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Found 14 results

  1. -It took me half of the first season to become a brony -I didn't hate Mare Do Well -I found the Crystal Empire extremely disappointing -I prefer Celestia over Luna -I hate Just for SIdekicks with a passion
  2. Personally, as a vegetarian, you can image I don't like meat...which includes bacon...please don't kill me. Meat Onions Tomatoes Pickles Sunflower Seeds Mushrooms Eggs Any type of chips Burritos Can't think of anymore. I generally love candy, sweets, vegetables, and fruits, so... How about you all?
  3. All right so recently, a thread was posted for the things you hate that everyone seems to love. Well now lets go the other way around with the things you love that everyone seems to hate. Total Drama: It's more of a guilty pleasure for me. If you ignore all the puke and fart jokes, it can lampoon reality shows pretty clever and have funny parodies. Chowder: It came out at the wrong time so everyone seemed to hated it because it's not as good as the classics. It's got really good 4th wall humor. Wii/Wii U: I'm more casual so I'm gonna prefer more casual games. Plus I don't have a lot of money so the other consoles are gonna be expensive. So post away!
  4. Before I begin just listing them off, a quick reminder. These are OPINIONS. Don't waste your time trying to say I'm wrong because I'm not saying anything as fact. If you want to post yours here, I suppose that is also fine, as long as you aren't trying to cause a ruckus with a s***storm. With that out of the way... Video Games Goldeneye 007 is (I hate to say it, but it's deserved) severely overrated. It has a myriad of issues that are acknowledged... Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was not a masterpiece. It was a pretty good game, but it has... issues. Medal of Honor: Warfighter is the best Medal of Honor game ever released. Grand Theft Auto games are boring. Severely so in fact. One of my favorite games of all time just happens to be a licensed game, not telling which. Paladins is quite a bit better than Overwatch, and more balanced as of the moment. Super Mario Bros. 3 does not deserve most of the praise it gets. I have a huge problem with the mechanics. Super Mario Bros. 2 is, quite easily, my favorite 2D Mario platformer. Nintendo 64, as a console, had poor design and didn't do much to leap ahead of the SNES. Cynthia was not that hard of a Pokémon Champion in Diamond and Pearl. You have to have a diverse team, but other than that... Generation 2 was, easily, my least favorite Pokémon generation. Difficulty curve problems, the worst balancing ever... Aside from Whitney, the hardest gym leader for me was Wattson in Gen 3. I don't like Elder Scrolls as a franchise. Half of the time it feels like the game is cheating you. Fallout 3, as a game, is pretty mediocre. It feels really, really incomplete. Fallout 4 is actually designed just right. Not too shooter oriented to be honest. Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus was better than the original game. The original Borderlands was better than Borderlands 2 in almost every respect. The Wii U was a better console than the original Wii, and had a better library of exclusives. Movies Marvel movies in general are severely overrated. They're no better than DC movies. If anything, they're worse. I. Hate. Disney. They ruined Pixar, they're ruining Star Wars... I bet the list doesn't and won't end there. Frozen was pretty meh honestly. People singing "Let It Go" off-key soon after it came out still haunts me... I didn't like Despicable Me. I found the movie, how should I put it, a brain-rotting experience. Phantom Menace was not that bad. It wasn't good, but it surely wasn't that bad... Dark Knight Rises is just as solid as the rest of the Dark Knight trilogy. Not everything with Adam Sandler remotely involved is terrible. "Grown Ups" is actually a really funny comedy, with some jokes still hitting even after watching it several times. TV Shows (Including plenty of MLP) Scootaloo is one of the least likeable ponies in MLP. Rarity was at fault for the conflict in "Honest Apple." "Somepony to Watch Over Me" is one of the best MLP episodes ever aired. "The Washouts" was a TERRIBLE episode for RD, who I frankly think was less mature than Scoots there. I also don't see this "growth" I've heard as justification. I have yet to see a bad DC Universe show, even if the movies are bad. Even Arrow was really good, and Legends of Tomorrow was 9+/10 before they killed off Snark. Deep Space Nine is easily the worst Star Trek series. Nobody was likeable whatsoever. Star Trek: Enterprise is underrated. Sure it had a bad end to its run, but so did TOS. Will Shatner should never have played Kirk. Chris Pines' Kirk is much, much better. Captain Janeway is the worst Star Trek captain ever. Even over Captain Decker that was written to be a terrible captain. Phineas and Ferb as a show is a disgusting pile of trash, aside from the platypus. He's fine. Big Bang Theory is a heaping pile of garbage filled with offensive lowbrow jokes that are unfunny. The new Magnum P.I. is miles better than the original series. Star VS the Forces of Evil isn't a bad show yet (it used to be really good), but it's definitely sinking fast with the increased Starco focus... The Walking Dead lost its luster after around season 1. All the drama ruined the show. TV has gotten progressively worse over the past 3 or 4 years. Bull is actually better than Law and Order: SVU. That may not be it, though. Expect to see edits in the future.
