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Found 11 results

  1. So what were you doing 10 minutes ago? ____________________________________ I was just eating vegemite on toast because I got hungry.
  2. Since i started this Review Thing, i guess i just finish my Review of the early Dc Comics Video Games. Here is a quick overview of the first Games in order : Superman - Atari 2600 Superman 3 - Atari 800 ( unreleased ) Superman : The Game - Various Home Computer Formats Batman - Various Home Computer Formats Batman : The Caped Crusader - Various Home Computer Formats Superman - Nes Sunman - Nes ( originally planned as a Superman Game, but they couldnt get the license for the Character, so the game was changed, but never released regardless, planned release date was around 1992, so this Game is not in order in this List, but it was never released and its the last Superman game for Nes, so i just played it after the first one, before moving on to the Batman Games for Nes ) ( alright, my Blog is glitched again and i cant change Color anymore...FIX YOUR FORUMS!! Uhhhh...i mean....if you want to... ) Superman - Arcade Superman : The Man Of Steel - Various Home Computer Formats Batman : The Movie - Various Home Computer Formats So, my last Review was about Batman - The Caped Crusader, so lets move on to Superman for the Nes. Okay, i finally got out of the Glitch... So, Superman on the Nes is a Chibi Style Superman Game, in which a lot of the Characters are potrayed in cute Chibi Forms. ( probably because this is a Japanese Game....okay sorry, that was kinda racist... ) Its a cute Game sure, but confusing. At the Start you can go to pretty much all the Levels at once, even though you arent supposed to, since you have to do some Missions in order. So, i was running around, dying, because i couldnt figure out what to do. You can talk to People though, so thats nice. But in the End, i just died a lot, because sometimes you have to talk to certain People, or else some Events dont take Place. So, i was running around aimlessly and died. Also this game has a lot of backtracking. And a lot of Super Powers you can use, by collecting Items to get Energy for the Super Powers. There are even Zombies in the Game and apparently this game is based on the Christopher Reeves Movies, since the Japanese Version, has the Theme Song of the Movies. It was an interesting Game but in the end, i just watched a Playtrough. Also this Game was not released in the Pal Region, so without the Internet, i wouldnt even be able to play it. And i cant play really well with a Keyboard. So, next one, Sunman ! It looks like a fun beat um up, with superior Graphics to the first Nes Game, it seems to have better Controls, better Character Designs and cooler looking Enemys. I wish i could have played it...but it was never released. And as i said earlier, i cant play with Keyboard Controls. Superman for the Arcade is great ! Even better Graphics, another fun beat em up, with a lot of Action ! But again, only released on Arcades and on the Internet....and only Keyboard Controls. I mean, i could buy me a Pc Controller...but i wont. ( yeah, i know, i dont make any sense ) Superman - The Man of Steel...well, first off, its great that this Game has real Cut Scenes which look like Comic Books and also good Graphics. The Levels have a lot of Variety and i liked what i saw. And last, Batman - The Movie. Good Graphics, better Gameplay than the first two Batman Games and i actually know, what i had to do. ( not like in Batman - The Caped Crusader, where the Puzzles are a little cryptic. ) So, thats it. Now comes the Nes Generation of Dc Comics Games. I think we are done, with the Home Computer Ones. YAY ! If i forgot a Game, please tell me. I hope you enjoyed this useless Review. By-bye!
  3. Magic Gypsy Dice

    come up with a useless superpower

    Come up with a useless superpower... Ok not useless but slightly useless How about 75% useless and 25%Cool? For example "Icy Hands" Her Hands can change temperature from room temperature to really cold. Now let the fun begin!!
  4. Well the title explains it all! Today I just layed in bed with my computer being bored... fascinating isn't it?
  5. Hocus Pocus

    Useless Superpowers!

    If you had to pick a super power that would be completely impractical and make you a useless Superhero, what would it be? Stuff like the ability to open beer bottles with your mind! The ability to speak in dubstep! The ability to turn into a peacock once per day for no more than six seconds! Or even the ability to turn invisible when nobody is looking at you (Security cameras count)! How about the ability to have wings, but not be able to fly? Or even fly (but not more than half an inch off of the ground)! Personally I'm split between either being able to change something's color by thinking about it (oh you're robbing a bank? well now your hair is puke green!) or the ability to play background music from nowhere. Then again, the ability to change my outfit at will would be a fun one as well! What about you guys? How lame of a superhero can YOU be?
  6. Ganaram Inukshuk

    Find a Use for the Object Above You

    Long story short, after scouring the Forum Games using the CTRL-G function and the search engine, I found that no such forum game exists. This is based off a forum game whose title was sufficiently descriptive (20K uses for a sock full of spaghetti), but since that by itself can get boring and there a bajillion more things in the universe, lo and behold, this forum game. The goal of this game is to find a use for the object the above poster gives you, then you have to give another object for the next poster to find a use for, and so on. Example: Poster 1: A sock. Poster 2: Sock monster. Tripod. Poster 3: "You can make it as a weapon and pretend you're firing at a zombie horde." An empty pudding cup. (Please keep things SFW, for the sake of keeping things SFW. Making sense doesn't have to be mandatory. It helps if the items are actually tangible.) I'll start off with the empty pudding cup from my example. Find a use for that and continue on from there.
  7. Firehearted

    Cursive Useless Skill or Not?

