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Found 9 results

  1. Mine are Sony "MDRXB200L's" They couldn't pick a simpler name, it was too hard for them.
  2. Wouldn't it be a good idea to improve the notification-system with the Google notification-function for those who use Chrome? I think it's more useful if you can see what's going on if the browser is closed then switch everytime just to check if there're new messages or notifications. Here's an example. And here is how it could look like: It would be more convenient for the users and I belive it isn't that hard to do. Simple PHP with variables and the JS code should do it. Hope that's something that can be added to the forums. Respectfully Marcel / Spacethunder
  3. Hello MLP Forum. Let's play a game where whoever posted before you, you describe them with an emoticon. Example: User 1: :3 Describe me User 2: :S Describe me User 3: <( ' . ' )> Describe me! User 4: ._. And so on and so forth. ==--==--==--==--==--==--==--== ~~~~~~~~~~
  4. Like I said, anyone is free too use this character in any OC animations and other media.. Free.. But just be sure to feature my name in the credits, I will also voice him if requested
  5. Hi guys! I was asking this quick question about time on MLP forums. So I asked what time when many users get online. Because my problem is that, every time I log in. Only 50-150 users are online in my time So I want a perfect timing on where many people use the forums at the same time. My time zone currently is GMT +8:00 If you're going to post a time in a different time zone. I am going to use the GMT converter. Thanks for your help Lyeco
  6. For those who don't know, The Sims 3 is a life simulation video game where you can create your own characters called "sims", and control them and their life in a town. When you create your sim in the Sims 3, you pick five traits to define their personality. For this thread, we will be using all of those traits to define our personalities. Since you pick five in the game, you will pick five out of all the traits to best define your personality. Once you finish picking your traits out, post them below. I will leave a list of all the traits below. They will only be the PC ones, and the expansion pack ones will be included. Now, most of the traits are pretty self-explanatory, but if you don't know what one means; just go to the below link for a list of all the descriptions for the traits. Here is the list of all the traits: Mine: Shy: I've always been pretty shy in public, but I've gotten better at not being shy. I'm still a bit shy though. Bookworm: I love books, and always have since I could read. Computer Whiz: Since I use a computer a lot, I've gotten quite good at using them. Night Owl: I love being awake at night, and I have the most fun at night. Family-Oriented: I don't know; I've just always had a liking towards family.
  7. Well, it's official. Lance Armstrong, after years of being questioned about it, finally admitted to doing Steroids. Has anyone else heard about this? What was your reaction?
  8. So what's the piece of software that you use most and is there a certain one you'd like to learn? Can we exclude web browsers and game clients. Otherwise i think every second response would be Google Chrome or Steam haha For me i use Autodesk 3D Studio Max. Only because i want to be a Visual Effects Artist and it's, arguably, the best thing for the job. Something i want to learn is Zbrush. It's a modelling package and pretty much the best in it's class. Chances are a lot of the CGI characters you have see in movies are made with it. Learning FL Studio would be pretty handy as well.
  9. Hi. LMMS (Linux Multimedia Studio) and Open Octave are both MIDI sequencers. LMMS is designed to be similar to FL Studio, while Open Octave, I think, is a branch(or something, idk) of MuSE(MIDI/Audio Sequencer). According to your thoughts(and experiences, if any), which do you think is better? The only downside to Open Octave is that it runs using a JACK server(for audio). And setting up the JACK server is incredibly hard. My brother had set it up(reason? I HAVE NO IDEA) and had to tweak several settings several times before he got it to work. Any suggestions on what to use? I actually want to use Open Octave, but I'll need help with setting up the JACK server.