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Found 6 results

  1. OK.... it's a bit ridiculous to get upset over fan fiction based off My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic... but somehow I got upset. So what fan fiction upset you? (If no fan fiction did upset... you can post here.... but I'm exactly why you would, other than to point out the obvious fact none of the fan fiction upset you) Personally these two below. Friendship is Optimal. The ending of this story had me in tears and I had very little sleep after it, even had nightmares about it. A reason, creepy, manipulative Celestia AI that would make Harbinger from Mass Effect seem cuddly. Mutilation of the human's body and soul. (mind if you're not religious) The Conversion Bureau... (a number of such stories made me want to punch my computer screen.. I didn't punch it, but I felt like it) happy open 'xenocide' of humanity considered a 'good' thing. Also mutilation of the human's body and soul (mind if you're not religious), Princess Celestia being out of character, downright monstrous portrayal. To the point she would make Ted Bundy seem like a nice guy. The ponies I know and love, being more like the Borg than being remotely connected to their canon personalities.
  2. So lately a few friends of mine have been banned...I feel generally sad about the whole thing. I support the staff on the reasons, but I don't support the punishments. What I hate is that friends of mine don't take a breath and talk it out...It's immediately "they are evil and corrupt" Friends. Let's just sit together and talk it out. No use starting a riot. It just seals it... )': Been really sick because of a lot of drama...whether it being from friends being manipulated, or just bad news in general. I stay awake all night...I want everyone to be happy, and it kills me every time something bad happens to them... I pray that we listen to reason, and get reason in return. This is more of a my emotional state update I guess (typical blog stuff) But at this time. I can't draw, I can't eat very much, I wanna sleep all day, and I cry every night... Sorry for making a depressing post...Just thought it was too long ago since the last one, and I didn't get into a better mood, so I just decided to make it public that I feel kinda bad... Though, I will say I'm still absolutely up for chatting. I can't just leave you like that *hugs* Don't hesitate to send a PM if you feel down. I can give advice and vent )':
  3. PurplePony