  5. Normally i refrain myself from saying anything bad about this forum, because i love this place and alot of people here have always been good to me. But the debate pit is the most toxic place on this whole forum and it has been especially bad in the last few months. It seems like 80% of the time anything political comes up (especially when it comes to our current US President) it turns into a bickering and fingerpointing war on both sides and the people who try to reason for a bit are just left in the dust. In the worst case, threads are locked and users are banned from the topic, making them feel unwelcome because they might see this as an attack on their political believes. I know that this is quite an extreme request, but how much does it actually benefit our community? I feel like it only damages this place more then it actually helps and i would love it if we all could get along together, instead of feeling distant from another.
  6. Even though a lot of people dislike her very much, Principal Cinch is one of my favourite characters in the whole franchise, simply because I pity her for being a very formal and old-fashioned lady who had to be sinister and nasty just to win a competition. Another reason why I sometimes appreciate her was that she was sometimes seen as "Sunny Flare's mom/relative" due to their similar hair and skin colours. It is also because I started to appreciate certain MLP:FiM villains for their generic roles in the show, and in some fanfiction known as "Pooh's Adventures". Do you consider this a bad thing, in that I'm among the few people who appreciated this despicable character of RRReputation?
  7. Title says it all. Just share a few gaming opinions that are unpopular or uncommon. I'll start with two for now. Feel free to disagree, but obviously don't be a jerk just cause someone thinks differently. Try to go a bit more in-depth about why you feel that way about something if you can. -The Donkey Kong Country games are a lot better than the 2D Mario games, both new and old. The DKC games have better controls, level design, challenge, variety, atmosphere, music, characters...Literally everything. The 2D Mario's are fun, but nothing much beyond that, and I find a lot of the old school Mario music actually get's annoying. The 3D Mario games are a lot better though. -The first two Sonic Riders are really underrated. Everybody seems to hate them and I have honestly no idea why. They're pretty unique compared to most racers, the controls work fine, the mechanics are interesting, the story isn't special but people complain about it way too much when it's actually kind of fun for what it is, and the music is pretty good. They just get lumped in a bunch with a lot of the bad Sonic games for seemingly no real reason. Free Riders get's whatever hate it deserves. Been wanting to get both those off my chest for a while.
  8. All right every pony. Is there a tv show that you like but it's either not that popular or is extremely hated. Well then this is the place to share these shows. here's mine: Total Drama:This one's honestly become a guilty pleasure for me as of lately, I know it's not the most original idea but it's got some funny references to keep me entertained. Dan vs.: I don't see that much talk about this show, it was pretty funny. Too bad it got canceled. The Amazing World of Gumball: The only argument I've seen against this show is that it's stupid. I personally think it's kind of funny and I like how it uses different art styles. Anyway discuss away.
  9. I find a few unconventional things attractive/not attractive. I find pale skin very beautiful, not being racist, but very pale skin I just happen to find beautiful. I also think longer noses are beautiful, and wish I had that rather than a childish button nose. One last and very uncommon thing is I like guys that are around my height. Really tall guys are scary to me.
  10. So I've seen a few of these unpopular opinion threads and I was wondering what are some of your unpoular opinions with cartoons. Here are some of mine I don't think Adventure Time is as great as everyone says it is I find some Hanna Babera cartoons to feel the same (involving a group of teenagers going on adventures with a talking animal or object) Not every cartoon made in the 90s was good I think Teen Titans go wouldn't of gotten as much hate if they used their own character (I even think the should have used their of characters). So discuss away.
  11. Ok, easy enough, I ship: Harry Potter and Hermione Granger, Harry potter books Luna and Twilight, Friendship is magic and Percy and Nico, Percy Jackson books anypony else have weird ships?
  12. So what are your unpopular opinions related to video-games? __________________________________________________________________ My unpopular opinions: - All Mario games are boring and terrible - Battlefield 3 is pretty much the same as Call of Duty, just better graphics - Call of Duty: Ghosts actually looks good - Blink was a good game - Assassin's Creed II was the worst of the series That's all of mine for now, I'll probably add more later.
  13. Personally, I thank her for creating the show and for making an effort to make sure that it's not horrible, but after all this time I've come to believe that she isn't worthy of all the praise she receives. She made a kids cartoon, she didn't cure cancer. And as far as the general opinion that she was cheated by the executives. She's an adult, and she knows how the business works, plus this project was never as near and dear as it's made out to be. She hated the old show, but she enjoyed the toys. It's not like Tolkien or somebody whose entire life revolved around the world they've created. She wanted Galaxy Girls, right? Just got stuck with ponies. Just my 2 cents
  14. As the topic says...what are some unpopular games you liked? Here are mine: Calling (Wii) Barnyard (Gamecube) Alan Wake (If you actually want to count that as unpopular) (Xbox 360) ShadowRun (Xbox 360) Pac Man Fever (Gamecube) I think that's it for me, most games I like aren't exactly super popular but they're not unpopular either. Hated Games that I liked/didn't despise: Star Fox Adventures Silent Hill Homecoming (That's right...I said it.) Silent Hill Downpour (did it again~) Sonic '06.....yep...I went there.