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Found 71 results

  1. Well basically, you describe the avatar of the user with only a word. Example: Creepy, Handsome, Cool, Smart and etc. Now you try to describe my avatar with a single word. Enjoy
  2. Very similar to "Describe the avatar above you with one word" except in this game, you must describe the user above you with just one word! Try to keep it somewhat nice! And no double posting!
  3. What is that you like about the above user's avatar?
  4. If you remember when you first saw the user above you, describe the details (e.g., "I first saw you in 1893 when the cherry blossom season was in full swing, however the locust king decided to send his children to plague the land and thus I lost sight of you until two minutes ago)
  5. Basically, this is taking the Who Do You Admire thread a little higher. Think to yourself who on this forum is your absolute favorite user, be it he/she is funny, shares common interests, or is just a good friend in general. This is NOT a "Best user" thread. This is just to share and spotlight who you like the most . I will reveal mah favorite user later, but in the meanwhile, GO !
  6. Are there any user made apps on this site, like a signature maker or a cutie mark creator? If so, could you post a link in your response? I'm new to this, so thanks for your patience!
  7. Since @Royce made a “Who is the most handsome forum user?” @SparkliciousSwirls suggested this because that thread was supposedly for males, then this one would be for females. Basically, you just say who you think is the most beautiful or prettiest user in the forums. Have a great day!
  8. So out of a scale of 1 to 10, how well do you know the user above you? 1 being: I've never seen this user before 10 being : Know this user down cold Ready go!
  9. Basically what the title says. If the avatar above burst out of a magical genie lamp and told you that you were granted a single wish, what would you do? What sort of wish might the avatar be able to grant you? Screaming and running away without asking for a wish is a perfectly valid response. I would continue doing whatever it is I was doing beforehand, because the absence of an avatar bursting out of a lamp doesn't usually make much of an impression on any witnesses.
  10. Simple as the title says. What Pokemon is the user above you? Base it on personality, looks, how they present themselves, etc. Example: Hey, MLPForums, I think you're most like Arceus because you're godly and all knowing and are the reason we're all here.
  11. K, so I had an idea for a game, and I hope it catches on. -- How to play: The games pretty simple, just like it's name. Just make up a random or fake fact about the user about you. (Ex: Did you know the user above me takes showers 3 times a day, or carries around a jar of pennies everywhere they go, etc.) I'm gonna say the only rules for now are: 1. Try to keep it PG, in the very least 2. Don't do hurtful facts, be kind and show respect to the other users. 3. Follow the rules and standards of MLP Forums (Obviously) I'll start, and we'll go in a chain.
  12. Hello! Everypony/Everyone! Welcome to the Would you rather! This how is goes, the user will give two choices like from would you rather and the user below of the user will choose two choices from the user above! (you can tell why did you choose that choice! ) Example: User 1 Would you rather... Eat a burger / Eat a hotdog User 2 I would rather Eat a burger! Would you rather... Punch a stone wall / Punch a bee hive And so on... Well that's how you play the game! Let's start! Would you rather... Choose color white? / Choose color Black?
  13. Hello! A quick and simple game . Tell us, what can the user above you do better than you?
  14. just at it says you must describe the user above you with an animal, if you wanna say why is optional
  15. The basic purpose of this game is to kill the user above yourself in a random and/or ridiculous way. You can use anything you think of to achieve this task Next poster starts.
  16. Just like the title reads
  17. Title says all. Who will win in an unarmed fight? Huh... Nobody's fighting. Someone below, add a filler.
  18. (By the way is there a topic I should be posting these in?) I liked how in the precious forum design it showed recent topics I posted in. It's like the one at the top of the page now, except topics I have posted in only. It was easy to check for updates without having to go back to the actual topic itself. Is there a way to put it back?
  19. The title says it all ^^ Be nice and have fun!
  20. The title says it all, what do you do? The forum stole my cookie.... what the buck?
  21. What the heck did we do yesterday, whatever it was we are stuck here, but at least we have company!
  22. Write and post your username with your eyes closed! GO! luna swuee
  23. The user above you is about to die. Will you save him/her? How are you going to save him/her? Ex.: Pony 1 Pony 2: (YES/NO), I will save (name of poster) from dying by ______________. Here is a complimentary Bill Cipher comic for looking at this topic!
  24. I just had this random idea while creating my ponysona. Obviously, I had no idea which race of pony I would fit. So well, which race of pony is the user above you? (or me for the first poster...) It can be earth pony, pegasus, unicorn, alicorn, even sea pony! (And try to give a reason )
  25. I have no idea why I made this. It is completely random.