    This is probably going to attract no traffic but I felt like talking about it. Cursive. I'm pretty sure we've all seen it. You know. You squiggly lines that people wrote in years ago. But do we still need it? I think yes. Back in um... second? yeah, second grade writing was a class where we were taught how to write cursive. Now my teacher was ancient (60 or something. Not that old but it felt like it then) and had the mentality that it had to be perfect. Every E had to be the perfect size and capital G had to have the exact loop. I wrote in cursive for years after this and that was my go-to writing style. Then after a few years we moved (That's the army for you). My next school didn't care for cursive nor did they teach it. I was directly asked by teachers to write in print rather than cursive. Bad for me cause I had almost forgotten how to write print and had to make the sudden swap. Now my hand writing is pretty bad and traces of cursive can be found when I do write (I mostly type now becasue of my handwriting) such as many times I never lift up and write full words with no break in the letters. I can still read and write cursive so I think I'm good. Now to get off my life story and to the point here. We need cursive. One argument is signatures. "It ain't a signature if it ain't in cursive" Says my 87 year old Southern grandmother. And that's right. If seen many times were someone writes print where it should be a signature. Public Schools don't teach it yet is a needed skill. If it's in print it can be forged easily. I'm not going to put the whole "Cursive is an art form" thing out there cause that's just stupid. Old documents written in cursive that hold historic value can't be read by many public school students and private school students from there lack of learning. I'm not saying everything should be in cursive rather that people need to know it when they see it and be able to write in it if needed. I ended on a weak note here but that's all I've got. I leave with this. Can you read it?
  8. Countess Noodle

    Cursive anyone?

    Does anyone else use cursive anymore? I remember being in 3rd grade and my teacher wouldn't shut up about it and how important it will be in the future. Nowadays I only use cursive to sign my name on papers. No one likes trying to read scribbles.
  9. This video explains how Twilight, Fluttershy, Pinky Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Applejack could be removed from A Canterlot Wedding.
  10. With the world at my back and wind in my bones, I ride, never to look back at the beaten byway beneath my being. I am broken in both body and brain, yet as I take breath, I too take reverence for the actualities of amity. Conceivably, I may one day convene such company, but I fear such falsehoods fit only fabrication, and even now I escape existence and elope with allegory. Know this --- such stories hold no substance, no pertinence to purpose. Steer clear of this crossroad if you cherish your chances.
  11. FaZe Vinyl

    The "This is News?" Thread

    Disclaimer: I did not see one. This is where you post those articles online that make you go "WTF". Let's begin shall we? It's one thing to stage a do-it-yourself renovation on a table, mirror or painting found deep in the weeds of a yard sale. It's quite another to attempt a repair job on a one-of-a-kind 19 th century fresco by the Spanish painter Elias Garcia Martinez with a few broad brushstrokes. Such was the lesson learned by an elderly member of the Santuario de Misericodia church in Borja, in northeastern Spain. Her handiwork, or lack thereof, was discovered after the painter's granddaughter donated the work, "Ecce Homo," to the archive of religious paintings housed at the Centro de Estudios Borjano, also in Borja. When officials from the center went to examine the work at the church a few weeks ago, they found it was not as Martinez had left it, the U.K.'s Telegraph reported. The last photo taken of the artwork before any damage was done, in 2010, showed Martinez's intricate brush strokes around the face of Jesus. A photo taken in July by center officials for a catalog of regional religious art showed the painting splattered by white marks, possibly the work of the woman trying to remove paint. The final photo, taken this month after Martinez's relative donated the work, showed broad and thick layers of paint now covering important details in the work, such as the crown of thorns on Jesus' head. While not a good day for art historians, local officials said the restoration attempt by the woman, said to be in her 80s, was not malicious, just misguided. Juan Maria Ojeda, the city councilor in charge of cultural affairs, told the Spanish newspaper El Pais that the woman turned herself in and admitted causing the damage when she realized it had "gotten out of hand." He added that the woman, who was not identified, attempted to restore the work with "with good intentions." The U.K.'s Independent reported the church and center are now trying to assess the damage to the painting and determine whether a professional can restore Martinez's work. Ojeda added that the woman herself would meet with restorers to explain what kind of materials she used to help them undo the damage. There was no figure given on the value of the work, said to hold more sentimental than artistic value because Martinez's family is known in the local community.