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Found 2 results

  1. Do you like realistic or unrealistic fan fiction? Well as realistic as a story gets where magical Ponies are present. I like a story being realistic at least in terms of the reactions of a characters and people. Unrealistic story example, Applejack kills her whole family and everyone is Ponyville doesn't give a damn. A realistic example would be Applejack facing life in prison. Another example of an unrealistic reaction that would only happen if Human or Ponies had the mindset of Teletubbies in a weird parallel universe, Evil Conversion Bureau Ponies attacks the Human race and want them to be turned into Zombie Newfoals, and Humans is all like "We won't even fight you! Because Humanity sucks!" That's like saying Humanity in Mass Effect would welcome the Reapers attacking Earth because "we suck". Realistic example, the moment the evil TCB Ponies let humanity know what their intentions are, almost the entire Human race would go apeshit and war would be immediately declared. Whether one side or the other wins, depends on the type of TCB Ponies that are attacking and the type of Human defending, multiverse and all that stuff.
  2. (Haha, post turned out to be much longer then I expected : P) Yeah, I just had to make a post about this game. I'm not calling it sim because it's just no realistic for that. You may have seen me mentioning this game here and there but I never actually made a thread for it. YSFlight is flightsim made by a Japaneese, Soji Yamakawa. other wise known as 'CaptainYS' in our community. While the Japaneese and Korean community's of this game are absolutely thriving, the English speaking community is not as active. Peanuts compared to this forum. Unlike other games, realism and graphics are not our strong point. The community is. The stuff you can do on this sim, you can't get it on any other one. What other Sim allows you to do barrel roll after barrel roll in a 747-800 while trailing aerobatic's smoke? Or what sim allows you to be Obama as you take a stroll down the runway? We've got military squadrons, virtual airlines, airshows, aerobatic teams of all sorts. We also have Multiplayer. The game is very easy to pick up and with some practice, you can easily do loops while in formation. Here's a few screenshots: Just keep in mind, the screenshots you're seeing are mods. The actual stock scenery and aircraft...well...this game was originally made in 1999 you know so it's not Battlefield but hey, don't judge a book by it's cover. Where to download: English Forum: So tell me, how many of you have played this game before? Note: Game size is VERY small and can run on even the oldest of computers.