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Found 6 results

  1. What kind of place do you live, the Big City or out in the Country or possibly something in between. Me? I live in a medium sized city (Colorado Springs, CO) with a population of about 400,000 people about 60 miles south of Denver literally in the middle of the State. Here's a nice picture
  2. Does anyone have any urban legends from their own country that they’d like to share? They can be scary, funny, stupidly mundane, etc. As someone who’s training to be a psychologist, I find things like these to be interesting, and it gives me an insight into how the people of the country think (eg. what they find to be frightening/funny compared to other countries). I’ll begin with an urban legend from my own country just to get things started. If the thread takes off, I’ll share more. The urban legend that I’ll talk about is a well-known one that comes from my own country of Northern Ireland (different from Ireland, I assure you). I attend a university called Queen’s University in Belfast, and the university has several buildings. For example, there’s the main Lanyon Building, the Teaching and Learning Centre, etc. The buildings that I’ll be talking about are the David Keir Building (DKB) and the Ashby Building. Across from the DKB, there is a graveyard known as the Friar’s Bush Graveyard. The graveyard is the site of a mass grave filled with bodies from a cholera epidemic, to the point where a mound can be seen in the centre. Those who approach this mound are said to experience the sensation of hands touching them and clawing at their clothes. Now, beneath the DKB, there is a maintenance tunnel. This tunnel stretches from the DKB to the nearby Ashby Building, and it runs adjacent to the graveyard. To this day, there is not a single staff member in that university who will willingly go down into that tunnel alone, and many absolutely refuse to. Those who have been down there attest to the fact that the tunnel, in some areas, becomes unnaturally cold. Voices can be heard, things can be seen, and perhaps most compellingly, the same sensations of the hands that can be experienced in the graveyard can be experienced in the maintenance tunnel. As for what the people saw down there, nobody knows. I personally don’t believe in ghosts, but I have to wonder what they saw, or what they thought they saw, that was so traumatising that they refuse to speak about it.
  3. So, which are some of your favorite urban legends related to the world of gaming? Even though these rumors are usually always hoaxes, it's kinda amusing to read about them sometimes. Some notable examples include being able to resurrect Aerith in FF7, the myriad of myths surrounding the GTA series, the infamous Polybius, and many others.
  4. Greetings, I wanted to show you something. This is my own personal Urban Fantasy short story. Our protagonist is a young girl ,16 years old, (about my age) who is a dreamer. She´s loves books and to travel to another worlds through them. (Guess that MLP has influenced my work some parts of this story..) PLOT One day we found our heroine in a library picking up new books to read when she, suddenly,find a secret trapdoor. This leads her to a mysterious underground room with two big platforms. On one of them she finds a old mysterious book. After that hell breaks lose. In no time Alice (which is our heroine´s name) find herself in the middle of an demon outbreak, that she started! In nine days she most find they remaining parts of Hild´s souls. Hild, was an Godine?God?...either way she´s in nordic belief (not to be mixed up with christian belief). If she fail, the town will be overflowed with the full demon army of Hild´s warriors and Alice´s brother will become a real demon. This Is my first story with a story line and constant writing. So cheers for that and please if you find this intriguing or interesting, HELP ME! You can read more about this epic Urban Fantasy in the link at the bottom,Also I would gladly take criticism on my writing so do that as well.(please,pretty please XD) HERE IS THE LINK TO MY STORY. "Demon Jägarinnan" OR IN ENGLISH " THE DEMON HUNTRESS" (The girl on the front page don´t necessarily is Alice,who knows...
  5. At this stage the project is in my head and a few rough sketches. Puppet rigs are being made and background and the surrounding city is going through concept. THIS PROJECT IS NOT FOCUSING ON PONIES This project instead will be focusing on the life of a cat adventuring her way around the surrounding city meeting new animals and obstacles in her journey. Voice actors and animators are free to try out for things even though it hasn't been planned yet. I'm looking for writers and screenplay. Artists also for detailed concept. Sound interesting? Good, contact me by: Email: Youtube: DeviantART: Skype: connor.bensley
  6. Right, so I just started up this, and finished the first chapter, and already feel like I want some feedback. I'm probably going to continue to add to it as the viewer (That's you) read this and click the link. Any and all feedback is appreciated, even constructive criticism!!! (Just no deconstructive criticism!)