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Found 10 results

  1. seriously, MY GIF'S WONT ANIMATE!!!!!!! can someone take a screencap of how they do this??????????????????
  2. I have noticed that for some reason you can't upload images in private messages, even though everywhere else, including status updates, you can. The only thing available is to post previously uploaded images, but it is both a pain and limiting. I have to upload an image on another place, such as on the testing forum, just so I can post it. Is there any way to resolve this?
  3. Anyone else getting the upload error below when they upload a song to Every time I upload a .wav file, which is under 200MB, it goes through the entire upload before giving this error. I tried to upload on Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, but to no avail.
  4. I've only just joined so I don't know how everything works and I'm having a problem I've never had before, uploading my avatar. Every time I try and upload from my files I'm told the image I want to use is too big and when I try using the URL I'm told it can't save, it allows me to upload an avatar picture I made on a character creator but not the scan of the drawing I made of my pony OC, I don't understand what I'm doing wrong so if someone could please clear this up for me.
  5. Again, my friend that is sort of in a wierd way inspiring me to draw when I should be writing instead has drove me to upload my doodles. It's making me smile! Anyways, here is my progression of Crimson Castle, Bastion's cousin/legal guardian. (pic # 1) Here is her with her mane style all curly. The face wasn't exactly what I wanted it to be, but I was just screwing around with her hair on a base really. (Pic #2) And she is also a knight. The fiery castle tower in the background is her cutie mark, and it is true, she's such a proud big sister/cousin/guardian. It's also true that shes a Bad@$$ knight, as @@Comrade Courage likes to say. She's a red pony with a shade lighter red mane. Cas is special to me, as she's based on a character that roleplayed with me in WoW and over that game as well as mumble, we became like brother and sister. I'm out of contact with her now, but her and her character still live on in this I suppose. So I'm not all that sad about it. Tell me what you guys think.
  6. Does anyone know how I can add pictures and where I can add them?
  7. This one's for the artists. Please answer the poll question, and reply to this thread to elaborate on your answer, especially if you chose anything other than option #2. If you have not uploaded all of your pony tracks to, and/or don't plan to upload all of your future tracks there, I'd just like to know why.
  8. I tried last night to upload images from my computer to a blog I was making, but every time I tried, it would say the "Server returned an error during upload." It has made uploading images impossible. Anyone know what's happening and how to resolve this issue?
  9. I coudln't find a link to any info regarding what belongs on and what may be better suited elsewere. Is it only for MLP:FiM -themed songs? (Or are mainstream songs by brony artists allowed? If so, are mainstream songs tolerated but frowned-upon? etc.) Are straightforward covers of songs from the show allowed? Tolerated? Frowned-upon? (Especially with respect to vocal covers? Vocal covers using pony-made Karaoke-tracks where the creator encourages others to use them? etc.)
  10. I thought something that would be really useful would be a feature where while you're uploading a track, the upload percentage is displayed in the page title. That way you could go to another tab and without having to change tabs you could tell how far your song has to go before it finishes uploading.