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Found 11 results

  1. So, I just uploaded a track to and published it, only for it not to play. I uploaded it in several file formats, all compatible with, yet it still won't process fully and I keep getting the unknown error. Please help. I've been trying to upload the same track for the past few days...
  2. Let's face it, there are A LOT of musical artists out there. True, some are better than others, but the really great ones don't always get the recognition they deserve, sometimes even getting passed up for artists more interested in fame and money than making good music. That's what this topic is for, to share some of the under-appreciated musicians you've found over the years. I'll start with one of my favorite artists I found during middle-school, VNV Nation: I've yet to find an artist that sounds anything like these guys, drawing influence from multiple genres. I've only met a handful of people in North America who've even heard of them, let alone appreciate their unique sound. All genre's welcome, bony artists included. (Suggested 1 example per post)
  3. Well, you all may our may not notice all resent additions to Background ponies on the show, so I thought would do little game here where just name them. Either with you coming up with name on your own, our if know there name cause read allot of wiki. Any how thought this could be fun. I just hope don't begin with to hard pony to name. His far as i know only been around sens season 4. So don't know if much is know abut him. So what is this pony called? And feel free post your own curious background ponies. Maby we can find name for them here.
  4. I made (half-assed) this out of clay. and i have no goddamn idea what it is.
  5. So here you can ask the unknown pony. Ask anything because you don´t know anything about her/him. It may take some time until I answer the questions because I am online at unusual times. It won't be a pony you allready know so don't try to guess. It will be an entirely new pony.
  6. I don't know if it is some type of writer's block or something, but let me explain the problem. Now, I write fanfics in my spare time on Google Docs. Sometimes, I wanted to post a fanfic on, so I type the first draft on Google Docs but then I'm not too pleased with it. Even if I modify it, it still isn't too pleasing. And then I delete it off. I'm great at spelling but for some reason, I can't get into describing things, and keep using the same words. I don't know what the problem is, but it has been affecting me for a while now. Does anyone have a solution? I really feel like I can't write a good fanfic.
  7. "There is no greater fear than the fear of the unknown." Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons why you feel any particular way towards your opinion. I agree and disagree with this. If you were in battle with a new enemy, you won't know what they will do. Good as they can't play you about with threats. But without knowledge, we are blind to the future. The future could hold anything and then we cower in fear at the potential of something bad rather than relish the potential of something good.
  8. I was in one of my computer classes the other day. And some of my classmates were in a deep discussion about something. I asked what they were talking about and they brought up this thing called the Project Mayhem 2012 Tyler. If any of you know about this more in detail please share with me what this is about exactly.
  9. When I saw someone play the old X-COM: UFO Defense I knew that I was going to love that game. I found it on Steam and have a complete playtime of over 90 hours. I loved the original X-COM. Now I heard of the remaking of the old X-COM game and I was immediately extremely excited. I prepurchased it on Stream and It came out yesterday (Oct. 12). I've played it a lot now and it really lives up to my expectations. Like the original it's filled with strategy and intense turn-based battles. It got some cool new mechanics too like cover, abilities and a much wider array of content like weapons, researches and base facilities. So have any other bronies here played the original XCOM? Have anyone played the new XCOM? What do you think about it?
  10. I can see them! Can you? What are they?! They're everywhere! Look out! One's right behind you!
  11. Do you know of any background ponies that seem to be forgotten or are just not noticed at all? Post there picture and name here and explain why you like them! I think this pony named Oakey Doke is pretty cool looking in her design.