    Stay calm

    This post is from a while back... I still feel some of the frustrations but not all of them. It is a reminder to stop and breath. You only live today once, tomorrow is always a new day. So I went to my mom's work to get a hug and she wasn't even working, so feeling discouraged I trudged home only to find the door open which freaked me out. Turns out my bf's sister came over with a couple little ones so I couldn't escape to my work. They are coming over in a couple of hours and I fear I will not be able to get my work done. She wants my help casting her babies foot and hand prints, which I will do but I just can't seem to get work done and it's so frustrating, on top of it she sometimes leaves me alone with the kids wich normally is not a problem but yesterday I wasn't so sure of like I dunno I guess how I feel. I don't wanna have a weird loughing or crying freak out in front of kids. URG no oone seems to understand or see what I am going through and it kinda bothers me. I feel like I have no support from my man. I feel so alone and stuck. All I wanna do is work my way outta this rut and continue on with my dreams, but man lately it seems like it;s the hardest thing in the world. I have no money I am barely able to support myself, my parents can't help me, I wouldn't expect them too, I mean I moved out a couple years ago, I am not their problem any more and they wouldn't be able to help me all that much any way. So yeah I feel a little stuck. I appreciated the comment and support I have been getting, this community is soooo wonderful. I love and appreciate all of you <3 I just gotta remember to keep calm and pony on! Nighty, night fellow pony lovers
  4. I've been at college for about 6 weeks now. Since I live in the dorms, I have to live with a roommate. His name is Kevin, and he's a pretty nice guy overall, but he's pretty close-minded when it comes to My Little Pony. I don't talk about the show with him, or try to get him to like it. I watch My Little pony on my laptop (with my headphones in, so that Kevin can't hear it), I look at pony art, and post in pony forums. I haven't publicly displayed my love of the show to him...until now. A few weeks ago, I ordered a My Little Pony poster from Ebay. It came in the mail today. The poster is pretty basic. It's a 22x26 print of a smiling Rarity, with a purple and black background. I hung it up over my desk, and thought nothing of it. A little while later, my roommate walks into the room. He sets down his backpack, then looks at the poster. He stares at it for a few seconds, and says nothing. His phone starts to ring. He answers it. I can't hear the voice on the other end of the line, but I hear my roommate say, "Yeah. it's still on for tonight. You can come over whenever, I guess..." I see him cast a worried glance at the poster. "Uh, yeah, sure. Bye." He hangs up the phone. I ask him: "So you're having friends over tonight?" "Yeah..." "Ok." Later that night, his friends come over. I had to go to my lab class that evening, so I wasn't there while his friends were in our dorm room. When I get back, my roommate's face is red, and he looks angry. (I think he might've been a little drunk too, so if his actions seem extreme, I think that's partly why) "What's up?" I say. He points to my poster. "'re just gonna shove it in my face now, is that it?" "Does it bother you or something?" "Hell yeah, it does! It's a f****** pony!" "You didn't have a problem with it earlier today..." "Who WOULDN'T have a problem with it?? It's a f****** eyesore!!" I shake my head in disbelief. "Look...I know you're upset right now, let's not make a big deal about this. Maybe we should get some rest and--" "F*** REST! Take it down, dude! It's freaking embarrassing!" "I'm not taking it down, I paid 25 bucks for it! Look..did your friends make fun of you about it or something? Just tell them it's mine. And besides, there's no reason for people to laugh at it, it's just a tv show I like." My roommate shakes his head and begins to laugh under his breath. "What?" I say. "No reason for people to laugh at it? C'mon, dude. You know it's wrong. Admit it. It's for little girls, and you don't want to admit it. I can see that." "I--" "Shhhhhhhhh...c'mon. I'll forget the whole thing, if you take it down right now. We can put this behind us, and--" "Oh my God, dude...are you seriously...are you f****** kidding me right now? Are you really flipping out about something this trivial, this stupid, this-- "SHUT UP!!" Kevin yelled. "That's it. I'm done. I'm leaving. F*** you." I said as I slipped out the door. "Fine! Get outta here!" Kevin yelled as I left. When I came back later that night, Kevin was gone. I found my poster ripped to shreds on the ground. I am SO angry at him right now. He had NO right to do that! I waited a long time for that poster, and he destroyed it! I have no idea what to do. I am really, really disturbed by his reaction to my pony poster. I know he was probably drunk, but I don't know if I can continue to live with a guy that will have that extreme of a reaction to pony-related stuff. Do you think I should file a complaint to the dorm supervisor and switch roommates, or do you think I should talk to Kevin about it first? He seemed like a nice enough guy before this happened. Update: He came into our room a few minutes ago, and apologized to me. He said that the main reason he got so upset is that his friends said that they couldn't be friends with a guy who associated so closely with a "gay fag". He tried to explain that it wasn't his fault, and that he didn't choose me as his roommate, but they wouldn't listen. I told him that those didn't sound like very good friends to me, but he said he didn't want to talk about it anymore, and then he went to sleep. I didn't bring up the money, because he seemed tired and upset
  5. I'm pretty sad, wanna know why? Okay, I'll tell you. You see, this summer my last friend cussed me out because I beat him in a video game. He hurt my feelings and said "No one likes you, we just pretended to like you because you're a f***ing loser with no friends." Do you know how much that HURT? Do you know how much shit I put up with this kid? He was a jerk to me the past 3 months, not even apologizing about his past actions and tantrums?! He's not my friend, he's a loser. Is this what I get for being a nice, quiet boy? Now, I tried to make friends the night before school. Play tag with the boys in the neighborhood, what could go wrong? I BROKE MY ARM BECAUSE SOMEONE PUSHED ME. Now, I have to get braces. Yay, I'm the epitome of loserdom. Friendless, nerdy, braces. :/ I remember the good ol' days of Kindergarten and First Grade. What happened to all the little kids being nice and getting along? Screw it, I'm not forgiving that kid. I'm not gonna make new friends in real life, especially when I do FUCKING NOTHING and everyone hates me. I'm sad. ;(
  6. What has been going on? I have seen quite a (few) people leaving the forums and it concerns me! If any of you know why people are just deciding to leave then let me know! * I guess you could say the big deal I am making here was because I was concerned that the forums have been on a decline as to the reason for people leaving. Which I do not want because I don't want to see that happen... *As I have seen the "negativity" that this topic has brought forth... I no longer have nothing to do with this topic, honestly I should have minded my own business in the first place. Am not going anywhere soon and made some great friends by joining this forum community. Also the people who have made what this community is now I thank you . So I have decided to leave this topic off with that.*