studies! Thanks for reading, Sundew!
  8. Alright so i'm going to school now and basically I've been thinking about this for a while it seems like everybody really tries to get people to go to college or university. But why go if you don;t even know what you want to go for or if you really can't afford it. I feel like the world is now trying to place college to high, If you don;t go to college it seems like you can barely get a job but if i spend years and money i don;t have i can get a job not thanks to my skill sets i feel but simply because a piece of paper says i have those skills. I'm really curious right now because i'm in college but i feel like i don't want to be because i don;t know what i want to do and the fact i'm worried about transfering to a university and being in debt. Why does it seem like nobody wants to actually see if you can learn a trade but is perfectly fine if a piece of paper says you can without actually seeing for themselves if you can learn said skills. Then ontop of it i thought general schools were meant for you to learn basics but why when you go to college very little classes actually have to do with your major and more on basic skills!. In the end why go to college simply to please others or because people say you need to to only wind up in debt and possibly have wasted you time. I know people who have degrees yet only went because people said they needed to or just to have a piece of paper. I know for me i'm only going because i have no money and i wish to move but this makes it hard for me to want to learn anything because i'm learning things i do not care about and that i thought college for the most part was learning your future career. IN the end i'm curious about the fact that people are more focused on pieces of paper then actual skill sets!
  9. I dunno, for some reason I've thought about this a lot. How does Equestria's education system work? Is it similar to the whole "elementary, middle, and high" school thing most of us are used to, or is it only primary schooling until you get your cutie mark? Then what? University? Vocational? Does it pertain to cutie marks? Do certain cutie marks help you out in getting into that? Can you avoid all of that? *shrug* i've just sorta pondered it a bit. What do you guys think?
  10. WOOOO! Finally my parents have battled through the harsh mid winter "spring weather" and I will be going home tomorrow from university! I actually can't wait I'm so excited it's amazing what 3 days away from your family (despite being away from them for 10 weeks already) will do to you when you expected to be able to see them so much sooner! For the first time in my life I actually think that I dislike snow, I always used to pray for more and more hoping for snow days off school and sledging. But this year it's been a hindrance to my plans! (evil cackle). In other news, I've also started looking to upgrade my computer ! I'm as bad as Rarity at the moment, fussing over every little detail and trying to squeeze as much as I can out of my budget. It doesn't help that I'm easily distracted by flashing lights and suddenly thought it a necessity to have a window and LED's, despite most likely having my computer under my desk. But yeah, after waiting for 4 year+ to finally be able to get a new one, I can't wait ! + whats with the predictions of a white Easter? I honestly can't believe we might have a white Easter and not a white Christmas ><!
  11. Greetings, Once again I am doing another amazing procrastination from work, for some reason I can only seem to work for between 10-20 mins before my mind wonders. Possession of twilight's ability to work for hours on end all day and all night would defiantly be a massive help to the completion of the many essays which need to be handed in before the end of this and next week. In fact I've just realized how well developed each character is, not only do they each have varying abilities but they also have an amazing range of talents, such as willingness to never give up or innate perfectionism ect. Anyways I guess I should go back to writing essays, and I would love to herewhich "ability" would you want and why?
  12. Well, after a night in the library, the groundwork is in place to start a brony club on my campus. I printed a bunch of flyers and set up a Facebook group. I know there's pegasisters on campus, and I suspect a few people I know might be bronies, and now I'm finally taking the initiative to find a way to get us all together! Again, a big thanks to @hawkflame for the tear-off-tab flyer template. I printed out 15 flyers in total: 5 color, 10 black and white. I'm going to put the 5 color flyers in the main thoroughfares on campus (library and bookstore entrances, campus store, dining hall, etc), where it will need to be eye-catching to compete with lots of other flyers. The 10 black and white flyers will go in stairwells and smaller billboards. So far I only put two up. One of the colored ones by the library entrance, and a black and white one on the billboard by the elevator in the library. I'm going to carry them around with me tomorrow, so I can put them up as I go from class to class around campus. Now to play the waiting game...:3
  13. GREETINGS PONIES! I am in search of Bronies and My Little Pony fans alike at the University of Connecticut. I am on a quest to create a club for us. If you are attending UConn, specifically at the Storrs campus, please let me know through here. If we cannot make a club quite yet, let's just have informal meetings and such. I'm sure we can cross those bridges when we get there! Thank you for your time, and hopefully this is the appropriate forum space for this thread. --synthy-hooves
  14. (If this is better off in Life Advice, then don't hesitate to move it) Basically this is a topic for current college students or alumni to share their experiences and for high schoolers on the verge of going to college to ask questions, seek advice, and get a feel for what they're in for. What was your daily routine like? Participate in any clubs, teams, organizations? Did you rush a frat/sorority? Attend sporting events? How did you meet your friends? How was your dorm/living experience? How was your classroom experience? Did you notice any changes in your lifestyle from freshman to sophomore year, from sophomore to junior, etc and so on? Just anything about college you want to share (within the rules obviously) and if you're about to enter college, feel free to ask any questions you might have. I'll post my experiences tomorrow when I'm not so tired.